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Unread postby simonshack on Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:54 am

An interesting article (that a friend of mine sent me) :

"Fake video dramatically alters eyewitness accounts" ... WzUl58hJkE

I'll just mirror that article here - just in case it disappears for some funny reason...

Fake video dramatically alters eyewitness accounts

Researchers at the University of Warwick have found that fake video evidence can dramatically alter people's perceptions of events, even convincing them to testify as an eyewitness to an event that never happened.

Associate Professor Dr Kimberley Wade from the Department of Psychology led an experiment to see whether exposure to fabricated footage of an event could induce individuals to accuse another person of doing something they never did.

In the study, published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Dr Wade found that almost 50% of people shown fake footage of an event they witnessed first hand were prepared to believe the video version rather than what they actually saw.

Dr Wade’s research team filmed 60 subjects as they took part in a computerised gambling task. The subjects were unknowingly seated next to a member of the research team as they both separately answered a series of multiple-choice general knowledge questions.

All subjects were given a pile of fake money to gamble with and they shared a pile of money that represented the bank. Their task was to earn as much money as possible by typing in an amount of money to gamble on the chances of them answering each question correctly. They were told the person who made the highest profit would win a prize.

When they answered each question, subjects saw either a green tick on their computer monitor to show their answer was correct, or a red cross to show it was incorrect. If the answer was wrong, they would be told to return the money to the bank.

After the session, the video footage was doctored to make it look as if the member of the research team sat next to the subject was cheating by not putting money back into the bank.

One third of the subjects were told that the person sat next to them was suspected of cheating. Another third were told the person had been caught on camera cheating, and the remaining group were actually shown the fake video footage. All subjects were then asked to sign a statement only if they had seen the cheating take place.

Nearly 40% of the participants who had seen the doctored video complied. Another 10% of the group signed when asked a second time by the researchers. Only 10% of those who were told the incident had been caught on film but were not shown the video agreed to sign, and about 5% of the control group who were just told about the cheating signed the statement.

Dr Wade said: “Over the previous decade we have seen rapid advances in digital-manipulation technology. As a result, almost anyone can create convincing, yet fake, images or video footage. Our research shows that if fake footage is extremely compelling, it can induce people to testify about something they never witnessed.”
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Unread postby bongostaple on Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:34 am

Interesting article Simon - I was pondering something similar the other day. Quite often on the websites of UK daily national newspapers, they report a story, and include that it was caught on video by 'an eyewitness'. The embedded video often has a 'shocking / violent / distressing' content warning. If you go on to play the video, it always either stops just before the specific event being reported on, or starts just after the event, and faces and a lot of other stuff, are pixelated for 'legal reasons'.

I think a lot of people will see the warning and not play the video but will take the article as factual. Of those who do play it will likely also believe the story, even if the video doesn't quite actually show the event.

For the amount of credibility generated, it looks like quite a good use of time and effort, without even having to show anything that is at all credible on a factual level. I often hear people saying '...yeah, heard about that, I saw the video, it's terrible...'.
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Unread postby Kham on Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:11 am

Simon and bongostaple,

I suspect there is a further study where people witness an event and are later merely TOLD there is a video of the event showing something different so those people then report what was TOLD to them about the video as factual, instead of their own witness account...

...distilling fabricated events down to the most economic scenario.
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Unread postby bongostaple on Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:33 am

I agree - I'm sure a proportion of people reading an article will see that there is a video but not watch it, and later even say they saw the video, as in effect they saw it on a screen. The screen is the power device in the whole psyop game, where being on a 'reputable' news site means viewers' perceptions are at their most malleable. Fascinating, but deeply unimpressive from a truth and honesty point of view.
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Unread postby AmongTheThugs on Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:14 pm

Hello old friends, it’s been awhile. I recently made a discovery and I’m still a bit stunned. I’d like some of the experts here to take a look. I’m not going to post any pics or links. I’m talking about the photography of Ansel Adams. So far every single picture I’ve examined has giants throughout, posing for the camera and clearly cooperating artistically.
These humanoid beings range in size from close to human to 100’ and more. Some look like people and some look reptilian. Some look like George Washington and some look like giant Native Americans.

I’m sure some of you have a book or a print. Get out your magnifying glass and have a look. Giants are the real subject of his work. I’ve yet to find a picture of his without giants.
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End of year

Unread postby sharpstuff on Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:22 pm

Dear Clues forum member and readers,

It is now nearly the end of what we apparently call 2018.

Simon Shack's brain-child (September Clues) has netted thousands of readers, and membership posts on severely controversial and contentious subjects over the years of hard and (most often) thoughtful work from participants whether casual readers or members of diverse opinions, 'knowledge' and so forth.

To be part of this 'project' (September Clues) as a casual reader or participant (who may object to render what we are 'told' to accept and which is most often 'fake' or a deception or deliberate 'lie' or any other means of control of our minds) must be a bonus for our self-knowledge, esteem and understanding that others' have differing views as well.

If we are to be 'human' (part of the planet we call 'Earth'), we must allow ourselves the broadest acceptance of others' views without allowing strong 'personal' views to overwhelm others. The path is often difficult, as we know! We may all be guilty of our strong personal views that do not belong to others. That (in my view) is the nature of the beast.

Whatever your beliefs are towards the end of this year and your celebration or otherwise I personally wish that you continue to live and learn and treat your other humans with the respect that they deserve for their positive efforts, however you see them accomplished.

Be well.

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Unread postby pov603 on Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:02 am

Same to you sharpstuff and all fellow "cluesforumers"!
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
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Unread postby patrix on Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:28 pm

Something to get you all in the mood for Christmas :puke:

Obama visiting a children's hospital

One day these people will sleep in the bed that they've made for themselves, and they will think about that this Christmas.
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Gatwick Airport, London, UK: Drones

Unread postby pov603 on Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:52 am

This has me wondering what TPTB are up to as a number [pun partly intended] of things caught my eye:
Apologies for "capturing" so much text, I just wonder whether this will slip most people by and be "lost" in mediocrity only for some draconian law to be introduced down the road at some stage or other on the back of this "incident".

Two people have been arrested in connection with a string of drone sightings that brought Gatwick Airport to a standstill.

A 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman, from Crawley, were arrested in the town at about 22:00 GMT on Friday.

Flights had been grounded for more than a day, affecting about 140,000 passengers, after drones were seen near the runway.

The airport has since reopened and flights are operating on schedule.

Sussex Police said it was continuing to investigate the "criminal use of drones" and appealed for information.

The airport said it aimed to run "a full schedule" of 757 flights on Saturday, carrying 124,484 passengers

Just pointing out...yawn...that 4+7=11 & 5+4=9...
Also, tenuous as it is, being arrested at 22:00 would make it 11pm in Europe...
Now it keeps mentioning "drones" [plural] which strikes me as a little odd in that most people using drones or a specific purpose will have the operator manipulating the machine and a spotter informing the operator of any hazards out of line of sight ie bushes, suspended cables, bridges, gantries etc.
The specific use of "757", as in the plane itself, as well as "124,484" surprised me as to why they are being so "accurate"?

Passengers are flowing reasonably well through the South Terminal.

Coming in through arrivals, it's a different story. Passengers are talking of delays of many hours involving road and ferry diversions.

More than 1,000 flights were cancelled or diverted during the 36 hours of disruption and that knock-on effect is still being felt.

They also urged passengers to check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport.

Supt James Collis said officers remained at Gatwick, ready to "detect and mitigate" further drone flights by deploying a range of tactics.

'Desperately trying to get back'
How can a drone cause so much chaos?
He asked passengers and people living nearby to remain vigilant and report any suspicions.

"Every line of inquiry will remain open to us until we are confident that we have mitigated further threats to the safety of passengers," he added.

Now, planes being affected by drones is "acceptable". Ferries? Nah!...
With more than 1,000 flights being diverted/canceled, this strikes me as a major "hit" on insurance entities such as if the booking was done using a credit card etc. so it smacks of something aimed at B2B, so to speak, is anyone undergoing a merger, sell off, market share grab, one which TPTB haven't sanctioned?
So the "armed forces" will remain in sight at Gatwick to stave off further attacks by drones? Are they planting seeds in peoples minds and/or encouraging "copycat" attacks?
The timeline still doesn't make sense...if following their narrative...someone "drones" the airport, the airport is closed but no "attacks" on planes are suffered. The army is brought in. the airport is reopened. The "perps" decide to "drone" the same airport again? For what purpose, if it didn't work first time with "minimal" surveillance and/or preventative measures in place?

Gatwick reopened on Friday morning, although the runway was closed again for a short time after a further confirmed drone sighting at 17:10.

A spokeswoman for the airport said military measures put in place at the airfield made it safe to reopen.

Eleven inbound flights were diverted to other airports during the latest suspension and, while outbound flights would experience a "knock-on delay", none had been cancelled, she said.

However, the BBC has been contacted by people claiming their flights were cancelled.

A small number of flights due to arrive into Gatwick on Saturday were cancelled, according to the airport's website.

They include an Easyjet service from Milan and a TUI flight from Barbados.

A Gatwick spokesman said: "Safety is Gatwick's top priority and we are grateful for passengers' continued patience as we work to get them to their final destination in time for Christmas."

So the "drones" attacked at 17:10...not 5pm...and the "perps" are arrested at 22:00 which is 4 hours 50 minutes after the last incident...4+5+0=9...yawn...
Military measures put into place patently FAILED so why make such a strange/stupid statement?
Again, with their particular use of numbers, 11 planes diverted...
Is there any significance in singling out either EasyJet, Milan, TUI and/or Barbados? especially out of "over" 1,000 flights having been affected?

These sorts of events certainly get on ones tinsel...
Merry Xmas!
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Unread postby simonshack on Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:15 pm


Very merry xmas everyone. :)


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Unread postby SacredCowSlayer on Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:12 pm

Dear Cluesforum Members and Readers,

First of all, thank you Simon for the Santa images. Those are priceless. I’m always glad to see a bit of comic relief here.

I also wanted to share a brief short story that was told to me recently by my Father-In-Law (a man I hold and love dearly).


As he described it to me:

“Well, a long time patient of mine recently came by the office, and we had a few moments to chat. He’s been with the power company as a ‘meter reader’ for many years now. So he has lots of entertaining stories.

I had asked him how things were going, and he said, ‘well doc, I was recently on my route, and I had parked my truck like usual so I could walk down the street a ways to check the meters. It was an otherwise beautiful day. Well, my stomach began to rumble something fierce. And there simply wasn’t time to find a restroom. . . if you catch my drift.

So, I’m in the alley, and I look down into a nearby dumpster. . . and well, it was empty. Desperate times an’ all, I got in there and pulled the lids down to cover it.

Well, I finish doing my business, and as I’m about to get out, I hear this gate to the alley squeak open. So I peak through the hole in the side of the dumpster, and I see this lady bringing out a sack of trash.

I didn’t know what else to do other than to hold tight to the dumpster lids. After she pulled a couple of times. . . thankfully to no avail, I finally spoke up. Mam’, you’re gonna need to go to the next dumpster, this one’s taken.

That lady dropped her trash right where she was standin’ and ran back to her house. Then I got the hell outa’ there.”

This was just too funny. :lol:

Hope you are all of good cheer, and may your hearts be full on this Christmas.

Yours Truly,
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Unread postby michiganj on Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:07 pm

That story is hilarious SCS! I guess that adds a new defintion to the term "dumpster diving"?

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Best Wishes, mj
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Unread postby sharpstuff on Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:13 am

Since a festive mood is apparently upon us, I would like to offer this piece I completed recently from a book I am finishing...

A Christmas Carolus

...given the state of our wallets, Holmes and I needed to embark on another adventure to sustain our credibility to pay the rent on our rooms and further, to sate our depleted appetites and wallets with some suitable fodder, especially for this season of the year, which, if we did not respond appropriately, we would be sure to be remonstrated by our landlady Mrs. Hudson and that that knowledge would be delivered, along with the bread, milk and post, to all and sundry and from whom which we derived our living.

For our longevity as purveyors of stories, it was something that we could not endure even as our ages failed to meet a score of three twenties and ten, which although evading us so far, we could not discount the possibility of not continuing further, and certainly not to the delight of any reaper 'grim' or otherwise who might be awaiting our demise/arrival at some other establishment other than a worldly one.

It was Carolus who, in a sense, came to our rescue...

...the curtain rises...

'Bring it on!' shouted Holmes to Mrs. Hudson's appearance in an apparent gesture of goodwill, her foodstuffs and recently ironed frock.

The machinations of his vocal apparatus reaching his right arm, thereby appending it with some force to the table, he created a rattling of knives, forks and spoons into an array of jingling cutlery by his thrust, thereupon adding a festive substance to the oncoming events, however they materialised.
Thus we received the three pigeons (apparently once aloft in the atmosphere, or at least in a loft designed for their purpose, only a few hours ago) but now, in their demise and appropriate enhancement for human consumption, replaced any traditional fare apparent for the season and they were now perhaps, edible safely ensconced in a suitable pie-crust.

Holmes, (although some conjecture may be apparent), is often noted for his 'non take' on women in general, but he did have a soft spot for Mrs. Hudson. Usually it was a place to sit on the sofa (when he had cleared it of his clutter) or he was ordering his groceries.

A 'Christmas' tree of sorts thrust its green-twined cellophane 'leaves' into a resemblance of a real tree, although, of course the clearing up of millions of spines after the celebrations were over, was not going to be a problem as it (the whole unit) could be folded and saved for another year having been subsequently undusted).

Lighting, was, of course, a problem as no 'fairy' lights were available at that particular time and attaching candles (however miniature) would have brought out an over-worked fire-brigade from conflagrations which would have upset their own festivities. They were thus avoided...
...As the meal progressed (despite a reluctance of this author to elaborate on the rest of the victuals) there came what appeared to be an alarm call at the front door, which with the establishment of alcoholic beverages upon human bodies, soon retired normal feelings to appendages incapable of proper activation, but was thus answered.

It was Mrs. Hudson who, although she seemed 'one over the nine' traipsed down the stairs (careful not to trip over in her slippers) who thus answered the portal to their domain.
Given that the lad was of small stature and her lack of total uninebriation, she was unable to unmix authors when he supplied:

'I'm Tim.' he said, cap in hand.

'Tiny Tim?' she responded, a soft rain turning into white flakes, the substance of which was cause for concern as to the heating of her domain and the ability of being able to elevate their temperature to an acceptable one for human comfort.

'No,' he responded, 'Just Tim.'

'What do you want?' she replied, longing to get back into a semblance of warmth provided by the few candles Holmes had graciously provided for the dinner table. and a grate long-awaiting logs upon which to exert its dying flames.

'It's Carolus', replied the youth, 'He done got nicked. Mr. 'olmes 'elped my bruvver wiv va donkey jackets. Can 'e 'elp?'

Standing (mostly with crossed legs to prevent leakage) Mrs. Hudson ushered the lad up to the Holmesian parlour, where both Holmes and Watson were (as they say in common pubs) 'knocking it back'. The fact that the intoxicating liquor was nothing less than cheap table wine is irrelevant here. Xmas spirit and all that. Readers might forget the fog of tobacco smoke.

Tim's assailance of the chair opposite the intrepid trio of 221b was a marvel. He had seen nothing like this camaraderie and especially as he had never heard of the word.

Holmes, in a moment between wanting another drink and the expellation of a previous one and perilously far from any means of ridding himself of the excess liquid, rose from the table.
'How might we help?' he asked dragging Watson into an affair he might not have wished for but his wallet called from its dark and vacant interior.

Responding to the succinct report via Mrs. Hudson, in view of her imminent need for bladder control, Holmes and Watson awaited some answer to their question, of which they almost immediately forgot.
Holmes, puffing like a 'billy' on his acquisition of some tobacco, supplied as a present from Watson, who, in the absence of sufficient cash (having spent it on Holmes' 'present') was reduced to the left-overs of ransacking the ash-trays of the local lantern-slide shows to make even the ends of his cigarette papers meet in any sort of confrontation, was reduced to question the lad again.
The poor lad, having had to endure the sesquipedalian narrative of the last paragraphs was reduced further than his apparent status (as 'lad') and was thus encumbered with a silence such as that of the night.

'Well,' said Tim in his best vernacular, 'Carolus, 'pparently got some stuff for a geezer wot 'elped me dad out wiv some of de Peelers sayin' my ol' man was makin' cloves out of donkey skins. and Carolus got sum gear for vis bloke on ver cheep and Carolus got busted.'

Holmes normally whitish skin, started to turn into a ruddy mixture of red and white, almost indistinguishable from pale pink.

In his apparent fear of being found out for his own felonious activities, [he had got some illicit cocaine] Holmes fell, (with appropriate applause from the audience), onto the table whereupon they had eaten their meal and upon a subsequent conflagration of candles upon spilled spirits, invited (due to the conflagration) the local fire-brigade in their endeavours of getting future funds, to appear with the ensuing cast, replete in the knowledge that they had 'done their job', and after extinguishing the flames with a handy fire-bucket supplied by the producer, relished in the applause that followed this rant-o-mine.

As the curtains closed behind them, Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson and cast (not in any particular order) offered their best wishes to its audience.

Be well.

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Unread postby sharpstuff on Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:28 am


Excuse my lack of knowledge here.

Could some-one please explain how to private message to a member of this forum?

What is the protocol?

Do members readily accept p.m.'s?

Many thanks.
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