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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby sharpstuff on Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:31 am

Note: As casual readers may not often wish to follow links to other sources, I am including this from a previous post as I think it is important also in respect of other subjects on this most excellent forum. It highlights the extent to which the World (capital 'W') is a deception from the beginning by those who need control and have apparently contrived the means to do so.

In good faith as always...

The War Words of Medicine (

It strikes me as seriously humourous that the use of ‘war’ words is so prevalant when talking of ‘disease’.

Does this say something about our heritage?

Let’s take a look...

We have:

‘bad’ germs (bacteria and non-proven viruses)/cholesterol etc.

‘battles’ with ‘cancer’

‘stabbing’ pains

‘robbing’ us of our health

‘beating’ a cold

‘fighting’ infection

‘war’ on ‘disease’

‘invasive enemies’

‘negative’ results

‘barrage’ of drugs

'action' on health

‘aggressive’ ‘disease’

armoury/arsenal of drugs

‘attack’ on the (bogus) ‘immune system’

magic ‘bullet’ (pill)

‘campaigns’ against ‘diseases’

‘casualty’ of ‘disease’

‘combat’ ‘disease’


‘defence’ against…

‘defences’ (the bogus ‘immune’ system)

‘destroy’ (kill, maim…especially non-existent ‘germs’ and ‘viruses’)

‘encounter’ (usually something inexplicable)

front line (as in: ‘We are in the front line of medical research’.)


outbreak (as in a pandemonium, sorry pandemic)

‘quest’ for a ‘cure’ (meaning it is as harder to find a ‘cure’ than the Holy Grail)

‘regime’ for a ‘diet’ or ‘management’ of a ‘disease’ (meaning, it looks good)

‘resistance’ to ‘infection’

scare (as in: any diagnosis usually created from thin air)

strategy (as in: ‘We don’t know what to do’.)

suffering (the effect of toxic injections/pills, slash and burn)

suppression (usually of the body’s self-healing processes)

‘surrender’ (meaning die)

‘survivor’ (meaning they got away with it)

‘suspect(ed)’ (meaning probably not)

thwart the onset (meaning: trying everything to stop something they don’t understand)

uniform (meaning global unhealth programmes)


vulnerability (meaning ignorance (lack of data) being treated by the more ignorant (wrong data))

weapon (meaning anything prescribed is a potential killing machine)

It makes you think…

Be well.

Sharpstuff (P.K.S.)
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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby HonestlyNow on Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:28 pm

ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 2:48 am wrote:1) You forgot the liver, spleen and pancreas.

These organs are not doorways for wastes to leave the body.

2) Acidosis would be the effect, not the cause.

Acidosis is the effect of lifestyle choices.

3) Even if you were to raise your pH level (which would be a good idea) you’d still have to address the cause of the acidosis.

The cause of acidosis is lifestyle choices.

4) If you raise your pH level too high, then you will experience alkalosis (which is as harmful as acidosis).

Name one documented case where there is a person or has been a person who has or had lymph that is too alkaline.

5) Even if you ate “all the right things” you wouldn’t necessarily be in the clear.

Acidosis is a result of lifestyle choices. Here's a list of twelve essential needs, keeping in mind, how one goes about satisfying any of these needs then becomes a lifestyle choice or factor: Air; Water; Food; Sunshine; Exercise; Sleep; Thoughts; Feelings; Community/Spirituality; Free of things (problems) outside of control; Procreation; Environment. (With thanks to John Rose YouTube channel)

6) Fear, stress, anxiety and depression can and do cause organ failure.

Any one factor does not act in isolation. We want to take the system as a whole to get an understanding. While mental/emotional states are factors, one must pay attention to what role the other factors play in the creation of emotional states, and organ failure.

7) You’d have to consider why the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas aren’t functioning properly.

Consider that it's a backed-up lymph system with kidneys that don't effectively filter wastes out of the body. The lymph surrounds every single cell in the body, including those cells that are in the organs.

ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 3:32 am wrote:1- I haven't the slightest clue what percentage of the population is afflicted with acidosis.

To a more-or-less degree, "ninety-eight percent plus" would be a very good guess, when speaking of Western-type cultures.

2- Focusing solely on acidosis and lymph fluid is akin to being on a sinking boat and doing nothing but removing excess water with a bucket. You’d be better served patching the hole and removing the excess water in the boat. I’m running out of analogies here.

A good study and understanding of the lymphatic system's role in the body's functioning would have you thinking otherwise.

3- . . . Two people can eat exactly the same things and have different pH levels.

Each person cannot be directly compared to another person. Each person had come from a mother with different genetic weaknesses and condition of lymphatic system at birth (one inherits their mother's lymphatic system); each has been raised in different environments from any other person, including each own's mental/emotional environment; each has had their own version of diet, and other lifestyle factors, to come into play up to that point. That's just the starting point to now — so you cannot directly compare two people on this matter.

3- We are not machines.

Certainly, we are not machines "Made by Man" . . . Conceptually speaking, our body is essentially a machine made by the Creator of this Reality that we are witnessing and observing and within which we all play roles. The Creator of this Reality certainly has its Rules, else this whole discussion would be for naught.
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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby HonestlyNow on Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:35 pm

To ICfreely: . . . pH, acidosis, on the subject of . . .
"Methinks" that you are still stuck on the idea of blood pH, which is well talked about, and not lymph pH, which subject is pretty much ignored. What say you?
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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby ICfreely on Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:03 pm

Methinks I'm wasting my time here. I'll leave it to you and patrix to go on debating acid vs. fungus as the root cause of "cancer" ad infinitum.

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby HonestlyNow on Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:38 pm

ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 2:03 pm wrote:Methinks I'm wasting my time here. I'll leave it to you and patrix to go on debating acid vs. fungus as the root cause of "cancer" ad infinitum.

I was looking at clarification as to where you are coming from. Sorry to see you leave the conversation. I've no interest in continuing with patrix.

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread postby simonshack on Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:09 pm


This thread, methinks, needs to be locked for a while.

It's not like Cluesforum is a health/diet forum although, over the years, many readers have messaged me saying they've felt a healthy sense of relief as they overcame the mental stress caused by the many psychological operations played upon us by the so-called Powers That Be (a.k.a. "The Nutwork" - as I like to call "them"). This, of course, in the context of media hoaxes and such like - which of course have been - and will remain - the central focus of this forum. You may argue that "Engineering Disease" is every bit as important as any other mainstream-media-diffused deceptions - and I will agree with that. This is why I'm only locking this thread temporarily - but right now it seems to be spinning round in endless circles.

As much as I have personally appreciated learning many things from this thread (and am thankful to all its participants / contributors) I just don't think these are the sort of issues that our particular readership is most interested in. I may be wrong - but hey, I'm a living and fallible human being!

Happy New Year to all. And whatever you do, stay healthy. :)
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