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I initially instigated the thread ‘What is fakery?’

However, the notion has always occurred to me as to what is ‘real’?

Is ‘real’ the antithesis of what is fakery?

I have used the expression ‘What’s real? In common parlance, I might have written (correctly) ‘What is real?’

I personally believe the following:

‘Reality’ is something that we can only personally perceive through whatever senses are available to us at any given ‘time’ or ‘place’ and to whatever those senses reveal at such a ‘time’ or ‘place’.

‘Reality’ is only what we perceive within our perceptions, those; that is, through whatever senses that are available at any instant upon which we choose to call the variable and enigmatic ‘time’.

‘Time’ is a perception that we personally compute as a change from one state (or instant) towards another. Time may be perceived by watching a mechanical/digital contraption to proceed in a direction that appears to go ‘forwards in a progressive 1,2,3…’ but that is not any answer as to what ‘time’ might be.

‘Time’ is therefore relevant from and to a ‘point’ we appear to move towards by the input and output of data that we receive, whether this be in the form of ingestion and excretion of appropriate or inappropriate nutrients in conjunction with living (or perhaps partially reverting backwards towards their origins) substances and within a suitable environment conducive to our survival (‘living’) and through which our alimentary tract responds appropriately according to ‘Nature’.

A tortuous sentence, I agree but it remains.

All flora and fauna are merely alimentary tracts (however formed) to be able to what we call ‘live’.

In my view, ‘Reality’ is only what we (as unique individuals (flora or fauna)) perceive through whatever senses are available to us at a particular instance. Instance is what is happening now (always on-going and what we perceive as forwards to the next).

What we perceive through our individual (particularly and unique) senses is determined by our own availability of those senses and the purpose to which they are determined by our internal availability to receive data and our survival mechanism as individuals to interpret that data at a certain moment and act upon it.

In other words, any ‘event/data’ receivable by an individual will vary because of our unique individuality of perception/s at a certain moment.

Thus the blind can ‘see’ and the deaf can ‘hear’ in their own way. What they perceive is their ‘reality’.

If, for example, I drive my car in a direction that akin to where is to be my objective (a supermarket, for example), each position of my motor-car and myself (at any ‘moment’ or movement) is cognisant only upon the area which I can see, hear and so forth (perceive). The rest is conjecture, assumption, extrapolation (and so forth). I can have no knowledge or data whether my objective is where I expect it to be or even exists any more until I arrive where I wish to go. It can never be a forgone conclusion.

In attempting to gather sufficient data, there can never be a ‘complete conclusion’ as it defies a notion of extrapolation or constant change, which is the order of the universe as evidenced by day-to-day activities.

Thus, there is no Truth about anything but only truths (particular to individuals).

This notion is applicable to all intangible phenomena (love, hate and so forth).

Reality (in my view, at least) is the extrapolation of the gathering of data and applying it to future possible events. That is also part of our ‘survival mechanism’.

As humans who (apparently) have the ability to process data beyond the immediate (i.e. to think ‘ahead’ or extrapolate) and have thus (so far) been able to survive as a ‘species’, no matter how ‘clever’ we think we are because ‘thinking’ is a product of our particular brain-patterns and vary because of our personal geographical terrain and our heritage.

That is not to say other flora or fauna do not have a similar capacity but only that we can have no knowledge of this because we are not them and can have nothing but speculative data regarding them.

Reality is where we exist wherever/whenever we are. Reality did not exist until we were aware of it from out entrance into the ‘world’ and our becoming awareness of it. It will cease when we are not aware of it (when we return to Nature, whatever that may be).

The problem with our perceptions of reality is that we are led to believe in a World invented by those whose reality is not cognisant with ours. The World is not the earth from which we originated. The World, is an invention; the fake earth. The word ‘earth’ needs no anthropomorphism of a capital letter.

If we allow others (what I call humanoids) other than ourselves (who have the faculties to apparently determine our lives (through the sensual apparatus granted to us) what determines our personal futures then we have only ourselves to blame.

Goodness to those of us with a positive sensual apparatus of any kind that can help those who have not the functionality that we may have been bestowed upon us and that mark us as Human, the rest are not a close relation, far be it.

‘Truths are a product of our beliefs.’ Peter K, Sharpen

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun May 01, 2016 6:48 pm

‘Truths are a product of our beliefs.’ Peter K, Sharpen
Calling bullshit on this statement being applicable to your argument that reality is limited to the personal perception of an individual. (Not calling bullshit on your beliefs.)

And what's a "liar"? Who's to say what "violence" means? Indeed! And fuck that.

But on this forum, we are discussing how to expose the fakery, the treachery, the lies and the deceptions of a criminal self-appointed 'superclass'. (Whose equivocating language sounds a lot like what you just documented.)

That is a real enough reality we should be addressing.

We shouldn't really need to go into personal beliefs here, even though those are important. Maybe post about what you think reality is on a blog or something. Thank you! (If you can acknowledge, for example, that blogs exist.)
In my view, ‘Reality’ is only what we (as unique individuals (flora or fauna)) perceive through whatever senses are available to us at a particular instance. Instance is what is happening now (always on-going and what we perceive as forwards to the next).
That's not reality. That's personal world view. There's a difference. Hopefully, if you (in the general sense, not you in particular) are not psychotic (and I definitely do not assume you are!), you can understand that. Can we please move forward with the idea of working towards a better reality for the public, for people and for life on Earth? Is that too offensive and concrete? If you feel I have moderated incorrectly here, please bring the discussion to the DERAILING ROOM for now.