Fake pilot crashes on island in the Baltic

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Fake pilot crashes on island in the Baltic

Postby Flabbergasted on January 4th, 2013, 2:34 pm

Here is a strange story reported by a Danish newspaper on January 3, 2013.

Trial against a 37-year old fake pilot has started on Bornholm following a plane crash in September. The man has carried unsuspecting passengers for years, as revealed by a video.

The 37-year old fake pilot risked the lives of passengers three times while flying around in Denmark without a valid permit, without co-pilot and without the authorities having licensed his Learjet.

Those are the charges brought against 37-year old Ruiz Camberi Leonardo, who is probably Iranian, but who claims he was born in Mexico.

He is tried in Rønne after his plane crashed into a corn field near Bornholm’s airport on September 15 last year because the plane’s two engines ran out of gas.

The pilot and his Polish passengers were seriously injured and trapped in the wreckage, but they survived because the corn field acted as a giant airbag, absorbing the impact of the crash.

Ruiz Camberi Leonardo is among other things charged with risking the lives of his passengers while flying illegally three times in Denmark, but he denies the charges.

However, a video on Youtube reveals that the pilot carried passengers in Germany already in 2011 on the same unlicensed plane which crashed on Bornholm.

The video shows a trip with a German family from Berlin flying from Strausberg airport south of Berlin to Dresden and back on July 3, 2011. The unsuspecting German family risked their lives because the 37-year old [pilot] flew without a co-pilot or permit and despite the authorities having confiscated the plane’s license.

Roland Schiller, his wife Mandy and the couple’s children flew with the fake pilot in the Learjet, along with Ruiz Camberi Leonardo’s wife.

A Learjet 24D requires two pilots, but in the video Ruiz Camberi Leonardo flies the plane alone, with the German family’s teenage son in the co-pilot seat. On the way back to Berlin, the boy is allowed to steer the plane, as shown in the video.

The 10-min long video was ordered by Ruiz Camberi Leonardo for advertising purposes. Ruiz Camberi Leonardo obtained the Learjet with the registration code D-CMMM by swindle, just as he is wanted in Germany for swindle and reported in several other countries, as informed by TV2 Bornholm:
http://www.tv2bornholm.dk/nettv/seneste ... dLoc=NewDB

The trial in Rønne has not dispelled the mystery around the real identity of Ruiz Camberi Leonardo: “We have three identities for him, but we think he is Iranian, though we are not 100% sure about it”, says chief investigator Peter Jørgensen, Bornholm police dept.

In 2006, Ruiz Camberi Leonardo was deported from the US to Mexico after a swindle with sales of airplane parts. The FBI has his fingerprints and he was known in the US by his probably false Mexican identity.

Two identical US pilot permits with different names were found in the wreckage on Bornholm, but today in court Ruiz Camberi Leonardo claimed he took his pilot course in Mexico.

The plane crash in Bornholm was a catastrophe waiting to happen, said experts from the traffic department today.

The pilot’s passenger was a Polish acquaintance who joined him on a pleasure ride to Bornholm. He broke his back and the pilot himself was badly injured and limped into the courtroom on a pair of crutches. He has been detained in Rønne since the crash.

According to the prosecutor, the fake pilot, whose training, background and experience could not be traced, flew three times illegally in Denmark.

He landed and took off on July 28 from Copenhagen’s airport (Kastrup), on August 28 from Bornholm’s airport and on September 15, when things went wrong on Bornholm as both the engines of the plane failed due to lack of fuel.

According to the prosecutor, when on Bornholm on July 28 he cheated Bornholm’s Air Service out of 2,557 liter fuel (DKR 30,000) because his credit card had been blocked.

The police suspects that the trip to Bornholm on September 15 with almost empty fuel tanks was an attempt to fill up the plane for free, but no charges were made based on that.

After the crash, the Accident Commission tapped 160 liter fuel from the main fuel tank which was not connected/enabled. The 160 liter would have been enough to land safely on Bornholm, but not enough to satisfy air regulations.

Silly, confusing and repetitive.

Pictures from the newspaper + ELA:


Lucky pilot: hardly a window broken. Just a lot of cotton candy instead of wings (if only they had corn fields on Mars, NASA wouldn't need to fit the Rover with all those airbags and parachutes).

I wonder how someone could get stuck in this wreckage for more than an hour (according to the video).

Screen capture from TV2 Bornholm:

It went like this, wriggling, then dropped out of sight...


Someone has been cleaning up the place...

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Re: Fake pilot crashes on island in the Baltic

Postby CTGal1011 on January 21st, 2013, 5:38 pm

The crop circles themselves are probably the only cool thing about this story...and they weren't really mentioned. :)

Although, it wouldn't be the first time some nut job without a license went about the business of making money!

Are we sure the "author" of the article just has limited experience with writing in English?

There are some mentions of it on GooGoogle.

http://www.avcanada.ca/forums2/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=84039 (some nice photos to dissect)
http://www.airplane-pictures.net/aviation-news-category.php?p=4 (halfway down the page)

This is probably the most trust worthy of the write-ups. Looks like it was just a story blown sensationalized. The co-pilot was licensed?
"Investigators reported on Danish tv that the person in the right hand seat in the cockpit did have a license needed to be a co-pilot on the jet. The Mexican captain of the jet was charged with fraud and endangerment by Danish police on September 20. He was not in possession of a valid German pilot license.
Also, the German Aviation Authorities informed the AIB DK that the certificate of aircraft registration was cancelled in 2009. The latest valid Airworthiness Certificate was from the 8 th of March 2004 and valid up to the 31st of March 2005."

He must have landed nice and softly. It is said it suffered "severe damage", but looks intact to me.
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