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OKC Redux

Unread postby repentantandy on Thu May 17, 2012 5:03 pm

Consider this alternate-alternate scenario:

Oklahoma City seems to have been a favorite re-location spot for various Iraqi informers/intel-assets/defectors/etc. who were given U.S. asylum after GHW Bush's 1991 Gulf "McWar". Of course, after such a sizeable, post-hostilities relocation project, the likelihood of there being some still-loyal-to-Saddam "double agents" in the crowd was plausible.

Now, please recall that Bush's last-minute refusal to invade Bagdad and topple Saddam, while popular with the Wall St.-heavy (and more sensible) faction of his evil advisors/controllers, did not sit at all well with the rival (Likudnik) wackos who were lusting for a much larger/longer Mideast war, regardless of its ultimately deleterious effects on the U.S. economy.

Not to be deterred by a temporary setback, it was this second faction that then set about to bomb the Murrah Building as a "false flag" to be promptly blamed on a hive of Iraqi "double agents" conveniently living nearby and having recently made "common cause" with some violent, anti-establishment militia types encamped a modest drive away in the desert. (Elohim City)

And when the bomb(s) finally went off that morning, the two rival, Washington-based factions both scrambled furiously, behind the scenes of course, to spin the carnage in their preferred direction. Those seeking an immediate (supposedly retaliatory) invasion of Iraq had the surprise advantage of their early, media-planted stories about "suspicious, Mideastern-looking men," but the other faction ultimately wrested control of the network anchor-faces' TelePrompTers and shifted the propaganda message to a more limited (and war-averting) "legend" of just a couple of homegrown "lone nuts" acting alone to "avenge the Branch Davidians" -- bereft of any larger conspiracy involving either Arabs or militiamen.

Bitter though the dual-loyalist warhawks may have been, for after all, this was their second misfire (the first being the failed 1993 attempt to topple the WTC and blame radical Muslims backed by Iraq)-- the plotters finally succeeded, spectacularly, by devising the Masonic symbolism-drenched, 9/11 "master con game" which compensation-greased so many greedy palms and pleased so many power sectors (including Wall Street, the defense-and-security-industries, AND the dual-loyalists) that the chances of it ever fully unraveling still seem painfully slim.

But we ARE gaining on 'em.
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