Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

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Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby Altair on Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:03 am

I've recently stumbled upon an article in Spanish media which gives a new hypothesis that explains the recent push against diesel engines (and ICEs* in general) and other trends like EVs, restrictions to ICE vehicles (mainly, forbidding access to city centers), autonomous driving, shared transport and so on, as a way to fool public opinion and avoid a scarcity psychosis.

(*ICE: Internal Combustion Engine)

The key points are as follows:
- We're reaching the 'peak oil'. In fact, we might already be passed this point.
- New oil/gas sources (shale oil, fracking) are not valid for obtaining diesel fuel. Anyway, gasoline scarcity will follow sooner or later.
- Oil companies are sustaining big losses, exploration costs are on the rise due to scarcity, and many oil fields are being closed as they're not profitable anymore.

Now, there is an alternative viewpoint that states that some countries (mainly Russia) have technology to extract 'deep oil' which is virtually limitless, as (according to some theories) in fact all oil doesn't come from rotten dinousaurs, but it's continuously generated at the core-mantle boundary through high temperature and pressure chemical processes. In fact, the current oil reserves are formed by the oil that 'leaked' to the upper layers, and it's physically/chemically impossible that complex hydrocarbon compounds could be formed in the relative low pressure/temp conditions where oil it's found now.

Any thoughts on this matter? I think it's a rather serious issue not so much as from the technical/resource standpoint, as from the media/manipulative one, which could explain the real drivers of the anti-ICE push in media, and probably all the CO2 scam as well. ... n_1694062/
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby pov603 on Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:20 pm

I think to believe oil/gas is from “pools” of dead dinosaurs is absurd when one gives it even a modicum of thought.
If dinosaurs did in fact “roam the earth” it is strange that they went to die in “elephant graveyards”.
The other fact that oil/gas could be abiotic and this “option” of thought is kept out of the way by MSM speaks volumes (no pun intended) in itself.
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby bongostaple on Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:45 am

I'm not sure if it really matters whether oil is abiotic or not. My opinion is that it originates from great depth, and whilst finite, there could be enough to last for a very long time indeed.

The overall aim of media is to keep the populace in a state of fear and uncertainty, so the peak oil story was a jolly good effort at this - oh no, we might lose our precious toys!

Another aim of course is to deprive populations of the ability to move freely and independently. Electric cars are the means, and declining 'fossil fuels' are the motivational bogeyman to get the public to give up their freedom of movement.

By way of illustration, consider the diamond industry. A very small number of companies own the business of digging them out of the ground, and between them have complete control of supply. This means they can only release into the market the quantity they want, thus controlling the price paid for them. Diamonds could easily be very plentiful indeed, but the total control of the industry keeps them being perceived as rare and valuable. Like oil, in fact.
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby aa5 on Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:16 am

Oil, electricity, food, etc.. is limitless. But there isn't much profits in something that there is endless supply.

When I tell this reality to people that all this, oil, electricity, water, food, etc. is limitless, I can see how it hits the cognitive dissonance in their minds. As they have been taught their whole life that we are 'running out' of everything. So they question me, and when I go into detail on why this is so, their minds fight me every step of the way. At the end they usually 'agree to disagree'. Then interestingly when I meet them the next time, they have no recollection of our conversation.

You see so many paradigms they believe rely on what they have been taught and believed over their life, that it is emotionally hard to let it all go in light of new thinking.
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby bongostaple on Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:27 pm

No shit! There are very few people in my life who I will discuss such opinions of mine with. The best possible case is they think I have a screw loose, and go off to forget all about it. Other reactions are basically the same message, but with ever-decreasing courtesy.

The whole DBA strategy has been really successful over the years - for the cost of a few shills and the co-operation of mainstream media, you will be branded a 'tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist' for having opinion A which is also shared by person B, who as well as opinion A, has opinion C, for example the flat earth folks.

Due to the overall project to keep civilians malleable and compliant, by ensuring fear and uncertainty are a daily minimum, some people lap up the rather suspect 'conspiracies' because they may represent some sort of 'solution' for the fear of everyday life.

I do know a handful of people locally who will discuss this sort of thing, but precisely one of them pointed out to me the fact that for someone to even consider your 'radical' opinion may be true, without needing to mock or attack you, they need to have arrived at that stance through their own research. I can't drag anyone along with me, and neither do I want to drag anyone along / sell 'my' views to them. I have a very long list of things that appear to be fake to me, and it would take forever to try stuffing it into someone else's head.

I've found that the only way I can make any kind of real difference in the world is through the way I treat others. If you swan around being nice to people and not being a dick, those people, or some of them, for some amount of time, may well go and be nice to other people too.
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby TErikson on Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:46 pm

I invite you to consult this blog written in French, on abiotic oil (the same person behind the blog "hitler le juif et la seconde guerre mondiale").

He's demonstrating the peak oil scam. That the disasters of Chernobyl, "Three Mile Island" are deliberate sabotage to discredit nuclear energy (don't worry, the author does not believe in these stories of atomic bombs). The latter would be cheaper to produce and this is not in line with the masters of the world.

I put here the translation via deepl of some extracts:

"So, what is the abiotic oil theory?

This is the theory that oil was not formed from trees, other plants and animals suddenly buried under sediments, but was formed from the carbon contained in the Earth's mantle, between 100 and 300 km.

It is a theory that has been built mainly by Russian scientists since the 1950s. In Russia, this was and still is the official theory.

What are the consequences of this theory?

First of all, it means that, since there are huge amounts of carbon in the Earth's mantle, there is a lot more oil than we are told. Probably for tens of thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands of years.

It also means that there are more in many more places than there are now. And in almost every possible terrain (not just sedimentary ones). In short, there are them almost everywhere on earth.

And it also means that the deposits are replenished over time. This is indeed what we have seen on some deposits where production has declined and then started to increase".

"What are the elements that make abiotic oil theory convincing?

1) Oil was found where, according to official theory, it should not have been found

2) Oil was found at depths where there should be no oil

3) Oil wells are producing more again while their production was decreasing

4) The fact that the production is biotic would contravene the second law of thermodynamics

5) Other elements that make biotic theory unconvincing".

"The USA has not reached its peak of production

If the abiotic oil theory is true, it is clear that the USA is very, very, very far from reaching its peak of production. The USA has reserves for thousands or tens of thousands of years and could be autonomous in a few months, or perhaps even right away, if they wanted to. So, it is obvious that there is a conspiracy to curb US oil production and hide this fact from the general public.

What is the point of limiting their production and buying part of their oil abroad?

For US oil companies, the interest is that they import oil from the Middle East and other places, where oil is much cheaper to produce than in America. As a result, the profits made on this imported oil are greater than if all production were carried out on site. For example, on a $20 barrel sold, if the cost per barrel is $5 in the US and $1 in the Middle East, the profit on the US barrel is 3 times the cost per barrel ($15, i.e. 300%), while with the Middle East barrel, the profit is 19 times the cost per barrel ($19, i.e. a profit of 1900%).

Moreover, with international trade, they can make a lot of financial shenanigans. For example, they create companies in tax havens where they buy oil at a very low price. Then they resell the oil in question at a high price to the official company (which is located in the USA). It is the company located in the tax haven that will make a profit. But as in the tax haven in question, there is no tax on profits, the company pays nothing on the huge profits it has made. And the official company will also pay almost nothing in terms of income tax, since, having bought the oil from its intermediary company at a high price, it will make almost no profit. And of course there must be plenty of other financial thugs in the same style.

And then, if all the oil were produced in the USA, the government would be obliged to control the price of oil as a minimum. It is therefore impossible to justify large price variations. While with oil purchased abroad, it is not the producers who are responsible for price fluctuations and suspected of price gouging; it is the harsh law of the international market that is being blamed. With oil purchased on the international market, all agreements at the expense of the consumer are possible on the grounds of market fatality.

If all the oil were produced in the USA, already, since it is more expensive to produce, the profits would be lower. But in addition, there would not be the possibility of carrying out all the financial schemes in question and price manipulation would be much more difficult. Therefore, maintaining international trade is essential for the profits of these firms. So, there is no way to produce everything in the USA.

In my opinion, the choice of the proportion of oil to be produced from the USA (1/3 of the oil consumed) must have been made by the US government, with which the oil companies must work hand in hand.

For the US political power, it makes it possible to maintain the petrodollar system, and thus to be able to buy oil abroad for nothing, simply by issuing new dollars (i.e. by making the billboard work). And with the petrodollar system, being able to influence the price of oil, international trade and forcing other economies to own many dollars (which they must own to buy oil) and to support the US economy, if they do not want their dollars, one day, to be worth nothing anymore. And the petrodollar system allows America to have the dollar as its reference currency at the global level. The petrodollar system is a source of economic (and therefore political) power and prosperity very important for the United States.

If the US did not import as much oil, many fewer people would need petro-dollars. And so, this instrument of power and economic prosperity would disappear. So, on the side of the US political power, there must also be an international oil trade.

And then, having control, via the US oil companies over a significant part of world production and an even greater part of oil transport, also allows them to pose a threat to the supply of consumer countries. Real threat and implementation, since some countries under US embargo have seen their supply reduced very sharply. Controlling a large part of transport also makes it possible to threaten producer countries with transport problems and destabilize the current government (which, unable to sell its oil, which is often a major source of revenue, will suffer from public dissatisfaction).

Finally, it makes it possible to justify a policy of power outside the United States; a policy of military intervention, espionage, manipulation and destabilisation, with the security of the US oil supply as its justification. Without this economic justification, this policy of power would appear as pure imperialism.

Moreover, since imported oil is very cheap and is paid almost free of charge through the petrodollar system, importing oil is absolutely not a problem for the US economy. It is even an advantage. So it's all a benefit. And for the US consumer the situation is neutral, even slightly advantageous (compared to local production). The situation is therefore ideal for the US political power, for US companies. So they will not hesitate to make the situation in question last.

If people knew that oil is abiotic and that it is therefore present in huge quantities all over the world, a large part of the international oil trade would collapse, large price fluctuations would no longer be possible, financial schemes would be greatly reduced, etc.... All the advantages in question would disappear for the oil companies and the US political power. So, of course, there is no way to inform people that oil is abiotic. On the contrary, it is interesting for them to make people believe that oil will become scarce and to occasionally push a theory like that of peak oil".
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby bongostaple on Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:28 am

That's the elegant part of the scam - make people think that the oil companies have invented the abiotic oil theory in order to avoid the consequences of peak oil for as long as economically possible. Whereas the truth is that they (oil companies, govts, media etc) have invented the peak oil theory in order to avoid the consequences of abiotic oil for as long as economically possible. This makes for some mighty intellectual snobbery where supposedly educated liberals think they are Sticking It To The Man as well as mocking the selfish short-sightedness of global business. Wherever you are in the world, at least one daily newspaper will have a regular columnist whose job appears to be exactly that. George Monbiot is a prime example in the Guardian newspaper in the UK. In his case though, I think he knows exactly what he is doing and why - but some writers come across as genuinely believing that they are fighting the good fight.
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Re: Peak oil / abiotic oil / diesel wars

Unread postby aa5 on Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:07 am

In electricity its the same smug well educated types who believe we are 'running out' of electricity. And every year, rain or shine, the production of electricity in the world rises by ~2.7%. Its been that way for many decades now.

And every year, liberals the world over predict that we've hit the peak in electrical production, that its all downhill from here. Our only chance is to cutback, so we have a few extra years before it all runs out. For conservatives its the national debt and money printing.. they keep calling the top, saying we've hit the end of the road for how big the Federal debt can be.

For me I keep being right, year after year after year. I simply predict a 2.7% increase in world production of electricity each year. :D I just looked it up, for 2017 it was 2.8%. And for the decade of 2006-2016 the average was.. wait for it.. 2.7%.
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