Discussion about the "German New Medicine"(GNM)

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Discussion about the "German New Medicine"(GNM)

Postby Seneca on December 30th, 2015, 11:19 pm

I wanted to start a topic about the "German New Medicine" of Dr Ryke Gerd Hamer for a long time because I am interested in your critical opinions about it. One of the reasons I hesitated was because I couldn't relate it to media fakery. Another reason is that although it makes much sense to me, I am still skeptical about it. I am glad our new member sharpstuff mentioned it in his new topic viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1854&p=2398781&sid=ed43c23435026e16d1a049db2718ace6#p2398781
However, because I found sharpstuff's introduction difficult to read even for someone who understands all the concepts, and because he chose not to focus on the German New Medicine, or even try to explain it, l decided to start my own topic.

I know the German New Medicine for at least 5 years now, read a lot of material, went to a couple of lectures. The basic idea is simple and I will explain it in my own words. But if you prefer to see a video, the one that sharpstuff linked to is very good:

According to the German New Medicine, our body is "hardwired" to deal with emergency situations. In response to these emergencies, which Hamer calls "conflicts", our brain communicates with different organs to adapt their functioning if the situation so requires. For example, if you see a car that is about to hit you, your heart rate increases, to give you more energy to escape.
So far this is nothing new but what the GNM adds is that these adoptions often include multiplication of certain cells, to improve the functioning of a particular organ. This happens when the conflict lasts for a longer time. It is not unusual for conflicts to last months or even years. Humans and I think especially people in Western countries are very good at ignoring their conflicts by "positive thinking".

For example: you have a problem at work, you made a mistake and you are afraid to tell your boss. You are afraid that when the mistake it is found out you will lose your job. You think that if you lose your job you are going to starve. Many of these thoughts you won't even notice because you learned to quickly replace them with "better", "more rational" or "happier" thoughts. But your body acts upon these original thoughts. As a result your liver function is improving to be better able to digest and absorb your food in case you don't have enough. Or to start digesting your own proteins if you are really starving. When the conflict lasts longer your liver cells multiply and your liver grows so it can function even better.

After the dangerous situation is over our body has to restore itself. This takes more time, the longer and more intense the situation was. In this healing phase we are helped by fungi and bacteria and viruses (if they exist) that help to break down the cells that are no longer necessary. You feel tired, sometimes even depressed, because of the energy needed and because your brain tells you it's better to lay low until your fully recovered.

This means each disease has 2 phases:
1)the active phase that last from the start of the conflict until its resolution.
2)the healing phase that starts when the conflict is completely resolved and has roughly about the active phase

The moment the conflict occurs, the conflict shock impacts also a very specific – predetermined - area in the brain. The impact of the shock is visible on a CT scan as a set of sharp concentric rings. In the healing phase, this is often diagnosed as a brain tumor.

According to Hamer this basic mechanism occurs with every disease from "catching a cold" to cancer, except the ones caused by poisons.
He tells he has confirmed this in thousands of cases and encourages people to test his hypothesis. That's what I have been doing for the last 5 years. I am still not convinced but maybe that just shows how skeptical I am. But without access to CT brain scans it is obviously almost impossible to prove or disprove the theory. What I did was whenever I was sick, I considered if there was a conflict I had resolved. Often I couldn't find any (but that doesn't mean there hadn't been any.)
There are thousands of testimonies on the internet that confirm is but these can be easily made up. That's why I hoped that sharpstuff could share some of his observations that caused him to write things like " I am of the firm opinion that Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's hypothesis in his New German Medicine shines above all else as the beacon of explanation".

I would like the discussion to focus on our own observations and not on something conflicting that we have read or learned. Obviously the theory conflicts with most we have learned about medicine and even with many things that we learned in biology.
I also want to focus on the theory and not on the inventor. Ryke Gerd Hamer is a very interesting character. He is very into conspiracies, claiming that we are all victims of a Jewish conspiracy. You could start a new topic about him if you want to discuss him. I would argue for the possibility that the man who we know as Ryke Gerd Hamer is a different person than the person who discovered the theory. I don't know. I don't think it is a scam to raise money for the following reasons: he gives free medical advice, I have spoken him on the phone myself. Much of his research is available online for free. The courses I went to, from people that were trained by him were never expensive. Correct or not, the German New Medicine has cured me of my fear of disease for which I am very grateful. It turns out that this fear is not necessary to live a healthy live.

I am happy to give more clarifications, because I am aware that this is often easy to misunderstand, especially since it can be a very emotional subject.
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Re: Discussion about the "German New Medicine"(GNM)

Postby rusty on January 1st, 2016, 2:09 pm

Just to give a quick answer to the GNM and general disease topic: I came across GNM and other alternative explanations of "disease", the criticism of "germs" as the primary cause of them and the question about the existence of viruses and the benefit of vaccinations about 10 years ago and have researched those topics in quite some detail ever since then.

My take on it is the following: Our organisms are constantly adapting to their environment and the challenges imposed by "life". This is an ongoing process which may include building-up (strengthening) or breaking down of cells and can result in strain on the body and soul, manifesting itself as certain forms of "disease". Both the classical western medicine and the GNM are trying to get a grip on these processes by implementing dogmatic systems of rules for their explanation and treatment. While both approaches have some benefits and certainly carry some truths, none of them can explain everything. The main problem is that both claim they can do exactly that, at least to a certain extent.

More specifically, I never saw a condition in anyone that I was able to fully explain by the rules of the GNM, but on the other hand I can't really say that I can exclude conflicts as causative factors either. For example, I think that most "colds" are probably part of the adjustment to cold (or hot or wet or dry or ...) weather, but sometimes there may also be the "conflict" of being in the same room with persons who are "contaminating" it with their snot.

The "transmission" of these conditions from one individual to another is a very interesting topic which is only covered by conventional science to some extent, especially in terms of probabilities, but not to the point where you can really say if germs, substances, conflicts, "energetic patterns" or anything else are the main culprits. This is a whole nother story that would easily cover a thread of its own.
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Re: Discussion about the "German New Medicine"(GNM)

Postby Seneca on January 1st, 2016, 10:36 pm

@rusty: Yes, that's an interesting point you raise. I also can't see the GNM in its current form as a complete explanation. I also came to the conclusion that there must be some kind of transmission agent to explain my observations. A hypothesis that is more in line with the original theory would be that it is not the disease that is transmitted but that the healing phase is somehow "triggered" by contact with other people going through similar situations. Remember that most visible symptoms occur in the healing phase. I hope that I make myself clear.

For English speakers, if you want to read more about the theory, I recommend http://www.germannewmedicine.ca/home.html from Caroline Markolin, the same person who made the video that is linked to above. With the disclaimer that Hamer seems to have distanced himself from her and instead is favoring the website https://www.newmedicine.ca/about.php by Ilsedora Laker.
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