Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

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Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by grav » Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:09 pm

This looks like a prime candidate for a faked domestic terror event, as an early casting for the villain of 'crazy white man with guns' in the public eye of America.
Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was a student at the University of Texas at Austin and a former Marine who killed 16 people and wounded 32 others during a shooting rampage on and around the university's campus on August 1, 1966.

Whitman killed three of his victims inside the university's tower, and 10 others from the 28th floor observation deck[1] of the University's 307-foot (94 m) administrative building; one, Karen Griffith, died a week after the shooting from her wounds.

The tower massacre happened shortly after Whitman murdered his wife and mother at their homes. He was shot and killed by Austin Police Officer Houston McCoy,[2][3][4][5] assisted by Austin Police Officer Ramiro Martinez.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAET3gFy5E8

3:09 - One of the men who allegedly just finished helping to rescue people that were under fire. The reporter describes him as "Out of breath from just running" (to save people) Does he look out of breath to you? Do you see a single bead of sweat on his face? It also seems like he screws up his lines when describing the situation. "No shots came close to me, just the last one, he was dead, he was dead weight." Does this make any sense?

I would be interested in digging up any more footage of this event. I think the ability to convey a sense of realism through acting/directing was so much more primitive back then that fakery can be seen much easier.

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Re: Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by lux » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:53 am

I remember this. It got a great deal of media coverage at the time. More manipulation preceding the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Some years later In 1975 a TV movie was released based on this hoax called "The Deadly Tower" starring Kurt Russel as the shooter.

Then, in 1976, an "inspired by" theatrical movie called "Two Minute Warning" with a tower shooter at a football game:

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbne4i1Wo1c

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Re: Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by MrSinclair » Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:30 am

The 1968 film Targets by Peter Bogdonavich was based on or inspired by the Charles Whitman event as well. Boris Karloff makes a memorable appearance in the film.

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Re: Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by philipsmovies » Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:02 pm

MrSinclair wrote:The 1968 film Targets by Peter Bogdonavich was based on or inspired by the Charles Whitman event as well. Boris Karloff makes a memorable appearance in the film.
I saw this film on british tv in the late seventies an interesting movie. It was all the more interesting because it was inspired by an alleged true story. In recent years i have questioned every serial killer saga that ever happened as the media hype is all "fear based" and satanic tendencies.

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Re: Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by SimonJCP » Mon May 07, 2012 12:06 am

The shooting brought into the public mind the image of the tower in association with terrorism and sudden death.

Charles Whitman ("White Man") was the profile of the psychotic, disgruntled military veteran who goes postal. This has become the image of the domestic terrorists to come. While the foreign threat is largely defined by Islamic fanaticism (Arab), the domestic threat is always affiliated with the right-wing extremism of certain white racist factions. Whitman was the prototype of this patsy mold, though without the racism. He also brought in combination with the domestic terrorism elements the first major school/university massacre. Nearly all of those involved in school violence events have been white. Both domestic terrorism and school/university massacre are associated with white sim villains ("lone nuts"). Perhaps this is why his surname is Whitman ("White Man").

As lux stated, the massacre occurred two years before the Gun Control Act of 1968. These media events traditionally provide a pretext for some political or geopolitical move in favor of the elite institutions behind the press.

His massacre occurred on August 1 - 8/1. 8 and 1 is 9. Of course, this number figures prominently in the case of 9/11 and others. Along with 11 and 7, it appears to be a number that figures prominently in media fakery events.

Ultimately, 17 people were officially killed in the massacre and 32 injured. 32 is the penultimate degree in Freemasonry. It is also a reverse of 23. Both 17 and 23 find special significance in Discordianism, a bizarre religion established by two men after a series of shared hallucinations in a bowling alley. One of the men, Kerry Thornley, was a CIA operative who had served in the marines with Lee Harvey Oswald and was involved in Project MK-ULTRA.

Whitman's alleged psychosis, marine service, use of a high-rise building, and use of a high-powered sniper rifle provoke recollections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It's interesting that after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, less than three years passed before Whitman committed the tower massacre.

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Re: Texas Clocktower Shootings 1966

Unread post by SimonJCP » Mon May 07, 2012 3:31 am

The Tower Shooting, KTBC, and the Media Matrix

KTBC and the Rise of the Matrix

The OP features a news clip from KTBC. I was curious as to how this news clip survived as the record of this 1966 shooting massacre. I did some checking and this station is, indeed, known for it's coverage the event:
This multi-network capability was first demonstrated live on August 1, 1966, following the UT Tower sniper incident. After Charles Whitman's sniper rampage had been stopped, the primary newsman on the scene, Neal Spelce, presented a concise, complete wrap-up of the event that was carried on all three networks live later that evening. Although the connections were later replaced by satellite uplink technology, the lines were maintained for contingency usage for several years.


The "multi-network capability" refers to the fact that KTBC carried all four major newsmedia networks and was, thus, able to broadcast the same information (propaganda) to everyone watching "the news". This was a large step toward centralization of the various collaborating, corporate-owned news outlets, or what I like to call the media matrix.

In the case of the tower shooting, the propaganda delivered to the major networks was the "concise, complete wrap-up of the event" given to us by Neal Spelce, who began the "high-tech (matrix) revolution" in Austin and served on four bank boards (which gives as an idea as to where he's coming from).

Now would be a good time to recall that Austin has now become the base of operations for the Alex Jones Show, the center of the alternative media (the controlled opposition to the media matrix). It should be noted that KTBC was the first television station in Austin and Central Texas. It was thus one of the early major outposts for the broadcast of the media reality.

Interestingly, the stationed signed onto air on November 27 (11/27/1952), five days after a date that would become forever associated with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy only eleven years later. KTBC was originally owned by the Texas Broadcasting Company, which was owned by no less than Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, who entered the White House by default after the removal of President Kennedy. All of these connections to President Kennedy again bring the similarities between Whitman and Oswald into focus, as well as the fact that there was less than three years between the assassination and the tower shooting.


Until 1995, the KTBC station was largely a CBS affiliate, carrying 65% of their programming. The founder and chairman of CBS, William S. Paley, had served in the psychological warfare branch in the Office of War Information during the second world war. It doesn't take much paranoia to become very suspicious when a major "news" outlet is created and chaired by a man who served the military in such a capacity during the second world war. Indeed, it does not end there. Paley had been a trustee of the Rockefeller family's Museum of Modern Art in the 1930s. In 1962, David Rockefeller (who was then chair of the Museum of Modern Art) made Paley the museum's president. In 1968, Paley joined a "syndicate" of art collectors that included Rockefeller in a bid to purchase six works of Picasso from the Gertrude Stein collection.

Prescott Bush was on the board of directors of CBS. He (along with two more generations of his family) belonged to the Order of Skull & Bones at Yale University. His family has direct ties to 9/11, the Iraq war (Iraq War II), the Gulf War (Iraq War I), the Kennedy assassination, the opening of trade ties with China, the drug trade, various strongman dictators, terrorist groups, and the BCCI. Indeed, his family is an example of the kind of royalty house that pulls the world's strings. However, it's power pales in comparison to that of the Rockefeller family, for whom Paley (founder and chairman of CBS) appeared to be an operative.

It should also be noted that Dan Rather was working as a reporter for CBS at the time of the Kennedy assassination. He was one of the few shown the Zapruder film before it's release 11 years after the assassination. Of course, it was in the custody of Time-Life - also under control of the military-intelligence complex and wealthy elite. The film was also completely fabricated, as an abundance of research by credible analysts has shown. Among the methods of fakery used were layering methods similar to those used in the fabrication of TV broadcasts on 9/11. Rather may have been shown an earlier version of the fake film, but he falsely reports that it depicts Kennedy's head being thrown violently forward (in contradiction with what the fake film itself shows).

The bottom line is that CBS (which is now one of the largest generators of fake news) was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the media matrix at the time in question, and KTBC was it's affiliate.

KTBC: Target Austin

In 1960, KTBC staff produced a twenty-minute scaremongering PSYOPS film called Target Austin for the Texas Department of Public Safety. The plotline depicted a nuclear missile strike on Austin. It can be viewed here:
http://www.texasarchive.org/library/ind ... t%20austin

The writer and narrator, Cactus Pryor, was a broadcaster whose career began on 590KLBJ, the radio station owned by Lady Bird Johnson (wife of Lyndon B. Johnson). He claims to have been one of the first to have heard about the death of President Kennedy, and was at Lyndon Johnson's ranch at the time of the event. Pryor also appeared in the military propaganda film The Green Berets (the production of which was heavily aided and approved by the Pentagon). Pryor was also a programming manager and a host of many shows at KTBC.

Helping with the film was the U.S. Military at Bergstrom Air Force Base and the State Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization.


--The movie is introduced as "a presentation of KTBC-TV's Project 7". 7 is a number that figures prominently in media fakery events.

--The ominous music played as the narrator (Pryor) describes a warm summer day resembles the opening of a cheesy horror movie, revealing the fear agenda of the film. The atmosphere reminds one of the beginning of September 11, 2001, as a beautiful summer morning.

--One of the landmarks featured in the film early on in is the University of Texas, and the camera shot has the clocktower in the center.

--After showing the University of Texas, the next landmark is the Paramount theater, symbolizing film, staged scenarios, and the media matrix. Paramount was, like other major studios, under the control of the military-intelligence complex.

--The brutal, slow radiation death of the man who did not follow civil defense orders is featured near the end while happy music plays and the narrator (Pryor) says (with dry humor) that the news is of no consequence to him, while describing how happy the other characters are (who followed orders). This is a disturbing, militaristic way of making a horrific example out of the one who does not follow the orders broadcast over the radio.

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