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Simon Shack's (Tycho Brahe-inspired) geoaxial binary system. Discuss the book and website for the most accurate configuration of our solar system ever devised - which soundly puts to rest the geometrically impossible Copernican-Keplerian model.

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Well said (both of you), and good to hear from you Hoi. I agree, particularly with the emotional restraint part—and that is hard—very hard sometimes. We are humans, and it hurts to be looked at as a fool merely for trying to explain that dogma cannot make one plus one equal to three "because Newton" . . . no matter how long this has been believed to be the case.

The human mind is tricky business, and not particularly guided by logic and reason, but often by emotions, although we fail to see that. And this is a weakness that is obviously being exploited by those who seek to control the world.

I'm currently reading the The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo, and I find it very interesting to see (and being recognized by Galileo) that the view of the Earth as the immobile center of the universe was the most reasonable assumption in Ptolemy's and Aristotle’s days—but, and I quote,

SALVIATI: But to give Simplicio more than satisfaction, and to reclaim him if possible from his error, I declare that we do have in our age new events and observations such that if Aristotle were now alive, I have no doubt he would change his opinion.

And I believe that the same thing goes for Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo and Newton—had this quintet been alive today.

In the dialogues I find Galileo's arguments for a diurnally rotating Earth and the replacement of Earth with the Sun as the center of our universe, sound. The stars appeared to be immobile objects, and since our Sun is a star, it was reasonable to assume that our Sun was the immobile center of our own solar system.

Today on the other hand, as Simon has laid forward very clearly, it is not a reasonable assumption to make. Observations show that stars are not stationary, but rather, have an orbit, and the star parallaxes that were held as a definite proof (of the Copernican model), in fact disprove the very same. And there are of course numerous other problems that Simon brings up in his book and articles.

However, and this is an important point, the diurnally rotating Earth is a proven fact, and in the 17th century Kepler and Galileo (with the support of the Copernicus model) were the only recognized astronomers who stood up for this idea. Tycho Brahe chose not to challenge this core dogma of the Catholic church at the time. Why we will probably never find out.

He may have seen it as a less important question, been convinced of the contrary, or perhaps he was intimidated, and did not want to risk his position as a noble. Who knows? But, I believe the bitterness of the "outsiders" may have grown strong, and seeing the church eventually retract this dogma (and accept the Semi-Tychonic system) did not make them change their heliocentric view, although it was the most reasonable compromise at the time.

There's a lot of talk and speculation about lies and foul play, and that may of course have been the case as early as in the 17th century. We will never know. But the place where I personally draw the definite line regarding honest mistakes and lies is the late 19th and 20th century. This was the time when astronomy (and science in general) was deliberately turned into a religion.

So I don't think it's a good idea to use the word liar together with people like Newton or Kepler. We simply don't know what their true intentions were or what secret societies they were part of - if any.
But one thing I do know is that the TYCHOS is a fact. And that the growing realization of this will eventually make it a world changing one since it shows that the very core of our so-called science (today) is not in fact science, but a religious belief.

It is a belief that includes space travel(s), atom bombs, and TV-terror, which are made up miracles by this religion. And I find it a bit hilarious actually that the way those balls and lights move in the sky has this power over humanity. I think everyone is familiar with Lord of the Rings, and an analogy here is that the one ring (or ellipse if you will) - the one that Earth used to follow around the Sun, has now thoroughly been cast into the fires of Mount Doom by our very own host of this forum—Simon "Frodo" Shack. :D


An explanation on why Galileo was condemned of heresy in the 17th. But as we now know thanks to Simon, he did not prove the Copernican model in its entirety but only the diurnal rotation of Earth. Prophetic last words in that video:
From the Galileo affair we can learn a lesson which remains valid in relation to similar situations which occur today and which may occur in the future.

We'll see about that...

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