Exposing the ‘Genesis’ of Wal-Mart (patience appreciated)

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Exposing the ‘Genesis’ of Wal-Mart (patience appreciated)

Unread post by SacredCowSlayer » Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:03 pm

SacredCowSlayer » November 23rd, 2018, 1:29 am wrote:Some of you may notice the new (presently locked) sub-forum on the Index page (How the “Retail Business” Was Nationalized (Wal-Mart).

The description of this new forum is (as of this moment) “Exposing the people who wrote the [US] highway maps (literally), and how retail business was Nationalized (Wal-Mart) right under our noses.”

I, Smokeythebarrister (hereafter “Smokey”), and Dani will be slowly and methodically working on this (in the background) until we are comfortable and satisfied that it is ready (and prudent) to be unlocked.

My sincere apologies for the “teaser” sounding nature of this post here. But I thought this was better than our members wondering, “what the heck is this about?”

You see, Smokey and I are in the most unusual position of being able to peel back this particular onion, and the timing should be just about right by the time it is ready to be unlocked.

Please wish us well as we embark on this enormous task. It could be 1 to 4 years before it is even unlocked (unless extraordinary measures must be taken).

I wanted to let our members and readers have an idea of what that was, since I (and Smokey) just started this sub forum in the last few hours.
The very reasonable question submitted to me by CluedIn in the CHATBOX caused me to post this as an Announcement. I could easily see this becoming a question that gets asked on a nearly routine basis.

Smokey and I are eager to organize and reduce our existing research to writing, along with (of course) supporting context to go along with attached documents, images, and even audio recordings.

This is a massive undertaking that is already approximately two years in the making.

Thank you all so much for your patience.