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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby taro83 on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:27 am

anonjedi2 wrote:Your English is atrocious and you're not even trying to show respect, as evidenced by your numerous grammatical errors and your curious refusal to capitalize the letter "I" in your sentences, even after boldly claiming that you will try harder in this area.

If you can't even put together a string of sentences that demonstrate clear thoughts, I doubt anyone here wants to read what you have to say about anything, including areas of so-called expertise. You claim that one of those areas of expertise is related to “how the human brain works”. If you want to be taken seriously on this forum, please demonstrate that you at least have a command of how the brain works when it comes to basic syntax, grammar, spelling, etc. Otherwise, we have no use for you here.

You claim to be an “avid self learner”, yet you fail miserably when it comes to the simple task of constructing legible sentences. It’s hard to believe that you speak 8 languages.

You claim to have been in Japan during the Earthquake and can guarantee that it was not a 9.0, or even a 7.0. How close were you to the epicenter? You also claim it didn’t feel like a regular quake? Can you please share with us what other earthquakes you have witnessed first hand, in order to determine what a magnitude feels like? Also, you volunteered in the rescue efforts? Can you give us some details, perhaps some photos? What were you doing in Japan for 2 months at that time?

Please stop feigning shock when another member of the forum calls you out on your childish use of the written language. Please start using correct grammar and spelling, and please do provide the name of your "wife's cousin" or whomever you claim to know that was in New York on 9/11.

Perhaps it was the gentleman referenced in this fairy tale? ... 11&f=false

Also, it is curious that you would claim to have lived in "Argentine", rather than "Argentina" ... please understand that so far you have done nothing but display the antics and tactics of a hired shill, sent here to disrupt the forum.


Hi, I do need to improve more, I understand that.

Personally I think there is some progression between each post, still far from perfect.
From now on that curios refusal of capitalize the I will be corrected, it is nothing more than a bad habit.

One of the problems of learning a new language is focusing too much in the written forms, syntax, grammar and spelling rather than the ability of communicating. My focus its been always on the spoken forms since it is far more useful and important, please forgive me, I am not a a native speaker and I have never studied formally this language, not even for an hour.
Still between that and stating that I can't even put together a string of sentences there is a long way.

You are clearly wrong and confusing things, the fact that according to your perception I cant construct legible sentences has nothing to do with if its possible for me to speak a number of languages, SPEAK being the keyword here, such mistake and your lack of comprehension of elemental differences shows me that behind your criticism there is nothing but uncalled bias.

At the moment of the earthquake I was in Tochigi prefecture, I have felt numerous earthquakes the biggest one being obviously the discussed one, besides that one others of magnitudes around 5 were experienced by myself as well. Photos of my volunteering I will not provide, my privacy is somewhat a big deal for me, it simply wont happen.

What was I doing in Japan? I live here, I'm a self employed person who volunteers very often, almost between 4 - 6 months every year.

The name of her cousin is stated in the link I provided earlier.

I have no idea if its the same person referenced in that book, since his name its not stated.

Yes I wrote Argentine and not Argentina since its usually written in that form in English,_not_Argentinian

Lo que sucede es que contrariamente a lo que crees no sos tan inteligente ni perspicaz, te sugiero que no seas tan ridiculo y te concentres en cosas mas importantes, mi funcion no es justificar cada cosa que no entiendas.

I also wrote Brazil and not Brasil for the same reason, but you sadly didn't catch that one.

Hired shill haha.

Have a nice day.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby taro83 on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:41 am

I think you guys are somewhat missing the point here.

I am not here saying that her cousin is telling the truth and that you are all wrong.

I simply had the perception that informing the forum about his existence as a real human being and not an actor, and the fact that he did broke his leg that day (if inside of the towers or not I do not know) could be useful to improve or correct (if necessary) your understanding of the events.

If anything I was hoping a slightly different reaction, maybe pointing up the fact that even if he did broke his leg on that very same day it might not have happened inside the building, witch was my very first question to myself after reflecting on the new information I got from him.

But in any case, it is now clearly my fault for having misjudged it.

I did expected a much smarter approach for it, perhaps my mistake was that I threw too much at once in a rather messy way.

I would like to see a little more benefit of the doubt and a little less we have the whole truth here and anyone who dares to even mention something contrary with what we state is instantly a shill, just because we think so. That posture is ridiculous and cant really lead you closer to the reality.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby anonjedi2 on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:56 am

The word 'Argentine' is used to describe a person from Argentina, not the country itself. It's hard to believe that you could make this mistake, having lived there, as you claim. It's even harder to believe that you still don't understand the mistake you've made. Saying that you lived in "Argentine", is equivalent to me saying that I lived in German, Chinese or Egyptian. In contrast, you actually used 'Brazil' correctly. It would have been incorrect if you used 'Brazilian' instead of 'Brazil.' So, it's not a matter of different spellings (Brazil/Brasil). It's puzzling to me that you still do not understand the error here, as it is a very basic one.

I'll reserve judgement on who or what you are for now, and I do appreciate you attempting to clean up your text moving forward. I do understand the vast differences between speaking and writing, I just question the overall intellect of someone who claims to speak 8 languages and yet cannot even distinguish the difference between the use of "in" versus "on" and other silly, fundamental errors that you don't find in the writing of most elementary schoolchildren. But again, since you are at least making an attempt, I am happy to give you the benefit of the doubt for now since English is not your first language. My advice to you is to run all of your text through a spell-checker before posting on here. Please understand that this forum has a history of infiltration by shills and more often than not, they display the same types of errors you've displayed thus far. Try not to take it personally.

Now, if you wouldn't mind answering a few more questions...

1) Where and when were these other earthquakes you've witnessed first hand? You said you were in Japan "for 2 months" at the time of the earthquake. Later you said you were living there. So, were you living there permanently or just there for 2 months? Any clarification you can provide would be appreciated.
2) How far were you from the epicenter of the Japan quake? In what ways did it not feel like a "normal" earthquake?
3) If you have photos of your rescue efforts, why won't you share them here? There's no need for you to post a photo of yourself, a few photos of the streets or your general surroundings during your rescue efforts (with exif data intact) will suffice.

4) Your wife’s cousin’s name (according to the article) is Mr. Toshio Shinya, Chief Representative of Shizoua Bank, LTD. Is this correct? Curiously, I was unable to find any photos of him online. Do you have any family photos of him?

5) How did he manage to get out of the building? Is this something you never asked him?

Here’s the e-mail address of “Toshio Shinya”, if anyone cares to reach out.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby simonshack on Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:10 am

taro83 wrote:I have lived in Argentine and Brazil is South America.

Oh, have you really ? And I have lived on Marse and Jupitar is South Australlia.

Bye now.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby Critical Mass on Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:31 am

I suppose all this raises the metaphysical question of 'can you be related to a sim'? From the link our new member provided concerning his second cousins, former roommates, best pal in law...
So far, at least 330 Japanese nationals working at the World Trade Center -- 310 from Japan and 20 local hires -- have been accounted for, and only one of them was found to have been hospitalized for injuries, according to the officials.

Toshio Shinya, 34, acting head of the New York branch of Shizuoka Bank fractured his right leg and needs six weeks for recovery, but is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the next few days.

So we're expected to believe that the 'needs six weeks in recovery' from a story written on the day after the 'attack' just happened to match the six weeks 'in real life' that 'you know' this individual spent in hospital?

Let's just go along with this one for a short while... how do you personally 'know' it was in a hospital for six weeks?

I'm going to have to spend some time on these survivor accounts I think. Just check out this one...

“Firefighter Tim Brown came up to me and said ‘Chief, I have ten people on the ground floor of WTC 2 lobby. They somehow managed to get themselves into the elevator and got down to the lobby, and they all have fractured legs
Critical Mass
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby brianv on Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:37 pm

taro83 wrote:
Hired shill haha.

Don't tell me you are that stupid all on your own??
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby Observer on Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:05 pm

Search terms "Shinya Toshio" + "Shizuoka Bank" + "World Trade Center" in Japanese
("新谷俊夫" + "静岡銀行" + "世界貿易センター") reveals supposed quotes from "him",
I will translate "his" supposed quotes, and then add my comments in parenthesis:

"Due to the first plane collision, there was an evacuation announcement. I escaped by running down the emergency stairs."
(Oops, the "running down 80 floors of emergency stairs" story here is thus conflicting with the "broken leg" story.)
(Silly scriptwriters, you should have claimed Toshio took an elevator, like the "10 others with broken legs" story.)

"It was totally a movie world. Even now I can't believe it."
(Well, those two sentences do indeed correctly describe the 9-11 hoax.)

"With so many missing acquaintances, I really can't be proud of escaping."
(Correction, with so many humans killed in wars due to the 9-11 hoax, the hoax participants can't be proud of living.)

"Toshio Shinya, Shizuoka Bank Acting Branch Manager, 34, was in an 80th Floor office, the building collapsed 10 minutes after escape."
(Wrong, nobody was in the empty towers on that day, since the hoax directors didn't need any actual revenge-seeking families. Period.)
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby roastrunner on Fri May 01, 2015 5:47 am

Hello all,

I'm an American, 40 years old, living on both the west and east coasts. I'm a great fan of this site; I've been reading through these threads almost every day for years. There's been a few times I've wanted to join in the fray, but obviously I never summoned the initiative to register till now.

I'm a software engineer. I've worked professionally coding for one company or another since the mid 90s - really I've been tinkering with programming since I was a little kid on a Commodore PET with a magnetic tape drive in 1982. I can still remember when I got Adventure to load the first time. I believe I have a good head for statistics, as do a lot of people that post here.

I came to this site believing SimonShack was Ace Baker. I wonder how often that happens. The revelation I had after actually watching September Clues was a real turning point for me. At the time I had long since figured out the Apollo moon landings were a joke, but I had no idea about the rest. In a way it was a let down to realize 9-11 was a media hoax. It was so much more interesting to have neutron bombs hidden in the foundations of the towers, and drones painted to look like passenger airlines. I guess that's why it's called the banality of evil.

When reading We Never Went To The Moon, I was amused by Kaysing's anecdotes of the subcontractors living it up on the government's dime in Nevada - call girls, private chefs, fooling around. I did subcontracting work for the DoD once, and it was an absolutely a party. When I worked for a tiny start up company in my employer's spare bedroom, we worked 7 days a week until we couldn't see straight. I think that's something that shows up a lot here. Secretive government projects with little oversight aren't going to get results just because they have unlimited budgets.

Hence, media fakery can be exposed because the grunts won't be putting in their absolute best effort. It's human nature.

To wrap up, I look forward to finally contributing to this site.

PS: My username roastrunner was from a "create a false identity" website. It struck me as gallows humor at the time; now I think I'm stuck with a silly name.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby Undoctored on Sat May 02, 2015 7:47 pm

roastrunner wrote:PS: My username roastrunner was from a "create a false identity" website.

Wow, first time I've heard of a “create a false identity” web site. Which one did you use? And is that where you got your bio from too?
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby roastrunner on Sun May 03, 2015 2:37 am

The site I used was Grab a cool username. The only false data I used from the profile was my name (which I emailed to simon). The rest is real.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby Odeen on Mon May 11, 2015 12:59 pm

Hello everybody

Name: Simone
Age: 34
Nationality: Italian
Job: actually employed as computer technician but working hard on my way out the system, so i moved in a farmhouse trying to be food independent and even energetically self-sufficient.
A bit of private: married (not religiously of course) and happy father of two girls and a boy: a sweet little pooch, an impertinent beagle and a retarded semi-toothless cat :)

Bio: It's kinda hard to enlist all my interests. Maybe i can sum them in "understanding life", so i embraced a very large spectrum of studies in many fields. Never found my dimension in classic university, so i tried archeology, economy, theology, last but not least psychology (and later NLP), then finally i understood i was not made to be a "slave" of the "already written". I always searched for the mistery and everything surrounding that. The mistery, to me, it's just a failure of the mind or, when came from above (religion), just an instrument of slavery through ignorance.
I also was an amateur astronomer and so i imagine i can share with many of you the feeling of the "falling sky" (i mean all that bunch of broken certainty about stars and space...), but that must be the great sensation of uncovering the Maya's veil. And I/we have to learn to deal with it, probably we just only started.

Vegan semi-fruitarian by years, through my studies on the human body and nutrition, i was able to heal from some less and more serious deseases and tested on my own body (not on other me the fast and furious polemic) everything i learned new. That led me to "unveil" another big cage (what a metaphor, u-hu?!) in which we are forced to believe: the knowledge of our own body. What one can achieve with his body (still far from his fully functionality but just a little more "clean" and "mind-linked") is simply beyond words and it's a sensation that can be only proved on oneself to be fully understood. I just started my first steps on this road.
We are used to discussing about the form of the "thing" we are living ON (the Earth), but is it less important to understand the true form which we are living IN (the body)? It's a parallel to the classic science view where we are capable (what an arrogance) to reconstruct the very first moments of the birth of the universe but we dont know when and where the light of a new life in a baby come from. Human absurdity, other way said "normality".
I began casting doubt on what i knew about Earth and Universe when i started discovering my own body more.
Maybe we could start an interesting thread about it, maybe it's a piece of the mosaic the partecipants of this forum left off.

My library is full of every sort of books, and i tried for years to reconciliate all of them to build up a great big "theory of everything" (sound familiar, i presume...). But i never stopped from researching, neither when everything seemed in his perfect position, i always destroyed my beliefs to prove if they were solid enough.
For ages i decided to stay in the shadow, reading and picking up what it seemed important, but not partecipating in debates, forum, nor opening a blog or a site (so, of course, no facebook too), and that's because i was (and am) still researching. How could i be so sure of what i was arguing if just the year before it was so much different to me? How can anyone can be so sure of what they were defending?

In the course of time, that made me more conscious the truth was still far away, and behind all those written words there were only other limited humans, with their beliefs, probably obsessed just and maybe more than me to undercover this or that mistery. So i understood i couldn't reach out for the truth (or just a piece of it) only with my own limited, encaged and socially growned up (and therefore distorted and almost blinded) mind.
I convinced my self i needed what David Bohm called the "dialogue circle" to listen for other points of view and share the logics and the different powers of different minds, attempting to recreate a tiny little piece of what we (probably) are: a great connected mind.
The difficulty in finding "free" (what a big word still...) real-not-virtual persons in surronding life is the reason that led me here.
When i found this forum, i started reading it for months and finally i seemed to have found a place with a good amount of free-thinkers, with no fear of sharing ideas (even at embrional state, but intuition is a fundamental part of our process in bulding new concepts) and with no hesitation in constructively criticize others but (and most important) especially self concepts.

My actual nickname is Odeen, one of the alien from the Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves". Odeen is the rational one, but with time became and discovered the emotional part. The title itself its a part of the complete phrase: "Against Stupidity... The Gods Themselves... Contend in Vain?"

I think i was rambling enough, but no problems if further informations are needed :)
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Mon May 11, 2015 7:57 pm

Hi folks, and welcome. Just do remember we capitalize proper nouns in English, and we like to use spaces, returns, punctuation and sentences to carefully make text the most legible. But thank you for your intro, and welcome again!
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby CIE on Sun May 24, 2015 1:35 pm

So here is the content of my registering e-mail I sent to Simon like required here:


- Who they are

I am F. - 41 yrs old

- where they come from

I am from Europe.

- their professional expertise,

Worked in severall fields, eg. wholesale trade (industrial and housing parts) and a software company, Had accident, so could not work longer in warehouses, made new education as an industrial manager/clerk but it is hard to find fulltime job in this field. So I now do severall small jobs ("minijobs") as deliver mail, magazines and newspapers. As well have a small business in the IT field, mainly repair & maintenance of Laptops and PCs. Small income. I like to read, research, a bit sports, also made electronic music.

Very interested in history & arts like music and films.

- and their motivations for joining Cluesforum.

Have followed, researched several so called conspiracy theories, came to realize some of them are true, means official story is wrong. Now mainly look at newer events, because I think 9/11 or JFK are both clear that official story is a fairy tale. Mostly interested in German Wings and Copenhagen hoax at the moment. Try to focus on events around my area means mostly Europe. Otherwise it is too time consuming imho.

Thanks for reading and best regards to all. :)

PS: I doubt I can reach the high standard of this board research and postings (mostly) but I will try...
PPS: I think some of you are a bit too harsh if others doubt some findings or think not everything is fake or a hoax... <_<

Also: I joined this forum because I may need some help too in my research. If it even is judged valid (as I said mostly Copenhagen "shooting" which was a follow up of the Charlie disaster it seems, as well GermanWings) I mean. I found no thread for Copenhagen btw. Can someone lead the way ?

Edit: Deleted some info from this intro as I was warned by a mod about sensitive stuff. Simon still has my original e-mail.
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sun May 24, 2015 3:16 pm

PPS: I think some of you are a bit too harsh if others doubt some findings or think not everything is fake or a hoax...

I know what you mean, but across the whole Internet, there is roughly only one 'community' where you admins want you to doubt everyone and everything presented (including themselves and each other at times, as long as it is done sensitively and optimistically!) and that is this one. So please only bring your best irrefutably authentic, non-tampered-with evidence to a case where you think you have something legit, and prepare to have that evidence eviscerated anyway, because different people can see different things. Or don't attempt it at all here if you are going to be precious about it. We are better as a forum for dissecting media, not for constructing new media. For making up new conspiracy theories, may be a more appropriate playground for you. Please do not take offense to anything I have written.

Thanks. And welcome!
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread postby CIE on Sun May 24, 2015 3:26 pm

hoi.polloi wrote:
Thanks. And welcome!

Thanks, well I meant I read a lot of threads in this board already. I think it´s great, esp. eg. the Boston thread, you (the members) were quite quick to find the fakings in there. I have seen now also severall other videos and pages that I am 99,8% certain that this event was staged. Also Charlie probably and Copenhagen. Not to mention 9/11.

There are other instances however that are not so clear. And I found some insulting posts to people who pointed out these, means if this person does not believe and/or has other evidence that it may not be a "hoax" they were insulted. I don´t like that tbh. Because it distracts from the topic. Eg. I can asure you that the school from the German Wings crash victims exists. How can you even fake a complete school ? LOL Anyone who lives there could expose that. Just as one example. I don´t want to be flamed that I point out this school exists as well the town as well the country where it is :) We could even doubt that the earth exists if you go that far, if you know what I mean :)

PS: Where I can I post questions/research about Copenhagen (need new thread?) also question about google search results....

PS: I don´t get insulted easily I am hardened from other forums, where 90% are sheeple and call you names and stuff if you even point out the obvious 9/11 lies... :unsure:

In short: Some stuff of allegded hoaxes or fakery just go to far imo. Like faking a school in the middle of a town. That´s my opinion...We need to stay realistic...thanks for your info nonetheless :) Like what evidence would you need that a huge building in the city center exists and that there are hundreds of pupils ? Let me hear what you need.... Also are you real ? Do you live in a house ? Does it even exist ? B) I would only believe this if I met you in person and see and feel your house....
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