Are all the victims simulated?

The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.
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Are all the victims simulated?

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Are all the victims fake or is it a mix of fake victims plus real people who were never there but are now on some island or got a new identity, etc etc. For example, the Daniel Lewin guy was CEO of a huge company which I guess was chosen to give legitimacy via incredibility to the fake event...So is someone like him on some island or what? He was the "first victim or 9/11" :lol: . Is there already a thread here about this?
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Re: Are all the victims simulated?

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Spend a couple of days looking through the threads, and reach your own conclusions.
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