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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby fbenario on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:29 am

Seneca wrote:Of all the Ebola patients treated outside Africa (19), 26% (5) have died. (in the US only 2 out of 12, 17%, all of which are black)
According to the WHO the fatality rate is around 50% (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs103/en/)
Why this difference?

Because it is much easier in Western hospitals to keep patients hydrated? Keep patients hooked to IV lines so that they don't lose all their fluids from diarrhea/vomiting?
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby Seneca on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:27 am

fbenario wrote:
Seneca wrote:Of all the Ebola patients treated outside Africa (19), 26% (5) have died. (in the US only 2 out of 12, 17%, all of which are black)
According to the WHO the fatality rate is around 50% (http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs103/en/)
Why this difference?

Because it is much easier in Western hospitals to keep patients hydrated? Keep patients hooked to IV lines so that they don't lose all their fluids from diarrhea/vomiting?

Do you think they do not have decent hospitals in Africa?

I think this is what they want you to believe.

There are plenty of rich people in Africa that can afford good health care and don't want to travel to the West for every hospital visit.

That is even without considering all the money that is now pouring in to "fight Ebola".
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How much money is being spent on Ebola?

Unread postby Seneca on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:37 am

date: 27/10/2014 source: http://www.cgdev.org/blog/how-much-actu ... pent-ebola

In total: $1.322.000.000 funded and $ more pledged

but wait:

7/11: Japan to offer $100 million extra aid to Ebola-hit Africa
http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/38 ... hit-africa

12/11: Obama Administration Asks Lawmakers for $6.2 Billion ($ to Fight Ebola
http://online.wsj.com/articles/obama-ad ... 1415823549
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Unread postby Seneca on Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:07 am

Here is a map with Ebola cases outside Africa (most of which have been imported).


Notice how the patients are nicely spread across the US and the European Union.

It looks a lot like this older map


It is a map of infections with Mexican Flue/Swine Flue
I found in http://www.flightlevel.be/279/varkensgr ... aartsector
But I am looking for the original source. Here is a similar map: http://www.geolution.nl/atlas/atlas/varkensgriep.gif

This suggests that it is the same group of hoaxers.
Both maps also correlates well with the countries that donate the most money to Ebola.
The US and the European Union are also exceptional because they don't issue a travel ban.
This is with the intention to scare us, together with the fake patients.
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Swine fluke and Ebola baloney

Unread postby Seneca on Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:10 am

Another connection between Ebola and swine flue is that Ebola was discovered at the same time they were running the swine flue hoax of 1976 in the US.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASibLqwVbsk
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby icarusinbound on Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:09 pm

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMMwgvLmN-M
Whilst I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the content of this TED video, it seems to make some engagingly-candid admissions about the 'difficulties' in being able to define Ebola. Certainly intriguing.

And here is something of a curious picture of Will Pooley, the nurse who arose from his deathbed (stood alongside or perhaps even with, some patients)

(Original Guardian newspaper picture at http://i.guim.co.uk/static/w-700/h--/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/10/9/1412885235008/Will-Pooley-in-Sierra-Leo-010.jpg

(ps the ELA page is refusing to embed, apologies. Please view the analysis via the link)
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby Critical Mass on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:30 am

Just to follow up to the 'African immigrants washing up on a Gran Canaria nudist beach' story...

There is nothing.

As in no follow up at all.

No stories about deportation battles or local fears & worries.

No medical updates on the four taken to hospital.

No stories about the Nudist beach being closed or re-opened.

Absolutely nothing.

Nothing in the local papers, local news or the local facebook page.

Indeed I cannot even find any local reports about the initial alleged event!

From what I can tell this is a slam dunk example of a completely fabricated media story (with imagery)... yet no-one else on Earth seems to have noted this.
Critical Mass
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:39 pm

The silence is deafening.

On the other hand, if someone ever releases a tiny article about it months or years later, that will be enough for the hypnotized to be convinced of its legitimacy. The public apparently just need the occasional "bump" on the subject and it will exist as part of the cycle of questions in their minds. More things they will never actually research for themselves but just openly assume it isn't worthy of asking questions about.
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby kickstones on Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:36 am

Time magazine names Ebola fighters as Person of the Year


“The rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to stand and fight,” wrote Time editor Nancy Gibbs, announcing the prestigious annual title.

“For tireless acts of courage and mercy, for buying the world time to boost its defenses, for risking, for persisting, for sacrificing and saving, the Ebola fighters are Time’s 2014 Person of the Year.”

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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby pov603 on Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:42 pm

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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby lux on Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:01 am

Be the first on your block to get your own ebola plush toy! Only $9.95!


Ebola -- it's the T-Rex of microbes!

Order now!
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby Seneca on Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:37 pm

Now that Jef C. has become very arrogant and we are suspecting he could be a shill, it is good to look more critical at his work on Ebola. He did some very good work helping to debunk the Ebola hoax. However, he was saying the disease itself is real. For example Jef C. around 9:30 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZonCVRQ-2s said:
You have ever seen what the REAL late stages of Ebola look like? They look nothing like this.

It could be a real virus and/or a real disease, but I doubt that Jef C. has real evidence for this claim.

Others were spreading the conspiracy theories that Ebola was created by the US government and/or deliberately spread

Edit: If the virus is real or at least perceived as real, the hoaxers have a good fall-back position. They could say:
"If we hadn't scared the American and European public, nobody would have invested in a cure/vaccine for this disease, because it only kills poor people in Africa"
and "We had to scare and indoctrinate the Africans like we did with HIV because they don't understand the importance of hygiene, and many (are so stupid they) don't see that these viruses are real".
"Showing the real victims didn't work so we had to dramatize it in order to save lives."
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby Seneca on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:54 am

The acting on this video was already debunked by a video of Jef C that was posted here earlier. I noticed that the sounds are manipulated too. You hear a constant noise of a large crowd of people. Probably to give you the illusion that there is a multitude of witnesses.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUBpoyKxArU
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby ICfreely on Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:01 am

Ebola, like all other ‘virus’ scams, is a precursor to yet another vaccine. There’s no such thing as a good vaccine. The only good vaccine is the one you don’t take!

Edward Jenner, FRS, Master Mason & "the father of immunology" - Smallpox
1788 – Jenner is elected Fellow of the Royal Society
1791 - Jenner inoculates his 18 month old son with swine-pox. In 1796 repeats using 'cow-poxmilkmaid' vaccine.
1796 - First two vaccine test subjects, James Phipps and Jenner's son, both die later of TB before age 21.
1798 - Jenner claims it was the “horse-grease cowpox” to have all the virtue against smallpox.
1802 – Jenner becomes a Master Mason
1802 - Jenner extols to parliament, “the merits of cowpox alone which in his Inquiry he had condemned [in 1798].”
1803 – “…he became President of the Jennerian Society, concerned with promoting vaccination to eradicate smallpox.”*
1808 – “…with government aid, the National Vaccine Establishment was founded, but Jenner felt dishonoured by the men selected to run it and resigned his Directorship.”*
1811 – “Jenner observed a significant number of cases of smallpox after vaccination. He found that in these cases the severity of the illness was notably diminished by previous vaccination.”*
1839 - A smallpox epidemic swept England and killed 22,081 people.
1840 - "...British government banned variolation – the use of smallpox to induce immunity – and provided vaccination using cowpox free of charge."*
1853 - Smallpox vaccination made mandatory in the UK. Refusal punishable by fine.
1857 -1859 - Smallpox epidemic killed 14,244 people.
1863 - 1865 - A second epidemic killed 20,059 lives.
1867 - A more stringent compulsory vaccination law was passed. Refusal punishable by jail time.
1871 - Population was 97.5% vaccinated.
1871 - 1880 - During this period of compulsory vaccination, the death rate from smallpox leapt from 28 to 46 per 100,000 population.
1872 - England experienced its worst ever smallpox epidemic which claimed 44,840 lives.

*Wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Jenner#Invention_of_the_vaccine

A Short History of Smallpox Vaccination


1908 – “…Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper, reported that they might have found an ‘invisible virus’ that had caused these epidemics… Today the World Health Organisation (WHO) still credits Landsteiner and Popper as having found the poliovirus with this experiment. Why it does so is inexplicable.”*

1909 – “…Simon Flexner and Paul Lewis of the illustrious Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in the US ‘proved’ a similarly made noxious soup was ‘infectious’ by injecting it into the brain of one monkey… In other words, we’ve injected a cocktail of viruses, cellular debris and DNA into a series of monkeys, and we believe that a virus, not yet identified within this noxious cocktail, is responsible!”*

1910 – “…neonatologist L Emmett Holt reported: ‘Even five years ago if anyone had suggested that the disease under discussion was an infectious or contagious one, it would have been looked upon as a joke.’”*

1947 - Jonas Salk claims to have “…found among the debris and toxins of ‘viral isolates’ from monkey brain experiments what he believed to be the poliovirus.”*

1948 – “…Gilbert Dalldorf and Grace Sickles of the New York Department of Health triumphantly claimed that they had found the virus in the excrement of paralysed children.”*

1949 – “…John Enders and Thomas Weller discovered how to grow the poliovirus in cell cultures, rather than only in the brains of living animals. This made possible the commercial production of virus-based vaccines. Then it was discovered how to grow their poliovirus on cheap monkey kidney and testicle cells. Monkeys soon became the ‘growing bed’ for the virus. They would be trapped, imported and slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands to make the polio vaccines, and are still caught in the wild today for the purpose of testing the UK vaccine.”*

1954 – “…Salk had his polio vaccine ready for testing. (He confessed to ‘sacrificing’ some 17,000 monkeys in the process of developing it) He based the vaccine on his theory that children would gain immunity to living poliovirus if dead poliovirus were injected into them. He hoped our sensitive immune system would react by creating antibodies to these viral corpses that would also protect us against living wild poliovirus. To kill the virus he poisoned it with formaldehyde before putting it into his vaccine… he tested this concoction on more than 400,000 US children. It was reported afterwards that ‘only’ 112 of the children who received three jabs of his vaccine contracted polio within the next few months. Salk judged his experiment a success. But his safety-test results omitted all cases of children who were paralysed after one or two doses of the vaccine – or within two weeks of taking the third dose. These were counted as cases of polio in the non-vaccinated control group and thus in my view cast doubt on the validity of his results, for it made it impossible to tell just what impact his vaccine had had.”*

“Prior to 1954, the diagnosis of spinal paralytic poliomyelitis followed the World Health Organization definition: "Signs and symptoms of nonparalytic polio, with the addition of partial or complete paralysis of one or more muscle groups, detected on two examinations at least 24 hours apart."”**

1955 – “On April 12 1955, Salk’s polio vaccine was pronounced totally safe and effective in providing complete protection against poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis), when it was launched by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis before an invited audience of 500 doctors and 200 journalists. The launch ceremony was relayed by closed-circuit television to some 54,000 doctors in cities throughout the US and Canada.”*

“But beginning in 1955 following the introduction of the Salk vaccine, the criteria changed to conform more closely to the definition used in the (fraudulent) 1954 Salk field trials: "Unless there is residual involvement (paralysis) at least 60 days after onset, a case of poliomyelitis is not considered paralytic." Laboratory confirmation was possible after 1955, but not required for diagnosis. Obviously, more cases of paralysis had a chance to recover within 60 days, than in 24 hours. As intended, paralytic polio decreased by 23,500 cases from 1955 to 1957. However, after 2 years of widespread uptake of the Salk vaccine, paralysis increased about 50% from 1957 to 1958, and about 80% from 1958 to 1959.”**

“This ‘drop’ in polio cases was publicly credited to the vaccine. Furthermore, all cases of polio occurring within 30 days of vaccination (such as the first 200 cases that had so alarmed the White House) were in future not to be blamed on the vaccine but to be recorded as ‘pre-existing’”*

“Obviously, more cases of paralysis had a chance to recover within 60 days, than in 24 hours. During the panel discussion, Dr. Greenberg commented, "This change in definition meant that in 1955 we started reporting a 'new' disease, namely, paralytic polio with a longer lasting paralysis [than what was required before 1955]. As a result of these changes in both diagnosis and diagnostic methods, the rates of polio plummeted from the early 1950's to a low in 1957." (a decrease of 23,500 cases from 1955 to 57.)
However, Dr. Greenberg pointed out that not even this artifactual "decline" could continue, after the Salk vaccine had been used widespread use for 2 years. He showed that nationally, paralytic polio increased about 50% from 1957 to 1958, and about 80% from 1958 to 1959.
Polio had indeed been wiped out. But in name only. “**

1957 – “The New York Times reported that nearly 50 per cent of cases of infantile paralysis in children between the ages of five and 14 had occurred after vaccination.”*

1958 – “So, when patients diagnosed as having polio in a 1958 epidemic in Detroit were re-tested as required by this new rule, 49 per cent were found to have no poliovirus. They had to be reclassified as having ‘non-poliomyelitis acute flaccid paralysis’ even though they were suffering from symptoms identical to poliomyelitis with the same paralysis and the same pain. Other polio cases were reclassified as ‘Guillian-Barré syndrome’, which some researchers now think is what crippled Roosevelt. Yet more cases are now referred to as ‘Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease’, which can also cause paralysis. And last year the Coxsackie virus was found in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which sometimes shows polio-like symptoms of muscle damage; in the past CFS might have been classified as a form of polio.”*

* Polio – A Shot In The Dark -Janine Roberts

** The Salk Vaccine And The "Disappearance" of Paralytic Polio
Is Paralysis A Viral Disease? - Gary Krasner & Barry Mesh
Plus Excerpt From, "Immunization: The Reality Behind The Myth", By Walene James (1988) http://www.whale.to/a/krasner1.html
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Re: Ebola baloney

Unread postby ICfreely on Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:07 am

If you want to avoid contracting the "Ebola Virus" you should ignore it. They run the same "Virus Outbreak/Epidemic" script over & over again and gullible people keep falling for it.

The script:

1) Reports of a new viral outbreak in some third world country to scare the shit out people.

2) The supposed new mystery 'virus' a) has no cure, b) is deadly and c) is spreading rapidly.

3) Researchers miraculously come up with; a) a test for the supposed ‘virus’, b) a drug to 'treat' people with the 'virus', c) a vaccine to 'immunize' people from the 'virus.'

4) The drugs poison people. The lethal dose of the drug is gradually reduced in newer versions over the years so they can claim, "We're making progress against (fill in the blank) because the new drug is helping people live longer than the old drug did. Please keep donating so we can continue our fight against (fill in the blank)." It's all bullshit of course. The newer drugs don't help people live longer, they just kill people slower!

5) Eventually a 'breakthrough' vaccine is invented & it's always initially in short supply. The 'short supply' technique ensures that the gullible masses line up to get vaccinated before it supposedly runs out.

6) The vaccine (like all vaccines) is a poison that causes new kinds of illnesses.

7) The new illnesses caused by the vaccine are claimed to be of some mysterious origin. More money is spent on research to come up with new tests, drugs, and vaccines...
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