The Electricity supply.

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The Electricity supply.

Unread post by scud » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:15 pm

I suppose in a way, this is somewhat similar to the NASA thread in that if we identify one aspect being false (the Apollo missions) then why assume that the rest of it (satellites, probes etc) to be true.
In this case, some are questioning the reality of nuclear power stations but not that of coal, gas fired, hydroelectric or any other type of ‘generation’.
Obviously we don’t need to study videos or computer renderings to decide if electricity is a real thing or not but what if the source of all this energy wasn’t from turbines driving generators in various different guises at all, but was an entirely natural and infinite resource, which could very easily and cheaply be harnessed and distributed to the worlds population? What if this system was already in place and had been since the beginnings of electrification and that all power stations of whatever type are nothing but elaborate props whose sole purpose is to dupe the masses into paying vast sums of money for something that was almost as free as Earth’s air?

I hasten to add here that this is not my own theory but those of Mr. Arron Dover Esq.. ... xOj_XWZ1Zw whose work I’ve been following recently on YT. I guess some readers maybe aware of him, I know that Ab of Fakeologist is and describes him as ‘out there’ on certain subjects of which I tend to agree, well certainly his belief that the Earth is flat, but then that’s just my own opinion.
Anyway I found his presentations overall to be highly enjoyable, particularly the self narrated where he comes across as splendidly articulate, intelligent and humorous.
Also he is of Jewish extraction and professes, grand master chess champ’ Bobby Fischer style, to well, have ‘reservations’ shall we say for his own brethren or at least those in positions of control and it would appear with very good personal reasons.
So I wanted to put down the crux of Arron’s thoughts on this subject as well as a few of my own, hopefully for a bit of further discussion and detective work by our esteemed members here at SC.

Some Turbines.

I often marvel at the remarkable stability of electricity that comes into our homes. The lights only very rarely dim and certainly never brighten. Really truly remarkable when you consider the story told as to how it actually arrives.
Apart from solar panels it is all turbine driven. Essentially fans mostly spun by high pressure steam and a few by water or gas. Here in England we have a total of 67 ‘fossil fuel’ stations housing these turbines that are all coupled to generators which go on to energize ‘the grid’ which is a network of various capacity cables connecting all households, industry, transport and commerce.
No mention is ever made of any storage capability other than the potential energy of water locked behind a dam. In other words the system does not have any capacitance to speak of, therefore, all these rotating turbines dotted about the country need to match the load being applied to them precisely, at all times.
However, very unlike the cumbersome, time consuming process (some might even say ‘Victorian’) method of heating up water to produce the necessary head of steam, electricity is instantaneous. You flick the switch either on or off and the circuit is completed or severed, immediately adding or subtracting work / load to the system. Millions upon millions of switches aligned with anything from an amp guzzling arc furnace to a single reading lamp. So naturally, some amazing foresight and juggling has to be achieved every second of the day to avoid over or undersupply.
But not to worry. It’s all taken care of by the staff of the ‘National Grid’ whose headquarters location apparently has to remain a state secret (tewwowists no can never be too careful).

Is it just me or does this mini documentary come across as phony and quite funny in parts? Reminds me of the NASA control rooms minus the whooping and hollering.
At the beginning, just after our guy says.. “So I’ve come here to talk to people who really know what they’re talking about” pause it on the bloke he’s about to interview and try not to laugh. Then let him talk and within the first ten seconds he states that ‘national grid’ are there to.. “control the electricity, both supply and demand.”
Well I guess if they could control both then I’d have to accept that national grid really do perform a useful function but how they would actually go about this on any meaningful scale eludes me. Yeah, I know about ‘smart meters’ but this is a new thing and quite irrelevant even if they’d been introduced to the populace decades ago.

A quick thought exercise: If we were to wind back ‘the national grid’ to its inception and say that there is a single supplier and a single customer (somebody had to be first) and the supplier had no idea when the customer was going to flick the switch on his or her appliances how would the supplier maintain a reliable and financially viable service?
Well, he’d have two options;

1 He keeps his steam powered generating gear running 24/7 whether the electricity is needed or not, upping the energy of the circuit via additional fuel when the associated electromagnetic load increases with the customers use (exactly the same principle as a domestic ‘gen-set’ only orders of magnitude slower to respond).

2 He waits for a phone call from the customer to tell him he’s just home and that ‘the news’ is about to start and that he wants a cup of tea to go with it and wouldn’t mind if he could see where he was going.

“Alright mate. Gimme 40 minutes to get the boiler up to speed..”

“Curses. The news will be over by then. I’m going to switch supplier.”

“Can’t mate. I’m the only one. Har har haaar.”

Of course waste and / or an unworkable arrangement between the two could be avoided if there was sufficient capacitance (storage) but national grid who now control the distribution to some 25 million households, the worlds largest underground system, thousands of miles of electrified rail-track, industry and commerce almost all of which is essentially driven by steam, still don’t need any.

So here’s what I reckon (wrongly perhaps but the more you think about it the less plausible the system that’s said to be in place appears).
No one has yet thought of a more credible sounding process for generating a countries electrical requirements other than burning fantastical amounts of fuel.
No one has yet thought of a more credible sounding way of converting all this thermal energy to electricity other than boiling water to produce steam, so they’re stuck with it and are perhaps beginning to worry that people may start to question such a system’s response capability to demand, hence all the waffle in the above video of ‘storage’ (electrically, completely non existent).

Less turbines.

Strangely, with our rapidly rising population and undeniably increasing personal usage of electricity, the sources of power (at least here in England) are said to be diminishing in number rather than the expected increase. I count just 67 still remaining operational, many of them very minor in their stated capacity.. ... in_England
Yes, and it’s ‘in the news’ on a regular basis. We’re forever about to hit ‘peak electricity’ and the lights are going to go out as they gleefully show footage of yet another station being demolished, quickly followed by earnest tones of how the latest proposed nuclear facilities price tag has increased from 10 Gazillion pounds to 100 Gazillion, ‘green’ issues offered up as the sole reason.
If we look at just our capital city as an example, we see that London used to be pockmarked with these giant edifices but somehow they are no longer needed.

Battersea :
Lots road:
Kingston upon Thames: ... on,_London

Hmm, perhaps the land that they occupied is now far more valuable as luxury apartments or ‘art’ galleries. No and it’s not that they’ve been wholly replaced by more efficient or bigger plants in more rural areas to avoid pollution as these are apparently being shutdown too. In fact from Wiki’s list we appear to be about 4M/W short of where we were 27 years ago in 1990. More decommissioning than commissioning, wallet busting price hikes (‘cause polar bears or something) yet masses more people flooding in from everywhere, each with their own demands. But close them they do so what’s taking up the slack? Windmills? Solar panels? Suppose, can’t be anything else can it?

No power stations? Watt? Seriously?

Yes, these huge buildings equipped with cooling towers and smoke stacks do exist, of course they do, they have to one way or the other. Either as legitimate providers of a perfectly balanced electricity supply to entire nations or steaming / smoldering props.
Props that would naturally be part of the media machine as an essential aid to convince the public to part with ever increasing wads of cash...(fuel is becoming ever scarcer, ‘wholesale prices’ are going through the roof, global warming, emissions regulations, it’s all so awfully bad but you need it nonetheless etc, etc).
Eg.. (6 million horse power, 6 million homes, 6 million...nah, don’t be silly).

So, if not legitimate then where does our electricity originate?
I guess regular readers of SC will perhaps by now be thinking (and possibly groaning) of the story concerning Tesla (could be fiction; I really don’t know) and in particular the strange Wardenclyffe tower project.
Well, fiction or not, it’s certainly interesting that this ‘legend’ of a man culminated his distinguished career as inventor of everything* with a non completed mystery immersed in tales of deep skullduggery by high finance and that it should feature so heavily in our madcap ‘conspiracy world‘ indulged within the confines of Mum and Dad’s basement.
Anyway, Wardenclyffe. Whichever story / source you choose to take as read they all have one common denominator in amongst all the various theories out there and that is that the tower was some kind of magical electrical transmission device. Transmission and not the opposite which is receiver, says so in the very first sentence of the authoritative link provided.

It’s been quite a few years since I gave this subject any consideration but I do remember the reason why I lost interest in fairly short order and that was because it just didn’t make any sense. An intriguing idea, for sure; being able to transmit usable power wirelessly but where did the electricity come from in the first place? Was there a boiler and turbine hall within the building at the base of the tower? Maybe it was connected via cable to a remote source? Dunno as it’s never explained, rather just pages of waffle and shite that to my mind serve only to obfuscate.
However, after considering Arron’s work the story of Wardenclyffe suddenly makes perfect sense if you reverse its said primary function as it would appear that there is evidence (how strong you decide) to support the idea that electricity is a fundamental, natural and omnipresent component of the atmosphere whatever the weather, day and night with an ever increasing potential gradient from Earth with altitude. The higher one goes the greater the voltage, hence the need for Tesla to build a tower.
Have a look at these spectacular ‘Lightning rockets’.

You might want to browse Arron’s channel for further demo’s / experiments though of course non are really admissible in our court of law since we have no personal verification of authenticity.
But there are other questions neatly explained by the presence of atmospheric charge, for example..

‘Dad, why is the sky blue?’

‘Well son, here’s what they’ll ask you to recite in order for you to pass your test’..

Tiresome isn’t it? The usual wankfest of clever sounding words and head scratching equations conspicuously without any kind of experimentation to back it up.
Well, here’s a better explanation (IMO) from another chap whose work I find pretty fascinating..
I’m not asking readers to believe in Steven’s ‘concave Earth’ theory for the sake of this subject but if atmospheric electricity is true then it’s yet another fact that doesn’t fit the Heliocentric solar system model where we have an atmosphere progressively thinning out with altitude to absolute vacuum all lit up by a giant nuclear reactor some 93 million miles away.
So, there we have it. Arron (and others) assert that there is an increasing potential gradient of electrical power between Earth and the air. Arron alone believes that this energy is being tapped via masts / towers / overhead power lines / tourist attractions etc and secretly stored to supply us with all our creature comforts and has been since the dawn of ‘electrification’. A free and limitless energy resource that only requires capacitance for it to function as a distributable, regular and reliable supply. That we are being right royally shafted for this supply because we are duped by yet another bewildering and monumental deception called ‘power stations’ and all the mega cost fuel, mega cost infrastructure, transportation and now ‘green politics’ that they’re supposedly associated with.


When you have time I’d recommend a good hard look at the photographs and ask yourself whether the imagery makes any sense because after all, thermal power stations should be nothing more complex than a scaled up stationary steam locomotive linked to a generator. Then read the history of Inverkip here..
Sad or hilarious in its stupidity?

Anecdotal evidence that the power supply is atmospheric.

A very interesting link. Extract:

“During the war there was developed in Germany a new art --- or science --- that bids fair to revolutionize our present means of obtaining power.
This art, which is as new now as wireless was 25 years ago, will attain proportions during the next 25 years that may appear fantastic today. The inventor of the new science, an engineer of note, Herr Hermann Plauson, has devoted years of labor to his researches and he has now actually in use small power plants, that generate electricity direct from the air, day and night, without interruption at practically no cost, once the plant is constructed.
We had occasion, in one of our former issues, to describe the system, roughly, from cabled dispatches, but complete information is available now. The amount of electrical power that resides in our atmosphere is astounding. Herr Plauson found in his experiments that a single balloon sent aloft to a height of 300 yards gave a constant current at 400 volts of 1.8 amperes, or in 24 hours over 17-1/4 kilowatts! By using two balloons in connection with a special condenser battery, the power obtained was 81-1/2 kilowatts in 24 hours. The actual current delivered was 6.8 amperes at 500 volts.”

So if we go to Wiki concerning Hermann Plauson one shouldn’t be surprised to find scant information about the man or his work though to be fair they do link to extracts from ‘Science and Invention’ of which the above was obtained.
So what happened to this particular prof’ and his patent applications? Well I’d dearly like to know but if I was to offer up a bit of pure speculation, I’d say like Tesla, Plauson had gone and reinvented the wheel.

A couple of thoughts concerning the ‘official line’.

Sometimes it’s just a question of numbers that don’t stack up comparatively speaking (gotta be difficult to keep it straight if the entire story is bullshit).
For example, did you know that the ‘core’ of a typical nuclear reactor is stated to operate at around 300 miserly degrees C? No idea why it was decided that such a low figure should be attached to the ‘killer’ of all power producers, but there we go.
Well, let’s just compare to this lovely bit of old school kit..


The ‘core’ (furnace) temp’ anything up to a searing 1,300 degrees C and from the animations I’ve seen I’d say not a great deal smaller than your typical fission reactor yet only able to haul a handful of carriages at maybe 90mph on the flat through the exact same system of heat transfer (water into steam) only vastly more efficient because there isn’t any associated power loss with conversion of kinetic energy to electric. Which would mean France is equivalent to 80% Jeb Bush type ‘very low energy’ steam train though somehow able to power the TGV fleet.. and virtually everything else that depends upon electricity.


“Very impressive cooling towers you got there captain power station.”

“Thanks man, these vaping ‘hyperboloid structures’ are my muscles on steroids. You can see them from miles away. Coor..look at that (flex, flex) that’s some real strength right there that is.”


The purpose of cooling towers is purported to be the condensing of steam that passes through the turbines back into water, or in other words purging energy from the system as waste.
Again, doesn’t really make any sense because a ‘closed loop system’ could easily be imagined where the initially heated water that gets converted to steam to drive the turbines just passes around to the heat exchanger again, still hot as hell thus requiring a lot less coal, gas or nuke fusion to get those little water molecules once more up to the required pressure to do their job.
Sure, wiki and others talk of ‘back pressure’ and the like but if this were really a problem then why would they have a second ‘low pressure turbine’ (which they always seem to do) immediately following the primary high pressure? Dunno, perhaps I should suggest this idea to the engineers of these marvelous marvels and make myself a fortune. Or do you think I’d be wasting my time as they’d be like “Nah bro. Saving fuel costs aren’t what we’re about. We like our cooling towers ‘cause punters can see them from 20 miles away belching pretty white fluff into the sky.”

The Fuhrer surveys the Reich’s latest aerial recon’ photos and discovers that there are only 53 power stations supplying the entirety of the British isles with electricity, without which, the nation would very swiftly succumb to all manner of deprivation.

“Forget ze bridges, ze docks, ze ammunition factories, ze tank assembly lines...hit these stations and ze vore vill be over by the end of ze veek Herman.”

“Vhy didn’t I sink of zat! Nice one mienen Fuhrer.”

Well yeah, if you think about it why didn’t either side concentrate their explosives on what had to be big, fat, smoke belching targets that delivered the entire ‘essence’ of the enemy?
My dad who was ten when war broke out cannot recall the lights going out for any meaningful length of time for the entire duration. I mean just how long would it take to re-build a crucial power station? A couple of hours? Not likely is it.

What voltage over distance of air is required to produce a spark (plasma)?
According to Wiki the answer is an average of 30,000 volts per cm of air, dependent upon moisture content.
Interesting because even the highest voltage overhead cable will typically be less than 500 Kv meaning that it should be impossible for a spark to ground through air if the distance is any greater than about 16.6 cm. Yet you watch videos such as this and you realise that one or the other cannot be true. Either power lines are actually tens, perhaps hundreds of times more energetic than claimed or the ‘spark gap’ consensus is completely wrong.

As many of us know, during or shortly after electrical storms the power supply is often disrupted, but where Arron lives (Koh Samui Thailand, I believe) he says that the lights go out each and every time a nearby thunderstorm occurs. He speculates that this is because lightning temporarily deprives the local atmosphere of charge...all grounded through the conductive conditions of a storm, therefore whatever capacitance this relatively small island possess is quickly depleted by the demand of the residents and cannot be replenished until the weather changes for the better.
Now, if the island wasn’t powered by atmospheric energy and was indeed wholly reliant upon some off-shore, ex dinosaur combusting power plant with sea bed interconnects of chunky copper cable as claimed one would not expect this to happen, ever...yet it does, every time (been there and experienced it myself).

As an addendum to Arron’s observations I think it’s important to note that the official explanation of lightning, that it is somehow generated by the storm itself to produce these colossal arcs of energy should be considered at least to be very weak. Much simpler and believable is to acknowledge that water is a conductor and that all the storm does (electrically) is to provide the necessary conditions for the always present top down potential to find its way toward Earth.

As said, If this theory of AE (atmospheric electricity) is true then capacitance would be crucial to such a system because the primary source, nature, would unlikely to be a constant just as demand would never be constant which means batteries and the more the merrier.
Arron discusses on one of his talk shows (I’m afraid I can’t remember which) Battery park, just a couple of hundred meters south of where those twin electrical masts...sorry, I mean office blocks used to stand until they were knocked down by a couple of planes in 2001.
Officially, Battery park is so named after a ‘defensive battery of artillery’. Naturally, Arron thinks this little piece of history to be ‘bollocks’ and actually this area of reclaimed land provides cover to subterranean batteries of the kind that store static electricity which has been a known technology since 1745 in the form of ‘Leyden jars’

Considering this speculation I spent a little time attempting to find something that might possibly add a bit of credibility to the thought that innocuous buildings would have to be constructed or major excavation work carried out in order to conceal this capacitance and pretty quickly found ‘Tottenham substation’ by tracing overhead cables back from rural areas to north London.


From Google Earth the rear two buildings are each 80 meters long, 40 meters wide and seven floors high. There are hardly any windows to speak of, rather just small, brick size open vents. The front, light blue building is 120 meters long by 25 meters (giving a total of just under 12 acres of floor space (assuming only ground level for the fore-structure).
Touring about the area, you can see that the overhead power lines dip into some kind of large box section trunking which then enters the back of the larger building.
An interconnect is evident between the front and rear structures then re-emerge into what looks like a typical external sub-station array.
The buildings appear to be unmanned with zero dedicated parking and are behind layers of fencing and CCTV that would seem more appropriate for a high security prison.
Very mysterious; because usually, sub-stations (a collection of transformers designed to ‘step down’ the voltage for local consumption) do not require any protection from the weather. So what could it be? An exclusive shopping mall for the staff of national grid? Maybe.

51 36 13.51N 0 02 52.96W (Sorry chaps, I don’t know how to link GE coordinates).

Here’s another one that I’ve been aware of for most of my life but up until recently hadn’t given it a second thought..


‘Innocuous’ certainly doesn’t carry for this one, surely the most ornate and beautiful substation completed way back in 1905..

Or what about this?


Type ‘Moore street Sheffield’ into GE and check out this forbidding looking structure (located just off the main roundabout).. Why do they need five floors and what’s with the 15 foot high electrified fence at the rear?
Yeah, I just can’t see any of these examples providing shelter (which is unnecessary anyway) for something like this..
Just for good measure and ramping down the scale somewhat, here’s a guy who goes searching for his local ‘architecturally interesting’ substations.. Notice the similarly proportioned entrance doors to these quaint and numerous (but absolutely private) buildings, perhaps the type of batteries being deployed are flippin’ yuge.


Pay me, pay me, pay me.

I’m not sure if the situation is similar for readers elsewhere in the world, but here in the UK, up until the early days of the 1990’s all cheques for ‘lecky’ were written out to our ‘local board’ all under a single entity known as the ‘Central Electricity Generating Board‘ which was subsequently broken up and privatised to majority foreign owned enterprise (obviously a normal and sensible policy if you’re truly a bona fide independent nation state).
Since then, a plethora of privately owned power companies have sprung up where every household in the land is signed up to one or perhaps two as some offer ‘duel-fuel’ gas and electric ‘deals on wheels’.
Each proffer a ridiculously complicated menu of differing tariffs for exactly the same thing (no difference in quality or reliability can ever be detected except for ‘customer service’ which ranges from really shit to astoundingly shit) and just like our democratic system of government people are given the illusion of choice by being able to switch providers, made extra easy with this site.. ... GwodxvoIew

I’m using Wiki extensively here because I assume it to be ‘their’ side of the story so when I look at this.. ... liers_(UK) I’m told that ‘the big six’ energy suppliers of the UK don’t actually own anything to do with the actual delivery of electricity (or gas) and the term ‘power station’ is not even mentioned.
So here they’d have us believe that these firms have somehow gained the right to effectively buy fuel at ‘wholesale prices’ and convert it to virtually guaranteed ‘retail prices’ without having to perform any function at all other than issue demands for money, in other words a license to shit gold. But then if you go back to the list of power stations above and pick any one at random that is still supposedly operational you’ll more often than not find one of these companies listed as full or part owner, so which Wiki entry to believe? Dunno really, as they themselves admit, it’s all just so terribly confusing.
Well isn’t it just? Either way, it’s like a lake, essential for life being dipped into by interconnected pipelines, the flow and content of which never actually changes, the pipeline and pumping gear owned / not owned by various ‘independents’ syphoning it off to the local inhabitants for consumption with slightly differing but ever increasing price tags attached and everybody just accepting this as ok. Makes no sense whatsoever unless you were to assume that actually, all of these ‘private companies’ are just fraudulent fronts of a single entity in an effort to make the whole thing seem a more legit, competitive based business to their forced and increasingly suffering customers.

Oh and I happened to notice this, under ‘privatisation’...

“Although electricity privatisation began in 1990, the CEGB continued to exist until the Central Electricity Generating Board (Dissolution) Order 2001, a statutory instrument, came into force on 9 November 2001.”

We do our months and days the other way round to our friends across the pond, so that’s 9/11/2001 to us. Hmm, suppose it could happen. ... ting_Board

Pyramids. The origins?

I particularly enjoyed this one...

So Arron believes that the great pyramid of Giza wasn't the worlds most elaborate mausoleum but rather a type of power station built for the sole purpose of harnessing and storing atmospheric electricity. How I laughed until I watched it again (sometime after looking further into this subject) and began to acknowledge that yes, all this ancient civilisation stuff with all their seemingly insane rituals coupled with some weird ideas about fashionable clothing could well be, as Arron scientifically puts it.. “all bollocks”. Just the usual MO of hiding the truth with a silly yet appealing story that can be profited from whilst simultaneously warping peoples perception of the world in which they live.
The stuff about the back of the US$ bill featuring the ‘all seeing eye’ atop a pyramid I found to be, err, quiet eye opening. Undeniably blatant masonic imagery but convincing arguments as to its true meaning had hitherto escaped me.


With AE in mind the word ‘Illuminati’ suddenly takes on a meaning no more ‘mystical’ than ‘Sparks R Us Electrics’ as does the eye that can see (the lights are on) as does the capstone of the pyramid which (as in reality) has been removed from the preceding structure, receiving energy rather than radiating some kind of ‘elite’ top - down horse manure to the proles.

Some interesting companies.

Should AE be our true source of electrical power then there would have to be organisations in place to implement the structures required to harness the electricity, store and distribute.
These are two that Arron has identified as being likely suspects both sporting what some may consider rather telling titles.



Edison is consolidated dinosaur? AE con?...Could be I suppose.

This is a personal one that I think I’ll add, though not directly associated with electricity but rather the end product, which ultimately is money. An international company that I see rolling the roads of London on an almost daily basis.


There’s the old pyramid again, but it looks small doesn’t it? like it’s been cut off from the top of a larger structure, floating as depicted on the 1 dollar bill. And what’s with that name ‘Loomis’? Doesn’t sound like anything to do with secure money transit. I mean if I’d been on the board of investors I might have suggested something to do with the actual business like ‘CashTrans’, ‘MoneyMove’ or perhaps something a little more base, such as Cash Utilities National Transit.
Anyway the name kind of rang a bell as it were, not just because of the similarity to lumens (light) but because it reminded me of a link I’d noted earlier on concerning Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower but hadn’t previously bothered to investigate.
Now of course you’re welcome to claim that this is just pure coincidence but ‘Loomis‘ just so happens to be the surname of Mahlon who pre-dated Tesla (and Hermann Plauson) in his investigations and patent applications concerning AE.
Naturally, as with any typical patent application, no illustrations of Loomis’s ideas were included that demonstrated his working principle so I’m afraid I’m unable to elaborate further.

Don’t blame the orchestra blame the conductor.

To sum up.
With un-blinkered eyes (as Arron says in his pyramid video...don’t listen to what supposed ‘experts’ have to say and just look at what we actually have) you begin to realise that the method of producing a countries electricity supply as told really does teeter on the brink of believability and is quite likely impossible. If so, then another system must exist.

That electrification of societies may have been known about for a lot longer than we are led to believe and is perhaps the foundations of the present controlling mob, conceivable because without it, all differing inhabitants of the world are left by in large to their own devices and their own group capabilities.
A double edged sword. For ‘us’ no electric power obviously means less individual comfort and much longer hours of sweat and toil but for the mob it means no ‘mega economies’ or ability to mass broadcast mind warping shite to the populace, which means far less to parasite from and far less control, not to mention of course the bills which have now become truly terrifying in magnitude (though probably just a lucrative sideline in the grand scheme of things).

I’ve stated that thermal power stations are either props or legit, but it’s possible that there maybe a clandestine use for those that burn coal.
You’ve seen these things, known as gasometers, dotted around our cities, some of which date back to late Victorian times (coincidentally when the first coal fired power stations are said to have come on-line).


It wasn’t until the 1960’s that ‘natural gas’ supposedly arrived onshore from the North sea so what was filling these huge vessels beforehand?
Well that would have been through a process known as ‘coal gasification’...just another one of those things that used to work perfectly fine but had to be replaced by something much more expensive and of course finite (the North sea gas and oil fields seemingly forever on the brink of ‘non-viable’ production).
Ah yes. So, should readers feel that this subject of AE has legs worthy of further investigation then I’d be more than happy to post a run down of our protagonist’s other unique belief that the ‘fossil fuel’ known as crude oil is actually non-existent. ‘Out there’ or what?

Anyway, as Arron would say.. “I hope you’ve enjoyed this’’ and look forward to your thoughts.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by fbenario » Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:08 am

A stunning, stupendous article.

I would love to read your analysis of "our protagonist’s other unique belief that the ‘fossil fuel’ known as crude oil is actually non-existent."

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by aa5 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:05 am

10 out of 10 interesting thread.

I have some strange things with electrical supply that I noticed. One of those is after Fukushima alleged nuclear meltdown, Japan took the step to shut down all nuclear power in the country so that a review of safety could be done. Nuclear power was if I remember ~30% of the Japanese electric supply. And realize Japan is a heavy electrical consumption nation, at ~3 times the electric use as the United Kingdom. --This owing to Japan's large population of 125 million and the extremely heavy industrialization of the nation.

So one might expect that flipping off 30% of the generation of the nation would have a serious impact on the electrical grid, and ability of the nation's people and industry to use electricity as before. Yet this seems not to have been the case. From my (somewhat limited) reading on the subject, there was a minor effort made to reduce residential demand that faded away far before the nuclear plants started to come back online.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by pov603 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:34 am

Very thought provoking, a few proverbial light bulbs will be going 'on' in people's heads!...

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by smj » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:37 am

well, it just so happens that alfred loomis, the inventor of sonochemistry and loran... ... a#p2402629

...made his fortune in the electric utility racket...

"Between 1924 and 1929, Bonbright (either alone or in concert with other underwriters) did upward of $1.6 billion worth of utility financing. Loomis and Thorne also helped to organize mergers and acquisitions, in the process acquiring numerous seats and untold influence on the resulting boards of directors. Their phenomenal nine-year run, during which Bonbright leaped from near bankruptcy to the lead in private utility investment, made them legends in their own time. They were lauded not only for their success, but for their application of scientific principles and long-term economic planning to the management of public resources and provision of cheaper and more reliable service to consumers. Fortune described them, in February 1930, as "the most potent force in shaping the present and future organization of America's huge, complex power and light business." Loomis, who invented (and tried unsuccessfully to patent) a special slide rule for evaluating securities, concentrated on that part of the work while the more gregarious Thorne handled sales."

...go feckin' figure.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by sharpstuff » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:44 am

Scud, a most excellent article and very thought-provoking. I know London and Essex well as I lived there for many years.

I have to say, reading about 'power stations' my first thought after reading your article was a humourous one (not to be frivolous) and it occurred to me that perhaps Pink Floyd may have known something we didn't.

Most readers here would probably recognise this album cover to which might be appended the title: And pigs might fly...


I am looking forward to other forum members' input.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by patrix » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:58 am

Wow, just wow. What an interesting article. Boy do I love this forum :-)
Free or AE energy is a conspiracy I've compared to Flat Earth disinfo, but your article definitely changed my view. This deserves further investigation.

As for gasometers, we have one in my town Gothenburg, Sweden that was built in the thirties and that are being demolished right now. I'm tempted to go there and see if I get any pictures. A theory on their use could be that they store energy in order to compensate for when the AE isn't flowing smoothly, like a giant capacitor. Maybe you could pump water into them and then run generators when needed. Like an artificial hydrogen plant.

This could also bring some explanation to the extremely weird Twin Towers, that seemed to have been built for the sole purpose of being demolished. Maybe they where a component in an AE system that was decommissioned in a least to say spectacular way.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by brianv » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:32 pm

Top o' the Class. Badge of Merit and all that!!

First let me say "bloody excellent article".

I did hear or read something along these lines several years ago, and it's been at the back of my mind since.

"C.U.N.T" - I didn't miss that one either. :lol: I'm just going to read the whole thing again!

Power is Power

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by aa5 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:59 am


This is a rendering of a 1,000 MW natural gas plant approved for construction in New York state. ... val-i.html

In Western Europe this scale of plant would provide all the electricity for a city of ~1 million people. All of the industrial plants, office buildings, recreation centers, shopping malls, residential houses & apartments, street lighting, etc. In Western Europe there is an average of ~2.4 people per dwelling, so we are talking ~400,000 houses/apartments.

Let us say it is winter time, and all of those people are getting home from work to their cold houses. You know they are turning on the heaters, washing machines & dryers, pots to boil water going on the stove for dinner, televisions going on.

It is hard for me to believe that such a small plant could provide the energy for all of that. Lets say this natural gas plant is a combined cycle plant, and is able to capture 55% of the heat energy of the natural gas and turn it into electricity. And then with losses in transmission & distribution, we'll call the overall system 50% efficiency for turning the heat energy to electricity.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by nonhocapito » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:54 am

Hm. After all these compliments, I am the one left to say: the usual bogus science discussed by wannabe scientists.

Dismissing in three lines the validity or existence of a thermal plant, without being engineers and without addressing engineers is not what I would call "research". It's more of a pub chat, perhaps.

If we didn't have chances to take airplanes now and then, you guys would dismiss the possibility of flight as a scam in just the same casual way.

Doing this while plugging yet another con-artist supporter of the "flat earth" is just the icing on the cake.

My unheeded recommendation remains the usual: focus on the media fakery, if any: or abstain from discussing scientific matters altogether.

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by brianv » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:09 pm

nonhocapito » March 1st, 2017, 9:54 am wrote:Hm. After all these compliments, I am the one left to say: the usual bogus science discussed by wannabe scientists.

Dismissing in three lines the validity or existence of a thermal plant, without being engineers and without addressing engineers is not what I would call "research". It's more of a pub chat, perhaps.

If we didn't have chances to take airplanes now and then, you guys would dismiss the possibility of flight as a scam in just the same casual way.

Doing this while plugging yet another con-artist supporter of the "flat earth" is just the icing on the cake.

My unheeded recommendation remains the usual: focus on the media fakery, if any: or abstain from discussing scientific matters altogether.
Yes you are quite correct nonhocapito. I did review a couple of videos by "Aaron", and I have to say, what a load of tosh. "scud" could have quite easily dealt with the subject matter in his own words without referring to the FE crowd. I think the basic premise of what scud wrote could be looked at further.

But what about NASA? Should we leave them alone? I'd prefer if the "Miles Mathis" fanboiz went elsewhere though!

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by Seneca » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:23 pm

I am also skeptical but scud and aa5 do raise some important questions.

scud » 27 Feb 2017, 00:15 wrote: In fact from Wiki’s list we appear to be about 4M/W short of where we were 27 years ago in 1990. More decommissioning than commissioning, wallet busting price hikes (‘cause polar bears or something) yet masses more people flooding in from everywhere, each with their own demands. But close them they do so what’s taking up the slack? Windmills? Solar panels? Suppose, can’t be anything else can it?
I don't think windmills or solar panels can be the official answer, since they are not reliable, they can't replace other powers stations.

I agree that that video of the national grid control center looks fake. Lots of unmanned screens, lots of people wandering in the background. "National Grid" written on the coffee mugs, in case people forgot where they work.
Here is another one:
It shows a "national balance engineer" who is supposedly responsible for balancing the national electricity production. Lots of computer screens but the most critical info he gets from a voice out of the view of the camera.
"Oh is it the French thing?" Narrator:
"There is a trip?/trick? on the additional supply from France" What does that mean?

According to both videos, if the production of electricity does not follow the demand, the frequency (normally 50 Hz) decreases, acting as a sort of buffer. Does this make sense to the engineers out there?

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by simonshack » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:52 pm

Dear Nonho,

As always, I can appreciate and respect your concerns clearly motivated by your wish to maintain the highest standards of research and, generally speaking, the all-important overall credibility of our forum. I do also (as ever) share your concerns and fully understand the need for cautioning and moderation - especially when it comes to 'scientific matters' - as you like to define them (although rather vaguely, I'm afraid). So, to make myself clear, I do support your appeal for high standards of research - at all times.

However, to outright "abstain from discussing scientific matters" is certainly not something I'd wish for - nor, much less - enforce on this forum! The very first problem would be, in fact: how would we - as forum moderators - exactly go about to define "scientific matters"? Are not 'nuclear bombs' / 'NASA science'/ Big Pharma's medicine & vaccine scams / CGI technology / virtual reality tech / psychological operations / 'mass hypnosis' through television... ALL scientific matters? And has Cluesforum not, in your opinion, tackled and oft exposed in fairly 'scientific' fashion many - if not all- of the above-listed major scams?

Having said that, I agree that we need to always stay on the alert - and keep crass pseudo-science out of this forum. For instance, I have of course strongly discouraged any 'flat earth' discussions on this forum - for reasons that I have exhaustively expounded here. This because I think I know (by now) a thing or two about NASA - and a thing or two about astronomy. This little but precious knowledge I claim to have acquired over the years can be - I must say - largely attributed to the 'out-of-the-box-thinking' allowed on this forum - what with the interaction with many of its finest contributors. Does this make me a 'wannabe scientist'? I don't think so. All I wish for - and enjoy doing - is to broaden my general understanding of this strange, complex (AND pseudoscience-riddled) world we live in.

As to the matter at hand (the electricity supply), I know next to nothing about conventional power plants - and will therefore sit back for now and read the contributions to the discussion. To be honest, Nonho, my first 'knee-jerk' reaction to the idea of AE (and that conventional power plants are not exactly what we're told) is to dismiss it as 'pub chat' - much like you just did. However, I found this line of yours a bit unfair ("Dismissing in three lines the validity or existence of a thermal plant...") - since Scud submitted his thoughts in far more than three lines - and even made some fair food-for-thought points along the way. This said, I'm in no way convinced of the validity of this discussion (yet I'll keep my mind open) - but I don't think questioning the electricity supply is in the same league as the painfully obvious 'flat earth' DBA operation.

I remember, back in 2011, feeling a bit silly as I started looking at NASA's Space Shuttle (potentially a FAR more 'science-loaded' machine than coal / gas power plants!). After all, I was NO rocket-scientist (and will never be!). How could I possibly pretend to question the Space Shuttle - without any 'scientific' qualifications / or background? I also well remember Nonho - and other great forum contributors - helping me along in various ways throughout several months of hard / patient / methodical research - which eventually established (beyond reasonable doubt) that the entire Space Shuttle program was a hoax - from start to finish. Of course, if I'd listened to my inner self back then (which kept telling me how silly I was to question 'one of mankind's greatest techno-scientific achievements') - we might still be here talking ONLY about media fakery...

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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by nonhocapito » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:04 pm

yes Simon, I see your point perfectly and I guess our positions haven't changed on this, though I think we basically agree on what matters.

When I say "abstain from discussing scientific matters" I only mean it for when there is no "exposing media fakery" at the center of it. When it's just scientific speculation among amateurs which I find wasteful and harmful to the forum, other than incredibly discouraging for people interested in the truth. I think the "engineers for 9/11 truth" or whatever they were called are a perfect example of what I mean: sucking up the energies of thousands of people for a decade, when videos and photographs are there to prove all we need to prove.

When you started looking into the space shuttle and the ISS, and I was far behind and "resisting" the idea, you showed me -- and everyone -- how it was done: by looking for clues in the abundant material available. Soon enough we all started noticing absurdities and inconsistencies which have all the hallmarks of fakery. That's the kind of research I'd like to see, and not the umpteenth debate over whether something is scientifically possible among people who are not at all qualified to assess it.
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Re: The Electricity supply.

Unread post by scud » Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:36 pm

Thank you for the kind compliments and concerns that this may in some way distract from SC’s focus of media fakery.
Not kidding that I was thinking of Nonho’ when the forefinger was nervously hovering over the ‘submit’ button and I fully take these concerns on board.
In my defense though, I think it would be fair to say that this article isn’t so much ‘scientific’ but rather ‘observational’ which to my mind is no different from the due process of analysing any other type of ‘in the news’ fakery.

I linked this in the above but have since found a better quality version here.. This is the BBC at what non suspecting viewers would probably regard as some kind of ‘on site museum’ (it isn’t). Listen to what these three have to say and ask yourself if it makes any ‘observational’ sense.

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