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Unread postby fbenario on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:50 pm


This sounds WAY too similar to the Peter Power circumstances surrounding the 7/7 crappy fake attack in London. Fortunately, if anything actually 'occurs' in Boston, we will have been warned. One of the 'citizens' quoted in the article is an aspiring actor with an absurd name - what a surprise.

Scientists simulate terror attack on Boston subway

Scientists simulate terrorist attack on Mass. subway to craft detection system, responses

AP News - Aug 20, 2010

Scientists are releasing gases and fluorescent particles into Boston's subway tunnels on Friday to study how toxic chemicals and lethal biological agents could spread through the nation's oldest subway system in a terrorist attack.

It's part of a weeklong study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ...

The scientists are monitoring concentration of the gases -- which are invisible to the naked eye and nontoxic -- and particles as they move throughout the system and then up into the streets above, pushed by turbulence created by trains thundering through the tunnels. Researchers use electronic devices to take air samples at more than 20 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority stations and in subway cars.
Abel Girmai [nice name!], an aspiring actor [yea, there's a real surprise] from Cambridge who rode Boston's Red Line on Friday, said he thinks about the possibility of an attack "all the time" and supports studying how a biological attack would play out in the subway system.
The study involves 30 researchers from: Argonne, Ill.-based National Laboratory, Berkeley, Calif.-based Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Arlington, Va.-based ICx Technologies, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory of the United Kingdom and Chemistry Centre of Perth, western Australia. ... -subway-3/
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Unread postby fbenario on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:25 pm

And another of the absurdities today's news brings us is the obvious smear charge against J.Assange, the 'founder' of Wikileaks. Wikileaks is an obvious CIA-front, intended to act as a limited hangout (but never exposing any 9/11 material on media fakery).

Assange was accused last night of rape charges by a Swedish tabloid newspaper, and a few hours ago the Swedish prosecutor announced the charges were being withdrawn for lack of evidence.

What tabloid? Expressen, owned by Bonnier Group, a suspicious-sounding company.

Bonnier Group

The family-controlled Bonnier group dates from the 1820s and is the largest media corporation in Scandinavia.
The group centres on newspaper and book publishing.

Bonnier dominates the Swedish publishing landscape,
It acquired SF - the national film production and distribution group in 1973, operates a Scandinavian cinema chain. It had substantial interests in Swedish commercial television and radio. Bonnier Radio AB (14 stations) merged with SBS's radio arm in 2003; Bonnier has a 49% stake in the resultant SBS Radio AB.

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Unread postby fbenario on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:30 pm

Could someone please watch the 1:00 video in this 'article' and explain to me the moving reflections/images to the right of the 'footage' supposedly taken by a passenger during an 'emergency' landing? Their movement is inconsistent with the images in the center of the video.

The story sounds fake as hell. There's even a reference to the fake hero pilot Sullenberger.

Video captured by passengers shows final moments of emergency landing

If you've ever flown, you've probably pondered, at least for a moment, how you might react in the event of an emergency landing -- and, more specifically, how the fear of an imminent crash would affect you. Now passengers from Delta Flight 4951 have supplied dramatic video footage of just that real-life scenario.

Two passengers flying from Atlanta to White Plains, N.Y., used their cell phones Saturday night to record the jet's emergency landing at New York's JFK International Airport after part of its landing gear became stuck and didn't drop.

"Brace for impact," a voice ominously warned passengers over the intercom. One of the flights attendants can be heard yelling safety instructions repeatedly, "Heads down! Stay down! Heads down! Stay down!"
Telling air traffic control that the plane had "64 souls on board," the pilot explained that he and his co-pilot had tried everything they knew of to get the landing gear down, to no avail.
And yes, as you might expect, several passengers are already hailing the pilot, Navy veteran Jack Conroyd, as "our Captain Sully." ... cy-landing
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Unread postby nonhocapito on Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:00 pm

fbenario @ Sep 27 2010, 11:30 PM wrote: The story sounds fake as hell. There's even a reference to the fake hero pilot Sullenberger.

It seems like they overlaid the cellphone-sized video onto a distorted version of the same, just to give the impression of a larger picture. This at least is my impression...

The whole video is here

Anyway, the article links to this other event: ... ne-mishaps
"Scary gaffe adds to week of airline mishaps"...

...And so real and fake are forever mixed, on and on and on, so that we have to believe either anything --or nothing.

Note: Whenever I see those three FOX monsters sitting in their fake living room (or any of their similar counterparts of other channels) I feel as if they are demons, crows, vultures sitting on top of trees with their lies/carcasses in their mouths... If only we could *really* ignore them!
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Unread postby fbenario on Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:14 pm

It's nice to see someone else in the media identify a fabricated story. On the subject of 9/11 though, unfortunately is a perp site that hugs planes and victims.

Yellow Journalism Alive and Well: Newsmax Tries to “Supply the War”

The call to war with Iran is alive and well today, as hawkish self-styled media outlet is pushing a story entitled “Iran Admits It Could Pull Nuke Trigger on US, Israel“. The article is festooned with scare quotes designed to prove that Iran’s Defense Ministry is “dropping the pretense that it is developing nuclear technology purely for peaceful purposes.”

And in the great history of Yellow Journalism the story appears to be virtually entirely invented out of whole cloth. The article quotes heavily from a fictional “strategic analysis” by an apparently fictional “top adviser to (Iran’s) Defense Minister.”

Yet there is no indication, beyond that article, that the so-called author of the analysis Alireza Sedidabadi even exists, and the “intelligence ministry website,” from which Newsmax author Ken Timmerman claims to have obtained the shocking revelations, isn’t real either.

No kidding, visit Now ask yourself “how many Iranian government websites feature prominent pro-Green Movement articles and Samsung advertisements.” You could also go to the “links” section on the site and ask “how many Iranian government websites link to the Jerusalem Post” as a news source? ... y-the-war/

And it ends with:

"Fortunately for us they don’t seem to be particularly good at [fakery]"

No kidding.
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Unread postby lariaquit on Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:27 am

A recent example of what immediately struck me (after approximately a year of knowing to look for it) as an assembly-line "school shooting" story: ... ton-tooley - Cached

Also a new twist - downplaying the threat (no vicsims)
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Unread postby on Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:30 pm

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