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Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby burningame on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:16 am

I always wondered whether our squeaky-clean Reserve Bank was really just like the 'evil' US Federal Reserve. Found this today, dated 2007, i.e. pre-GFC: ... ralia.html

In Australia interest rates have been artificially turned up higher in a series of edicts by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Families with mortgages paying off houses are being forced to sell their homes and lose money, these families who are being affected by interest rate rises are being forced to live in crisis accommodation, and with anyone else who will take them in.

The Reserve Bank has total control over our nation’s interest rate rises and inflation.

The Reserve Bank is considered by many to actually be a conspiracy against the people of Australia. It is claimed by these conspiracy theorists that the RBA is NOT a federal body and the Australian people have no control over it, neither does any politician in Australia have any control over it. The Reserve Bank is, it is claimed, actually operated and controlled by the international corporate elite, it is a privately owned entity, and is a law unto itself. The Reserve Bank in this view is controlled by international corporations, who have serious interests in most private banks in Australia, the reason the Reserve Bank is making interest rates so high is because it’s in the International Corporatist’s interests to do so. The following is an exposition of this argument for you to consider.

It is chilling stuff:

When the interest rates go higher, the private banks can make more money and the poorer people lose their homes and assets while the rich get richer. The rise in interest rates is causing poorer families to give up their homes at a loss, and the wealthier areas are experiencing an increase in property value. So the interest rates rises in Australia are part of an agenda, the agenda is to create a much larger gap between the poor and the rich, as the international corporations seek to make Australia a third world country.

The current Prime Minister of Australia and all the political parties in Parliament are funded by multinational corporations who control the politicians like puppets. Without the corporate money flowing into the political parties; the political party will die, so it’s in the politician’s interests to let the corporations pull their strings. Our politicians have become nothing but corrupt self seeking leeches that have no care or interest for the future of the Australian people. Politicians get elected when the samemultinational corporations who own the Reserve Bank fund a particular politician’s political party, because that politician has made a commitment to the international cartel and will allow himself to be controlled by them. The politician will never defy what the international cartel tells him to do, otherwise they will cut off funding and organize a smear campaign against the politician through the media outlets they control, and often they will actually kill a politician if he goes against and defies their will for control over the nation’s money supply.

On June 4th 1963 President John F. Kennedy (the 35th President of the United States 1961 – 1963) signs Executive Order 11110 which returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without having to go through the Federal Reserve (U.S governments version of Australia’s Reserve Bank). Six months later on November 22nd, president Kennedy is assassinated because he wanted to print American money for the American people, instead of printing it for the benefit of the greedy money hoarding International cartel who controls the Federal Reserve. The Executive Order 11110, is cancelled by President Lyndon Baines Johnson (the 36th President of the United States 1963 to 1969) on Air Force One from Dallas to Washington, the same day as President Kennedy was assassinated.

The Reserve Bank is a private company, it is neither Federal nor governmental nor does it have any Reserve. Never in history has it once ever published accounts. Multinational corporations control and own the Reserve Bank, and it’s these multinational corporations who control: the flow of money, interest rates and inflation through the Reserve Bank. When the multinational corporations want to turn up the interest rates, they use their ownership of the media to publish all sorts of ridiculous reasons as to why the interest rates went up, these International corporations form a international cartel who fund corrupt political parties and control the politicians like puppets, just as a puppeteer manipulates a puppet.

International corporations manipulate the politicians by getting them to:
sell off nations assets to private corporations so they can seize control of all publicly owned assets worldwide (water, gas, electricity, railways etc),
also they sternly advise the politicians to go along with Reserve Bank decisions of higher interest rates that force families onto the street.
A politician’s job is to keep the population distracted with absolute nonsense and lies, while the international cartels fulfill their agenda’s in the shadows. Their agenda is to: buy up a nation’s assets, control the money and interest rates, control the media and flow of information, and to use nations to wage war against the countries they don’t control.

There is one international cartel that basically owns and operates every Reserve Bank in the world, and they are holding us at ransom as they rob us of our countries resources and manipulate us into oppression. The international cartel is made up of evil merchants who want and almost have absolute control of the world monetary system. There is a Reserve Bank in every country in the world controlled by the same International Cartel except for five countries: Iran, Libya, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea. The international cartel who controls the Reserve Banks of the world wants to globalize the world’s economy and rob the good people of their resources, and oppress their countries economically.

Globalization is another implementation of the same International cartel that controls our Reserve Banks. Here in Australia many products that are being sold here are being imported from China, and they are being sold extremely cheaply here, because Christians and Falun Gong prisoners in China are manufacturing the products in slave labor conditions for virtually no cost, that’s why the products are so cheap. The conditions and treatment of the prisoners slaving away to make our products in China, are similar to the treatment of the Nazi camp prisoners. No longer are products made in Australia to benefit the Australian people, so secure jobs and secure business stays in Australia, but now all our products seem to be coming from foreign countries made by slave laborers who work for next to nothing in appalling conditions. Full time secure employment is becoming scarce in Australia, because as Australian companies become owned by International cartels, the International cartels outsource their workers and get the work done overseas for much less money and often in slave labor conditions. Australian companies are also outsourcing their work to be done overseas, because our own politicians have passed laws that allow them to employ workers to do the work in another country, this robs Australians of jobs and exploits workers in other countries who work for next to nothing..

The Australian people and most of the people of the world are hypnotized by the manipulative media, which is also controlled by the same International corporations that control the Reserve Bank and Global economy. People need to start uncovering facts and truth behind our complex governments, and their oppressive agenda.

The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian constitution

The Reserve Bank is a foreign ADI. A "foreign ADI" means a body corporate that:
(a) is a foreign corporation within the meaning of paragraph 51(xx) of the Constitution; and
(b) is authorised to carry on banking business in a foreign country; and
(c) has been granted an authority under section 9 to carry on banking business in Australia.

Prior to 1959 the Commonwealth issued and printed its own money and had control of the printing of money. However after the 1959 Reserve Bank Act, the Reserve Bank was established as a stand alone independent
foreign ADI, which took over the printing of money and lent the money it printed to the Commonwealth at interest. So instead of the Commonwealth printing its own money, we have a foreign body corporate printing our money and lending it to the Commonwealth which the Commonwealth needs to pay back!

Guarantee by Commonwealth
The Commonwealth is responsible for the payment of all moneys due by the Bank" (The commonwealth of Australia is paying money is borrows back to the stand alone bank)
(Source: ... 0/s77.html)

Bank to be banker for Commonwealth
The Bank shall, in so far as the Commonwealth requires it to do so, act as banker and financial agent of the Commonwealth" (The reserve bank is the Commonwealths banker and lender and the Commonwealth must pay the money back to the Bank!)
(Source: ... 0/s27.html)


The below act shows how foreign coroporations have power of attorny over the Reserve Bank of Australia:

Attorney of Bank
The Bank may, by instrument under its seal, appoint a person (whether in Australia or in a place beyond Australia) to be its attorney and a person so appointed may, subject to the instrument, do any act or execute any power or function which he or she is authorized by the instrument to do or execute. (Source: ... 0/s76.html)

Foreign Agents in control of the Reserve Bank of Australia:

Agents etc.
In the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions, the Bank may:
(a) establish branches and agencies at such places, whether within or beyond Australia, as the Bank thinks fit;
(b) arrange with a person to act as agent of the Bank in any place, whether within or beyond Australia; and
(c) act as the agent of an ADI carrying on business within or beyond Australia.

Do you feel powerless in the face of such insidous, powerful and negative global forces?

The Immediate Economy is a simple honest model for a social and economic system that can no longer be manipulated by artificial and deceptive financial practices.

Funny how those countries who are not controlled by the cartel - Iran, Libya, Cuba, [Sudan/sub. Syria?] and North Korea - are all 'axis of evil' states! And are slowly being 'done' as we speak!
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby fbenario on Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:40 am

Burningame wrote:Funny how those countries who are not controlled by the cartel - Iran, Libya, Cuba, [Sudan/sub. Syria?] and North Korea - are all 'axis of evil' states! And are slowly being 'done' as we speak!

Excellent post. The long quoted section speaks for itself, and your conclusion is absolutely spot-on accurate. All this crap in the world is about controlling resources and money-printing.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby burningame on Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:35 pm

The funny-sad thing is, if magically those self-same controlled resources were 'idealistically' spread out to all humanity (i.e. the other 99%), you know what? I reckon, just maybe, even those assholes we call 'the perps' or 'TPTB', who are the 1%, would even be happier. One has to hope that they would learn the real meaning of life, i.e. real humanity, family and what I like to think are eternal and basic human values. Instead of all this sickness. They would be living in a real world, driven by positive goals, rather than this sad, stumbling, patch-up, logic-defying crap. Of course I'm not saying everyone has to have the same car or house, but with even a modest tweaking of the percentages, things could really change. Like the establishment of a more honest banking system for a start.

But maybe that sentiment is in itself an illusion. If human beings are part of the universe, and the universe exhibits a fractal/Mandelbrot nature, then what we are dealing with, when we consider these people who are causing all this madness, is a microcosm, the very top part of the humanity* pyramid; with all the human values, intrigues and inequalities in that very small percentage as we see down in the street, around the corner. Never forget that your next local concentration camp commander is probably living a few doors away from you. In other words, we are witnessing ourselves, just on a smaller scale, through a magnifying glass called the media. Has anyone ever thought out exactly how and what you would do with the tremendous power that these people must have, and how over time even the most zealous do-gooder's aims might be perverted? It's the basic problem of evil.

But unfortunately the key to all this is education - so how do you educate people when everything around their world is geared towards the status quo? (Rhetorical question; that's why we're here. :) )

*please note I don't mean 'human' pyramid: that would infer a superior status.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby Unleashed on Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:43 pm

Nice thread.
It occurs to me that the world-renowned game "MONOPOLY", has been played by millions
without the slightest acknowledgement that it is demonstrating the end result of capitalism
if played to it's conclusion.

There can only be one winner in the end.
And that group/individual will be able to buy out or forfeited to all others over time.

With the banker by their side, so much the better.

Is each reserve system a macro MONOPOLY game in progress.
I think so.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby fbenario on Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:01 am

Burningame wrote:Has anyone ever thought out exactly how and what you would do with the tremendous power that these people must have, and how over time even the most zealous do-gooder's aims might be perverted? It's the basic problem of evil.

The Golden Rule is the only safe-guard we have protecting us from the war of all against all.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby pov603 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:13 am

fbenario, with regard to your mention of the term 'Golden Rule' which presumably refers to the maxim 'do as you would be done by' whilst I understand your sentiment my problem with that rule is one only has to think 'ah well, they would only screw me if they got the chance, so I might as well screw them first' and you are abiding by the Golden Rule albeit in a warped sense.

Power will always corrupt, the only path we can steer is the one which is subject to the least corruption.

For example, if I was in power [of some Govt Dept] and I knew my brother or good friend could do a good job as a contractor, by giving him the option or 'nod' this would be construed as corrupt even though he would probably do more [hypothetically of course] that would be the norm as he would have a point to prove.

The problem is when complacency sets in and the job is expected even though previous jobs were done badly if at all and payment/concession was still made.

I remember reading a couple of books by Ricardo Semler [see link: ... Them-Free/] and the basic gist of what he did was that for new Managers, he had the shop floor interview them all in one go on the shop floor. The workers then chose which one they preferred. For me the beauty of this was that firstly, the workers themselves made the choice, but secondly, and more importantly, they had a vested interest in making him succeed otherwise it would reflect badly on them in the end.

Some may say that this is what we already have with politicians 'pressing the flesh' [though that term must have changed meaning in Clinton's day...], but when most of these politicians come from a background so removed from most of the people they are supposed to represent [ie most UK politicians are trained lawyers, and/or academics who have no real knowledge of ever having worked in what many people call the 'real world'.

In the same way you wouldn't send a person to pilot a plane who did not have firsthand knowledge of what he was to do or be up against, we shouldn't be expected to elect equally inexperienced, wrongly-qualified people to lead the country, though it would be construed that we elected them and didn't have to if we didn't want to...yada, yada, yada.

For me, that is like being hungry and being presented with the only restaurant for miles around and having to order from a menu that is limited at best or rank at worst and unfortunately the vast majority of us have eaten some rank food in our time.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby burningame on Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:46 am

Yep. We live in a McDonald's world.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby queuebert on Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:15 pm

Unleashed wrote:Hi.
Nice thread.
It occurs to me that the world-renowned game "MONOPOLY", has been played by millions
without the slightest acknowledgement that it is demonstrating the end result of capitalism
if played to it's conclusion.

The MONOPOLY game is educational in other ways, too, in that it demonstrates the nature of our relationship to the planet's legal/commercial "Matrix".

The game and it's board constitute the fictional mental playing field of the planet's commercial/industrial civilization. Human players sit down to relate to each other indirectly via the artificial reality construct called MONOPOLY yet people can't "appear" in the MONOPOLY "world", only the tokens they manipulate do in the same way we people don't (in the legal sense) "appear" in the Matrix, only the ens legis identified by the name on a birth certificate (or equivalent) does, itself a "valuable token" in the words of a Canadian Vital Statistics Office official.

One comes into the game with nothing and one leaves the game with nothing (when you die you can't take it with you, right?) All the material things in MONOPOLY, like the real world, are property of said "games", we human "players" merely manipulating them for our use and enjoyment.

I think the important points are that
(a) the rules of MONOPOLY (a/k/a statutes/codes/regulations/etc) are only binding upon the tokens, NOT the human players, and
(b) just as no man/woman is obligated to play MONOPOLY (manipulate its tokens), no one is obligated to animate (consent to be identified as/by, serve as) a Matrix ens legis "valuable token", hence their Constitutional prohibition against involuntary servitude.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby Tufa on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:45 am

A nice little film about the concept of money.
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Re: Reserve Bank of Australia

Unread postby whatsgoingon on Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:30 am

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