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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby Farcevalue on December 16th, 2012, 7:05 am

It's a bit of a tangent, but since Thanksgiving is so closely related to football, maybe it's not such a digression. The football (or all sports) thing is really deep, not only as a huge cash cow for governments and their contractor cronies as the costs are always picked up by the serfs, but it fuels allegiance for the state. It trains people that proximity to a stadium demands loyalty to an abstraction "the team". The players come and go,as well as the coaches, like politicians and soldiers, but "the team" is always there, hungry for support. Participation (cheering) is like voting with similar effects on outcome and the owners rake it in. Just like the state. There is a video called Century of the Self that delves into the psychological function of sports as a release for displaced masculine energy, now that manual labor is largely obsolete for most.

Lots of peer pressure, too. I was treated to a game by my bosses not long ago and when they put their hands over their hearts and sang the national anthem I did the same (well I moved my lips, anyway). No point in starting that conversation after 3 days on the job.

When I played music professionally as a solo singer/guitarist and was lucky enough to land a Sunday Monday gig on those tough to fill nights, it would always go away late summer so idiots could yell at a TV. No love lost here.
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby queuebert on January 2nd, 2013, 6:22 pm

hoi.polloi wrote:It is a good idea to make note that there are constantly white-people movements popping up and trying to represent tribes that they have no business representing.

Thanks for the post. As an aside, said white people, though fair-skinned, are probably not white at all.
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby CTGal1011 on January 26th, 2013, 12:28 am

hoi.polloi wrote:I don't think anyone's complaining about presents. But did you read the post about the myth of Thanksgiving or just felt like adding a random comment?

Indeed I did! I don't remember any "learning" of Thanksgiving as a child growing up in Canada. We just celebrated Thanksgiving, not as some sort of "rah-rah" accomplishment, but rather as when we give thanks for the harvest. From what I read on CityNews Toronto:

"Canada has been celebrating the holiday a lot longer than our southern neighbours.

Thanksgiving in Canada actually goes back to 1578 in Newfoundland, when explorer Martin Frobisher held a ceremony of gratitude for surviving the journey from Europe.

Americans, led by the Puritans and the Mayflower, didn’t begin their annual tradition until 1621 – 43 years later.

But the first official Canuck day of thanks actually started in – of all months – April of 1872, as a grateful nation celebrated the recovery of King Edward VII from an illness."

So our Thanksgiving seems a lot more docile, demure and boringly non-confrontational....which I suppose would define most Canadians.

Interesting read about American Thanksgiving. Interestingly enough, in school we DID learn that settlers to Canada brought diseases that the Aboriginal people had never had seen before and many died as a result of it. This was never glossed over. When it came to "settlement" and the Aboriginals, textbooks used the "Filles du Roi" as an example of why the "Indians" needed to be resettled (note: not specified that resettlement meant buried 6 feet under), because, according to the textbooks, the Indians were raping the women, and thus were "savages" and needed to be removed from the situation. But then in the early 1800's when the the US and Canada started fighting, apparently the Indians and settlers made nicey-nice and fought together and Tecumseh is a hero. That is basically how we were told it. And we were also told that if it were not for the Aboriginals, there would have never been a Hudson's Bay Company, since they were the early "suppliers" of furs to be traded.

So again, our Thanksgiving was never really based on conquering. And we don't have Black Friday, which I always feel is so strange. The concept of giving thanks for everything you have, then going and shopping and blowing a ton of money on material crap, seems...misplaced?
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby hoi.polloi on November 27th, 2014, 6:14 pm

Thanksgiving again.

I am thankful for Simon's friendship, and this site and a great deal of its membership, as much of a mixed blessing as this whole 'awareness' thing turns out to be. I am also thankful for Ab's "Thanks" buttons; they seem like a nice way of organizing information while keeping the creeps from gang voting up or down.

Although the American government has still not apologized for displacing millions of people in thousands of civilizations across the continent which crescendoed less than two centuries ago. At least Australia has seen some limited attempts at reconciliation, but America? Naw. Too fucking self-deluded.
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby fbenario on November 28th, 2014, 3:55 am

hoi.polloi wrote:but America? Naw. Too fucking self-deluded.

... not to mention arrogant, defensive, gullible, mean, and racist, a toxic stew if ever there was one.
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby fakeologist on November 28th, 2014, 11:28 am

I am thankful for Simon's friendship, and this site and a great deal of its membership, as much of a mixed blessing as this whole 'awareness' thing turns out to be. I am also thankful for Ab's "Thanks" buttons; they seem like a nice way of organizing information while keeping the creeps from gang voting up or down.

I give thanks to cluesforum just about every day. The posts of Simon, Hoi, Brianv, Lux, to name just a few are among the sanest on the web.

I agree it's a mixed blessing to "know" so much, but I'd rather be different than deluded. Thanks all! :D
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby simonshack on November 28th, 2014, 1:34 pm

abirato wrote:
I give thanks to cluesforum just about every day.

Back to you, Ab - I warmly thank you for reviving my long lost interest in radio listening. :)

By the way, sorry for being a bit MIA on your shows lately - I've been bitten by the music bug again and have been spending the last few weeks putting together (composing/ recording) a new album. This is also why I haven't been much active here on the forum lately - should anyone wonder. Let me grab this occasion for thanking again all the good forum contributors for their steady / invaluable time and efforts in order to (as Ab puts it) uphold sanity - on the web & in the world as a whole ! <_<
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby lux on November 28th, 2014, 2:29 pm

I too am thankful to Simon, hoi and the whole CF gang including ab and his fine blog.

And, I am also thankful to NASA, the news media and the rest of the nutwork without whose ineptness at fakery we would have a much tougher job of unraveling the truth! :lol:
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby icarusinbound on January 27th, 2015, 7:08 am

Please assist in giving this fascinating proposal a full Clues Forum consideration. I've taken the liberty of placing the topic directly within the Thanksgiving Hoax thread. The reasons for this action will become clear shortly, but, if mods do want to push it back to Derailing or Living Room, then so be it. (Note, that although there is quite a convincing case being presented by '1000up' and other proponents of this revisionist alternative view, it may of course be some form of non-altruistic game being played)

African Americans Ain't African

Key points behind this apparently-convincing-but-contentious argument. (Please note that this disagrees massively with the received conventional history on the matter, but does so at a level that seems far beyond simple disinfo)

- Whilst some of the black people living in America today are originally from Africa, the vast majority are of a racial lineage that means they are in fact mainly the indigenous peoples of America, predating European settlers for millennia.

- The differentiation between 'Native Americans'/'First Nations' aboriginals and so-called 'African Americans' is a false colonial construct that does not exist, and, it is further alleged that this lie has been deliberately maintained by colonial European settlers so as to disenfranchise non-white indigenous inhabitants

- The 1950s/1960s 'empowerment and seeking of lost identity' Africanisation and emancipation movements have been sponsored by those for whom it continues to be beneficial for black Americans not to be viewed as anything other than involuntary immigrants rather than the true first owners of the continent

- Recorded evidence for the existence of conventional slave ships operating on a massive or even substantial basis from Africa does not exist, and the 'African Slave Trade', in a conventional sense, is an ongoing hoax. Significant numbers of black people did arrive in America before, during and after the European colonisation of the Americas, but from across the world outwith Africa (eg Caribbean, Polynesia, Vanuatu), a proportion of whom were slaves, but with the majority of this subgroup simply being economic migrants travelling in their own way as explorers (they didn't need to be shipped there by white Europeans, they'd been making their own way to America for centuries or longer)

- The levels of 'applied Africanisation' within the USA are maintained (and to a large extent now internally enshrined and defended by the supposed community itself) despite being a fundamental disenfranchisement of the aboriginal/Mesoamerican First Americans.

This takes more than a bit of careful mental recalibration to take on board as a valid possibility but once considered is difficult to totally discount

full link:
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby hoi.polloi on November 26th, 2015, 8:48 pm

I am thankful for this site, even though I haven't had a lot of spare time lately to even use it.

Thank you everyone, and all well-meaning readers/contributors/viewers/listeners. Thanks to the paid shills who are obligated to agree with us just to "fit in" online communities, and may you paid shills eventually realize that giving to the public doesn't automatically punish yourself or others in some way, and that only the brainwashing of your "superiors" has told you that.

And thank you for being brave this holiday season and carefully, cautiously introducing the ideas of media fakery to family/friends during holiday events/gatherings. It doesn't have to dominate our interactions with others. There is so much room for joviality. It doesn't have to be disturbing or lead to our being offended when their programmed walls come up. We can just show patience, resilience, good humor, and understanding.

After all, we were all (and probably still are) Psy-Operated on, on one level or another. So we can put ourselves in the shoes of family/friends when we get sneers and snorts and ugly faces from just introducing the ideas. In order to help people see what we can agree on here (and what a growing segment of the "awakened" on the Internet can see — just look how much YouTube, the nigh abandoned David Icke forum and other venues for public discourse are now boldly addressing hoaxed events), let's introduce things with that in mind and gather the critical mass we all need to overthrow the colonialist technofascist State slowly, slowly but surely.

And since CluesForum has the added benefit of being extremely experienced with the infiltration/derailment programs constantly thrown at us, we might share our knowledge with a particularly strong defense tool built-in. And that has to do with a sophisticated, non-paranoid observation and awareness of paid shills/disruptors/usurpers, which some sites (like Fakeologist at times, sadly) would rather ignore and pretend do not exist.

I am thankful for Ab for making his site and showing everyone what it's like to have the widest possible discourse taking place, even if it is infiltrated worse than CluesForum, because ultimately it does spread the word. However, just in case that form of spreading the word actually causes the word to be diffused into an almost invisible film on the surface of a heaping bowl of bullshit, I am also very thankful for CluesForum's more discriminating tastes. It might be good to have both, if not just so people can see the comparative effectiveness of either. CluesForum focuses on facts and evidence.

Thank you to Simon and brianv, nonhocapito and Maat and all the others who genuinely helped us ideate, set up and maintain the site for (hopefully) the betterment of humankind. Thanksgiving may be a hoax, but thank goodness thankfulness is not. I am truly thankful for the Internet and the connections it has allowed those of us on the planet who aren't starving and nearly helplessly subjected to imperial rule. May those of us who teach us our responsibility in deposing the oligarchies and getting real "democracy" back on track, as smoothly and immediately as possible. No community should have to starve and die. Let us selflessly try to help the world communities free themselves of the parasites, even if occasionally those parasites are from our own governments. Then, it's obviously time to change how our governments work.

But we cannot be naive. We must know and learn from all we've seen to understand the real situation, at all times when it's possible to do so, and to also always leave room for the possibility of new/contradictory information or of people strongly believing what we strongly do not believe, and vice versa.

Anyway, thanks everyone, good luck out there. We have made great strides in just eight years or so. Keep up the great work. Like the Algonquin-speaking Wampanoag who risked cross-cultural trust because of their beliefs in charity/mercy/peace, and who were repaid in merciless attacks and bloodshed barely a generation later in King Philip's War against so-called "savages" (ne "conspiracy theorists", perhaps?), we may ourselves face an extremely mild, almost incomparable version of thankless, graceless attacks for insisting on providing a public service, but it must never quench our hope. We can learn from the past if we remember it correctly, and if we learn what similar sentiments or movements have suffered and accomplished and averted and learned, which is our constant struggle. We are at an advantage, there have been many great public movements and most of us are not at war. We are basically a kind of "global" middle class arguing about how to prevent more unfairness and imbalance in world powers. One day, perhaps, we may do more than survive or try to keep such powers away from irresponsible people. We may thrive. Hopefully.

If the reprehensible Talmud text can be rightly condemned and disgraced as the stupid thing it is, if Masonic anti-democratic rituals can be exposed, if the 1944 "Bretton Woods" mistake can be reexamined and if "The Doctrine of Discovery" can be dismissed, as we are now witnessing in progressive church meetings in the United States, then parallel findings may be occurring around the world and we may presume one great step to undoing their "legal" weapons like TPP and create lasting peace is to expose the corrupt allocutions of the so-called "elite". Maybe it's an ongoing part of life on Earth, but it's a good fight.
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Re: The Thanksgiving Hoax

Postby simonshack on November 27th, 2015, 6:12 pm


That was a really nice thanksgiving message of yours. Thanks! :)

I also wish to warmly thank all good contributors to this forum for their time. I love you all, you valiant & thoughtful people. :wub:

As an aside, I think we should also be thankful for not having pursued our childhood dreams of becoming ass-tronauts (who has never dreamt of that - at some stage - as a kid? Anyways, I think that I did - around age 12 or so...).

I mean, really... Imagine having to EAT and DIGEST this pigswill : :P ... ef=vd-auto
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