Influences of Israel and Zionism

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by MartinL » Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:41 pm

10 PDFs from the Vault over at the FBIs webpage regarding the Zionist Organisation of America during and after the second world war. ... %20America <---- worth downloading.

"The ZOA is an agent of a foreign state"

Brooklyn chapter has a collection goal of $100.000, and there are 100 other chapters in New York City alone. The organisation has chapter all over the United States, and is therefore a national organisation. Download, read and think. If that was the situation then, what is it now?

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by chess_king » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:55 pm

they like to claim that palestine never existed.
well the maps tell the real story. ... story.html ... s_MAPS.htm
i guess you have to bow to israel or you must be an antisemitic terrorist.
an example is Ernst Zundel ... rmany.html
also Bishop Richard Williamson ... 11612.html

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by chess_king » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:01 pm

i have noticed that most holocaust believers use logical fallacies such as ad hominem attacks when talking about it. "ad hominem: Latin for "to the man." An arguer who uses ad hominems attacks the person instead of the argument. Whenever an arguer cannot defend his position with evidence, facts or reason, he or she may resort to attacking an opponent either through: labeling, straw man arguments, name calling, offensive remarks and anger."
the logical fallacies page on

an excerpt from THE HOLOCAUST CONTROVERSY: The Case For Open Debate
by Bradley R. Smith

Many people, when they first hear Holocaust Revisionist arguments, find themselves bewildered. The arguments appear to make sense, but "How is it possible?" The whole world believes the Holocaust story. It's just not plausible that so great a conspiracy to suppress the truth could have functioned for half a century.

To understand how it could very well have happened, one needs only to reflect on the intellectual and political orthodoxies of medieval Europe, or those of Nazi Germany or the Communist-bloc countries. In all of these societies the great majority of scholars were caught up in the existing political culture. Committed to a prevailing ideology and its interpretation of reality, these scholars and intellectuals felt it was their right, and even their duty, to protect every aspect of that ideology. They did so by oppressing the evil dissidents who expressed "offensive" or "dangerous" ideas. In every one of those societies, scholars became Thought Police.

In our own society, in the debate over the question of political correctness, there are those who deliberately attempt to trivialize the issues. They claim that there is no real problem with freedom of speech on our campuses, and that all that is involved with PC are a few rules which would defend minorities from those who would hurt their feelings. There is, of course, a deeper and more serious aspect to the problem. On American campuses today there is a wide range of ideas and viewpoints that are forbidden to be discussed openly. Even obvious facts and realities, when they are politically unacceptable, are denied and suppressed. One can learn much about the psychology and methodology of Thought Police by watching how they react when just one of their taboos is broken and Holocaust Revisionism is given a public forum.

First they express outrage that such offensive and dangerous ideas were allowed to be expressed publicly. They avoid answering or debating these ideas, claiming that to do so would give them a forum and legitimacy. Then they make vicious personal attacks against the Revisionist heretic, calling him dirty political names such as "anti- Semite," "racist" or "neo-Nazi," and they even suggest that he is a potential mass murderer. They publicly accuse the Revisionist of lying, but they don't allow the heretic to hear the specific charge against him or to face his accusers so that he can answer this slander.

The Holocausters accuse Revisionists of being hate filled people who are promoting a doctrine of hatred. But Revisionism is a scholarly process, not a doctrine or ideology. If the Holocaust promoters really want to expose hatred, they should take a second look at their own doctrines, and a long look at themselves in the mirror.

Anyone on campus who invites a Revisionist to speak is himself attacked as being insensitive. When a Revisionist does speak on campus he is oftentimes shouted down and threatened. Campus libraries and bookstores face intimidation when they consider handling Holocaust revisionist materials. All this goes on while the majority of faculty and university administrators sit dumbly by, allowing political activists to determine what can be said and what can be read on their campus.

Next, the Thought Police set out to destroy the transgressor professionally and financially by "getting" him at his job or concocting a lawsuit against him. The courts are sometimes used to attack Revisionism. The Holocausters often deceptively claim that Revisionist scholarship has been proven false during a trial. The fact is that Revisionist arguments have never been evaluated or judged by the courts.

Finally, the Thought Police try to "straighten out" that segment of academia or the media that allowed the Revisionists a forum in the first place.

It can be an instructive intellectual exercise to identify taboo subjects, other than Holocaust Revisionism, which would evoke comparable responses from Thought Police on our campuses.

Recently, some administrators in academia have held that university administrations should take actions to rid the campus of ideas which are disruptive to the university. This is a very dangerous position for administrators to take. It is an open invitation to tyranny. It means that any militant group with "troops at the ready" can rid the campus of ideas it opposes and then impose its own orthodoxy. The cowardly administrator finds it much easier and safer to rid the campus of controversial ideas than to face down a group of screaming and snarling militants. But it is the duty of university administrators to insure that the university remains a free marketplace of ideas. When ideas cause disruptions, it is the disrupters who must be subdued, not the ideas.


The influence of Holocaust Revisionism is growing steadily both here and abroad. In the United States, Revisionism was launched in earnest in 1977 with the publication of the book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Arthur R. Butz. Professor Butz teaches electrical engineering and computer sciences at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Those who take up the Revisionist cause represent a wide spectrum of political and philosophical positions. They are certainly not the scoundrels, liars and demons the Holocaust Lobby tries to make them out to be. The fact is, there are no demons in the real world. People are at their worst when they begin to see their opponents as an embodiment of evil, and then begin to demonize them. Such people are preparing to do something simply awful to their opponents. Their logic is that you can do anything you want to a demon.

That logic will not succeed.

* * *

For those wishing to verify the truthfulness of statements made in this paper, you may want to contact experts who are prominent authorities on these matters. It's important to ask specific, concrete questions on matters of fact and receive direct and unambiguous answers. Organizations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Hillel and the Anti-Defamation League are not scholarly institutions, but are primarily political and propaganda organizations.

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by chess_king » Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:26 pm

an excerpt from Why Some Christians Enable the Neo-Crusade and Others Oppose: Part 1 By Charles E. Carlson:
"The Judaized-Christian notion that Israel is the fulfillment comes from accepting the
World Zionist claim that “God gave us this land.” It is the issue around which all war i n
the Mideast pivots. Without the assumption that Israel has a God-given claim to Arabowned
lands, there would be no reason for conflict in the Mideast. Israel would have to settle
with its neighbors or admit to the world that it is a pariah and renegade. God’s alleged gift to
them is Israel’s sole excuse for imprisoning its neighbors. Therefore, we must continually
remind ourselves and seek the truth about the source of this claim, if we are to make any
sense of the Mideast. America’s churches fail to do this.
Perhaps half the leaders of America’s churches accept Israel’s self-serving claim for
“scriptural” reasons. These we call the Judaized churches, and the Mormons can be
included with the Southern Baptists. Others, Mainline Protestants, Orthodox and Catholic,
do not accept Israel’s claim of God-given rights to Arab lands on corrupted scriptural
grounds, but many members do. Most of those who oppose, unfortunately, do not make a n
issue of it.
The Biblical basis of Israel’s claim
Israel bases its claim to Arab lands on the Old Testament. No New Testament verses
are mentioned, because Israel does not even acknowledge that Jesus ever existed; and if they
do, they have nothing good to say about Him. The principal relevant verses are found in the
first book of their Torah, Genesis, Chapter 12:1-3, where God makes a promise to a man
named Abram, whose great grandson many years later is said to be called “Israel.”
“[2] And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name
great; and thou shall be a blessing.”
“[3] And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee. And in thee
shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3, King James Version
Virtually all Judaized Christians interpret these two verses as a promise of Land to
anyone who calls themselves an Israeli. It is a sort of last will and testament for perpetual
ownership of what amounts to most of the Mideast. It is no surprise that most Israeli’s agree.
Judaized Christians accept the Israel’s land rights based on interpretive footnotes
found in the Scofield Reference Bible and others, including the NIV Study Bible and the
John McArthur Study Bible. Hundred of commentaries and teaching tools affirm the Israeli
favorable view, using a variety of mechanisms of logic.
The Scofield notes, written in 1967, declare that the above verses mean:
“(2) God made an unconditional promise of blessings through Abram's
seed (a) to the nation of Israel to inherit a specific territory forever.”
(Scofield Reference Bible, 1967, page 19)
The fanatically pro-Zionist Scofield book goes so far as to state that:
“all Jews are natural descendants of Abraham” (page1138, note to John
The Lutherans would be just as logical if they claimed that they are all natural
descendants of Martin Luther. These bizarre interpretations are among the reasons we
believe the World Zionist Movement, and not Cyrus I. Scofield, probably edited his book.*
The World Council of Churches, in a press release carried in Haaretz, Israel, on
February 23, 2005, stated “The main global body uniting non-Catholic Christians, encouraged
members Tuesday to sell off investments in companies profiting from Israeli control of the West
Bank and Gaza Strip.” (Most Judaized Christian churches are not member of the WCC)
Not one word can be found anywhere in the New Testament that would justify taking
the life of anyone, and killing those thousands of miles away who are not a threat should be
unthinkable for one who calls himself by Jesus name. Nor is there anything in Jesus’ words
that would ever justify a follower of Christ to fund those who kill their neighbors and their
neighbors’ children, as Israeli solders and squatters do every day."

the christians he talks about seem to have the trinity as :jesus,state power,israel :D

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by CryptoAnarchist » Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:47 pm

Something I find interesting:

(from wikipedia): British Israelites believe the Stone of Jacob (Genesis 28: 18) is the Stone of Scone, used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland, later the monarchs of England and since 1603, British monarchs.[215] The Stone of Scone has traditionally been known as Jacob's pillow, since Jacob rested on a stone for his pillow (Genesis 28: 11). British Israelites cite early myths and historical writings which identify the Stone of Scone with the Stone of Jacob, as well as pointing out that when the Stone of Scone was housed at Westminister a small plaque next to it reported the legend it was Jacob's Pillow. The stone is a key part of the British Israel teaching, since British Israelites believe wherever the Israelites are today, they would have the stone with them because the stone was a sign of Jacob's birthright.[6]

Point being that regardless what the truth is about the people who are commonly known as jews, the British Royal family and all their relatives that run America see themselves as the chosen ones - the real descendants of Jacob who will rule the world from Babylon.

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by Ugo_da_Lugo » Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:44 pm

An Easter message:
This has become its own thread - sorry for the inconvience.............I will post the link shortly - thank you

Please go here:
Talmudic Zionism and its influence on America via 9/11

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Unread post by iCONOCLAST » Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:39 am

I love the repeated use of themes and memes in this analysis.

I largely follow Simon Shack's advice and turn the TV off but occasionally I use it to play a special game with my kids (10 and 14 y.o.). We call the game "Spot the Jew!". Rules are simple... watch the nightly news and the first to see a Jewish person on TV cries out "Jew".

Remember the folks that gave us all the magic of Hollywood, The Bible, the Holocaust have softened us up. Boy are these guys great story tellers! Remember they own the news corporations, all the banking system and the polititians as well. The only place that is immune to Jewish influence , ironically , is presstv the Iranian language news service.

All through this TV fakery, there are Jews lying to us about 9/11. I propose this new thread be made to list (and OUT) all the "Sayanim"; that is unpaid Jewish helpers that aid the MOSSAD in the 9/11 "Jewish Lightning"/lets steal oil the oil from those eeevil moooslims scam. I am struck by how many 9/11 witnesses are media, Jewish (or both).

I mean no disrespect for Jewish people, I just find that most of the lying shills are Jewish. Sooner or later it will be helpful to have a list of all those responsible for the Trial of 9/11 which I will preemptively call "The Tel aViv Trials" :)

To kick off..

Larry Silverstein
Ron Insana
Dianne Sawyer
please add more

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by diagonal2 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:35 pm

I'm torn on this... there are Jewish communities that are against the political Zionism (Israel), there have been a couple videos on youtube where jewish communities spoke openly against Zionism and are being scorned and called traitors. Perhaps they have been brainwashed and manipulated just as much as the rest of the world?

full link:

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by diagonal2 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:20 pm

full link:

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by diagonal2 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 9:26 pm

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by nonhocapito » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:55 pm

In case there were any doubts as to the significance of "Obama" to the Zionists for which he works for, here is a spam message that Senator Carl Levin sent today to all subscribers of "The Jewish Daily Forward":

Dear Friend,

This is the first letter I've ever written in the hope that the "social media" winds take it not just to people I know, but also to people I've never met and to places I'll never see.

I do so because I'm deeply troubled by how the Jewish community is being flooded with inaccurate and sometimes inflammatory attacks on President Obama, claiming that he is not a strong supporter of Israel.

I do so because as a Jewish senator and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I feel a responsibility to share what I have personally seen and what I know about Barack Obama and Israel.

As I write this, U.S. and Israeli forces are engaged in a large joint military exercise. We hold these exercises regularly. But this is the largest joint exercise we have held with Israel, involving over 3,500 U.S. troops, about 1/3 of them deployed to Israel for 3 weeks.

This exercise comes at a critical moment for putting massive pressure on Iran to end any quest for a nuclear weapon.

The joint exercise will dramatize our joint military capability to defend against an Iranian missile attack. The exercise combines U.S. Patriot batteries and Aegis ship radar with Israel's Arrow, Iron Dome and David's Sling missile defenses. These Israeli missile defenses received significant funding by the U.S. and have been strongly supported by President Obama.

As Iran decides whether to try to build a nuclear weapon, Iranian leaders will now have to factor in more than ever that they will not be able to deter a strike against a nuclear weapon facility by threatening to retaliate with their missiles. Iran's leaders can't do so because a retaliatory threat by them or by their allies Hezbollah or Hamas has been degraded by Israel's and our combined missile defenses, as demonstrated by the current joint exercise.

I have seen up close how President Obama has acted in many other ways to strengthen Israel's military capability.

Ehud Barak, Israel's current Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, recently put it this way:

"I should tell you honestly that this Administration, under President Obama, is doing in regard to our security more than anything I can remember in the past." (July 11, 2012)

Prime Minister Netanyahu himself told the AIPAC Conference in May of this year:

"Our security cooperation is unprecedented. And President Obama has backed his words with deeds."

President Obama has also made clear that he will not permit Iran to get a nuclear weapon. For instance:

"It's my firm belief that an Iran with a nuclear weapon would pose a security threat not only to the region but also to the United States." (November 14, 2011)

"My policy here is not going to be one of containment. My policy is prevention of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. And as I indicated yesterday in my speech, when I say all options are at the table, I mean it." (March 5, 2012)

Iran must know from the record of President Obama, including his use of force in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, that he doesn't bluff or bluster.

He is a serious man.

He speaks carefully.

He doesn't flip flop around.

He doesn't throw words around carelessly.

Iran has seen him act -- his warnings aren't idle threats.

President Obama has succeeded in unifying the world against Iran with biting sanctions. Those sanctions have done major damage to Iran's oil revenues (they are down by 60% over the last year) and to its currency (the value of which is down by 80% over the last year).

In part because of the respect in which he is held around the world, he has also succeeded in the challenging environment at the UN in preventing unfair damage to Israel at a number of crucial moments, including stopping a UN condemnation of Israel when it prevented a flotilla of ships from forcing itself through its blockade of Gaza.

President Reagan is rightly remembered as a strong friend of Israel, although he led the world's condemnation of Israel at the UN when Israel knocked out Iraq's threatening nuclear facility. I'm amazed how some in our community judge President Obama, who has prevented unfair condemnation of Israel at the UN, by a different standard.

I have seen President Obama act forcefully to protect Israeli citizens at Israel's embassy in Cairo when a violent mob recently came within minutes of reaching and attacking them. Here is what Prime Minister Netanyahu said about President Obama's actions:

"I requested President Obama's assistance at a decisive -- I would even say fateful -- moment. He said he would do everything possible, and this is what he did. He activated all of United States' means and influence -- which are certainly considerable. I believe we owe him a special debt of gratitude."

By any standard, fairly and consistently applied, President Obama has been a proven friend of Israel.

Support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship has been bipartisan, and it is essential it remain so for our security and for Israel's security. It is harmful to that relationship and to Israel for some in our community to attempt to drive a wedge between the Obama administration and Israel.

I won't comment here on the many other reasons I support President Obama. My goal is to simply express my abhorrence at blatantly unfair, inaccurate and sometimes inflammatory claims that President Obama is not a strong supporter of the U.S. -- Israel relationship, when that relationship is important to U.S. security and to the goal of Middle East peace.

I hope that this effort will succeed in utilizing the internet's ability to have one's thoughts shared broadly. If you believe they are worthy or interesting, please share them with your friends.


Carl Levin
The purpose of this message is to convince the Jewish american voters to still vote for Obama, even if they have a feeling the other guys are going to serve the aggressive stanches of Israel much better.
So no matter which puppet is going to sit in office comes November I guess we are invited to see as necessary and looming a US military intervention on behalf of Israel, which is obviously the most important or rather the only issue in the world (insert sarcasm icon here). This thing here goes under the name of "terrorism" in my book.

How will "Nobel peace prize" Obama be able to sell a military intervention to his people? As terrorist Carl Levin explains, a "missile attack" would do the trick. Anyone remembers the first gulf war and the bullshit of the scud missiles sent from iraq onto israel...? Very few I am afraid. Except the Iraqi people who are still paying the price for those lies.

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by nonhocapito » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:04 pm

And another spam message from "The Jewish Daily Forward" (also visible here:


In case you were wondering, this "Iron Dome" that (insert vomit icon here) makes people "sleep peacefully", is a israeli missile defence system funded by the United States under the Obama administration. More on wickedpedia here:

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Re: Influences of Israel and Zionism

Unread post by sentientlinergy » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:15 pm

Who runs the white house independent of who wins the elections ?

full link:

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