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Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus

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Flabbergasted wrote: Thu Jun 09, 2022 10:35 pm How dumb can you be at 79 years of age?

The 79-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee praised Dr Fauci for his "nonviolent resistance" in his attempts to educate Americans on Covid-19. ... -portrait/
I'm sorry but the folly is definitely on the part who’s buying the article (any article) at face value. The ‘artistic’ value of the portrait is neither higher nor lower than the other products of her activity, provided of course she has ever held a brush in her hands. (Have you been perhaps a fan of her younger days? Are you still maybe?) Stupidity by the way does not at all depend on old age - or in fact on any other physiological condition. ’Folly is the cloke of knavery’ as the great Poet put it.

They say, once being in their midst, there is no way out of the ‘intelligence community.’ (Most possibly they simply do not want to at all. Why would they?)

Incidentally, one of the new practices of power/propaganda in recent years or decades is that the highest state honours are no longer given to well-paid writers and artists, as in the 'good old days', but right to stars of the film industry and pop music. The quality of public life seems to be something that can always be deteriorated (hell seems to have no bottom) and it is tempting to try to project existing trends into the future. But to no avail, the ingenuity of the spoiling tendencies always catch you 'by surprise'.

A few links to some recent activity by the honourable lady:
Charity Prints - Zelensky (sold out), 2022 ... stsid=1106

After hearing that her friend John Prine had been hospitalized in critical condition with Covid-19, Joan sat down with her guitar in her Northern California home and video recorded a heartfelt rendition of Prine’s “Hello In There,” dedicating the song to him. After his passing, she decided to create a print to his memory with the proceeds going to COVID-19 relief. ... stsid=1106

Painting her heroes is a ‘no-brainer’ for folk icon Joan Baez ... joan-baez/
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Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus

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For the sake of information, I am dropping this link to a July 2022 report on the toxic components of the clot broth and its effects on the blood. I haven´t had time to read much of it yet so I won´t comment further at this time. ... ermany.pdf

It is allegedly produced by a group of 60 interdisciplinary researchers:
The German Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis is an interdisciplinary working group that has undertaken the task of analysing the contents and the effects of the novel COVID-19 vaccines. The group consists of independent scientists, including physicians, physicists, chemists, microbiologists, pharmacologists and alternative health practitioners, supported by lawyers, psychologists, analysts and journalists. The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis uses modern medical and physical measuring techniques, the results of which have confirmed and complemented each other: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX), Mass Spectroscopy (MS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis (ICP), Bright Field Microscopy (BFM), Dark Field Microscopy (DFM) and Live Blood Image Diagnostics, as well as analysis of images using Artificial Intelligence. The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis continues to work in close cooperation with several international groups that are carrying out similar investigations and who have obtained results consistent with our own. The results from our analysis of the vaccines can, consequently, be regarded as cross-validated.
The authors decided to remain anonymous so the report is not peer-reviewed:
The fact that this experiment continues to be carried out with no sign of being stopped; the fact that there has been an unprecedented number of adverse reactions and injuries from these so-called vaccines; the fact that national statistics around the World demonstrate an unmistakeable excess mortality in the wake of the respective vaccination programmes; the fact that no public prosecutor's office has yet intervened in this matter, although the deadly effects of these programmes are already obvious; the fact that critics of the programmes have been publicly defamed, ostracised and economically ruined – all of this makes us shudder. This is why, contrary to the customary practice in science, we have decided to protect ourselves by remaining anonymous as authors of this report.
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Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus

Unread post by Mansur » ... ermany.pdf

In practice: 12 years of experience in dark field microscopic blood screening with over 10,000 people from all over the world, including people who were near the attack in New York on 9/11/2001, as well as in a cancer clinic with people from Australia, USA, Canada and Europe. [page 8]
Can anyone tell what the 11th of September has or could have to do with the matter under discussion?

Is this somehow a reference to the human (DNA) remains found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building years after the 'attack'? Or were they perhaps working on the nuclear myth of that day?
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