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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

Unread post by teriyaki taryaki » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:43 pm


Dose of Reality with Brian S Staveley & Justin Cooke

Guest: Wayne Walton - Economics

Local Currencies
Based On Hours
Not Federal Reserve Notes ... 12_dor.mp3 ... you-ready/ ... ening.html

Spingola Speaks 2012.10.01

Guest: Stephen Goodson, a former (non-executive) Director of the South African Reserve Bank

Image Image ... .10.01.mp3 ... cipal-Bank ... CV5S3-oF2A ... st-denier/

Good site for lots of commercial free half-truth movement audio:

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:34 am

Please post descriptions of why these links are important. We don't accept spamming threads with links here. Explain.

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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hoi.polloi wrote:Please post descriptions of why these links are important. We don't accept spamming threads with links here. Explain.
Doesn't need explaining, clear it out hoi! Garbage.

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

Unread post by teriyaki taryaki » Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:51 pm

hoipolloi write:
Please post descriptions of why these links are important. We don't accept spamming threads with links here. Explain.
It's two different perspectives of exactly what this thread is talking about 'The Banks' War Against Us' and the links are not unrelated 'spam' but all related to the audios, supplementary info, saving you googling time. The last link is where I got the commercial free version of the Stephen Goodson interview so that you don't have be annoyed by obnoxious commercials every five minutes. In fact, this second guy interviewed in the tuxedo, Stephen Goodson, was a director of the South African Reserve bank, so what he has to say has utmost relevance to a thread such as this.

Listen to these audios if you want and see if they're not talking about many relevant points raised in this very thread. Raise a few questions and anybody researching this topic can then discuss it in the thread. The thread was dead for a long time anyway. I will post a short text outline of what I personally think are important points raised and discussed in each audio shortly. Others might have their own different points to raise. They're good audios, well worth the time or I would not post them here.

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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fbenario wrote:
reichstag fireman wrote:Who are all these people, and whose websites are they? ... ognuts.jpg (me, w, murf and dognuts??) ... ncooke.jpg (justin cooke??) ... 0848_n.jpg (unnamed person??) (Deanna 2005??) ... 003458.jpg (stephen goodson??)
Reichstag, why are you posting this immediately following a discussion of whether it is appropriate to post lots of links with no explanation? To throw a rotten tomato at someone?

If so, exceedingly subtle. A rare medium, well-done.

Get it?
Yup, I do get it! :lol: Soz for not being clearer. It was meant to question the security risk of messages with embedded links to external images.

EDIT: All hypothetical, of course, since the motives of the original poster are beyond question :)
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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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reichstag fireman wrote:
[1]A rare medium, well-done.
[2]All hypothetical, of course, since the motives of the original poster are beyond question :)
[1] Can you think of any other short sentences that use these three words cogently in their 'proper' order?


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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:45 pm

teriyaki taryaki wrote:I will post a short text outline of what I personally think are important points raised and discussed in each audio shortly.
Thank you for doing that. It's not that we want to play "gotcha" with anyone. We just want people to represent themselves here, and not merely be the voice box of a link. Okay? I think you had good intentions, I just want to hear your story about these links and why you posted ea ch. I'm sure others would too!

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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Here we go Los Moderatoros, this is just for the first audio:

Dose of Reality with Brian S Staveley & Justin Cooke

Guest: Wayne Walton - Economics of
Local Currencies
Based On Hours
Not Federal Reserve Notes ... 12_dor.mp3

The 'short outline' turned out to be a bit long because to understand what this guy is talking about you can't really skip any details which when listening to it on audio might just pass you by without being able to be reflected upon properly. So better to not be lazy now than to have people completely confused. My own comments and Walton's comments (comments of Cooke & Staveley are few & mixed in with Walton's), as well as any links or quotes are all color-coded for easier id.

I'm not necessarily advocating any of these specific positions or techniques as a be-all, end-all solution. The only things I definitely agree on with Walton is that bankster usury & counterfeiting, the root of all this evil, has to be smashed and destroyed for good and Thomas Jefferson's and Lysander Spooner's 'non-aggression principle' adhered to as the road back to civilization rather than the glorified tribalism of group rights. My own comments I've tried to make clearly distinct from what was discussed on the show which are either direct transcriptions or close paraphrases of whatever I personally thought was important which was said.

I have not fully decided whether what Walton is proposing and doing has long-term definite merit or not, it might have logical inconsistencies hitherto unforeseen that will have to fixed, but it's an intriguing concept worth investigating. I'm just putting it up for debate, consideration and comment by others who are researching the same area for themselves. If nobody's interested, then fine, but at least it will be an idea that voiced itself and passed the conscious inspection of a few more people in written form than just those who happened to listen to the audio.

Wayne Walton has a show on Republic Broadcasting Network 3-5 every weekday, Studio B

He's an advocate of what he calls Local Currencies based on hours

We are all living in a reality created by those who have control over the masses

That control over the masses is achieved through the monetary system is stating the obvious but oddly enough most people don't seem to have realized this

Our own energy is used to enslave us in their parasitic systems

The answer is to develop alternative systems that first & foremost remove our energy from these parasitic systems

Rather than just protesting what they do, we have to actually create an alternative reality that makes their reality irrelevant

It's about spreading the idea that the people have the energy

Their pieces of paper would have no value without our energy

So let's create our own pieces of paper and use those for money then refuse to fall into the phony solution of the Rothschilds' gold system

The bankers control gold and silver and all the commodities except TIME

Thererfore we base our currency on TIME because both the rich man and the poor man have an equal amount of TIME

An hour in our system is equal to ten federal reserve notes

We get businesses to join up just by giving them the currency

We give them 200 dollars' worth every 3 months and any individual can sign a local independent business up and they will earn 10 hours or a hundred dollars of the local currency

From there the currency becomes barter script. The currency is kept within the barter network because we keep growing the barter network because we compensate those individuals who recruit new businesses to join the barter network and once we can sustain life, we have created an alternative economic system that's completely independent of their monetary and control system.

We can then finance our own media, we can finance everything with our own energy and just opt out of theirs.

ALL of the currency now is created as a DEBT with interest but the Austrian economists put up a phony debate that they're going to use gold and silver, even though gold and silver is also created as a debt with interest as well. The opposite of that is creating it as a credit. The currency itself has no value

In a barter system we just go back to basics: how was money created originally ? People bartered their goods and services, they were sovereign - no outside entities were controlling them

The problem with barter is that you need to have a dance partner at the exact same time

Then people would issue an I.O.U.

Say I had a wagon and you grew wheat, but the wheat crop wasn't ready and you needed the wagon right now. I would give you the wagon right now and in exchange you would give me an I.O.U. for let's say a 100 bushels of wheat once it was ready

Now I have an I.O.U.

That I.O.U. or piece of paper doesn't have any value in itself. It's just a representation of your commercial energy, your goods and services

So money has been corrupted over time as if it's not the I.O.U.

The Austrians want us to make a stink that it's the wheat and we should base all of our money on the wheat

The problem is that when it all based upon the wheat whoever controls the wheat ends up controlling the monetary system

So we want the monetary system to be based upon the I.O.U's rather than any individual commodities or several commodities because ALL the commodities are controlled by the elite

The USURY aspect comes in when we believe that the money is something that comes from someone OUTSIDE of us.

In that example we just gave YOU created the money, YOU created the I.O.U. because you have the goods and services and THE ENERGY, therefore the people are the gold, they can create money whenever they want to.

We don't need private banks, governments or corporations to do it, we can do it ourselves, locally, independently

Once we get out of that mindset that we need somebody else to create the money, then we start to correctly believe that we don't need to pay any interest on something that we can create ourselves.

They're not providing any value. The bankers are not providing us any value.

G. Edward Griffin pretty much plagiarized his book "The Creature form Jekyll Island" from "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins and in it he said the enemy to the bankers is gold and this is not the case.

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin

Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins ... eserve.pdf

My comment: Griffin is sort of like the limited hang-out co-option of Mullins, a protege of Ezra Pound, who never advocated gold. Griffin's book is heavily promoted by Alex Jones & the GCN network who also heavily promote Ron Paul who is for the gold standard. Fatso Jones himself, as far as I know, is supposedly NOT for the gold standard, yet he's the main promoter in the alternative media of both Ron Paul & Griffin who are.

"Lest you forget the nature of money/i.e., that it is a ticket. For the govt. To issue it against any particular merchandise or metal, is merely to favour the owners of that metal and by just that much to betray the rest of the public. You can see that the bill here photod. has SERVED (I mean by the worn state of the note). Certificates of work done. That is what these notes were in fact / before the bank swine got the monopoly. Thus was the wilderness conquered for the sake of pork-barrelers who followed."
-- Ezra Pound - postcard to Franklin D. Roosevelt

"I don't believe any estimate of Mussolini will be valid unless it starts from a passion for construction. Treat him as ARTIFEX and all the details fall into place.. The Fascist revolution was FOR the preservation of certain liberties and FOR the maintenance of a certain level of culture, certain standards of living..." - Ezra Pound - "Jefferson and/or Mussolini" (1935)

artifex (genitive artificis); c, third declension
1. artist, actor
2. craftsman, master (of a craft)
3. mastermind, schemer
artifex (Latin) - the diligent pursuit of perfection in one's trade or craft

"The trick is simple. Whenever the Rothschild and other gents in the gold business have gold to sell, they raise the price. The public is fooled by propagandizing the devaluation of the dollar, or other monetary unit according to the country chosen to be victimized. The argument is that the high price of the monetary unit is injurious to the nation's commerce.

But when the nation, that is, the people of that nation own the gold and the financiers own the dollars or other monetary units, the gold standard is restored. This raises the value of the dollar and the citizens of “rich” nations, as well as citizens of other nations, are diddled" ~ Ezra Pound

"And so that you don't continually misunderstand--usury and interest are not the same thing. Usury is a charge made for the use of money regardless of production and often regardless of even the possibilities of production" --
Ezra Pound Reading, vol. 2, Caedmon Records 1962

America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War by Ezra Pound ... esent.html

"An Introduction to the Economic Nature of the United States" by Ezra Pound ... nomic.html

My comments: Say I had a wagon and you grew wheat, but the wheat crop wasn't ready and you needed the wagon right now. Now if you already HAD previously earned wealth (or units of 'productive' energy spent of value to others rather than 'destructive' energy) I would give you the wagon right now and in exchange you would give me a couple of gold coins or pieces worth about the same value as the wagon which you had traded for with wheat you had grown previously, i.e. energy expended in a productive and constructive, rather than destructive direction. That's still direct barter because the gold is a commodity and the wagon is a commodity but the I.O.U. note is just a piece of paper & not the tons of paper you would need to make paper itself as a commodity equal in value to the wagon or the bushels of wheat. The gold itself is not too widely available or easily mined but still comes from those who control gold mining & production or control that commodity through whatever means. Since gold, through the ages, has become this commodity which is also used as a store of value, it is then the obvious commodity that will be first & foremost hoarded by the greediest people on the planet, the elites and beyond that, the elites of the elites which are the International banksters. This hoarding is, of course, much more easily done when you can not only charge interest on the very issuance of a country's currency itself but can also legally print many times the amount of real wealth produced in an economy through the system of fractional reserve counterfeiting, since it's obvious who gets access to most of the loot that counterfeit money buys before prices of all commodities go up through deliberately created inflation.

Now, if the wheat guy had no other wealth to offer as collateral but his energy or willingness to work, why would you accept the piece of paper I.O.U. from this wheat grower guy ? What happens if he doesn't deliver on the wheat & takes your wagon & trashes it ? How will you make up for your losses ? The answer is you DON'T accept the I.O.U. unless he can prove to you in some way that he is an honest guy who will deliver on his promises. But if he has no way of proving his honesty from past work or references from other honest people with reputations who vouch for him, then what ? Then someone would have to step in and guarantee delivery of the wheat & if he doesn't deliver, either take the wagon back plus his own expenses and fees, something of equivalent value plus his own fees, or if that's not possible, force the wheat guy into a period of debt slavery or throw him in jail for fraud. For that middleman service he would have to also get paid, not by the wagon guy who already has the wagon but by the wheat guy who has no previous reputation or credit to trade on. So these middlemen are usually in a position to take advantage of the weak and desperate.

The possible drawbacks

First you had barter,

next evolution you had private contracts of I.O.U.'s,

that I.O.U. has value as long as the person giving the I.O.U. is an honest guy that honors the contract and delivers the goods promised to be redeemed

In earlier times people did not have paper so it became difficult to have so many I.O.U's from different issuers circulating as money

We can create new currency into circulation to reward outcomes of local independent businesses that are already there within a society. We create currency to measure it. Somebody creates a referral so we create new hours to reward it. In that way we can create new hours to fund a health system if somebody gets hurt, fund roads, etc. if we all want healthy people and good roads in our society.

The thing that we don't want is for all this to be funded with violence in the form of taxes which is nothing more than theft with 'good motives' attached to it

This system allows people on the so-called 'left' to get what they want and it allows libertarians like Walton to get what they want which is support for the non-aggression principle

Lysander Spooner advocated what he called Natural Law – or the "Science of Justice" – wherein acts of initiatory coercion against individuals and their property were considered "illegal" but the so-called criminal acts that violated only man-made legislation were not.[2]

Although he denounced the institution of slavery, Spooner recognized the right of the Confederate States of America to secede as the manifestation of government by consent, a constitutional and legal principle fundamental to Spooner's philosophy; the Northern states, in contrast, were trying to deny the Southerners that right through military force.[23] He "vociferously opposed the Civil War, arguing that it violated the right of the southern states to secede from a Union that no longer represented them."[19] He believed they were attempting to restore the Southern states to the Union, against the wishes of Southerners. He argued that the right of the states to secede derives from the natural right of slaves to be free.[21] This argument was unpopular in the North and in the South after the War began, as it conflicted with the official position of both governments.[24]

No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

by Lysander Spooner
can be read here: ... reason.pdf

or listen to the Audio File here: ... hority.mp3 ... oAuthority

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law', because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." and "No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." (Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer, 1816)

What is the biggest threat ?

You have a sovereign community that is self-sustaining

The private bankers, the parasites, they don't want to work. They want to figure out a scheme to get everybody dependent upon them. That's why they want us to borrow their money. They require SCARCE money, so that we borrow it. And they have given themselves the legal power to counterfeit the barter script.

The counterfeit issue comes down to a technology issue: we get concert tickets, football game tickets, airline tickets, etc. we use paper and digital for those purposes and those industries have technologies to make sure that they don't get counterfeited. Same with coupons and vouchers.

Shill alert: Adam Kokesh and Luke Rudkowski were involved in some of these activities. Any activity these two super-shills would be involved in must be approached with maximum suspicion. :P

Walton: we are trying to emancipate people's minds into a new paradigm. Get paid with local currencies denominated in hours. It's all denominated in hours, so one region's 'hours' can be spent in any other region's 'hours.' We are organizing events and paying everyone involved in the event in these local currencies denominated in hours.

Ultimately actions speak louder than words, they've got a theory, we're paying people. Does it really matter if gold and silver gets you what you want if paper works just as good ?

Walton used to be an Austrian himself (as in 'Austrian' economist or follower of the ideas of von Mises, Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, etc.)

I know what an hour is which means if I mow a lawn I know how much I can shovel, I know how much I can dig, I know how much I can rake leaves in an hour. That's something everybody on the planet knows, what they can do in an hour

One hour is equal to ten federal reserve notes, if a T-shirt is 15 bucks, that means it's an hour and a half.

Does that mean everybody makes the same amount ? No

If a doctor makes 180 dollars per hour in federal reserve notes, then that means that they make 18 hours per hour, so the free market still applies. The difference is that the common denominator, the least amount or most common unit of value is an unskilled laborer's labor in one hour or the equivalent of ten federal reserve notes (assuming unskilled labor or anything else for that matter can ever be equal)

This makes it difficult to counterfeit because somebody can overproduce the paper but you know what an hour is worth. You know how much work of each kind you can produce in an hour. Walton does a lot of video editing, he knows how much video editing he can do in an hour.

So we tie it to something that everybody on the planet is familiar with

A private contract based upon interest can't be fulfilled by all borrowers. It's a mathematical fraud that is perpetrated. It's a fraud that we stupidly volunteer for and it's a means by which 'brother' victimizes 'brother'

The Mises people, the 'Austrians,' they think that they're fighting the bankers but the very reasons that the Rothschilds, the founders of Israel, are multi-trillionaires are through usury and contract fraud. Walton doesn't hate Jews, he hates contract fraud, he hates centralizations of power and he hates that Palestinians are being genocided.

The crux of the issue is this: the original sin of the world's economic and monetary problems is USURY and it's a fraudulent contract that we volunteer for and it will occur whether there's big government, small government or even no government and it will happen whether there is gold, silver, paper or digital money.

Walton: I'm not a greenbacker. I don't believe that the government should have centralized power over the entire monetary system either. I don't believe in their force.

With the hour currencies we can reach out to everybody and not be separated by different factions such as 'occupy' 'tea party' or 'Ron Paul.' Everybody can get what they want. We don't have to have the (initiated) force of government in the form of taxes so voluntarists and libertarians will like it, but we can still fund social programs other people paid into previously whether as a Ponzi or not, we can honor those previous contracts that somebody's mother or brother or whatever paid into their whole lives.

Network of organic local currencies means everybody just says hey, let's not be controlled by private bankers or the government, let's create our own system . Let's just raise our hands & commit to use this alternative system and commit to take care of the least among us. If we just eliminate the parasite that's stealing our energy, we the people will be automatically more healthy without the parasites.

Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emmanuel are dual Israeli-U.S. citizens

All these things are symptoms of usury including wars. The reason why the U.S. goes and invades all these Muslim countries is because the U.S. military is just a tool for Rothschilds and the banksters to go and expand their monetary systems in countries that ban usury.

How do we get businesses to join and adopt local currencies ?

We get out of politics and get into marketing. If the bad guys are rewarding people for staying in their slave system, why can't we reward people for the emancipation of humanity ?

We don't go into some ice cream store with a bunch of little kids in there talking politics or '9-11 was an inside job' or Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians, etc.

We just go in there and say: " hey, join the local currency, it only works for local, independent businesses, go local buy local, we'll do marketing videos for you and websites and advertise, etc."

They usually just say: cool ! Because what's the downside ? It doesn't cost them anything if we do free marketing for them.

They're not paying us with federal reserve notes, in fact, they're not even paying us with mountain hours, we're giving THEM the currency and then we produce things that they want that help the system grow because we recognize that the more the system grows the more viable the currency. Then once we create 'best practices' or what's the best way to create videos, what's the best way to sign businesses up, etc., we share those ideas on multiple websites online.

We take the mindset that no matter what happens we're just going to do the next 'right thing' and adapt, improvise and overcome. The bad guys took over with small numbers, why can't we ?

The Argentine solution - When the bankers shut their doors they didn't use gold and silver because the people were starving so they used barter-script and would have enormous barter fairs. The paper didn't have any value, only the barters had value.

That's all we're doing also. It would be easier to get all the people who are bartering into one building rather than going all over town and doing it that way but effectively it's the exact same thing. You just give the currency to the businesses. The currency has no value; the real value is the goods and services which are in the barter network.

Lots of people have solutions that require the government to do the right thing. I'm not into politics at all. I just see a problem and want to fix it. I don't want a debate.

I don't know anybody who has too many federal reserve notes, do you ?

The bankers engineer scarcity to give us the illusion and make it seem that those prices are going up and that it's because of too many Federal Reserve notes.

It would actually be better if they were giving us too many Federal Reserve notes because then at least everything would be going up in price. Worse than that is when prices are going up and in the meantime we have less and less money to pay our debts.

The symptoms of inflation are empty shelves, full bank accounts and full wallets and our debts are really easy to pay


The symptoms of deflation are the shelves are full, our debts are really hard to pay and we have very few federal reserve notes in our bank accounts or wallets.

Brian Staveley: Just like everything else it's totally ass backwards of what we were taught to believe it was

Rothschild has worked extremely hard to get the whole planet into debt. Do you think Rothschild wants to give us really easy currency so that we can pay our debts off ? Of course not.

The whole world is in debt. Who are they in debt to ?

If you're a banker and you issue currency, the first thing you want to do is make sure money's scarce so people have to borrow it at interest

Blood diamonds, oil, gasoline, currency - it's all fake scarcity, manufactured scarcity

As living organisms we seek pleasure and we avoid pain

As 'truthers,' the first thing we're doing with our brothers and sisters is we're offering them 'truth' and truth hurts. So now that we're offering them truth, they will avoid us because they want to kill the messenger. That's why we will always be a very small number of people.

Imagine if somehow we got everybody on the planet to recognize that '9-11 was an inside job' financed by private banks and particularly Mossad as agents for Rothschild. Even if we got everybody to agree to all that, ultimately, we would still be slaves, enlightened slaves perhaps, but still slaves.

I want people to start moving towards the idea of rather than being 'truth activists,' which is a very difficult hurdle, eventually once we talked them into the truth to let them know that they did it by controlling the monetary system. Are we going to wait for a vote to do that ?

No, we just use marketing: go local, buy local. Even the people who choose to remain sheeple, they still go down with go local, buy local, they're still short on money, they still need a job. So we try to stay on the pleasure side and avoid the pain.

Once they're using the local currency, we say to them: You're the money, you can create money anytime you want. You have a unique and amazing skill that we can reward with this currency no matter what you do.

We're doing what real leaders do. Real leaders do not perpetually protest, complain and whine. Real leaders have a visionary, actionable plan for a future which provides abundance and peace of mind for everyone.

Right now, the bad guys can't even do false-flags generally because the term of time when people will believe their lie is getting shorter and shorter

There are a hundred of these local currencies in the United States

All we have to do is decide what victory is

Victory is:

The first town hires its own sheriff of the de jure or true government, not the corporation which is the difference between the California Republic or the State of California. That local government sheriff has sovereignty then over the corporate sheriff. At that point we have a completely alternative system with its own enforcer who actually works for the people and not for the bankers.


Since all of those liens that are based upon interest are fraudulent then our goal is to insitute a universal debt-jubilee and the sheriff is the one who implements it. He no longer enforces income tax liens, property tax liens or foreclosure liens, etc.

All we have to do is show one community how to do that. That community can grow hemp to be independent, etc.

And since we will now have our own media in that community, we'll put a live-streaming video on that sheriff since there's a very good chance that he might get hurt by the private bankers.

We can't be on the defensive, we have to go on the offensive, non-violently and show that they're the ones that are perpetrating or initiating violence. Once we show the 'world' their initiation of violence, their whole scheme based upon violence and fraudulent contracts is going to fall down.

"To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.

It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest (that we are) drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored.

That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."

~ Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865), "What is Government ?"

"I have listened with great interest to discussions regarding decentralization and centralization and I have thought that the question of whether it is valid to decentralize or centralize is unanswerable because it deals with one one-way sign in two-way traffic. It is a static question in a dynamic universe.

Man was invented a mobile device and process. He has survived through his ability to advance or retreat as his mortal requirements have dictated. Of his two primary faculties, quickness is of great importance but intellect is first.

He recognized that vital quickness may be momentary reflex but that satisfactory continuities are proportional to his degree of comprehension of the consequence of his initiative. Degree of comprehension he measures in the terms of the complex integration of all individuals' all-time experience, as processed by intellectual integrity. His quickness would be a spontaneous servant to that integrity.

Despite intermittent submissiveness to runaway momentums of residual ignorance, man guards most dearly and secretly his freedom of thought and initiative. Therefrom emanates the social-industrial relay, from self starter to group starters.

Out of this freedom alone understanding may be generated. Man recognizes understanding as an activated circuit of mutual comprehension by individual minds. Understanding must be plural. However, because individual experience is unique, understanding can be developed only in principle out of the compounding significance of plurality of experience. Thus, man knows that the voluntary interactions of understanding dealing in fundamental principles will always master involuntary mass actions, and that individual freedom ever anticipates and ultimately masters mutual emergency."

~ from "Ideas and Integrities" by R. Buckminster Fuller (1963)

In my town (Walton's) we have 80 businesses using it - 10 restaurants, 3 mechanics, 2 dispensaries (weed?), an acupuncturist, a physical therapist, a massage therapist and a chiropractor that all take the local currency. Having all these health type businesses using our currency we can now provide health care to our members without taxation by just creating new hours.

Let's say I went skiing and threw my back out or something. I can go to where our local currency co-operative creates new money, without violence in the form of taxation, new money to pay for me to go the chiropractor, the massage therapist, and I can go get some 'amazingly kind bud' from the Colorado dispensaries. :P


Hypocrite alert: Walton implies on more than one occasion in this audio that he is an advocate for civil rights. However, civil rights are just another form of group rights in violation of individual rights. Therefore, he can't claim to be for the 'non-aggression principle' and yet insist on aggressing against certain individuals whose opinions or preferences or prejudices he may not personally subscribe to. People have a right to all their own prejudices no matter how irrational or retarded as long as they do not physically harm or aggress against another individual. Harming themselves by being irrational is their own business. You can preach to people about the 'righteous road of marijuana buds and brotherhood of all men' as part of your free speech on your own property and in your own media of expression but you can't force them to do what they don't want. So either stick to principle or take a hike and be a socialist Walton. :P

People should be able to do what they were born to do

Millionaire sport stars pushing a ball around all paid by billionaires to delude us with bread and circuses that we're slaves. In Babylon those who enslave us the most are the most highly rewarded, athletes, politicians, entertainers, newscasters, bankers, doctors, lawyers, etc. In our system, the people who emancipate us are the ones who should be the millionaires or at least living comfortably

Bob Marley Babylon System Demo 1979

full link:

We refuse to be
What you wanted us to be;
We are what we are:
That's the way (way) it's going to be. You don't know!
You can't educate I
For no equal opportunity:
(Talkin' 'bout my freedom) Talkin' 'bout my freedom,
People freedom (freedom) and liberty!
Yeah, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
Yes, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
Suckin' the children day by day, yeah!
Me say: de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin' the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! -
Deceiving the people continually, yea-ea!
Me say them graduatin' thieves and murderers;
Look out now: they suckin' the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).
Yea-ea-ea! (sufferers)

Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth right now!
Come on and tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;
Come on and tell the children the truth.

'Cause - 'cause we've been trodding on ya winepress much too long:
Rebel, rebel!
And we've been taken for granted much too long:
Rebel, rebel now!

(Trodding on the winepress) Trodding on the winepress (rebel):
Got to rebel, y'all (rebel)!
We've been trodding on the winepress much too long - ye-e-ah! (rebel)
Yea-e-ah! (rebel) Yeah! Yeah!

From the very day we left the shores (trodding on the winepress)
Of our Father's land (rebel),
We've been trampled on (rebel),
Oh now! (we've been oppressed, yeah!) Lord, Lord, go to ...

[*Sleeve notes continue:
Now we know everything we got to rebel
Somebody got to pay for the work
We've done, rebel.]

We should have 'Fantasy Football' for the guys who produce the most 'truth' or 'emancipation.' Just imagine if we produced an emancipation video game based upon output: signing up a business, developing a health system, etc. Things that should be compensated for far more than what the bad guys are doing.

What we're doing is developing a quantified matrix for output in the exact same way that 'Fantasy Football' does

How many businesses did you sign up ?

How soon are you going to hire your sheriff ?

What if we based a monstrous set of metrics on things that do the MOST for us rather than the least for us ?

It's a paradigm shift. We just have to grow our minds in the right direction.

When we set up Clearwater hours in Tampa, we took Mountain hours from Breckenridge and we spent them there.

When we set these systems up we would have a reciprocity agreement that we're going to take each other's hours and we want there to be tourism

If you take a look at the currency itself, it's almost like a chamber of commerce since shows all the things that are 'cool' about where you live. All the 'cool' things that the 'insiders' know. It's the 'cool' things that you take your buddies to check out, like the 'local dive bar' etc.

There are four denominations that are equivalent to $1, $5, $10 & $20 - and in hours, one hour is ten bucks, so half an hour is five, two hours is twenty and a tenth of an hour is a buck so it's the same denominations. And at any point in time if the members of the barter network become the dominant system we can drop the reference to dollars and become completely independent.

Here's the paradigm shift: the currency co-operative issued an interest-free loan to the local credit union called alternative credits union and that credit union then required all the tradesmen who did work on the building expansion (for which the bank was borrowing money) to take 30 to 40 percent of their transaction in the form of hours or local currency. So the people loaned money to the bank. That's the paradigm shift.

The people are the source of money. Federal Reserve notes would have no value without us.

The only reason that gold and silver have value is that we've been brainwashed to think that they're valuable. The only real value is for electronics besides that they're just another shiny metal. Everything with them is scarcity

A lot of the 'Austrians' will bring up the 'fact' that there is a lot of gold that hasn't been mined yet but we know Fort Knox is empty, Libya's gold was stolen, etc.

Think of it this way:

Private bankers are in charge. So the highest manifestation to be the change isn't to become simply the new media. The highest manifestation to be the change is to be the new bankers.

Real usury-free solutions are what Walton is looking for. Staveley & Cooke agree that usury-free solutions is where the answer lies.

The Fight Against Usury by Juri Lina

History of Usury - by J.B.C. Murray

“A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.” – Ezra Pound
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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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[quote="teriyaki taryaki"][/quote]
Think your most recent post might be just a tad little bit too long? I certainly couldn't get all the way through it. How 'bout revising it to hit only the highlights, leaving each member to decide for himself whether he reads further on any links you provide.

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Re: The Banks' War Against Us

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fbenario wrote:
teriyaki taryaki wrote:
Think your most recent post might be just a tad little bit too long? I certainly couldn't get all the way through it. How 'bout revising it to hit only the highlights, leaving each member to decide for himself whether he reads further on any links you provide.
These people think we have all the time to spend reading internet links and viewing hours and hours of youtube videos. This is an example of such a time wasting post: ... 2#p2376482

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Re: The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question

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"pagan religion"

Are you obsessed or what?

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Re: The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question

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Congrats on Fatherhood.
Totally agree with your sentiment.

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Re: The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question

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bostonterrierowner wrote: 1 - Do no harm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest is bullshit!!! PsyOp!!!!

2 - By the way I have just become a father for the first time ......

1 - Agreed!

2 - Warmest congrats, BTO !!! :) :) :)

Hope your new little monster (as we affectionately call newborns here in Italy) won't mind being mentioned in the dinosaur thread when he/she learns to read! :P

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Re: The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question

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+1 :D

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Thank You all my fellow CF monsters :)

Actually , my alienation/separation from society due to "lunatic beliefs" resulted in a situation where other CF members are almost the only ones I can talk to . There are very few people I can communicate this great news of my daughter being born nowadays so thank you guys .

Dinosaur thread will do just fine and my little girl won't mind it given we do not have "members' newborns thread" :)

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