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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Tue May 07, 2013 1:37 am

Sure thing, MrSinclair. Do you happen to have any cool 1st hand stories of meeting the Black Panthers back in your San Francisco days?... I believe you may have mentioned crossing their path at one time in this thread.

Speaking of San Francisco...

Traversing back to the mid 70's, it looks like the Manson and Hearst stories had their opportunity to cross regarding the 2 'assassination attempts' on President Ford during the time.


Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme (born October 22, 1948) is an American member of the Manson Family. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempting to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1975. After serving 34 years in custody, she was released from prison on August 14, 2009.

In 1979, Fromme was transferred out of Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin in Dublin, California, for attacking a fellow inmate, Julienne Bušić, with the claw-end of a hammer.

On December 23, 1987, she escaped from the Federal Prison Camp, Alderson in Alderson, West Virginia, attempting to meet Manson, whom she had heard had testicular cancer. She was captured again two days later and incarcerated at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sidenote: Regarding the lady that 'Squeaky' bonked over the head with the hammer-- in Julienne Bušić's Wiki you will find this little tidbit of information:
On September 10, 1976, she, her husband, and three others hijacked domestic Trans World Airlines flight 355 departing from New York for Chicago, using the threat of a bomb, which later turned out to be a harmless pressure cooker.

Fromme's arrest on the cover of 'Newsweek' :D

Courtroom artist's sketch of Fromme throwing an apple in court at one of the attorneys during her court case.
Source: ... 290736.php


Sara Jane Moore(née Kahn;[1] February 15, 1930) attempted to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford on September 22, 1975, outside the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, 17 days after Squeaky Fromme had pointed a gun at the president.

Moore's friends said she had a fascination and obsession with Patty Hearst. After Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, her father Randolph Hearst created the organization People in Need (P.I.N.) to feed the poor, in order to answer S.L.A. claims that the elder Hearst was "committing 'crimes' against 'the people.'"Moore was a bookkeeper for P.I.N. and an FBI informant when she attempted to assassinate Ford.

In 1979, Moore escaped from the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia, but was captured only hours later.

Two female assassins and two successful prison escapes. Prison must have been much easier to escape from back in the day as Donald Defreeze had originally escaped from prison to start off the whole Hearst kidnapping mess. (See Charles Harrison (Woody's dad), Assata Shakur(Tupac's Aunt-in-law), James Earl Ray etc... for more escapes around that time)

Here is a newspaper article describing how Sara Jane Moore and Patty Hearst both ended up in jail cells directly across from one another. Imagine that! ... 38,5678812

Extra info if interested: ... 232286.php
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby MrSinclair on Wed May 08, 2013 1:31 am

Well I did know this man, Earl Satcher and his organization Tribal Thumb. We played together a few times, he was a big scary ex con with lots of money , a new Selmer tenor sax and a very beautiful girlfriend (among others) who lived in the same building as me. His organization was responsible for murdering a girl I knew, also a saxophonist who got too close, saw and heard a little too much and was killed for it.
His group was shaking down the various food co-ops using racial guilt and intimidation to bully and steamroll people. They talked a lot about "liberation" and "the people" but in the end they were just more sociopathic thugs chasing sex, money and drugs. I was not sorry to hear of his death, he only brought his dobermans that night as they were merely expecting to shake down the hard working hippies. Surprise, other thugs after the same money showed up and made it a a gunfight and he lost. :(

This article tells about things pretty well. I briefly worked for one of these Co-ops, Seeds of Life until I was "asked" to resign so an illegal alien could have my job. This was around 1977 when the co-ops were thriving all over the bay area. ... ood_System
Shoot Out at the People's Warehouse

The People's Food System was not just a network of food stores. Its members saw it as an organization dedicated to radical social change, mostly agreeing on the importance of democratic procedure in running a collective organization. The People's Food System also attracted people who were interested in using the System for their own ends. One such group was Tribal Thumb, a small collective of people who were connected to an eatery called Wellsprings Reunion, located in the South of Market area. The leader of the group, Earl Satcher, was a saxophone-playing ex-convict whom many people saw as the "cult" leader of the Wellsprings group. Tribal Thumb and a few allies in Veritable Vegetables were accused of intimidating members and trying to take over the People's Food System. The dispute escalated into threats of violence and led to several secretly held meetings of the People's Food System to discuss what actions should be taken. An emergency meeting was held on April 26, 1977 at the People's Warehouse space. Called to discuss the expulsion of members deemed disruptive to the organization, the meeting degenerated into a hostile confrontation between opposing sides. Tribal Thumb members and their allies, (including two Dobermans), were in the parking lot, reportedly intimidating and threatening Food System representatives against voting for the expulsion of disruptive members. During the break, gunfire broke out in the parking lot, leaving ex-San Quentin 6 member Willie Tate critically wounded. Tribal Thumb leader Earl Satcher was shot dead. Although the shock of the gunfight soon wore off, the Food System began to succumb to larger changes.
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Wed May 08, 2013 9:47 pm

The prisons sure played an interesting role during that time. The San Quentin 6 connection mentioned in your article above is especially noteworthy.

During the escape which sparked a riot on the cellblock, Jackson had a 9 mm automatic pistol, allegedly smuggled into the prison by attorney Stephen Bingham (immediately after the incident, Bingham went on the run and fled the country for 13 years; he returned in 1984 to stand trial, and was acquitted of all charges in 1986). During the riot, caused by Jackson and two dozen other prisoners, three corrections officers and two inmates were tortured and killed.

From Stephen Bingham's Wiki:

He was a member of the Yale Young Democrats and the Student Advisor Board, as well as the executive editor of the Yale Daily News.[6] In 1964, he graduated from Yale with honors.

Bingham decided to pursue a career in law and attended the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. During his first year, he married Gretchen Spreckels, the granddaughter of Adolph B. Spreckels and whose family founded the Spreckels Sugar Company, after a six-month relationship. The couple joined the Peace Corps and were assigned to Sierra Leone. After spending two years in West Africa with the Peace Corps, they returned to Berkeley in the fall of 1967 where Bingham resumed the study of law. The couple divorced prior to November, 1971. In 1969, he received a law degree from Berkeley. He was admitted to the bar in 1971.

Bingham participated in Freedom Summer in Mississippi in 1964. On his return to the United States he worked with Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers, and in 1968 he worked in the presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy.

Bingham was accused of concealing a pistol in a tape recorder and smuggling it to Jackson in San Quentin's Adjustment Center. On August 21, 1971, Jackson used a pistol, an Astra 9-mm semi-automatic, to take over his tier in the Adjustment Center. In the failed escape attempt, six people were killed, including Jackson, three prison guards and two fellow inmates.

Georgia State Senator Julian Bond and writer Jessica Mitford were among those noted to have contributed financial or moral support to Bingham. Prior to the trial, he was defended by Leonard Weinglass.

(Leonard Weinglass who I have come across recently is a whole different avenue to pursue...)

Anyway, the person you once met named Earl Satcher is reported to have known one of the men killed in the San Quentin 6 incident (George Jackson -- in addition, perhaps, to the injured Willie Tate at Satcher's murder mentioned in your article.) Additionally, Sara Jane Moore (Ford assassin highlighted above) was reported to have been associated with the 25 or so member 'Tribal Thumb' -- both of these facts according to the book below called "Taking Aim at the President: The Remarkable Story of the Woman Who Shot at Gerald Ford." ... mb&f=false

And here's a photo of Earl Satcher from prison (from a portfolio of many activists around the time.) Soledad Prison where this is taken from, again, seems to have many strange occurences around this time (The Angela Davis, Soledad Brothers incident comes mainly to mind. This event evidently also lead to the Attica Riot.)

source: ... rks/#!2282

Just a small bit of trivia from the Attica Prison Riot Wiki. (Who knows if it means anything ...)

At 9:46 a.m. on Monday, September 13, 1971, tear gas was dropped into the yard and New York State Police troopers and soldiers from the New York National Guard opened fire non-stop for two minutes into the smoke.

Nine hostages died from gunfire by state troopers and soldiers.

September 13, 1971 happens to be NEO's later birthdate from the documents that Smith sifts through in the movie, 'The Matrix.' (September 11, 2001 of course being fairly commonly known on this forum as the date that NEO's passport expires.)
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby MrSinclair on Thu May 09, 2013 2:42 am

Outstanding work yet again Libero. That is the man I knew. The net effect of the parasitic groups like Tribal Thumb was to destroy the thriving co-op network. I played and ate at the Wellsprings several times, it was in what is now called the SoMa district and it was a great place. However at their ranch north of the city it was another story, more than one body was buried there.
It should be noted too that such groups destructive effect was exacerbated by their manipulation through Cointelpro, run by the FBI.
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Nancy (dis)Grace

Unread postby Sisterlover on Thu May 09, 2013 5:35 am

This isn't entirely surprising, and may be considered 'low hanging fruit', but the disgusting barrister-turned-journalist Nancy Grace was caught with her pants down, in a scene reminiscent of past CNN 'transgressions'

such as:

full link: )

Here, she and a colleague are communicating by satellite across a parking lot. Enjoy!

full link:

From: ... fsb&or=ros
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Maat on Thu May 09, 2013 12:06 pm

Sisterlover, this was already posted and busted for what it's really about here: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1622 ;)
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby ruckus on Thu May 09, 2013 6:00 pm

Maat wrote:Sisterlover, this was already posted and busted for what it's really about here: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1622 ;)

Thanks for resurfacing that thread, Maat. I hadn't read it before and it points out a number of known government photo fakery. Even though more innocuous on their own, they do prove without any doubt that the Government is very used to, comfortable with, and proficient at doctoring photos without notifying until caught.

Two articles in particular caught my eye in this regard:

First, is the Nancy Pelosi doctored group photo. While harmless, it's similar to many photos surrounding other events that show groups of people to establish credibility. Although this article focuses on 4 people being added it's clear that the "original" photo is either not even the actual original or has been doctored quite heavily (different angle, different poses by different people, people missing/added)

Second, is President Obama's staged post-Osama conference. As the article suggests, other Presidents have done this (as I'm sure countless of politicians have). In this case it was reported on and started a discussion about ethics. But it's obviously no harder to imagine them performing such staged photos at will and failing to inform anyone of it at all.

These alone give credence to the work done by Clues Forum to out the media fakery should anyone doubt that it occurs on a frequent basis. If the Government was this comfortable with producing staged and faked imagery before the advent of Twitter, Flickr, and the like one should assume that the Government is doing it with even greater ease and frequency given the popularity of those new channels.
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Sun May 12, 2013 5:50 pm

MrSinclair wrote:Outstanding work yet again Libero. That is the man I knew. The net effect of the parasitic groups like Tribal Thumb was to destroy the thriving co-op network. I played and ate at the Wellsprings several times, it was in what is now called the SoMa district and it was a great place. However at their ranch north of the city it was another story, more than one body was buried there.
It should be noted too that such groups destructive effect was exacerbated by their manipulation through Cointelpro, run by the FBI.

Mr Sinclair,

You observation makes me wonder if one of the purposes of Earl Satcher's Tribal Thumb and perhaps even one of the purposes of the Hearst incident was to assist in bringing down the People's Food System that you once worked within. If Satcher's ties to larger-than-life figure George Jackson weren't enough to raise suspicion (Jackson was involved in both the highly publicized Soledad Brothers incident and San Quentin Six incident, wrote books and did radio interviews (huh?) while within prison, had a song written about him by Bob Dylan etc..) the connection to would-be presidential assassin Sara Jane Moore who already had admitted FBI ties and was additionally working as a bookkeeper for the People in Need food distribution project sure raises at least one big red flag. The Symbionese Liberation Army appears to have made all of the demands for the P.I.N. food distribution including who should be involved in the distribution and where the food should come from (hint: it wasn't from the People's Food system but from corporate owned supermarkets.) I can imagine that the flood of millions of dollars of free food into the market may have had devastating effects regarding income/profit for some of the co-op members as it would have been tough to compete with the give-away. ... d_Faith%22

Here's a quote from the wiki above regarding the 'Soledad Brothers Defense Committee' that was formed after the reported murder of a prison guard (eventually leading to a highly dramatic reported shooting and kidnapping incident in the courthouse when it goes to trial.) The committee appears to have contained quite a few actors, politicians etc. One of the members of the committee, Angela Davis, was evidently George Jackson's sweetie at the time. She is additionally one of the terrorists-turned-college professors highlighted earlier in this thread.

The Soledad Brothers Defense Committee was formed by Fay Stender to assist in publicizing the case and raising funds to defend Jackson, Drumgo, and Clutchette. Among the wide variety of celebrities, writers, and political activists that supported the SBDC and their cause were Julian Bond, Kay Boyle, Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Noam Chomsky, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Tom Hayden, William Kunstler, Jessica Mitford, Linus Pauling, Pete Seeger, Benjamin Spock, and Angela Davis. In June 1970, California State Senator Mervyn Dymally and the California Legislative Black Caucus pursed an investigation of Soledad Prison and released a report that helped legitimize the Committee. By the middle of that month, Davis was leading the movement.


'George Jackson' cover

full link:

Sometimes I think this whole world
Is one big prison yard
Some of us are prisoners
The rest of us are guards
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby MrSinclair on Mon May 13, 2013 3:53 am

It is entirely possible the FBI had agents among Tribal Thumb. Even if they did not they were using the COINTELPRO program to create distrust and violence among the various burgeoning black power movements. One case was the murder of Popeye Jackson of the Prisoners Union and a close associate of Sara Jane Moore. This happened on Albion St near 16th and Valencia in the Mission district. Tribal Thumb was always suspected for the hit and it is believed they were fed false info through COINTELPRO suggesting Popeye was planning to do them harm. This was exactly the type of effect intended by COINTELPRO.

Fay Stender is a tragic story. A brave woman and very idealistic but she ended up being shot by a member of the Black Guerilla Family for not doing enough for "the cause" and later committed suicide.

How much the Food Co-op network was an intended target is hard to say. They were probably the not focal point as Tribal Thumbs enablers and tormentors were more from the federal level.

This excerpt from Paul Krassner addresses this subject. ... al-part-2/

"But there was a missing link–the murder of Wilbert “Popeye” Jackson, leader of the United Prisoners Union. He had been killed, together with a companion, Sally Voye, while they sat in a parked car at 2:00 in the morning. I learned from impeccable sources that the hit was known in advance within the California Department of Corrections, the FBI, the San Jose and San Francisco police departments. But now–in mid-February 1976, while the Patty Hearst trial was in process–a similar charge was made in the company of some unusual accusations when a Berkeley underground group called Tribal Thumb prepared this statement:

" It has become known to the Tribal Thumb orbit that the CIA, FBI and CCS [Criminal Conspiracy Section] have made undercurrent moves to establish a basis for the total eradication of the Tribal Thumb Community . . [They] are involved in working overtime to unravel the mystery of Popeye Jackson’s execution in an effort to plant Tribal Thumb in a web of conspiracy in that execution . . .

The FBI’s heavy involvement in the case of Popeye’s death largely is due to the death of Sally Voye, who in actuality was moonlighting (outside her employment as a teacher) as a narcotics agent for police forces. Moreover, she was Popeye’s control agent. Popeye was an informer on the movement.

Several days ago, Patty Hearst was slipped out of her jail cell by the FBI and Mr. Randolph Hearst and taken to a nearby jail to identify a man being held there (we’re withholding his name for now) who was allegedly closely associated with Tribal Thumb, to make an identification of this man’s alleged trafficking of large quantities of arms to Tribal Thumb and the Symbionese Liberation Army. The result is that Miss Hearst pointed the comrade out as the trafficker of such weapons . . ."
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Mon May 13, 2013 11:03 pm


It's likely that our individual respective BS detectors are reading different levels on the Hearst/Moore/Misc. American Terrorist organization subjects etc. but it is not difficult to understand why, as you, personally lived in the local area where all of this stuff was going down. I have had to go through the same exercise of re-examining many reported events here in Southern California as well and have found numerous standouts. Needless to say, If I could ask the SLA members, for instance, just a few questions they would be something like... Why didn't you just take the ransom and buy whatever you wanted for the poor people? Was Patty Hearst really worth more to your cause than the millions that Poppa Hearst was offering up as that amount buys you quite an army? Why, Ms. Hearst, if you believed in the cause so much did you not give yourself up for the ransom and then just re-join the SLA? Too many coincidences... too much of an unrealistic scenario... too many unanswered questions... These are all the things that make us go hmm when we know we realize that we don't have to let the media do our thinking.

Here's another kidnapping involving another wealthy family that was reported to happen not long before the Hearst kidnapping and that was not so central to the area where you lived . Of course, although it has gone down in history as being reported as such, it is only you that can decide if it does not jive with your BS meter. I'll post a few highlights (some rather comical) that jump out at me.

The most sensational event in the family's history was the young Getty's 1973 kidnapping from a Rome piazza when he was 16. Several days after his disappearance, his kidnappers notified a local newspaper that he was being held by the Mafia. His grandfather and father at first believed the kidnapping to be a hoax and refused to pay any ransom until incontrovertible evidence was provided...

As time dragged on, the Getty patriarch's stony rejections of her pleas continued. "I have 14 grandchildren," he told reporters, "and if I pay one penny ransom, I'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren." According to biographer Robert Lenzner, the eldest Getty refused to talk to Harris or his son and communicated through intermediaries.

Four months into the kidnapping, a package arrived at the offices of a Rome newspaper. It contained a lock of red hair and a moldy human ear. An accompanying letter demanded more than $3 million in ransom. Soon after, the kidnappers provided photographs of Getty minus the ear and wrote that if their demands were ignored they would return the boy "piece by piece."

His billionaire grandfather yielded to the demands a short time later. According to Lenzner and other reports, he contributed $2.2 million toward the ransom and charged his son interest on the rest.

I have also heard it described elsewhere that the negotiated ransom was the most Getty would pay because it was the largest tax-deductible amount. :D

Folger, Hearst, Getty... as mentioned at the beginning of this thread, it was a tough few years for the rich kids. ... i-20110208
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby MrSinclair on Tue May 14, 2013 3:06 am

There are those who say that Hearst did not have the wealth or ready cash it was presumed that he did and that he got little support from his peers when trying to obtain money that way.

I think it is safe to say the SLA was started with govt. support. Colston Westbrook of the MKUltra program worked with SLA "leader" Donald DeFreeze aka Cinque while at Vacaville, a prison from which DeFreeze escaped with ease. Some like the Harris' couple were likely complicit, others were probably dupes. I think the best work on this was done by Mae Brussell who looked deep into the Patti Hearst kidnapping among other subjects. I'm really not sure beyond that how to view this event and just how complicit Hearst herself might have ultimately been.

Getty Sr. was reputed to have a pay phone in the living room of his mansion for the guests to use. I think it is certainly possible the younger one was kidnapped. I stayed with a friend in Italy in 1983 whose parents were of some means and they were quite concerned about kidnapping for profit at that time. Overall the Getty's seemed like a pretty dark and cold lot.

Here was a kidnapping case I remember that involved some people I knew. My friend used to sell weed to the kidnapper "Tree Frog" never knowing for a moment about the kidnapped kids in his van. I knew Carbarga's mother and two brothers. The parents were a bit out of their minds and caught up in the freedom of the times, basically gave their own kid away to this sociopath. Not of political interest but maybe culturally as it is the type of crime whose genesis could only have come through an atmosphere like in SF at that time. ... 66,5433120
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Tue May 14, 2013 4:33 pm

MrSinclair wrote:I think the best work on this was done by Mae Brussell who looked deep into the Patti Hearst kidnapping among other subjects.

I know we briefly touched upon Mae Brussell in the Jonestown topic, but there may be one glaring fact that was overlooked that may assist with gauging Mae's credibility or motivation for performing the work she did.

Mae was the daughter of Rabbi Edgar Magnin of Los Angeles. Normally, this simple fact wouldn't raise an eyebrow, but it turns out that during Rabbi Magnin's 69 year tenure at the temple, he was also known as “Rabbi to the Stars.”

Rabbi Magnin's obituary from the Mae Brussell Website.

The death of religious leader Edgar Magnin, the rabbi to the stars who prayed with American presidents and buried the famous, was mourned Wednesday by the celebrities whose lives he touched.
During his 69-year tenure with the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Magnin became to clergyman most closly associated with motion picture and television celebrities, officiating at marriages, funerals and testimonial events.

..."He was part of the Hollywood scene," Berle said. "He recited invocations for hundreds of testimonial dinners and at industry functions...

...Magnin participated in the inaugural ceremonies of Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

From a Paul Krassner essay regarding Mae, also from the Mae Brussell website.

One of her actual friends was the daughter of cowboy movie-star Tom Mix. House guests ranged from movie moguls to philosophers and scientists, from Louis B. Mayer to Thomas Mann, from Jack Warner to Albert Einstein.
"I grew up," she once recalled, "thinking this was the way life is."

...And so it came to pass that while Rabbi Magnin was entertaining Richard Nixon at his home in Los Angeles, his daughter Mae was revealing the President's role in an incredible conspiracy.

Here's a link to some quotes and references to Rabbi Magnin from the book "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood" ... in&f=false

From Page 281
Carl Laemmle, Harry and Jack Warner, Louis B. Mayer, Irving Thalberg, William Fox and dozens of other film executives, directors, and actors became members of B'nai B'rith...

(Carl Laemmle — Universal, Harry and Jack Warner — Warner Bros., Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg — MGM, William Fox — Fox Film Corporation)

And, perhaps her insider connections to Hollywood may explain her uncanny ability to forecast 'events.' From the 'About Mae Brussell' link on the Mae Brussell website:

Edit 5/16/2013: Adding additional predictions from another Paul Krassner essay and from an interview on the John Lennon assassination:

On May 29, 1968 Mae confronted Rose Kennedy at the Monterey Peninsula Airport and handed her a note telling her Robert Kennedy would soon be assassinated. A week later he was shot to death at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

A month before Mary Jo Kopechne died at Chappaquiddick, Mae warned Teddy Kennedy of "the nest of rattlesnakes" that wanted to abort his presidential possibilities.

Two weeks before Patty Hearst was kidnapped Mae told a Syracuse University audience that the SLA shooting of school superintendent Marcus Foster was the beginning of terror and psychological sabotage, in the same vein Germany had been subjected to in the 1930s.

In August 1977 (broadcast #282) Mae discussed Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple move to Guyana. She speculated it might be a training camp for assassination teams – this was more than a year before 913 members of the church were massacred.

Much of Mae's March 29, 1981 broadcast was spent discussing the power- struggle within the Reagan Administration and asked who will kill off their team members first. The following morning President Reagan was shot in Washington D.C.

Tom: What would be the motive to kill John Lennon on December 8, 1980?...
Mae: ... On my weekly radio broadcast of December 7, 1980, I stated that "the old assassination teams are coming back into power." The very people responsible for covering up the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King....

Cluesforum discussions regarding above subject matter:

The Robert F. Kennedy "assassination" : viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1443, viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1443&p=2380918&hilit=Kopechne#p2380918
Patty Hearst: Primarily in current topic
Jonestown, CIA Mind Control Experiment - Mae Brussell, 1978 : viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1347
Reagan Assassination Attempt, US 1981: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1438
Was J.F.K. murdered? : viewtopic.php?f=28&t=75
The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. : viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1496
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby MrSinclair on Wed May 15, 2013 1:59 am

All very interesting and it all goes to show how exhausting and confusing these kinds of inquiries can be. I suppose Mae Brussell contributed to my willingness and desire to question authority at every turn. Maybe some of her facts were skewed towards or away from one particular mafia or another, nonetheless she helped make clear how little truth there was in the mainstream media and any of their examinations of topics more serious than a kitten in a tree.
She claimed in at least some of her radio programs to be financially bereft but of course who really knows? :huh:
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby Libero on Thu May 23, 2013 8:19 pm

simonshack wrote:*

Well, there exists apparently ONLY ONE SINGLE photo of JFK and Marilyn together... here it is: ... larger.jpg

This picture may also be of interest in regards to where the birthday party was said to have been hosted.

It was at Dr. Krim's NYC home on May 19, 1962 that the famous 45th birthday party for President John F. Kennedy was held, with many famous persons in attendance (Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Maria Callas, Jack Benny, Harry Belafonte).

I present to you Mr. Arthur and Mathilde Krim.

Arthur B. Krim (4 April 1910 – 21 September 1994) was an American entertainment lawyer, the former finance chairman for the U.S. Democratic Party, an adviser to President Lyndon Johnson and the former chairman of Eagle-Lion Films (1946–1949), United Artists (1951–1978), and Orion Pictures (1978–1992). He was also a partner at the firm of Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon.

(United Artists, by the way, was the one who distributed the 'The Manchurian Candidate.' You may remember from the RFK thread that the director of that flick also drove RFK to the Ambassador that evening.)

Mathilde, his wife, apparently was one of the first to jump on the AIDS bandwagon.

In April 1983, Dr. Krim founded the AIDS Medical Foundation (AMF), the first private organization concerned with fostering and supporting AIDS research. In 1985, AMF merged with a like-minded group based in California to form the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), which soon became the preeminent national nonprofit organization devoted to mobilizing the public’s generosity in support of trailblazing laboratory and clinical AIDS research, AIDS prevention, and the development of sound, AIDS-related public policies. ... im,_ph_d_/

Mathilde also may have been one of the first to see a DNA chromosome under an electron microsope.

http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary. ... ,+Mathilde ... st&f=false

With the above information, I was curious to look up the movie 'Philadelphia' to see who might have produced it. :D

Neither Eagle-Lion Films , United Artists, nor Orion Pictures produced 'Philadelphia.' However, I glanced over a quick preview of 'Philadelphia' and was reminded that the main character of the production was a lawyer. With a bit more investigation I found out who the story was based on.

Geoffrey F. Bowers (1954–1987) was the plaintiff in one of the first AIDS discrimination cases to go to public hearing.

Bowers's family sued the writers and producers of the movie Philadelphia, claiming that it was based on Bowers' life.

The lawsuit was settled in 1996. Although terms of the agreement were not released, the defendants did acknowledge that the film was "inspired in part" by Bowers' story.

During his time at law school, Bowers earned a position on the Cardozo Law Review and worked part-time, first as a proofreader at a law firm and later as a researcher and writer for Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim and Ballon, a New York law firm.

So, to sum it up, a story about one of the first AIDS discrimination lawsuits was brought to the attention of the audience via a movie based on a person who happened to have worked at a law firm of which one of the senior partners (heavily involved in the media and politics) also happened to be married to a person affiliated with an organization which first brought AIDS to the attention of the world. Fascinating!

Related topics of interest addressed by Cluesforum members:

The invention of AIDS: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1455

DNA Technology: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1487
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Re: The Many Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Unread postby simonshack on Thu May 23, 2013 9:44 pm

^ Brilliant digging, Libero. Many thanks. :)
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