Poverty in the USA — why?

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Poverty in the USA — why?

Postby Alicekinnian on June 26th, 2018, 12:15 am

I am not sure exactly how to posit it without being offensive, but hear me out.

So, I spent a little bit of time with the kids today looking over YouTube; I was trying to explain to them the importance of learning math and science - the main purpose, as I see it, is poverty prevention - in the hopes that they will be further motivated to learn what I myself have no natural inclination to learn, and what I only learned myself as a means of poverty prevention. I thought a lot about the trauma that that inflicted on me as a child, and I was somehow trying to spare the children from experiencing that trauma, but they don't seem to get that they have to learn what may be boring in some aspects, to succeed in academia and hopefully life.

But as I thought about the trauma, and remembering the "loosh" theory that some people hold - I thought, am I just operating in an unnecessarily negative frame of mind? What would be the "worst-case" failure mode here? I thought a lot about how the purpose of 9/11 was to introduce fear and intimidation as a propulsion for war. I then thought about how poverty is probably used in much the same fashion, to keep people in line / working their corporate slave job, as far as those still exist. But then I thought, just as in 9/11 where the victims didn't really exist - could it be that poverty is also being faked, or is that too hopeful a thought?

The documentary I saw was curiously run by ABC via YouTube. It went over the life of a fast food worker single Mom, a construction worker in Seattle, whose family lived in tents, and an African American musician who dropped from fame. The entire documentary seemed to basically describe these people's lives as a miserable living you know what - as they lived out of hotel rooms, tents, and homeless shelters. One managed to get a state subsidized apartment in the end.

Maybe it wasn't the best thing to watch in my attempt to "chill out" from my academic expectations for the kids, and my own anxieties, but it got me thinking - could these entire lives be staged, and could all the homeless tents in Seattle be purposefully put there just for the sole purpose of terrorizing the rest of us into corporate compliance by the implication that we'd otherwise wind up in the streets? Or is this something simple enough that it doesn't require any faking.

I guess I remember the Truman show. But I suppose it would be a stretch for this to be the case as there are unfortunately children out there with no shoes.

If the swaths of people in tents are truly poor in a sinking economy, then I suppose there is a secondary question of - even real people really suffering - could it be that their situation was "engineered" so to speak - forcing them into a visible poverty for the purposes of instigating a revolution, or, if not a revolution, an extreme fear in the people "just above" this kind of poverty - but not quite in abject poverty?

I feel like for the past 20 years all I've seen in terms of US economic news is more and more people becoming poorer and poorer, with no end in sight. I've started to wonder if someone benefits directly not just from stealing wages from poor people but, by their very existence, for some purpose.

I do not mean at all to be callous to the plight of poor people in writing this; on the contrary, I rather sympathize with them and wonder myself if we will ever experience such poverty directly. But I am also noticing that I am having a fear based reaction rather than one based in positive improvement so, that makes me wonder if I am being manipulated.

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