Engineering disease

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Re: Engineering disease

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Peter wrote: Mon Dec 05, 2022 6:24 pm As so many people take vitamin supplements without problems I very much doubt they are toxic. I don't believe TPTB want to poison us. No evidence. There are however a lot of unhealthy ideologies that are put out there on purpose, many regarding diet for example, but it is always our choice whether we follow them or not.
Hey Peter, I just wanted to react to that specific part where you say you don't believe TPTB want to poison us. I think in essence you are right, I think the ones in the top of the pyramid scheme don't really care and know that most people will poison themselves because they choose to remain ignorant. Surely, some people in that group might actually see us as little more than animals but I think overall they might have even convinced themselves they play an important role in the future of mankind.

My reasoning is; if they wanted to kill us, why would they also allow us to find out all the lies/deceptions. Better yet, they stamp their occult logos, symbols and numerology on everything they interact with. If they wanted to keep us ignorant, CF would be offline as would many other fora. The same with all the information about non-existent viruses and the toxicity of vaccines. The key here is that people choose to remain ignorant and I think many here have personal experience with loved ones not wanting to listen, not wanting to discuss things that are happening and that are actually threatening their very existence.

The key point I am making is 'choice' and most people choose poorly.
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Re: Engineering disease

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Hi Nefilimp, I don't think TPTB see us as animals or slaves etc. Nobody gets physically hurt. Mentally challenged certainly.

Far from animals, we are the objects of the hoax system. It is all for us. Therefore the motives of this realm must be outside of materialism.

We are bombarded with harmful ideologies, eg dis ease causing fad diets, for sure. But the final decision of what ideas we adopt is ours to make.
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