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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by warriorhun » Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:37 am

Dear All,

as I said
I take great pains not to be able to be recognised as a real person on the Internet
but I think I over-conspired a bit here. I was posting a few comments in the old forum under a different nick. (Electric jamming/UAV, flight 175 popularmechanics debunking pictures. I even remember somebody had to show me back then how to attach pictures, too. I am that bright with IT, yeah, to forget how to do it, fucking bloody tipical.) In the old introductory, I seem to remember to share the story of myself and my girlfriend on 9/11, too.
And the day I wanted to debunk the Fly away Peter stay home Paul question on the old forum, namely based on the audio of fake "Hungarian" Gyulaváry (luckily I did it yesterday on this new forum), my computer was fried by virus, which I attributed to my visiting septemberclues.
So I refreined from posting since but I could not help myself, I started following the new forum a few months ago again, and the Giffords shooting triggered in me a wish to research the related photos and share it with you.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by StillDiggin » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:42 am

nonhocapito wrote:
warriorhun wrote:So I went up to my girl, started to undress her, which she refused on the grounds that we have to watch on TV live what is happening. So I had to watch untill the towers fell. Still my girl was not in a sexual mood, so I had to leave un-satisfied. Not even a blowjob. Terrible experience, will never forget that fateful day.
it's a shame what history can do to our lives... thanks for your touching story :D
After much deliberation, deep scrutiny, and careful analysis... I have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence of touching transpiring anywhere within that story.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by Extremophile » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:53 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm a 30 year old male from the Netherlands.
My occupational background is in urban development and design and I have some minor experience in the IT sector (yes, i know, typical "perp" stuff some might think :lol: ).
Since I'm more of a reader/observer by nature, you won't see me post much unless I really have the urge to add something in a discussion.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by burningame » Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:28 am


Thanks for the opportunity to be able to participate in an intelligent forum such as this. Since seeing “September Clues”, initially thru Youtube, a couple of months ago I feel like I’ve run into some (relative!) sanity at last regarding the whole 911 circus. Before I wrote an introductory note about myself, I wanted to acquaint myself with the research work and the forum, trying to get a feel for what has been going on since I first delved into the subject. Though I wasn’t thinking so consciously during the last few years, that whole ‘truth movement’ thing had become like a merry-go-round, going nowhere, so I hadn’t really been actively following up on my initial exploration of the 911 phenomenon.

By profession and vocation I’m a musician who has always been very interested in the state of the world, its history, and our present predicament. As a serious artist I feel I am already one step removed from ‘normal’ society (the ‘real’ world) by both nature and by vocation, and a natural inclination to see things in a different light to the accepted ‘wisdom’. I know that the power of music can be used, for want of a better word, to ‘hypnotise’ people in a certain way; I can easily see how that power can be used for ulterior motives. I also notice (or better, I have become progressively inured to the existence of) a hell of a lot of your average Joes around who just seem to buy into whatever “they’re” selling (i.e. mass media) at any given time. I have always intuitively felt some kind of conspiracy was at work within whoever controlled the music industry, a conscious attempt to dumb down the world population by creating our so-called marketable popular music, with lots of nice little boxes for niches. (Probably 13x13x13, but then I’ve been reading way too much lately).

In Sydney, the 911 live TV coverage happened at night. As a night person and someone who has ‘watched’ late-night TV for years, my 911 TV coverage experience stands out like a jewel alongside endless nights of infomercials! I remember it beginning around 10:30pm (which must have been 10.50 or later at least, right?). It was at the stage about 10 minutes after the “first plane crash”. Normal programming was interrupted by a news bulletin, which soon (20-30m later) seemed to became blanket coverage (for at least 3 out of 6 free-to-air stations) for the rest of the night. I think I stayed up until around 7-8am. I can’t testify to this timeline but I’ll say one thing, it was riveting viewing! I guess we were getting ABC, CBS and NBC live feeds (probably our channels 10, 7 & 9). I’m sure there were thousands of Australians who saw that night’s television coverage, especially in the crucial time window of the attacks and collapses.

In one important respect that night’s TV stood out to me: NO COMMERCIALS were seen at all during that night! I don’t know what the implications of that are, and I’ve never seen it mentioned before. ‘Better programming’ - in more ways than the obvious one - probably. As is my custom, I continually switched channels around, checking the story from the three different feeds, and saw no ads at least till 6AM or so when the local breakfast shows came on. That amazed me. (In Australia on free-to-air night-time schedules, movies and anything remotely interesting had long since been replaced with wall-to-wall infomercials). Looking back now, it’s like they pressed a button which activated our thought-screens (TV sets) and said, “wake up, zombies! watch this!”.

Of course at the time, I didn’t go so far as to question the actual veracity of the images. Later on, after I had seen a few videos questioning the official story, all I felt was something ain’t right about the way those buildings fell. Was this because I was the son of an engineer? Was it because I had a large collection of Lego as a kid? I doubt it. But to find confirmation of my doubt on the internet (the initial drawcards like Youtube, Loose Change, In Plane Sight, then the whole “Truth Movement” – phew!) was to me, pretty amazing, from about 2003 when I got a little more into computers and the net.

What made me really sit up & take notice was George Bush’s crazy-aggressive strategy that followed from 911, as if pre-ordained, the way war was being developed and prepared for so inevitably, so that not even Blind Freddie could have missed it. The whole axis-of-evil thing and how the endless ‘wars’ began…and from a human point of view I could not believe how this seemingly bumbling and indecisive person could actually be in a position of such high power.

I, like many others, read ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ years ago… many things have happened recently over the last 20-30 years, a general weakening of many cultures worldwide, like a lot of little nails in the coffin of our belief structures: the ’50s American dream transplanted & acted out in Australia; the dissolution of organised religion (by 1970 in my family’s case); the the promotion of alternate lifestyles: feminism and homosexuality as somehow equatable ‘lifestyle choices’ with the norm [to this day I still remember our 1974 school Integrated (general) Studies subject topic definition: “lifestyle: the sum total of the choices we make or are forced to make within our society”]; the media manipulation of stories and its growing new penchant for the blanket pushing of agendas like global warming; seeming distractions like the various little psyops that happen. One of the biggest ‘nails’ by far is of course 911; but the one for me personally is the Apollo mission - that we watched, in school classroom, when I was nine. Hah! In fact, what I like about the crumbling bulidings scenario is its obvious metaphor or simile to our own foundational beliefs crumbling away. Of course the perps know this too, and I’m sure it works on a subliminal programming level (the “don’t fuck with us” message which I had read here at the forum in someone’s post, but also a conclusion I had come to myself. Not to mention the actual date of ‘911’ itself, with both its visual tower imagery and the emergency/help callsign symbolism. Maybe bad Hollywood is the real Hollywood.

I know nothing about video manipulation, but I do recognise the sound & tone of somebody speaking from a standpoint of knowledge: you can see it in the elucidation and demonstration of those little quirks inside a creative process that stick out straight away to someone who understands their actual methods of construction; a knowledge of what is and is not possible with the given tools, and importantly, a manner of exposition, a way of talking and explaining which makes the complex simple. This is the same for music too, or any creative process in the broadest sense which involves technology. It’s a bit like, “uh-oh, her slip is showing”; or bad tailoring - you can see the ‘seams’. In music I can understand it, because it’s been hammered into me that ‘normal’ people can’t hear things, but I often wonder. Is it just because they haven’t been properly educated to the wide and diverse world of music that’s out there? Now I’m beginning to realise just how ‘locked-in’ my visual programming is.

I certainly don’t propose to add anything of significance to your already ‘110% busted’ video analysis, but you can certainly count on me as a supporter.


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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by fbenario » Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:01 am

Burningame wrote:Hi,
Reading your introduction has made my day. It is by far the finest, most thoughtful intro any new member has ever posted here. For someone who hasn't read much of this forum's work/analysis, you already have quite a finely-honed view of reality.

I'm very glad you found us, and hope to read future comments from you. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by Mercurial » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:39 pm

Fred and Hoi Polloi, thank you for your considerate words I was very glad to read your posts. What you say makes sense on all counts.

I really shouldn’t complain about where I work, I sound embittered when I should be excited, it is great really. It's just a bunch of kids making magazines and things. Given what I imagine corporate media companies must be like, I'd rather be where I am. I need to try and make it my job to encourage the younger lot coming through to think a bit harder about things and to look a bit further than wiki for their sources. There is so much sloppy thinking going around. I don't think there are that many liars out there, it's just that the few that are, are the ones who shout the loudest.

Getting inside the propaganda machine proper, basically means getting into PR, no thanks, I've had the misfortune to encounter a few of those types. They'll agree with anyone on anything; I've watched them alter their opinion and contradict themselves to ingratiate themselves to who ever they happen to be talking to. It’s horrible to watch, quite impressive the way they seem to get away with it, but I find all that very grim. To actually deal with those people day to day... no, I'd lose my mind and be no good to anyone. Perhaps I’m afraid I'd become like them.

Hoi: "We're like micro-financiers of information only there's nothing owed and no debt." :)

Perhaps it is about telling a better story. When you start looking really deep in to things you see how skewed everything is by lies perhaps it’s not enough to tell the truth to redress the balance, maybe you’ve got to tell a bigger story. It is about shouting louder and telling a better story. I’m thinking along the lines of satire. Web and zine projects that build up a very clear narrative but over time and you need a few pieces to get it, quite subtle so it doesn’t freak people out, but it gently reveals a very different picture of the world that is undeniable. Needs to be very funny though.

You mention heroes, it was a comment on Youtube calling you guys the heroes of the truth movement that led me here in the first place. I’m not big on heroes, I'm just finding it interesting reading people prepared to think about things from a different perspective and I'm not agreeing with everything said on this forum but the debate here consists of more joined up thinking than anywhere else I can find.

There is some quite smart commenting going on at the moment on some UK news forums as trickery, fakery and lies seem to keep popping into the news: BP helicopter faked images; Bono charity fraud; undercover police being exposed within the environmental movement just as the student protesters were getting a bad name, suddenly people are questioning how the violence at protests gets started (excellent timing); and most recently Cameron’s communications guy Coulson (ex-News of the World editor) who is so up to his neck in a serious phone tapping scandal just quitting, under pressure from Murdoch apparently (which ironically looks like it could derail Murdoch’s BSkyB takeover bid. :lol: We’ll see, it seems to be dropping off the radar too quickly. So much shadiness is coming to light with this though, it involves lies being exposed in all sections of the press, the government and the police, I don’t see how it can just go away.)

In all my discussions with people about various hoaxes (and that we’ve fallen for them is our problem) what I am finding depressing is the consensus that no one cares – "God, it was so long ago, we’ll never know what really happened anyway."

Most people I know are fine talking about serious issues until I hit on 9/11, global warming or just the general reappraisal of the way history has been written and why, and these ideas are just beyond the pale. Some get upset at being made to consider the world's even more weird than they're already finding almost too much to cope with. Some are getting downright aggressive. Most just laugh it off as ridiculous (but usually quite aggressively). No one wants their reality challenged it seems.

Is it true that the so called end of the Mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012 is also the date the “lease” runs out on the Federal Reserve deal? Distraction or disinfo tactics? :blink:

PS And you're very right the propaganda machine is in full throttle against Pakistan as we speak. (I think it was the Times who broke the story originally.) ... gangs.html

Newsnight did an item shortly after, though, talking to the police in the area and child protection people and they said it is nonsense – the police said there is no profile for whose who target children – the child protection guy said it’s 80% white men, so no, this was completely wrong. I wonder how many people watched that. :angry:

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by Mercurial » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:19 am

And another thing

Speaking of being aggressively ridiculed: I stopped a friend the other day to explain a bit of this media fakery with regards 9/11 and he turned and said - you're not one of these deniers are you? I was quite taken aback. If you mean I deny the official story of course I do, I said. Before I had a chance to take this debate anywhere he was off. And this is a the guy who deals with all our retouching - taking inches off people left right and centre, removing things, popping things in, compositing images and generally faking everything we put out to a degree even if it is just colour touching or cropping.

When I next see him I'll take him through a three-fold lesson in media fakery via google.

Try these in goggle image:

Three legged soldier

BP helicopter
(see spoof end of second row, very funny)

Piers Morgan fakery
(this one's brilliant for the first few images it throws up but scroll down a bit - and you have to wonder given the recent revelations if that's not a typo - correction: "sorry we hoaxed"

Can't we start a thread of previously busted media hoaxes, not just silly crap, but opinion forming hoaxes like the Kuwaiti incubator story and the 9/11 dancing Palestinians? There are loads. It all helps prove this is all more of the same nonsense.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by spacemonkey » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:32 am

hello everyone,

uk resident - gas engineer (yawn) rather be checking new posts!

im more of a believer than a researcher im afraid, but respect and admiration to the authors of this site for putting in the effort to open peoples eye's to the truth as mine have been. Thank you guys. I believe once this lie is exposed then the rest will fall like a house of cards.

i wont be troubling these forums with random speculation or untruth, i'll listen to every valid point or suggestion, and if i think ive something constructive to add i'll do so. Otherwise i'll keep ma big mouth shut!

Im glad to be on this journey together and cant wait to see how this all unfolds.


Re: introduction

Unread post by janedoe254 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:16 pm

1st let me say, I read hoi.polloi's VicSims Report. I am curious if you know that all those numbers assigned to the vicsims were masonic/occultist numbers when added up or subtract from each other. There were many 69s but also 88 711 666 919. I even saw someone's name was Cefalu. Are you aware of the occultists and followers of Aleister Crowley who are involved in the 911 ILLUSION? There are many. After all Barbara Bush is the daughter of Crowley, GW Bush is his grandson.

Hi all, I live in NYC and became very much involved in researching WTC implosions in 2007. I learned since then that I know a few people involved with 911 fakery. Gelitin called what they did "The B-Thing." They hired a helicopter to film them, no doubt that is when they recorded dropping the dummies for 911 playback. B-roll is used to roll in stories in broadcasts, I think that is why they called it "The B-Thing"

Having taken a class at PVI in August 2007, it occurred to me that the 2nd plane icon/jpg was animated using the LVIS computer. It is the computer used to generate lines and logos on football fields in the US. It is used for advertising in Japan and soccer/football games in other countries. With PVI an ad or graphics can be inserted into a live broadcast on the fly, animated or placed anywhere on the camera shot with interface with the switcher. It inserting the graphic which is plotted on a wireframe mapped on a camera shot.

In December 2010, PVI was sold to ESPN2 and Sportsvision. They have taken down their website. I think they are scared about their part in 911.

I have worked for NBC and other broadcasting companies as a graphics operator, but was laid off in Feb 2010 when my job was eliminated. Now, I spend my time looking for work, juggling finances and researching tips about 911. I am sure there were people at NBC who were involved with 911. I had people walk up to me and tell me he/she saw the planes or jumpers. I absolutely know there were no jumpers because the top floors of the building were empty. YT videos show life size cardboard cutouts fluttering into the WTC plaza and I found a graphic of s bloodless dummy.

I registered on this site in December, but haven't been back since I got my logon. Today, I came to ask a specific question. How many people know about the art students who lived in WTC 1 floors 91, 92 in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program?
If it is on the forum, where is it? I have done much research on the Gelitin group who perform "the B-Thing" in Mar 2000, where they dropped dummies from the 90 floor off a balcony they erected outside of the WTC. Videos of the HOLLOW TOWERS are posted on YT. There are 3 videos. I have collected all the articles written about the stunt.
Image Image Image

The fact that over 130 art students worked on those floors from 1997-2001 is significant, I can pass along the information if anyone would like to see there were NO tenants in the top 10 floor of the WTC. World Views students published a book called Site Matters

I am a woman over 40 and hope that an independent investigation with have the perps of 911 put away and recoup all the money stolen on 911. How many people realize all the insurance fraud that occurred on 911? A month ago I found a blog by stevenwarren which listed the art market insurance fraud to be $100 million stolen artwork. That is another story I have researched.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by Gandhi » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:45 pm

Hi all...
Name is Shaun I'm 34 and in London, originally from the North East of England though.
I have lurked here and the old forum for a long long time, never joined because I'm not sure I will be able to add anything.
But I wanted to thank Simon and Hoi and all the others here who make sense of this craziness. Fantastic job you have done and keep doing.

I started out with reading Noam Chomsky/Orwell/David Icke and a few others, opened my mind to the bullshit and illusions all around me.
Then I saw Loose Change and Zeitgeist before I watched Sept Clues, which altered my opinion of the first two movies immensely :)

Anyway if i end up as a non-participant, delete me, I'll still lurk...
I said my thanks and even though its just a small token of appreciation, I feel it should be said.
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Re: introduction

Unread post by » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:00 am

janedoe254 wrote:research on the Gelitin group who perform "the B-Thing"...
I was fascinated with the Gelitin B-Thing for a time aswell, I thought they could have been there to trial out the '9/11 jumper' logistics,
but having looked pretty deep into it, i reckon they're actually not involved at all... I watched plenty of their other art project videos
on their own site, and other external links, and they seem like innocents in the whole 9/11 shebang, even if they are warped freaky
artists that touched upon many eerie parrallels to the 9/11 psyop. Trust me! some of their other 'art films' will have you reachin'
for the barf-bag! 'Letsroll' forum has done them to death (well, as much as they can! in their own way!) but they still got plenty
wrong... B-Thing (Balcony), and they couldnt work out between them that the 'flying jumper' drawing you put above is actually
a representation of 'Captain America', beloved superhero of troubled maverick musician & artist Daniel Johnston...
However, if there were actually some dummies falling from the upper floors of the twin-towers to give credence & lend authenticity
to the 'jumpers' role in 9/11, then yes, i'm certain that the Gelitin B-Thing would have been uncannily prescient & a definite blueprint
working guideline for the 9/11 collective to extrapolate upon.
The jumper photos & videos are amalgamations & composites combining several different techniques, all of which are being deconstructed
& broken down right here. While falling dummies may very well have been employed as part of the spectacular, the 9/11 photography
& video-film does not appear to feature any dummies, so far... nor does it appear ANY jumper imagery is legitimately provably REAL...
But lets see what you got, put em up, like the YT bloodless dummy landed in the plaza. The more the better.
This is ongoing & having disseminated many jumper videos & photos as fake, its time to start looking at the techniques used to
simulate the 'waving from windows' 'photo' & 'video' imagery next...
as you say, very interesting aspect, but ultimately, any 'dummies' are only a very minor detail & not featuring in the 9/11 "visuals".
Did Gelitin the B thing Create the 9/11 Jumper Fraud? ... 19489.html

WTC Art worth $100 million ? old Miro tapestry & a 1/75 edition small-scale Rodin bronze... 'Cloud Fortress' on the other hand
WAS a sublime work of art... that the military destroyed post-9/11. Much like the spate of disappearing Henry Moore sculptures
that vanished in the UK few years back, thats what i call a real authentic dialectic art criticism... melted down for scrap. =)
2 soldiers kickback and roll a joint to create their own alternative jamaican "cloud fortress"...

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by Zeron » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:47 am

Originally from NYC, of mixed heritage. I still reside on the east coast of the USA. Various jobs/careers including on and off musician. I became aware of the 9/11 fakery after watching and obsessing over the "hezarkhani" video many years ago, then coming across all the research blogs, and of course the first version of September Clues. I've only contributed a few observations here and there, very anonymously using different online IDs. I have an inactive youtube account, and no FB account. Sorry for the brief and succinct introduction, but anything more would probably bore you. :)

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by ok2fu » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:46 pm

I am a pro audio engineer living in West Yorkshire UK, I have been recently using modern digital editing software to analyze certain material. Conclusively thus far I can show repeated use of sampled audio being presented as live - it clearly wasn't - I was just wondering if anyone else has done any serious & independent research particularly CNN .

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by regex » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:21 pm

ok2fu wrote:Conclusively thus far I can show repeated use of sampled audio being presented as live - it clearly wasn't - I was just wondering if anyone else has done any serious & independent research particularly CNN .
Dear ok2fu,

welcome to the cluesforum.

Your work sounds interesting, I'd really appreciate it if you could present it to the clues community.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by ok2fu » Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:46 pm

Title: 'running up the street' - the exact same audio sample is used 2.5 times
Artist: CNN - TV studios had been using digital audio for over 10 yrs prior
Album: I use sound forge for editing - when I saw identical waveforms
'Running up the street' 'Running up the street' 'Running up' even the background noise does not take away from the digitized waveforms can be shown to be alike, with the only measurable difference being a reverse phase (processing) on the decay of 'the street'. Great singers can not produce such a striking resemblance to their own voice - so taken overrall it implies a 'scripted' broadcast or very creative online sound engineers.
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