The PR of Secret Societies

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by Mansur » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:38 am

bongostaple » January 24th, 2019, 7:24 pm wrote:In reading a lot of audio engineering interviews ...
Thank you, bongostaple. -- But a search for „any clear explanation of why it makes a difference” I regard a waste of time. There are so many other ways in the music industry „to affect the listener’s mood” that it seems completely useless, and even misguiding, to look for something like that.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by bongostaple » Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:18 pm

I concur - a search would be futile I believe. I've read voraciously for years about audio engineering and I'm sufficiently autistic to know that if I'd ever come across anything relevant, I would remember it. Plenty of ways to influence the listener's mood as you say. A specific one I find really quite distressing at times is over-compression, also referred to as 'the loudness war'. So many records have been detrimentally compressed, losing most of the dynamic range in a recording, just to sound loud enough on commercial radio. Euw.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:45 pm

bongostaple » February 6th, 2019, 6:18 pm wrote:I concur - a search would be futile I believe. I've read voraciously for years about audio engineering and I'm sufficiently autistic to know that if I'd ever come across anything relevant, I would remember it.
Ha, Bongostaple, didn't you ever come across the experiment that demonstrated Pink Floyd remastered tracks (440 / 432 Hz), played to different sets of rats increased food intake in one group more than the other.

I've read very little about audio engineering, but found it quite relevant, and would have thought a music mogul with links to food industry would also find it relevant.

Here's the experiment...

VL - 132
DO - 10.1016/j.brainresbull.2017.06.002
JO - Brain Research Bulletin

Animals were randomly and equally distributed on three experimental groups (n= 7) as follows: group one (Gr1; Ctr) was the control (whithout music) group, placed in normal housing area (average room noise 35 dB), group two (Gr2; 432 Hz) and group three (Gr3; 440 Hz) were exposed to music sound (not noise) at 432 Hz and 440 Hz, respectively.

The division of the two frequencies, was achieved by remastering, in a recording studio. For music treatment, a simple MP3 was placed with the loudspeakers in the soundproof box containing the animals;the music (Pink Floyd, The Division Bell) was played at a constant volume (average sound level was 65 dB, with peaks at 70 dB), for one hour/day for four weeks.

This choice was made because in our previous analysis (pilot experiments) there were no differences among various musicians (Bach, Mozart, Pink Floyd), even if at different frequencies (432 and 440 Hz); therefore we chose the Pink Floyd. Gr2 and Gr3 rats were exposed at the same music but burned at either 432 or 440 Hz, respectively.

To identify the possible differences in the experimental animals, the body weight of animals was constantly monitored starting the day before treatment beginning, and then daily, at the same time, for four weeks.

In this preliminary study, we want to show how different musical frequencies can cause different effects on the function of the hypothalamus.This relation between hypothalamus and music, at the best of our knowledge, has never been described previously; in particular, our investigation highlights, in the rat, the hypothalamic involvement with feeding behaviour.

Our aim is to examine the response of these nuclei by subjecting the animal to the musical frequencies that most commonly used by musicians and to analyze the expression of NPY and Ghre involved in the regulation of food intake in the rat.Our findings clearly indicate that both musical frequencies increase the expression of Ghre and NPY in the hypothalamus of treated rat, compared with controls group, with a different effect on food intake.

In the Gr2 and Gr3 groups underwent musical treatment, the immunohistochemistry analysis found that every hypothalamic nucleus that we examined, had a different expression of the increase in NPY and Ghre compared with Gr1; instead the hypothalamus in its entirety shows an expression of both Ghre and NPY significantly higher in Gr2 and Gr3 compared with Gr1. This means that both musical frequencies act as a stimulus on hypothalamic neurons containing Ghre, but the 440 Hz frequency was more effective than 432 Hz.

In conclusion, we hypothesize that, in the rat, listening to music can modify the expression levels of NPY, centrally, as well as the central and peripheral expression of Ghre, thus probably producing excitatory effects on eating and reduction of metabolic rate. Interestingly, these effects could be linked to the music frequency, being higher after exposure to music burned at 440 Hz. ... pothalamus

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by Mansur » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:35 am

Mozart and the rats. --- Interesting.

Why not do they make the rats „listen” to random choice of sounds? Or why not do they select themselves the kind of specific sounds being most fit to their experiments? Why do they talk about „musical” frequencies, in the case of rats?

And what about some other grouping of „musicians” to make experiments with, e.g. LadyGaga-Beethoven-Topac, or Brahms-ChubbyChecker-Beatles or Gregorians and Beyonce? ...
bongostaple » February 6th, 2019, 6:18 pm wrote:A specific one I find really quite distressing at times is over-compression, also referred to as 'the loudness war'.
I never heard the phrase but for a long time it has come to me that no matter how quiet the music actually is we know that ("in reality") it is loud, that we are influenced by the „performance” much more than by sounds, -- that is, that we in fact do not listen to music but much more to the (of course most of the times imaginary) performance. And to the "lyrics". Modern pop music is not there for the ears but for the imagination. Can we use the word here “brainwash”?
Plenty of ways to influence the listener's mood as you say.
But very few of them are I think the business of audio engineering; it may be the icing on the cake.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:49 am

"kickstones » January 24th, 2019, 12:35 pm"

Druids, thus preserved, arose the institution which, to avoid the name of Druid, took that of Mason, and practiced under this new name the rites and ceremonies of Druids.

It is highly plausible when the Christian religion over-ran the religion of the Druids in Italy, ancient Gaul, Britain, and Ireland, the Druids became the subject of persecution.

This would naturally and necessarily oblige such of them as remained attached to their original religion to meet in secret, and under the strongest injunctions of secrecy.

More on links between Freemasons and Druids, suppressed information and links to ruling elite.

Gould's History of Freemasonry refers to the connection between the Druids and Freemasons. The Papal Bull of 1751 against the latter might have been applied to the former:--

"The strict bond of secrecy--the oath to keep secret--at variance with civil and canon law--of ill repute amongst wise and good men." Clement XII. was followed in his condemnation of Freemasons by Benedict XIV.

The Zohar of the Kabbala taught that the "narrative of the Doctrine was its cloak--the simple look only at the garment." Clement of Alexandria wrote, "The mysteries of the Faith are not to be divulged to all.--It is requisite to hide in a mystery the wisdom spoken." Even Augustine admitted that what "is now called the Christian religion really was known to the ancients." Druidism may, therefore, have had its secrets.

We may, therefore, be excused citing a remarkable letter, reproduced in Melville's costly work, Veritas, professedly dealing with the esoteric laws of the Medes and Persians, which cannot alter. The letter is signed by Mr. Henry Melville, and by Mr. Frederick Tennyson, brother of the late Lord Tennyson, and is addressed as follows:--



"The Petition of the Undersigned,

"Humbly Sheweth--

"That we, Master Masons, are in possession of the knowledge of the 'Lost Secrets of Masonry.' We can prove that the Mysteries were Masonic, inasmuch as by the usage of the Symbols now unwittingly worn by Companions and Masters, Celestial Laws are framed in accordance with the Sacred Writings, and by these Laws are obtained the true interpretation of the Lost Mysteries.

"That in former ages the learned rulers retained the Masonic mysteries for the use and benefit of the Craft, and these Mysteries were not to be divulged under a lesser penalty than Death. Such mystic secresy might have been advisable and requisite in ages past, but such retention of knowledge your Petitioners verily believe to be no longer necessary, as the advancement of truth is now the policy of the civilized world, more especially so of the British nation.

"Your Petitioners, therefore, humbly pray, Most Worshipful Sir, that you will be pleased to order a Commission of learned and intelligent Brethren to be appointed to inquire and decide--

"1st--Whether the knowledge we profess was in former times considered Masonic.

"2nd--Whether the Lost Mysteries were, and consequently still are, celestial truths.

"3rd--Whether truth should be published to mankind under the sanction of the Grand Lodge, provided always that these Lost truths interfere not with the Mysteries and Ritual of Modern Masonry.

"And, lastly, whether, under all considerations, the Grand Lodge of Ireland will assist, fraternally, the dissemination of the recovered truths, which will enlighten the most enlightened Chiefs' of this present generation.


We were acquainted with Mr. Melville in Tasmania some fifty years ago, when he had been long engaged in an investigation of ancient learning, and had even then come to the conclusion that heathen mythology was but a disguise, concealing scientific truths.

Below are high profile figures associated with Freemasonry and Druids....


Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchill at Government House reception on March 28th 1921 in Jerusalem.

After Europeans in the First Crusade captured Jerusalem in 1099, many Christians made pilgrimages to various sacred sites in the Holy Land. Although the city of Jerusalem was relatively secure under Christian control, the rest of Outremer was not. Bandits and marauding highwaymen preyed upon pilgrims, who were routinely slaughtered, sometimes by the hundreds, as they attempted to make the journey from the coastline at Jaffa through to the interior of the Holy Land.

In 1119, the French knight Hugues de Payens approached King Baldwin II of Jerusalem and Warmund, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and proposed creating a monastic order for the protection of these pilgrims. King Baldwin and Patriarch Warmund agreed to the request, probably at the Council of Nablus in January 1120, and the king granted the Templars a headquarters in a wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mount in the captured Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Temple Mount had a mystique because it was above what was believed to be the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. The Crusaders therefore referred to the Al-Aqsa Mosque as Solomon's Temple, and from this location the new order took the name of Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, or "Templar" knights.

Note the tall figure centre back in the above image of Government House reception in Jerusalem.......


James Armand Edmond de Rothschild DCM DL (1 December 1878 – 7 May 1957), sometimes known as Jimmy de Rothschild, was a French-born British Liberal politician and philanthropist, from the wealthy Rothschild international banking dynasty. De Rothschild was the son of Edmond James de Rothschild of the French branch of family. ... olitician)

Here is another well known face being initiated into the Druids, then Princess Elizabeth now Queen Elizabeth II.



Queen Elizabeth II bloodline can be traced back to King, John (1199-1216) who inherited the throne from his brother Richard the Lionheart. ... n_01.shtml

Maybe coincidence, but of interest, 42 of 43 U.S. presidents also share the same bloodline to one common ancestor: King John of England. ... -king.html

Yes, it appears it's all in the family.....



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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by bongostaple » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:37 pm

Ref the rat experiment described earlier - there wasn't any mention of the playback equipment used. Any loudspeaker/cabinet design has lower and upper limits on frequency, beyond which the ability of the setup to produce that frequency tails off. Usually a lower limit for a small setup may be quoted as say 50Hz - the general meaning of this is that lower frequencies are reproduced at -3dB per octave or steeper. The 432Hz music used in the rat experiment could easily have some low frequency content that the playback equipment cannot reproduce at the same volume as it can with the 440Hz music. The same applies at the higher frequency limit too.

What I'm saying is, as well as the frequencies being different, some frequencies will be much lower volume in one piece relevant to the other; with the implication that the rats were listening to different music at the extremes of frequency reproduction. To compensate for this in the experimental process, you would need to put each track through a filter where the lowest frequencies are taken out at a point higher than the physical lower limit of the playback equipment. Yet still the 440Hz version may have low frequencies that are absent in the 432Hz version - so it's difficult to make them 'the same' when in practice they are not the same.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:58 pm

kickstones » February 8th, 2019, 8:49 am wrote:Maybe coincidence, but of interest, 42 of 43 U.S. presidents also share the same bloodline to one common ancestor: King John of England.
Even without doing the math, common sense rejects the relevance of "descending from King John" (1166-1216).

According to one Sam Sloan...
Genealogists tell us that King John is literally the father of us all. Almost the entire population of England is descended from King John, primarily through his illegitimate daughter Joan, the daughter of an unknown French mistress. Joan had six children, who had more children. They were not considered royalty, as Joan was illegitimate, but they proliferated in great numbers. It can easily be seen that, through Joan alone, all of England could become populated. Joan lived from 1188 to 1236. Since 813 years have passed after her birth, if one assumes that the population of her descendants doubled every 30 years, that means that 27 generations have passed since her birth. She would therefore have more than one hundred thirty-three million descendants, which is 2 to the 27th power.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:36 am

Flabbergasted » February 9th, 2019, 11:58 pm wrote:
kickstones » February 8th, 2019, 8:49 am wrote:Maybe coincidence, but of interest, 42 of 43 U.S. presidents also share the same bloodline to one common ancestor: King John of England.
Even without doing the math, common sense rejects the relevance of "descending from King John" (1166-1216).

According to one Sam Sloan...
Genealogists tell us that King John is literally the father of us all. Almost the entire population of England is descended from King John, primarily through his illegitimate daughter Joan, the daughter of an unknown French mistress. Joan had six children, who had more children. They were not considered royalty, as Joan was illegitimate, but they proliferated in great numbers. It can easily be seen that, through Joan alone, all of England could become populated. Joan lived from 1188 to 1236. Since 813 years have passed after her birth, if one assumes that the population of her descendants doubled every 30 years, that means that 27 generations have passed since her birth. She would therefore have more than one hundred thirty-three million descendants, which is 2 to the 27th power.

Does common sense reject the revelance that the proximity of kin relationship with the heads of leading bloodlines has nothing to do with affairs? that is to say, are some descendents more closely genetically related to hierarchy bloodlines than others and as such are afforded greater opportunity to those less genetically related?

For example...

“This information comes from Burke's Peerage, which is the Bible of aristocratic genealogy, based in London. Every presidential election in America, since and including George Washington in 1789 to Bill Clinton, has been won by the candidate with the most British and French royal genes.

Of the 42 presidents to Clinton, 33 have been related to two people: Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of France. So it goes on: 19 of them are related to England's Edward III, who has 2000 blood connections to Prince Charles. The same goes with the banking families in America. George Bush and Barbara Bush are from the same bloodline - the Pierce bloodline, which changed its name from Percy, when it crossed the Atlantic. Percy is one of the aristocratic families of Britain, to this day"

Granted the relationships are sometimes distant 10th or 15th cousins, but in a country with hundreds of millions to choose from, this simply cannot be chance or coincidence.

Gary Boyd Roberts, a genealogist at the New England Historic Genealogical Society thoroughly traced these connections in his book “Ancestors of American Presidents.” George W. Bush himself is directly related to 16 former U.S. presidents including George Washington, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford.

Bush is closely related to the king of Albania and has kinship with every member of the British royal family and the House of Windsor. He is related to 20 British Dukes, the 13th cousin of Britain’s Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth. He is 13th cousin once removed from Prince Charles and has direct descent from King Henry III, Charles II, and Edward I of England. Through the House of Windsor and King Henry III, the Bush’s and Clinton’s are genetically related as well. ... piracy.pdf

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:53 am

Whilst not promoting the works of Miles Mathis, it is worth noting that he has posted a picture that may well be in line with part of the subject matter of this topic..


The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving

PAPER UPDATE, added 2/10/19, The Titanic Hoax. I have added three more photos, proving the fake. See page 21.

Here's one of them...


That one is tagged as Stuart Collett, Christian minister and Titanic survivor. Nothing there indicates he is a minister, but we do have indication he is a spook. See the strange hand position in the coat, or the“hidden hand”—indicating the great hoax.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:27 pm

As mentioned earlier in this thread, the 'hidden hand' has been evidenced in many a portrait, take for example these below....


An 18th-century portrait of Juan Vicente Bolívar y Ponte, the father of Simón Bolívar.

Here's his son, Simón Bolívar.


And again with portraits with 'hidden hand'.....



Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar Palacios Ponte y Blanco 24 July 1783 – 17 December 1830), generally known as Simón Bolívar and also colloquially as El Libertador, or the Liberator, was a Venezuelan military and political leader who led the secession of what are currently the states of Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama from the Spanish Empire.

Also from his Wiki entry...


Similarly to some others in the history of American Independence (George Washington, Miguel Hidalgo, José de San Martín, Bernardo O'Higgins, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Francisco de Paula Santander, Antonio Nariño, and Francisco de Miranda), Simón Bolívar was a Freemason. He was initiated in 1803 in the Masonic Lodge Lautaro, which operated in Cádiz, Spain,becoming involved with the Knights Templar. It was in this lodge that he first met some of his revolutionary peers, such as José de San Martín. In May 1806 he was conferred the rank of Master Mason in the "Scottish Mother of St. Alexander of Scotland" in Paris. During his time in London, he frequented "The Great American Reunion" lodge in London, founded by Francisco de Miranda. In April 1824, Simón Bolívar was given the 33rd degree of Inspector General Honorary.

He founded the Masonic Lodge No. 2 of Peru, named "Order and Liberty". ... reemasonry

That was a few years back, Bolívar has long been dead, what about modern South America (Venezuela) does his (Simón Bolívar) legacy have any relevance?

This image, below, has been circulating on the internet of late. It depicts Juan Guido, wearing a masonic apprentice apron.

Image ... 37438.html

In my opinion, on closer analysis, the image would appear to be fake. For example, on image enlargement pixel differential around the white apron compared to the rest of the image suggests the apron has been added.

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez is a Venezuelan politician who has been serving as President of the National Assembly and who has been partially recognized as Interim President of Venezuela since January 2019. He is a member of the centrist social-democratic Popular Will party, and also the federal deputy to the National Assembly, representing the state of Vargas.

During the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, Guaidó took a public oath to serve as interim President of Venezuela, contesting the leadership of Nicolás Maduro.

Nicolás Maduro Moros, born 23 November 1962, is a Venezuelan politician who served as the 46th President of Venezuela starting in 2013, eventually consolidating enough power to become the country's de facto dictator. He is currently not recognized as the legitimate president of Venezuela by over 50 countries and a number of international organisms including the OAE and the Lima Group.

What about Maduro, any signs or indication he his part of Simón Bolívar's legacy?



Image ... 630__1.jpg[/img]

France's Sarkozy doing the ancient vesica pisces sign a.k.a the "ok" sign. Why is this gesture considered so important that it has to be published so often?







Haile Selassie and his famous hand symbol also used in the rasta movement




The 12 masonic signs of recognition

This post is a review of the masonic signs described in the German book: "Freimaurersignale in der Presse" or freemasonic signals in the press. The names for the signs come from the book "Sign Language Of The Mysteries" which was written decades earlier. Both books describe pretty much the same signs even thought they were written independently of each other. ... on_27.html


Proof that many signs used by freemasons consist of simply pointing the index finger. Here are pictures from an old training manual used by freemasons, "Richardson's monitor of freemasonry". The bottom right drawing is taken from "Scotch Rite Masonry Illustrated Part 2" page 26.



Here are four photos that are obvious intentional poses. Otherwise how could the photographer frame the camera to capture the index finger just at the edge like that? Pointing the finger away from the body is known in occult circles as "the sign of faith", while pointing upward is the "sign of preservation". ... on_27.html







Christopher Columbus





It would appear, in my opinion, that Simón Bolívar's legacy is alive and well in South America and many parts of the world, come to that, however the significance of Juan Guido and the posting of the image of the masonic apprentice apron is not so clear, maybe it's to show he is only a minor player in this staged event, who knows?

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by Altair » Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:29 pm

I'm particularly interested in identifying "bad" businesses. I believe that the symbology is also noticeable in the company's PR, artwork, and top execs. Not less the internal and external lingo, and even the name. As an example, this is what was said about one big telco equipment manufacturer:

The Lucent logo, the Innovation Ring,[7] was designed by Landor Associates, a prominent San Francisco-based branding consultancy. One source inside Lucent says that the logo is a Zen Buddhist symbol for "eternal truth", the Enso, turned 90 degrees and modified. Another source says it represents the mythic ouroboros, a snake holding its tail in its mouth. Lucent's logo also has been said to represent constant re-creating and re-thinking.[8][9] Carly Fiorina picked the logo because her mother was a painter and she rejected the sterile geometric logos of most high tech companies.[10]

In fact, it's interesting that such big companies have a marked preference for 5-point starts and circles in their logos. Think Vodafone, Texaco, O2...

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:07 am

Altair » February 20th, 2019, 2:29 pm wrote:I'm particularly interested in identifying "bad" businesses.
Dear Altair, in my opinion, to save time and effort in identifying 'bad' business it may be an idea to look no further than check any business that the Vanguard Group has an invested interest in.

And think along the lines that you don't have to be the owner / founder of the business to control it, anyone with a sizable stake in shareholdings gets to have a sizable say in matters relating to that company especially if you have a sizable stake in banks and have top level connections in the Government.

Vanguard has a fairly unique structure in terms of investment management companies. The company is owned by its funds. The company’s different funds are then owned by the shareholders. Thus, the shareholders are the true owners of Vanguard. The company has no outside investors other than its shareholders.

Some experts believe Vanguard’s structure allows it to avoid conflicts of interest. ... -group.asp

However, the problem is it is very difficult to find out who is behind Vanguard’s structure because company has no obligation to name its leading shareholders, however Government officers have an obligation to declare their financial interests.
From this information we gleen that ex-vice president Dick Cheyney had / has at sometime a sizable stake, along with Obama.



Hand Over Heart

The sign is made by holding the right hand over the heart sometimes raising the left hand with the palm facing forward.

The sign of the hand over the heart represents a reminder of the Masonic obligation of silence from the Fellowcraft degree in which the heart shall be torn out if a Mason were to break his Masonic oath.

“All this I most solemnly promise and swear with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or self-evasion of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than of having my breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and placed on the highest pinnacle of the temple (some say, My heart and vitals taken from thence, and thrown over my left shoulder, and carried into the valley of Jehoshaphat, there to be devoured by the vultures of the air, should I ever knowingly violate the Fellow Craft obligation.”......~ Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

Dick Cheney has the most sizable holding in Vanguard amongst government representatives.

The below extract taken from an article by Margie Burns reveals that:

Vice President Richard Cheney was head of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000 and may receive deferred compensation and other benefits (not yet calculated) from Halliburton for a period of five years, according to his 2001 financial disclosure statement.

.....10: The Vanguard Group, with 7.6 million shares of Halliburton stock, worth about $176 million. Vanguard, also 10th largest mutual-fund shareholder in Halliburton, is a huge owner in ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. It moved onto this list recently when Dallas-based Maverick Capital, privately owned by the Wylie family, moved off. Vice President Cheney's disclosure statement shows millions of his retirement money invested through Vanguard.

......The Vanguard Group holdings are easily among Cheney's largest holdings. Assets are given in ranges (from $100,000 to $1M; from $1M to $5M; etc). Cheney's statement includes two holdings in the $500,000-$1M range; two holdings in the $1M-$5M range; and three holdings in the $5M-$25M range. Thus Cheney's assets invested with Vanguard Group total $18M to $87M. Given the size of Vanguard's stake in Halliburton, it is hard to imagine a mathematical possibility that Cheney's assets are unconnected to Halliburton's fortunes.

....Halliburton, a huge global conglomerate in the oil field business, landed a non-competitive-bid contract for work in Iraq that now looks almost open-ended. The cost, reported by the New York Times at over $2 billion.

Who really owns the major companies in the world?
viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1616&p=2392409&hil ... s#p2392409

It appears Chenney's investment in the Vanguard Group was closer to $85 milion, according to investigations by Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra.

"Guerra says he went through Cheney's financial records and the prison companies' financial records and found the connection. The three top prison companies Guerra researched were Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group and Cornell. Those three have the Vanguard Group in common, which is an investment company that puts money into all three prison companies....... Guerra estimates Cheney has $85 million invested in Vanguard and in turn, into the prison companies."
viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1616&hilit=who+con ... s&start=15

Last year Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the biggest name in the private prison industry, contacted 48 states offering to buy their prisons. One stipulation of eligibility for the deal was particularly bizarre: “an assurance by the agency partner that the agency has sufficient inmate population to maintain a minimum 90% occupancy rate over the term of the contract.

Ninety percent of what Americans read, watch and listen to is controlled by only six media companies. PBS’s Frontline has described the conglomerates that determine what information is disseminated to the public as a “web of business relationships that now defines America’s media and culture.” Business relationships. Last year a mere 232 media executives were responsible for the intake of 277 million Americans, controlling all the avenues necessary to manufacture any celebrity and incite any trend. Time Warner, as owner of Warner Bros Records (among many other record labels), can not only sign an artist to a recording contract but, as the owner of Entertainment Weekly, can see to it that they get next week’s cover. Also the owner of New Line Cinemas, HBO and TNT, they can have their artist cast in a leading role in a film that, when pulled from theaters, will be put into rotation first on premium, then on basic, cable. Without any consideration to the music whatsoever, the artist will already be a star, though such monopolies also extend into radio stations and networks that air music videos. For consumers, choice is often illusory. Both BET and MTV belong to Viacom. While Hot 97, NYC’s top hip hop station, is owned by Emmis Communications, online streaming is controlled by Clear Channel, who also owns rival station Power 105. ... or-profit/

None of this is exactly breaking news, but when ownership of these media conglomerates is cross checked with ownership of the biggest names in prison privatization, interesting new facts emerge.

Vanguard also holds considerable stake in the media giants determining this country’s culture. In fact, Vanguard is the third largest holder in both Viacom and Time Warner.

There are many other startling overlaps in private-prison/mass-media ownership, but two underlying facts become clear very quickly: The people who own the media are the same people who own private prisons, the EXACT same people, and using one to promote the other is (or “would be,” depending on your analysis) very lucrative.

Finally, let us not forget the wealth of evidence to support the notion that crime, drug- and prison-glorifying hip-hop only outsells other hip-hop because it receives so much more exposure and financial backing. ... or-profit/

For an up-and-coming Jamaican dancehall artist by the name of Radijah…not only did he get people talking about the tattoo he placed over his right eye…but it's the content that has caused quite a stir. For some reason, the music artist decided on a pyramid tattoo, which also seems to have a bit of hidden Masonic square and compass symbolism. Interestingly, his pyramid tattoo over the eye creates the imagery of the all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus) that is often associated with the Illuminati. ... eories.php



Amongt op 50 list of Vanguard holdings....

SALESFORCE COM INC ... -group.asp

Full list ... group-inc/

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:28 am

Here are few more companies with Vanguard group and Dick Cheney involvement, past and present....

4th largest shareholder in Genie Energy Ltd

The Vanguard Group, Inc. 613,895 2.42%

Genie Energy Ltd. (Genie) owns interest in its subsidiary, Genie Energy International Corporation, which owns Genie Retail Energy and Genie Oil and Gas, Inc. The Company operates through three segments: Genie Retail Energy (GRE), Afek Oil and Gas, Ltd. (Afek), and Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS). ... 9/company/

On the advisory board of Genie Energy......

Genie Energy (GNE) Announces Additions to Advisory Board

NEWARK, NJ--(Marketwired - September 09, 2015) - Genie Energy, Ltd. (NYSE: GNE) (NYSE: GNEPRA) and Michael Steinhardt, the Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) of Genie Oil and Gas, today announced that several distinguished leaders and public policy shapers have joined Mr. Steinhardt on Genie's Strategic Advisory Board. They are: Dr. Lawrence Summers, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Mary Landrieu and R. James Woolsey.

Dr. Lawrence Summers is the Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard University. He served as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton and as Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama.

The Honorable Bill Richardson served as Governor of New Mexico from 2003 to 2011. He was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1997-1998) and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration (1998-2001), Chairman of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and also served as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

The Honorable Mary Landrieu was a United States Senator from Louisiana from 1996 to 2014. She served as chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. In her capacity as chair, she sponsored and passed the U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Bill. The bill fosters partnerships focused on developing resources such as natural gas and alternative fuels, on the academic, business and governmental levels.

R. James Woolsey served as Director of Central Intelligence from 1993 to 1995 and as Under Secretary of the Navy from 1977 to 1979. He is co-founder of the United States Energy Security Council and is Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The new appointees join the distinguished current members of the Board:

Richard Cheney: 46th Vice President of the United States, formerly President and CEO of Halliburton Company and U.S. Secretary of Defense from 1989 to 1993.

K. Rupert Murdoch: Founder and Executive Chairman of News Corporation, one of the world's largest diversified media companies. News Corporation's holdings include Fox Entertainment, Dow Jones and Company, the New York Post, HarperCollins and significant media assets on six continents.

Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM, GBE: Chairman of the J. Rothschild group of companies and of RIT Capital Partners plc. Chairman of Five Arrows Limited. Noted philanthropist and Chairman of the Rothschild Foundation.

Michael Steinhardt: Noted Wall Street investor and Principal Manager, Steinhardt Management LLC. Founder Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co., and noted philanthropist. Mr. Steinhardt serves as Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board.

Rupert Murdoch is the current executive chairman of Fox News.

Fox News (officially known as the Channel, commonly abbreviated to FNC, is an American pay television news channel owned by the Fox News Group, a division of the Fox Corporation.

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc

Top 10 Owners of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc

Stockholder Stake Shares

The Vanguard Group, Inc. 4.31% 34,381,854 ... titutional

The Fox News channel was created by Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who hired former Republican Party media consultant and CNBC executive Roger Ailes as its founding CEO. It launched on October 7, 1996, to 17 million cable subscribers. Fox News grew during the late 1990s and 2000s to become the dominant subscription news network in the US. As of February 2015, approximately 94,700,000 US households (81.4% of television subscribers) receive Fox News.

This is an article from the Craig Murray website....

Why Murdoch Pushes for War

Given the disgraceful Sun front page and middle spread urging war on Syria, and the all-out propaganda on Sky News, it is important to understand why Murdoch is pushing so hard for war. I therefore reproduce my article from February 2013. It is important to note that the links are to industry publications: this is very genuine, hard information.

Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild

Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy. Major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel – include Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild. This from a 2010 Genie Energy press release....

Claude Pupkin, CEO of Genie Oil and Gas, commented, “Genie’s success will ultimately depend, in part, on access to the expertise of the oil and gas industry and to the financial markets. Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch are extremely well regarded by and connected to leaders in these sectors. Their guidance and participation will prove invaluable.”

“I am grateful to Howard Jonas and IDT for the opportunity to invest in this important initiative,” Lord Rothschild said. “Rupert Murdoch’s extraordinary achievements speak for themselves and we are very pleased he has agreed to be our partner. Genie Energy is making good technological progress to tap the world’s substantial oil shale deposits which could transform the future prospects of Israel, the Middle East and our allies around the world.”

For Israel to seek to exploit mineral reserves in the occupied Golan Heights is plainly illegal in international law. Japan was succesfully sued by Singapore before the International Court of Justice for exploitation of Singapore’s oil resources during the second world war. The argument has been made in international law that an occupying power is entitled to opeate oil wells which were previously functioning and operated by the sovereign power, in whose position the occupying power now stands. But there is absolutely no disagreement in the authorities and case law that the drilling of new wells – let alone fracking – by an occupying power is illegal.

Israel tried to make the same move twenty years ago but was forced to back down after a strong reaction from the Syrian government, which gained diplomatic support from the United States. Israel is now seeking to take advantage of the weakened Syrian state; this move perhaps casts a new light on recent Israeli bombings in Syria.

In a rational world, the involvement of Rothschild and Murdoch in this international criminal activity would show them not to be fit and proper persons to hold major commercial interests elsewhere, and action would be taken. Naturally, nothing of the kind will happen. ... s-for-war/

Along with Genie Energy another oil exploration company, in that part of the world (Western Asia), is a similar named company called Genel Energy.

Genel Energy is the largest holder of reserves and resources in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where they have been operating for over a decade, and one of the largest independent oil producers on the London Stock Exchange.

Top Mutual Fund Holders
Goldman Sachs International Equity Insights Fund 415,922
DFA United Kingdom Small Company Series 311,974
JP Morgan International Value Fund 250,728

At first glance Vanguard Group would appear to be absent from the shareholdings in Genel Energy, however, when shareholdings of the leading shareholders in Genel are examined then we see a Vanguard presence...

JPMorgan Chase & Company (NYSE: JPM) is one of the world's leading financial companies, offering services such as asset management, investment banking, insurance, consumer banking, and credit and commercial banking

The Vanguard Group, Inc. is JP Morgan's largest shareholder as of July 2018, with 7.42% of total outstanding shares ... rs-jpm.asp

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York City. The bank is one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world, one of its more recent dealings is the May 2017, purchase of $2.8 billion of PdVSA 2022 bonds from the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Former employees of Goldman Sachs have moved on to government positions. Notable examples includes former U.S. Secretaries of the Treasury Robert Rubin and Henry Paulson; current United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin; former chief economic advisor Gary Cohn; European Central Bank President Mario Draghi; former Bank of Canada Governor and current Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney and the former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull.

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The) Ownership Summary

Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 24,938,587
Blackrock Inc. 22,324,244
State Street Corporation 21,095,709

And if broken down further we see....

Blackrock Inc

The Vanguard Group, Inc. 5.50% 8,723,582 ... 2/company/

State Street Corporation Ownership Summary

BLACKROCK INC. 27,075,321

Genel Energy was created in 2011 as a result of the reverse acquisition of Turkish Genel Enerji by Tony Hayward led investment company Vallares. Vallares was set up by Tony Hayward, financier Nat Rothschild and banker Julian Metherell.

Who is Tony Hayward?

He happens to be ex-CEO of BP oil.

BP plc is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England. It is one of the world's seven oil and gas "supermajors".

Hayward was CEO at the time of Horizon Deepwater blast and oil spill in 2010.

The Deepwater Horizon rig was crippled on April 20, which, coincidentally, is Hitler's birthday, and the day after Israel's 2010 independence celebrations.

On 20 April 2010, while drilling at the Macondo Prospect, an uncontrollable blowout caused an explosion on the rig that killed 11 crewmen and ignited a fireball visible from 40 miles (64 km) away. The fire was inextinguishable and, two days later, on 22 April, the Horizon sank, leaving the well gushing at the seabed and causing the largest oil spill in U.S. waters

On 5 June the Daily Telegraph reported that Hayward sold approximately one third of his shares in BP a month before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded. The shares subsequently fell in value by 30%, although the Telegraph stated: "There is no suggestion that he acted improperly or had prior knowledge that the company was to face the biggest setback in its history."

He was not the only one to sell shares prior to the blast....

Also just three weeks prior to the Deepwater Horizon explosion Goldman Sachs sold nearly half their shares of BP stocks saving for their investors billions of dollars of potential losses. ... aster_.pdf

The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX) is the mutual fund that holds the largest amount of Goldman Sachs stock, at 8.49 million shares or 2.25% of the company, as of June 30, 2018. ... -vtsmx.asp

And according according to a FSB report the largest seller of BP stock in the weeks before this disaster occurred was the American investment company known as Vanguard who through two of their financial arms (Vanguard Windsor II Investor and Vanguard Windsor Investor) unloaded over 1.5 million shares of BP stock saving their investors hundreds of millions of dollars, chief among them President Obama. For though little known by the American people, their President Obama holds all of his wealth in just two Vanguard funds, Vanguard 500 Index Fund where he has 3 accounts and the Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund where he holds another 3 accounts, ... aster_.pdf

Other Financial firms also sold off huge chunks of BP stock during the first quarter of 2010. Wachovia, owned by Wells Fargo sold off 2,667,419 shares; while Swiss bank UBS bailed 2,125,566 shares of BP from their investment portfolio. While Goldman Sachs sold more of their BP Shares during the first quarter than any other financial firm did, Wachovia and UBS sold greater percentages of their BP stock; those being, 98 percent and 97 percent respectively.

Top 10 Owners of Wells Fargo & Co

The Vanguard Group, Inc. 7.04% 322,684,572 ... titutional

UBS Group

Major Shareholders

Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund 106,645,927
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Idx Fund 53,738,264 ... titutional

Also before the blast we find that....

Eleven days prior to the April 20 Deepwater Horizon blowout, Halliburton Co., who at the time was the contractor in charge of cementing the rig's well, agreed to purchase a little-known company for $240 million. The firm, Boots and Coots, focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response. And subsequently the company (Boots and Coot )was employed by BP to stop the oil leak following the blast. ... -oil-spill

Did Haliburton have an inkling there was going to be a forthcoming blast?

Its not known for certain and is open to speculation, however we do know for sure that they destroyed evidence relating to the blast....

2013 Halliburton Pleads Guilty To Destroying Evidence In Connection With Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

BP had employed Halliburton to oversee the process by which cement is used to seal casing in oil and gas wells, thereby preventing leaks. Government investigators had ordered companies involved in drilling the well to preserve all relevant evidence. ... zon-2013-7

Prior to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Dick Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000 and received stock options from Halliburton after leaving the company.

Cheney retired from the company during the 2000 U.S. presidential election campaign with a severance package worth $36 million.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush responded by launching military operations against Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization responsible for the attacks. Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan, where its leader Osama bin Laden had been living under the shelter of the Afghan government (known as the Taliban) since the late 1990s. However, some in Bush's administration wanted to make the response part of a broader War on Terror. These men, including Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, worked to convince President Bush that the war needed to be expanded into Iraq. They succeeded, and the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, beginning a drawn-out and unpopular conflict that would last until 2011. ... q-war.html

In the run-up to the Iraq War, Halliburton was awarded a $7 billion contract for which only Halliburton was allowed to bid. Under U.S. law, the government uses single-bid contracts for a number of reasons, to include when in the view of the government, only one organization is capable of fulfilling the requirement.

Bunnatine Greenhouse, a civil servant with 20 years of contracting experience, had complained to Army officials on numerous occasions that Halliburton had been unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq, Kuwait and the Balkans. Criminal investigations were opened by the U.S. Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Pentagon's inspector general. These investigations found no wrongdoing within the contract award and execution process.

In one of Greenhouse's claims, she said that military auditors caught Halliburton overcharging the Pentagon for fuel deliveries into Iraq. She also complained that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's office took control of every aspect of Halliburton's $7 billion Iraqi oil/infrastructure contract. Greenhouse was later demoted for poor performance in her position.
What about Haliburtons and U.S. performance, has the region become a safer / better place?

Not if this 2016 report is to be believed....

US and Israel sign record $38bn military aid deal.

US president Obama says the 10-year, $38bn arms deal will help bolster Israel's security in "a dangerous neighbourhood". ... 03821.html

"Why is the American military aid increasing, and not decreasing?"

Efraim Inbar, a professor at Israel's Bar-Ilan university, told Al Jazeera from Jerusalem that Israel needed the agreement to upgrade ageing weapons systems, including aircraft and missile batteries.

"And there are many more threats looming over the horizon: Iran may become nuclear, the Islamic State is still there, there is a possibility of an escalation over the Golan Heights border," he said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS*).

Under the deal, Israel's ability to spend part of the US funds on Israeli military products will be gradually phased out, eventually requiring all of the funds to be spent on American military industries, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Top American military industries.....

1. Lockheed Martin Corp.
2.The Boeing Company
3. Raytheon Company

An no prizes for guessing top institutional shareholders in these military industries....

Lockheed Martin Corp:

State Street Corporation:

State Street holds 16.48% of Lockheed Martin common stock in its various portfolios. State Street's investment was at the time worth more than $15.15 billion.

Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group Inc. is a long-time major proponent of passively managed stock mutual funds. Three of the top 10 mutual fund Lockheed Martin shareholders are passively managed index funds by Vanguard, including Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, Vanguard 500 Index Fund, and Vanguard Institutional Index Fund. Vanguard holds 7.09% of Lockheed Martin stock – a stake worth over $6.5 billion at the time.

BlackRock Inc.
The company holds 6.72% of Lockheed Martin common – worth over $6.1 billion

I think there's no need to waste energies looking at the major shareholders of the rest of the list it will predictably Vanguard and its other controlled subsidiaries in control.

And here's what happens when news of escalations in the region are aired by various Vanguard controlled media outlets ...

Raytheon stock rockets amid news of Syria strike

The Obama administration is targeting particular military units and bases in Syria that officials believe are responsible for carrying out chemical weapon attacks against rebel forces in the country.

Less than an hour before the closing bell, the company's stock price dipped down to $75.25 a share but remained far higher than $52.24 per share, the stock's low point over the last year. ... ia-strike-

I think it is fair to say that if you owned a stake, of a say few $billion, or if you brought at the low point then that would represent a significant profit on your investmentt.

And what if these terror groups (ISIS) / chemical attacks/ nuclear threat were faked and perpetrated by the above mentioned operatives with vested interests, that would represent a con on a massive scale and whoever holds a major shareholding in Vanguard Group would be 'laughing all the way to the bank'.

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:51 pm

Here's a recent article below, from ZeroHedge (a "markets-focused" blog, that presents both in-house analysis, and analysis from investment banks, hedge funds.), that is related to the previous post and may well be a symbolic masonic PR piece, however, first, before the article, let us look at the significance of colors.

By Bro. Harold A. Kingsbury, Massachusetts

The assigning of symbolic meanings to colors is probably as old as symbolism itself. To cite but one set of examples from the practices of an ancient people: The Egyptians, those ancient masters of symbolism to whom the investigator of the symbols used in Masonry first looks for explanations of those symbols, made use of colors in their hieroglyphics to convey certain definite ideas, each color being expressive of certain conceptions.

Hieroglyphs of the spirits of the dead were characterized by white. Men were marked out by having their flesh red, while the flesh of the women was yellow. Sapphire was the color of the Egyptian god Amon. Green was the color used for the flesh of the god Ptah, founder of the world, the active creative spirit and the divine intelligence, and was also the color used for the flesh of Lunus, the moon. Russet- brown was the color given to the flesh of Thoueri, the concubine of Typhon. And black was the color of Anubis, the god of the dead and of embalming.

The colors symbolically significant in Masonry are purple, red, white, black, green, yellow, violet and blue. Each color has for its purpose the teaching to the Mason of a valuable moral lesson or the calling of his attention to some historical fact of interest Masonically, certain of the colors serving both purposes at one and the same time.

Purple, being a mixture of blue and red, is, to the Mason, the symbol of fraternal union because it is composed of the color adopted for the Master Mason's Lodge and that adopted for the Chapter of Royal Arch Companions, these two Masonic bodies being indissolubly connected since the Royal Arch is an essential and component part of the present-day mutilated Master Mason's degree. For this reason purple is adopted as the proper color for the Mark, the Past, and the Most Excellent Master degrees, to symbolize the fact that those degrees connect the Master Mason's degree with the Royal Arch.

Red is the color of fire, and fire was to the Egyptians the symbol of the regeneration and the purification of souls. Hence, in the Masonic system, red is the symbol of regeneration. Thus red is the color assigned to the Royal Arch Degree since that degree teaches the regeneration of life.

White is the symbol of purity, the reasons for adopting this conception being obvious. Therefore, in Masonry it is, properly, the color adopted for certain of the garments of investiture of the candidate.

Black from the remotest antiquity has been the symbol of grief and such is its significance to the Mason.

In Symbolic Masonry we encounter reference to but three, the alternating black and white of the Mosaic pavement denoting the “dual principle;” the pure white of the Lily and the Blue color attributed to the Lodge and the Heavens.

In Capitular Masonry, the prevailing color is Red and much weight is given to the colors of the four Veils, respectively Scarlet, Blue, Purple and White, which are self-evidently representations of those employed in the Tabernacle and subsequent Temples of Israel. Red is the color of Vulcan, god of Fire, whom the Jews called Tubal-Cain and whose number is 9, or 3 times 3. ... -of-color/
Picturing Haiti’s Freemasons
Image ... s-freemasons/



In Nazi Germany, Hitler made sure that the colors red and white (and black, which is also used by Macy’s) formed the basis of the country’s swastika flag:



Japan is an example. Red and white are the colors of the Japanese flag; the red signifies the sun, the white signifies the spiritual source “from which” and “on which” the sun and all other life manifests:



Red caps

The red caps are worn by those members who are 32° KCCH. At its biennial session certain 32° Scottish Rite Masons who have been 32° Masons at least four years, who have rendered signal service to the Rite, are chosen by the Supreme Council to receive the Rank and Decoration. The members who hold it are designated 32° KCCH. KCCH stands for Knights Commander of the Court of Honor. It is not a Degree but an Investiture bestowed upon members deserving recognition for faithful services to the Rite. It is one of the great honors in all Scottish Rite Freemasonry to be designated to receive this honor.



There are many more examples online, however to save time and energies, I will go to the article mentioned in the beginning of the post, bearing in mind the colors red, black and white....

The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of: An Optometrist Who Turned Billionaire ... illionaire

Meet Dr. Herbert Wertheim, a South Florida optometrist and small businessman who in several decades, became a billionaire.

Wertheim, 79, is a self-made billionaire worth $2.3 billion, according to Forbes' The World's Billionaires list. His fortune comes from numerous inventions and buy-and-hold investing.


Madeline Berg, a reporter at Forbes following the money, flipped through Wertheim's brokerage statements which showed hundreds of millions of dollars in tech stocks like Apple and Microsoft, purchased long ago at their IPOs. There are dozens of other blue-chip stocks in the portfolio, ranging from GE, Google, BP, and Bank of America.

Here is Wertheim's interesting path into becoming a billionaire.

In the early 1960s, he attended the Southern College of Optometry and after graduation started a small practice in South Florida. At nights, Wertheim spent his time tinkering on inventions, and in 1969, he invented an eyeglass tint for plastic lenses that filtered dangerous UV rays, helping to prevent cataracts.

Demand for Wertheim’s tint erupted, and he sold the royalty for $22,000. However, because of contractual breaches, he never collected any royalty funds from the deal.

So in 1970, Wertheim formed a new company, Brain Power Inc. (BPI). He established the company as a technology consulting firm, but at the same time, he reverted to developing tints, dyes and other technologies for eyewear.

A year later he invented the world’s first neutralizers, a chemical that restored lenses to their original state. At the time, he showed his wife a can containing the new chemical and said, ‘Nicole, what’s in this can is going to make us millionaires.’ ”

Between the tints, dyes, and neutralizers, Wertheim rolled the new technology into BPI, which became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of optical tints, selling products to companies like Bausch & Lomb, Zeiss and Polaroid.

Similar to Warren Buffett, Wertheim believes in doubling down when he feels passionate about companies.

“If you like something at $13 a share, you should like it at $12, $11 or $10 a share,” Wertheim says. “If a stock continues to go down, and you believe in it and did your research, then you buy more. You are actually getting a better deal.” Whenever possible, he adds, dividends are useful in cushioning the pain of stocks that drift down or go sideways.

Wertheim tells Berg he bought Microsoft at its IPO in 1986. “I knew a lot about computers and had been involved in building them,” he says. BPI used Apple IIe’s, but after Microsoft released its Windows operating system in 1985, Wertheim fell in love with the company. “Only Microsoft had an operating system that could compete with Apple,” he recalls.

The Microsoft shares he owns, which has been paying him a sizeable dividend since 2003, are now worth more than $160 million.

He also owns 1.25 million shares of Apple, mostly purchased during its 1980 IPO and also at $10 in the 1990s, are worth $195 million.

“My goal is to buy and almost never sell,” he says, parroting a Buffettism.

“I let it appreciate as much as it can and use the dividends to move forward.” In this way Wertheim, like the Oracle of Omaha, seldom reinvests dividends but instead uses the cash flow from his portfolio to either fund his lifestyle or make new investments.

Wertheim's billionaire status is not just a result of his buy-and-hold strategy, but it was his ability to buy the right stocks at the right time - during the start of four decades of easy money from the Federal Reserve.

Here's a few more images of Wertheim from the article....


Here's is a link to a video interview from Forbes......

Meet Dr. Herbert Wertheim, The World's Happiest Billionaire ... 58fbb422ec

Herbert Wertheim never intended to become a billionaire, but now that he is one he's working to make the world a happier, more philanthropic place. After all, everyone could use some 'Herbie time' once in a while.

Note 2.22 - 2:29 on the video, the Dean's portrait, hand in jacket, colors of robes, finger pointing down...

3:00 twin pillars....

See Pillars of the Porch

The employment of twin pillars or posts at the threshold of edifices dedicated to religious purposes is a usage of the greatest antiquity. Even the original intention of church steeples was not expressed in a single one, as we so often see today, but in two, as the latter had once the same significance as the pillars. ... the-porch/

3:18 red and white uniforms in the concert practice.

And finally ....

3:54....the "ok" sign...

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Re: The PR of Secret Societies

Unread post by kickstones » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:27 pm

Some recent QAnon posts:
(Relevant because there's an ongoing thread on QAnon on this forum)

Again, we see the red, white and black theme mentioned in the previous post and masonic symbols closely related to a leading company logo's.

QAnon Posts

Mar 04, 2019 7:57:30 PM EST
Post 2968



Those awake can see clearly. Q

Then a few days later QAnon posts this.....

Mar 07, 2019 2:32:30 AM EST
Post 2997 ... 25-photos/

Mar 07, 2019 10:59:58 PM EST
Post 2998

>>5565314 (/pb)
Something you should explore further.
Impressive, most impressive.

When explored further the link QAnon provided gives us this information.

You are greeted at the airport by Mustang, by New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez, was one of the earliest public art commissions for Denver International Airport in 1993. Standing at 32 feet tall and weighing 9,000 pounds “Mustang” is a blue cast-fiberglass sculpture with red shining eyes.


Located 25 miles from Denver on a plot of land encompassing 53 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan), sits one of the most curious airpots in the world, The Denver International Airport. Leo and I had a long layover at the airport last weekend. As we walked around, we couldn't help but notice that something about this place isn't right. So I did some digging.

*Note: I'm not a conspiracy guy in any way, I fancy myself as more of a beer drinker, so take this post more in the spirit of WTF than an accusation. But anybody who has flown through Denver Airport will tell you this place is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Let's start at the beginning. Denver Airport was commissioned in 1989 at a cost of 1.7 billion dollars. The airport was finished in 1995, 2 years late, at a cost of 4.8 BILLION dollars, roughly 3.1 billion over budget, like ya' do. The airport was privately funded, and nobody really knows by whom. A marker stone in the terminal reads the airport was funded by The New World Airport Commission.

It should also be noted that Denver had a completely functional airport, Stapleton, that many people liked just fine. Stapleton was only 6 miles from Denver after all.

There was really no need to build the airport in the first place… unless you needed a construction project up above to mask a larger construction project happening down below. And this is where the conspiracies begin.

Many people believe that the largest underground bunker in the world lies beneath the Denver airport. Specifically a 360,000 sq. foot bunker, built by the New World Order to house the elites in case of economic collapse or nuclear holocaust. The construction of the Denver airport was necessitated as a dumb show; an above ground construction project to hide the the creation of something that lies beneath, hiding in plain sight.

Hints that the Denver airport is hiding something big are everywhere. Visitors to the Denver Airport will immediately notice a number of mysterious masonic symbols and murals clearly depicting the end of the word. They're hard to miss. Many believe these murals hold a deeper meaning which can be gleaned by the initiated of the New World Order and Freemasons. Let's have a look.


The murals are fairly shocking. Here we have efugees living in a basement and the Lord of Death, brandishing an AK-47, killing the dove of peace. ray waves pulse from the figure, the waves pulse outward, killing everybody in its path. The figure wears a gas mask implying the gray waves, the instrument of death in this case, is a biological weapon.


At a glance, AU AG would logically be the symbols for gold and silver. But that meaning is called into question when you find out that one of the founders of the airport also discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, also called AUAG. It has been rumored that AUAG could be a potent weapon in biological warfare. This symbol rests on the ground directly in front of the biological warfare mural.


Set against the backdrop of a solar flare and horrific destruction, not to mention the extinction of various species including whales and sea turtles, children are in the center sobbing over three open caskets.

All of the children of the world bring in the weapons from their country, handing them to a German boy. The gas mask man from the previous scene is now dead, two doves perched on his body. All of the children appear to be relieved. The deeper metaphor is the return to peace, a rebirth; there will be no more need for weapons in the new world.


The final mural is oddly reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, the world now lives in peace after the horrific events that have taken place. All the murals, when viewed in sequence, depict a massive genocide followed by the formation of a now less-populated, harmonious new world.


Also inside the building is this demonic figure crawling out of a suitcase.


The question is why is QAnon feeding us this information? Does he read this forum and is stringing us along?

Because, as mentioned in the QAnon thread (see beginning of post) above QAnon is linked to Trump and Trump is linked to masonic signs mentioned throughout this thread.



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