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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sun Dec 25, 2016 9:07 pm

If you folks haven't checked out HoaxBustersCall, I think you might want to see what you think. We are obviously not ordinarily about promoting things but I think that site is definitely helping to remind people to use their own senses and to identify and think intelligently about lies, skewed stories and rumors put out by big media.

Chris Kendall is a very shrewd and intelligent thinker that puts things in perspective, often in a very simple way that anyone can understand. I don't agree with him 100% and he doesn't agree with me 100% and this was clear enough to me when K and I had him on the newest episode. Everyone must vet their own researchers, so I am not going to just say, "This person is trustworthy!" even if they are trustworthy to me, as I feel Chris is. We must always allow for the possibility that we are fooled in any case.

Moving on, I think CluesForum readers should know that he is helping us promote The Clues Chronicle by posting a link on his side bar. As far as I know, this is only the second site after to give us such a link. And how many others can you find in the world that compile this amount of research out of pure interest in the material? (As opposed to charging people and capitalizing on claims of truth?)*

So yeah, this is not an ordinary post, but that's because for fuck's sake we have to count the few allies we have in this research. Chris is one of mine, as far as I'm concerned. I for one am celebrating the relief I feel that researcher Rochell0 pointed me in the direction of HoaxBustersCall. I recommend you listen and/or watch and see what you think.

None of us is going to agree on everything, but it's nice to see someone else that we can agree on the basics with — i.e.; 9/11 and other bullshit being complete fabrications of a psychopathic predatory culture.

Happy holidays everyone! We are all making a difference and keeping it real together!

Hopefully, the side effects of our research, such as this phony "fake news" meme and so forth, can be seen for what it is: an attempt to belittle, squash and squeeze out our efforts from the public dialogue. We can fight this by simply talking about it. Isn't that awesome? We are in a good position.

* PS: Thank you again to everyone who has donated to keep CluesForum running. It's not necessary. We are dedicated to making this information public and easily viewed in forum structure, for public good, because — well, it's just the right thing to do. We don't ask for change unless we are in a bit of a temporary financial crisis, but it's always appreciated. Please do not read this as an attempt to ask for money right now. If you are anxious for doing some kind of holiday gift anyway, you could buy Simon's music, which helps him out a lot.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby antipodean on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:28 am

Finally got around to listening to the show. Although it was 90 minutes before the subject matter came up it was quite a good listen.
I agree there must have been more efficient ways of killing all these people than gassing with Zyklon B.

The issue in regards to the use of ovens to cremate the bodies leaves a few unanswered questions. I was trying to quantify how much (& what type) fuel would have been needed to incinerate these millions of bodies given that, they would have to come in contact with naked flames.

After a few hours of googling I couldn't find any sufficient answers. Nearest I got was a holocaust denial forum. ... ad7c7f2890

And this site as well.

To try and even up the debate here's a Jewish site claiming that, the Gas Chambers and ovens operated along the lines of a one stop shop.

The Crematorium II building, which contained a gas chamber and furnaces for burning corpses. Several hundred thousand Jewish men, women and children were murdered here with poison gas, and their bodies burned. ... tml#Bunker No. 1

Personally I think the holocaust myth needs to be perpetuated in order for the allies to justify the war, other wise they come across as being the aggressors.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:25 pm

Extray! Extray!

Issue 16: Hi, the Concept of the Columbine Shooting Hoax

Just released!


Enjoy! And please let us know how we're doing in this thread.


Next up is surely one of everyone's favorite discussions ... Satellites

It should make for a very interesting show. ^_^
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:00 am

New show! New format!

Please join us ...

Tomorrow evening (maybe 7pm - 9pm Pacific time).

Flabbergasted, ElSushi, Farcevalue, Rochelle (another researcher we know through please feel invited to join us in a casual conversation about the Satellites thread and/or "man made satellites" in general.

Everyone else, please feel free to participate too. Here's how ...

K and I are talking about a new format where we divide the show into two halves and therefore have some period of time between shows to think/talk/receive feedback/questions/etc.

This will be Part 1 of the Satellites discussion.

First of all, any questions or areas of interest you'd like to hear us address for listeners? Remember anything is fine, but The Clues Chronicle is meant to be something that most any English speaker dropping out of thin air should hypothetically be able to pick up on and understand.

Issue 17-A stage 1 : solicit questions from within this forum, from our personal experience and/or from other forums

Issue 17-A stage 2 : record, edit, publish

Issue 17-B stage 1 : solicit more questions from within/without this thread as well as reflecting on previous episode

Issue 17-B stage 2 : record, edit, publish

This is intended to lead us through a more interactive experience, a way to be better guided by the membership here, as well as to be better researchers as we reflect on the subject in our daily life between episodes.

So let's start!


Everybody, please tell us: do you have a particular point or question that you'd like an issue of The Clues Chronicle about Satellites to address? Let us know! It could be something you think is a good point, a problem or limitation with our research, or something else you'd have us discuss. Thank you so much for helping us spread the valuable discussion.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby Altair on Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:08 am

OK, so here I go. First, let me state that I'd like to raise some questions that anyone would ask when confronted to the 'fake satellites' hypothesis:

· How does GPS work, if not by picking signals from a satellite?
· How can a satellite dish work, only when pointing to a given point in the sky that can be calculated using a rather simple formula?
· What are those teleports for? In fact, there is one of those near my hometown.

On the other hand, I find extremely improbable that the technology needed for building a satellite is readily available. In particular, I find these topics really unsolvable:

· Thermal stabilization: Obviously, in outer space there is an absolute vacuum, which means that heat can be only transferred by radiation. So you have no control over the temperature of an object other than what's defined by its reflective characteristics, i.e., the amount of radiation absorbed should be very precisely calculated so that the innards would keep a temperature within the working range of the electronics. In fact, there are some specs of such electronics available: ... ansmitter/ but they would work only from -31ºC to +71ºC. Yet, a solid in space would heat to up 200ºC on its sunlit side, and cool down to near absolute zero on the shaded side. Also, think of the many instruments and sensors that are completely unprotected, in the outside of the main 'box'. No way that they could be maintaned within working temperature. Also, there is an almost complete absence of scientific literature on this field. I guess that if they'd have to perform lots of tests and simulations before placing a sat up there.
· Orbit stabilization: While it seems that sats carry some fuel canisters in order to keep them on the required orbital slot, there are many disturbances up there (solar wind, sun/moon gravitation) that would need for significant and continuous corrections. Some detailed calculations should be performed, but I don't think that the supplied fuel would last for up to 15 years. Also, keeping a parabolic antenna so precisely pointed to the Earth from 36.000 Km away seems to be out of what's possible, even more when the sat would be performing small but continuous orbit corrections.

But anyway, if there are no satellites, what the h*eck is up there?
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby brianv on Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:23 pm

But anyway, if there are no satellites, what the h*eck is up there?

Anyone up for a spot of Train Spotting?

This is what's up there - an artist's imagination.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby Farcevalue on Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:31 pm

There is also the issue of power.

A typical DTV full power station operates in the range of 500 kilowatts. Below are comments from a thread discussing whether 150 mile antennas actually work. ... rk.211008/

There are coverage calculators, but to get a breakdown on actual watt/distance for TV is a bit elusive. 60 miles appears to be the max range generally for a full power DTV station.

According to the article below, Direct TV uses 14 satellites at an orbital altitude of 22,236 miles. An argument could be made that a vacuum could cause less of an obstruction than the atmosphere, although masonry and metal do not seem to be signal inhibitors.

This is a photo of a 500 kilowatt solar array in Ontario:


Also, consideration must be given to batteries and conversion elements required to store and convert the power to usable current. In addition, there is the issue of uploading, which is done internally at a land based station, so there is conversion there as well. It makes sense to assume that Direct TV must stream up and down continuously as the process for archiving and switching content would be a logistical nightmare if it were managed from the ground. Streaming would require continual upload signal synchronization from the ground based content libraries to the 14 satellites, all while managing course correction remotely. Not to mention, anything with this level of technicality is finicky and requires routine maintenance at the very least.

Considering that it is openly admitted by Sirius "satellite" radio that they use cell towers for their broadcasts, it's probably safe to assume that Direct TV is using the ionosphere or some type of ground based repeater technology to manage its content as well.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:15 pm

The teleports are interesting, for sure. However, I don't see how it isn't already mixed up in scifi technobabble.

For example, gives us a glossary in the very descriptor of the "satellites" it claims to be picking up and converting to various more convenient formats. What could be more convenient than — as you say — pointing directly up at a stationary satellite? But apparently that's not good enough, we need these very profitable multi-million dollar communications companies to help. Here's the glossary they offer in the IntelSat satellite descriptions:

Beam edge
EIRP, G/T or flux density contour corresponding to the minimum performance over a coverage area.

Beam peak
A single point within a coverage area with highest performance (i.e., EIRP, flux density or G/T)

A decibel referenced to one watt. Expresses units of decibels above 1 W. X (dBW) = 10 log 10 (X / 1W)

A transmission link carrying information from a satellite or spacecraft to earth. Typically down links carry telemetry, data and voice.

EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)
In a given direction, the gain of a transmitting antenna multiplied by the net power accepted by the antenna from the connected transmitter.

G/T (antenna gain-to-noise-temperature)
The ratio of the gain to the noise temperature of the antenna. Usually the antenna-receiver system figure of merit is specified. For this case the figure of merit is the gain of the antenna divided by the system noise temperature referred to the antenna terminals. The system figure of merit at any reference plane in the RF system is the same as that taken at the antenna terminals since both the gain and system noise temperature are referred to the same reference plane at the antenna terminals.

Point-of-presence (POP)
A POP is a physical interconnect location where separate telecommunications networks meet and communicate with each other.

That property of a radiated electromagnetic wave describing the time-varying direction and amplitude of the electric field vector: specifically, the figure traced as a function of time by the extremity of the vector at a fixed location in space, as observed along the direction of propagation.

A teleport is a physical location and interface between a satellite system and telecommunications networks on the ground. It includes a variety of satellite dishes, earth stations, and supporting ground equipment.

A receiver/transmitter combination which receives a signal and retransmits it at a different carrier frequency. Transponders are used in communication satellites for reradiating signals to earth stations or in spacecraft for returning ranging signals.

A ground to satellite link.

Spacecraft? "Explaining" to investors what this stuff really means? Hardly. It seems the glossary is there to merely appear helpful. What are those teleports for? Indeed! Here is an article about the mysterious nature of the business:

Teleports often are characterized as the ground-based infrastructure of a satellite network, but the term means different things to different people. There is a surprising amount of diversification in the field, and the term teleport covers a wide range of facilities and business models, making it challenging to pin down exact the costs ratios of doing business. In a 2007 study, the World Teleport Association (WTA) details a fractional teleport industry with many different forms of ownership, including: telephone companies, commercial operators, DTH and cable companies, satellite operators, and system integrators, and the business dynamic is different for each business. For instance, a teleport operator providing data services to thousands of maritime vessels has a completely different business model than a DTH provider broadcasting content to millions of subscribers. But while business models vary significantly, there are a few costs which are common to most teleport operators.

Independent teleport operators have been the heart of the industry since the early 1980s. Teleport operators historically have been entrepreneurs, have focused on a geographic region and, initially, were focused primarily on the media and entertainment industries. Over time, corporate entities have been built up, acquiring teleports on different continents and operating them as an integrated service offering, often with interconnecting fiber networks. In its 2004 Teleport Benchmarks study, the WTA surveyed the marketplace about factors such as revenues, technology assets in place and employment. The data was compiled in 2004 and provides good metrics for the comparison of different teleport operators. The report breaks down the operators into classifications: small, midsize, and large and found that small teleports, on average, operate 20 satellite antennas, employ 14 people, and generate $5 million in revenue per year. Midsize operators enjoyed annual revenues between $29 million and 30 million and operated 28 antenna. Employees per teleport were not available for this market segment. Large teleport operators on average had revenues of $33.4 million, operated 87 satellite antennas and employed 57 people. While there is considerable overlap, it is rare to find two teleports offering the exact menu of services.

Arqiva Satellite & Media operates an integrated teleport and fiber distribution network. The company’s 125 uplinks can bring nearly 50 different satellites into play. ... rim-costs/

"Into play"? What does this mean? Doesn't it mean just what it sounds like from Satellite Today?

Certainly profitable, though, even if these numbers don't make sense but from a PR standpoint. I don't see any reports of teleport operators suddenly losing all their business or succumbing to a failure of their satellites crashing through the atmosphere. Not that we should, of course. Still, there is more about the teleports.

Let's go back to IntelSat and take a look at their "satellites in the visible range" from the Atlanta location: ... teleports/

Visible Arc
17°W – 151°W

Intelsat Satellites in the Visible Arc
G-15 · G-12 · H-1* · G-13* · G-14*
G-18* · G-13 · G-16 · G-19 · G-3C
IS-30 · IS-31 · G-25 · G-17* · G-28
IS-21* · IS-34 · IS-23 · IS-1R* · IS-29e
IS-14* · IS-11* · IS-32e · IS-9* · IS-35e
IS-903 · IS-25 · IS-701 · IS-907 · IS-905

Let's click on one of these and look at the information about, say, IS-901. Under each one, you get the oblong shape, presumably a circle, which displays the range, and the menu also includes that glossary:


And its stats:


I would genuinely like to know any ways in which this data can be interpreted. It looks to me like signals, but nothing to do with positions of the satellite in real sky. Just a point "on the sky". Am I wrong? They are all along the equator but not exactly on the equator? What does a hundred miles north or south of the equator even mean in this case? So the North or South Pole won't be getting as many signals in those cases? :rolleyes:

Or are the dots about satellite "location" more like "helpful glossary" and not so much a literal map? :huh:
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:38 am

I would be remiss if I didn't say thanks for the topics and questions. Thank you! Altair and Farcevalue, I appreciate these thoughts.

The reason I replied here to Altair was in hopes of getting more from Altair about the "teleport" technology. I want to really address it as well as possible. I am trying to provoke more questions and discussion. (We will start recording in a couple hours or so. There is still time to add to this. There is also next recording time.)
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby Altair on Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:35 am

oops, sorry! It seems we're in different timezones, so a lot more than two hours have elapsed since you posted. Anyway, I'll research more on the topic.
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:32 am

I am getting ready to release Issue 17 of The Clues Chronicle right now! I hope everyone will enjoy a listen to our 2 hour show (forgiving if you please a 5 minute rambling story from myself at around the 15 minute mark).

Rather than calling the next one 17-B, we will just call it Issue 18, but with the added (Part 2 of 2) to indicate where it belongs in the sequence.

So ... please brush your ear hair and scrub your upper canals for a listen, then give us some feedback we can incorporate into the next show, which will continue our discussions of "man made satellites".
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:58 am

Alright, here it is! (With it, comes the return of this still applicable graphic ...)


Issue 17: Hi, 'ElSushi' and Satellite Musings (Part 1 of 2)

Feedback, please!
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby Prescient on Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:30 pm

Excellent researchers and discussion - thank you for doing this!

Here's some rough notes I made during the first listen.

Re getting the truth out-

We live in a hierarchy - most people realise this so why would we “little people” researchers know or even partially know the “top secrets”?
In my experience a lot of people (estimate about 95% of the public) cannot “afford” to understand this. Either financially, emotionally etc
They are too “invested” in the system. They have so little precious time to spend on research if at all. Life is a survival game for them and their family and they have to run faster each year to standstill and keep the payments on their house etc.
Those that do have an interest in politics are faced with the prospect that they have been wasting their time? Again- invested too heavily - in bullshit.
Its also possible that the narrative is kind of like a drug for some. They are too addicted.

Unfortunately, the truth has to be realised, not told.

Its way too much bandwidth required for most to get their head around - so the truth might have to be drip fed and/or actually realised in chunks?

K is almost certainly right about the intelligence agencies and the media - I have no doubt there are many assets in the news agencies to make sure their bullshit stories appear on the feed for rest of the media to publish aka churnalism.

I agree with Rochello when she says they prob know whats going on above - this could be the reason for classification "Top secret"?

Bit surprised you didn’t cover microwave links?
I don’t know much about these except that I see them a lot - perhaps they could be another piece of the jigsaw puzzle rather than "all eggs in one basket" betting on undersea cables?

Keep up the great work - nice to hear some voices of reason and sanity!
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:23 pm

Great, thank you for the feedback. We'll look into the microwave thing. Anything in particular you'd like us to mention about it? Perhaps, speculation about how it was once used before "satellites" are said to have taken over for them?
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Re: The Clues Chronicle — help decide the threads to read!

Unread postby antipodean on Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:56 pm

Enjoyed the show's synergy. (from 70 minutes on wards)

Vast oceans have enough Islands dotted through them for GPS antennas to function. Also the point made about some TV stations having a 65 mile radius.

I've come across this interesting article. ... world.html

Telstar satellite beamed pictures from New York to receiver in Cornwall

Why would a satellite beam to a to receiver in Cornwall, and not a few hundred miles away in London. Where there would be access to a greater pool of qualified personnel to operate the receiver.
Obviously Cornwall is the most westerly point of the UK mainland to receive a Trans Atlantic cable.

Technology breakthrough: Engineers work on the Telstar satellite, which Nasa launched into Orbit in 1962 in order to make the first ever satellite TV broadcast

The Ted Bundy execution is broadcast from a jail n Florida in 1989. Before satellite, TV stations had to post recorded footage around the world

Below is a comment from the comments section (back in 2012). Nice to know that it's not only CF members who are awake to the scam.

Well here we go again Bertie/Chris and the rest. Another report by NASA , something we are getting every two or three weeks. Notice they had to include, “FROM THE MOON” What’s the problem NASA ? Getting worried are we as to the number of people who now accept the moon landings were just faked, another article to try and put over the moon landing story. Try answering these questions NASA, the camera you used on the moon, or so you state you used on the moon had a plastic film OK. So everybody knows that film has to be developed don’t it NASA? So who developed the film and how then did you transmit the photos from a plastic film digitally to the earth. Another thing NASA, last week you said the landing sites would be protected and no future astronauts would be allowed to go to them. Why is that NASA? are you afraid the Chinese are going to get there and spill the beans? Like I said NASA the game is over, you can’t display any advanced technology without exposing the moon hoax can you.
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