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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Apache wrote:So, here is an example of a non-Jewish account of a gas chamber where it is implied that it was used to kill people who weren't Jewish. He didn't see it being used, nor did he know of anyone who was killed via that device, or at least fails to name anyone. The mainstream view on the Holocaust is that only Jews were gassed by the Nazis, but here is an account attempting to add non-Jews to that story.
Very interesting info in your post, Apache. Actually, I've found other "mainstream accounts" claiming that non-Jewish victims were gassed. One is the following, published by The Huffington Post: ... 00948.html
Romani gypsies were the second-largest group of people killed on racial grounds in the Holocaust. They were considered outsiders and "racially impure" by the Nazis and up to 1.5 million died in what is also known as the Porajmos ("mass killing" in Romani.) Like Jews, Roma people were murdered, sent to camps and gassed or used for forced labour. But only in the 1970s did the West German Federal Parliament classify their persecution as being racially motivated, and scholars largely ignored their deaths until the 1980s.
So I guess now Roma people too are getting reparation money from Germany. And then apparently also people with mental illnesses were gassed, although it seems not in concentration camps but in their institutions.
Those with mental and physical illnesses were regarded by the Nazis as “unworthy of life”, leading to a clandestine programme of mass murder, under the cover of 'mercy killings'.

Institutions were turned into mass killing centres, with SS officers wearing lab coats to keep up the appearance of a medical programme. Families were told their relatives had died from illness and given faked death certificates, when in reality up to 300,000 people in German and Austria were systematically murdered, usually in gas chambers disguised as showers. Their organs were used for experiments. [...]

In fact, Helene was transported to a former prison in Brandenburg, Germany. She was undressed, physically examined and then led into a “shower room” where she was murdered with deadly gas. Despite this, the aspiring law student was officially listed as dying in her room of "acute schizophrenic excitement."

Helene was just one of 9,772 people gassed in 1940 at the Brandenburg “euthanasia” centre, which was one of six in Germany and Austria.
In this other account at ... _Jews.html, even a Rabbi admits that
Non-Jews died in the gas chambers, were tortured, starved and shot to death alongside their Jewish counterparts in vast numbers, and were clearly also targets of the satanic Nazi agenda.
Also the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC says that
Almost all the Roma in Auschwitz were gassed, worked to death, or victims of disease. The Nazis define Roma as racially inferior, and their fate closely parallels that of Jews. On August 2-3, 1944, the "Gypsy camp" at Auschwitz-Birkenau is closed. The remaining Romani (Gypsy) men, women, and children are killed in the gas chambers. Up to 220,000 Roma are killed in the Holocaust.
EDIT: Apache, I just saw on your "Introduce Yourself" post that you're a woman, so I'm sorry for having called you "brother" in a previous post in the "Open Conspiracy" thread. I'm sure you know that I meant no disrespect, sister :) After all, we're all "brothers" here in a larger sense, aren't we?
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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jumpy64 wrote:I thought this thread was still locked, but since it doesn't seem to be anymore, I'll post here too a bit of info I've already posted on the "Open Conspiracy" thread.

There are said to have been 5 million non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust, in addition to the 6 millions Jewish ones, so a blogger rightly asks "Why are there so few Holocaust stories from non-Jews?"

I suggest to read the whole article at http://exposing-the-holocaust-hoax-arch ... ories.html
jumpy64, I assume you mean http://exposing-the-holocaust-hoax-arch ... ories.html?

That is a great point. If the numbers were accurate, there would be almost as many non-Jewish survivors as Jewish ones, but we almost never hear about these Goyim victims. Maybe because the NSDAP gassing and cremating 6 million Jews is absurd enough already, so almost doubling that number might strain even the more flexible of credibilities? Or they would no longer be able to call us "antisemitic," because we are denying Goyim deaths as well? According to none other than Deborah Lipstadt, the 5 million figure was simply invented by SImon Wiesenthal in order to stir up sympathy among the Gentiles:
When Israeli historians Yehuda Bauer and Yisrael Gutman challenged Wiesenthal on this point, he admitted that he had invented the figure of eleven million victims in order to stimulate interest in the Holocaust among non-Jews. He chose five million because it was almost, but not quite, as large as six million. When Elie Wiesel asked Wiesenthal who these supposed five million victims were, Wiesenthal exploded and accused him of suffering from "Judeocentrism." In recent months, Wiesenthal's concoction has been further improved upon by a group of rabbis and imams who visited Auschwitz under the aegis of the US State Department. The statement they issued after their visit referred to the "twelve million victims, six million Jews and six million non-Jews." Now we have parity. One wonders what's next.

Segev, for his part, explains away Wiesenthal's invention of the "eleven million" as his means of stressing "the brotherhood of all the victims," something Jews generally fail to do. He lauds Wiesenthal for "judg[ing] people by their deeds and merits rather than by their group affiliation. This was the basis for his humanistic views and his faith in justice. It was the basis for his belief in good and his longing for conciliation."

This is a pretty good article on Mr. Wiesenthal:

And in "Nazi Hunter: The Wiesenthal File," by Alan Levy, his "death march" to Mauthausen is recounted thusly:
When the convoy arrived at the railroad station at Mauthausen in Upper Austria on a cold, clear Friday night, only 1200 of the original 3000 passengers were still alive. Another 180 died on the four-mile uphill hike they were forced to make from the station to the camp.

Wiesenthal was almost one of the casualties. Trudging over frozen snow, with each man's steps crackling thunderously like drums of doom in the silence of the night, he linked arms with a Polish prince named Radziwill, a relative of the one who later married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' sister Lee Bouvier. For a while, Wiesenthal and Radziwill kept each other up, but when they couldn't go any farther, they simply sank into the snow.

"Are you alive?" a voice barked in German and, to remedy this condition, its owner fired at them. But the SS guard's hands were cold and his shot landed in the snow between Wiesenthal and Radziwill. Then the two men drifted into sleep as life and death passed them by.

Well before dawn, the camp authorities sent trucks down to collect corpses and spare the sensibilities of villagers going to work in the morning. Frozen stiff, Wiesenthal and Radziwill were taken for dead and flung aboard with a pile of bodies. Simon doesn't know whether it was the motion or the warmth of the other bodies that revived them a little, but when the truck delivered them to the camp crematorium, the prisoners working there noticed that both men weren't quite dead.


It is claimed that 500,000 gypsies were killed in the Holocaust, though according to Dr. Otward Müller, this number is completely unsupported by evidence:
Media and politicians never tire of unsubstantiated allegations about the fate of gypsies during the Third Reich, such as "more than a million gypsies were murdered during the Third Reich" and "500,000 Sinti and Roma died in the Holocaust." This article will show that such allegations are incompatible with population statistics for these nomadic tribes, both before and after World War II – statistics which are readily available to the public. It will be proved that the official figures for wartime gypsy losses are grossly exaggerated.

Guenter Lewy, in his essay "Gypsies and Jews Under the Nazis," mentions that:
During his twelve-year rule, Hilter referred to Gypsies only twice, and that in connection with the issue of Gypsies serving in the military. ... y/Lewy.pdf

Why would Gypsies be in the German military if they were being exterminated?

From an article in the Guardian about Gypsy Holocaust survivor Walter Winter:
There are not many written accounts of the half-million or so Roma or Sinti - travellers related to them - who died in the camps, because, says Winter, theirs is traditionally an oral not a literary culture. Unlike the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, many of whom came from the educated middle-classes, the Sinti generally made their living on the land.
The Sinti had a reputation in the camps, he says. They were tough and courageous, and from long experience of odd-jobbing, could turn their hands to anything. They were also, he says, stunningly naive. On one occasion, Winter's brother hit a guard over the head with a spade handle when he tried to rape a woman from his block; incredibly, he wasn't executed. And Winter himself confronted Mengele over the starvation rations being issued to the camp children. Mengele was temporarily charmed by his chutzpah and marginally increased the rations; but it did not save Winter's nieces. ... .biography

Yes, chutzpah, that must be it... Why else would someone known as the "Angel of Death" increase their rations? :rolleyes:

And here is an article about the "last surviving gay holocaust survivor," Rudolf Brazda:
After working as a medical orderly for a while, he was given a job as a roofer, and then Brazda was moved to the camp's administrative office. Even as American troops advanced closer and closer to the camp and SS troops sent 28,000 camp prisoners out on a death march at the beginning of the spring, Brazda's good fortune never abandoned him. ... 72667.html

Sounds like Brazda had it pretty easy in comparison to his fellow gay prisoners; for example, Pierre Seel, the only French gay holocaust survivor to speak about his experiences:
Police sodomized Pierre with a piece of wood and sent him a regular jail, before he was transported to the Schirmeck-Vorbruck camp near Strasborg - called a "protective custody camp”.

“I wasn’t even 18,” he says in the Paragraph 175 film. “Arrested, tortured, beaten, with no defense, without a trial. Nothing. I was all alone. I don’t even mention being sodomized, being raped.”

In another traumatizing experience, he was forced to watch his teenage lover Jo, who was also in the camp, being executed by being torn apart by Alsatian dogs.

“It happened in front of me and 300 prisoners. 300," he said. "The death of Jo, my friend. He was condemned to die, eaten by dogs. German dogs. German shepherds. And that, I can never forget.”

Gay prisoners in the camp were abused and tormented by guards, and also by other prisoners. “There was a hierarchy, from strongest to weakest," Pierre explained. "There was no doubt that the weakest in the camps were the homosexuals, all the way on the bottom.” ... 55604.html

See also "The Myth of Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals," by Jack Wikoff:


Even the Freemasons want to get a piece of the action. On Wackypedia, it states:
The preserved records of the RSHA—i.e., Reichssicherheitshauptamt or the Office of the High Command of Security Service, which pursued the racial objectives of the SS through the Race and Resettlement Office—document the persecution of Freemasons. The number of Freemasons from Nazi occupied countries who were killed is not accurately known, but it is estimated [estimated how exactly?] that between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons were murdered under the Nazi regime. ... reemasonry
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Re: "Hiding in Plain Sight: Reflections on an Open Conspirac

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brianv wrote:This is interesting IC, better put than how I tried recently,
It would take me a few weeks/months but I could comb through your posts, cut/paste excerpts & put it even better in your own words (and in context). But thanks just the same, Brian!
brianv wrote: ...but again we are left with an unnamed faceless group running the show.
In the grand scheme of things, the beast (devil) really runs the show. Bloodsucking sociopathic dynasties come and go but the Fondo remains. It is the holy grail, philosopher’s stone, blah de blah…

It’s TpTB’s ‘beast of burden.’ They’re the innately ordained tamers of the beast. Ever since they let the bull loose they’ve had a hard time just staying on let alone taming it. The trick is in convincing people they’re really ‘running the show’ as you aptly put it - That they’ve tamed the beast. Let ‘em do their thing. We’re not watching their shitty shows anymore. Let senile Aunt Samantha think she’s still a grade school teacher. Just give her a notepad, a phonebook, some pencils and let her 'authorize' away. And Miss Daisy can take a cab, bus, subway or drive herself into a brick fuckin’ wall for all I care. Nothing against little old ladies but I’m not letting her drive my ass crazy.

I know what Plastic Jesus & his little circle jerk represent. Although I denounce it I really don’t wish them any harm. If I were to meet the David de Roth of AGW I’d grant him the respect I do to any stranger. I mean we can do our best but some JIGGA RICH JIGGA$ will be JIGGA$. It’s in their soulless blood. Maybe DNA evidence will eventually prove it. All we can do is drive cautiously, lock the doors, roll up the windows & teach the kids that if they feed the vampires they will turn into zombies. It only takes one time to get infected so they must always use protection because we all know there’s no cure for World War Z Disease.

Yes, I know it’s scary but not as scary as needlessly lying to them about an old pervert who watches their every move. You know, the chomo who breaks into your house, undetected, once a year – eats your cookies, drinks your milk and takes the credit for the gift you worked and paid for (the ‘low on supply’ gift that they and all of their friends just had to have). The one who abandons them in their formative years thereby making a liar out of you. What’s the point in letting innocent children get ensnared in satan’s materialistic claws? Fuggit! A happy wife = a happy life. They’ll get over it. We did.

I feel really bad for those poor Israelis. They don’t seem to realize that the wall being built to ostensibly keep their ‘enemies’ out was actually designed to keep them in! I sincerely hope they wake up to this sick joke that is being played on them by their own sick Mafioso (b)leaders.
brianv wrote:Thinking on that a little further, might one include Religious Empires? Who funded the Vatican's excursions around the globe (if it's a globe) for instance ?
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, Brian! You almost dropped the F word. You’z a bad motha- ;)
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Today I’d like to pay a tribute to a most inspiring and corageous author who spoke out on the “Jewish question”: Dr. William Luther Pierce (1933-2002), the founder and leader of the National Alliance, a major White nationalist organization in the US.

Image offers the transcription of all his speeches at ... e_djvu.txt . It’s possible to download his audio files too.

My tribute will be in two parts. Here is the first, consisting of excerpts of his speech titled “The Holocaust Shakedown” (which is evidently more relevant to this thread), while the second is in the “Hiding in Plain Sight” thread at ... 9#p2398569

The texts, however abridged by myself (whenever you see […]), are pretty long, but I think it's worth reading them to try and understanding Jewish behavior and its possible causes. That’s why, if you like my excerpts, I suggest you read the full texts.

Here we go.
The Holocaust Shakedown

Imagine that a robber walks into a bank, points a pistol at a teller, hands her a bag, and demands
that she put all the money from her cash drawer in it. At first she protests, but then, after he
threatens to shoot, she fills the robber's bag with cash. And then imagine that, as the robber
walks out of the bank with his bag of loot, the bank guard opens the door for him, smiles at him,
offers to hail a cab for him, and tells him to come again soon. After that it's not difficult to
imagine that he probably will.

That's about the way it's been with the Jews recently. Two years ago they put a gun to the head of
the Swiss people collectively and demanded billions of dollars in reparations for Swiss bank
accounts they claimed had been owned by Jews who disappeared during the Second World War.
The Swiss initially protested that unclaimed Jewish bank accounts from the 1930s and 1940s
amounted at most to a few million dollars, not to billions, and besides the war ended more than
50 years ago and claims should have been filed long ago. The Jews threatened to shoot,
figuratively speaking, by having their bought politicians in the United States prevent Swiss banks
from doing business in America. Eventually they walked away with $1.25 billion in loot, with
the Swiss apologizing for not having coughed it up sooner.

After that sort of success with the Swiss one could hardly expect the Jews to give up extortion
and go straight. So anyway, they were back again soon, with demands against the Volkswagen
Company for having used Jewish workers during the Second World War and providing them
only with room and board but not paying them union- scale wages. One might think that these
Jewish workers would be grateful to Volkswagen for keeping them alive during the war, feeding
them, and giving them a roof over their heads, when so many German civilians had only
bombed-out ruins to live in. Well, if you thought that, you just don't understand Jews. The Jews
told the Volkswagen Company that if it ever wanted to sell any more cars in America, it had
better cough up — soon. And the bought politicians and the media bosses in America began
rattling their sabers and talking loudly about sanctions of various sorts against Volkswagen. And
so, like the Swiss banks, Volkswagen coughed up the money. […]

And Switzerland wasn't the only country where Jews could claim that Uncle Abe had stashed
some of his loot sixty years ago, before the war. So they sued banks in France and in Britain and
began moaning and whining in the media that the banks were being "insensitive" to poor,
deserving "Holocaust survivors," who suddenly had remembered Uncle Abe's millions and
needed it — now. And then they remembered the insurance companies in Italy and Switzerland
and Britain and elsewhere from whom they could claim that Uncle Abe once had had a life-
insurance policy. Then they remembered that the Swedes owed them gold, and the Danes and the
Norwegians. Even the Poles, whom the Jews had ruled as Bolshevik commissars for nearly 50
years after the war, owed them, they claimed.

The racket has worked the same in every case: pay us, or we will have our bought Gentile
politicians pass laws making it impossible for you to continue doing business, and our people in
the media will paint you as monsters who want to hang onto the profit you made when poor
Uncle Abe and Aunt Sara were crammed into gas chambers, and then the gullible Gentile
lemmings won't buy your products. If you give us any trouble or resist our demands we'll make
an example of you, the way we did with the Swiss banks. Just pay us the few hundred million
dollars we're demanding now, and we'll leave you alone. Otherwise, it'll end up costing you a lot

And it has worked every time. Not one banker or businessman has stood up to them and flatly
refused to pay. Not one president or prime minister has said to them, "All right, Jew boys! You
try a boycott against my country, and we'll organize a boycott against Israel. We'll round up all
the Jews in our country and send them packing." Not one has called the Jews' bluff. They've all
calculated that it is cheaper to pay the gangsters than to fight them, and so they pay. Honor
means nothing to these businessmen and politicians. Principles mean nothing to them. All they
care about is continuing to make money, continuing to stay in office.

With this sort of attitude predominant among the Gentiles, one can hardly blame the Jews for
turning to extortion on a larger scale than ever before. They are successful at it; therefore they
continue to do it. […]

Cash isn't the only thing the Jews are going after. They have decided that a substantial portion of
the art treasures of Europe really belonged to Uncle Abe too 60 years ago and ought to be
returned to the Jews now. It is true, of course, that during the war the German government had a
keen interest in bringing as much Germanic art as possible back under German protection. They
bought all the Vermeers and Rembrandts and Holbeins and Diirers and Halses and other
Germanic art works as they could from owners in the conquered countries and brought them
back to Germany. And when the works the Germans were interested in were in the hands of
Jews, they often brought pressure to bear and obtained the works at low prices. The Germans,
however, generally weren't interested in modern art — certainly not in Jewish paintings by
Chagall or Modigliani, for example — and a great many such modern paintings ended up in the
hands of Jewish art dealers. In fact, the Germans often had agreements with Jewish art dealers,
swapping the modern paintings they weren't interested in for the Germanic paintings they were
interested in. The biggest of these Jewish dealers, Georges Wildenstein, was in Paris, and he
acquired an enormous number of modern paintings during the war. After the war he brought
them to New York and later sold hundreds of them to museums and private collectors around the
world. The Jews currently are engaged in a huge treasure hunt for those paintings now in Gentile
hands which formerly belonged to Jews. The facts that most of these paintings were acquired by
their present owners from Jewish dealers such as the Wildensteins and that many of them were
legally purchased from their Jewish owners during the war are glossed over. All of these
paintings are characterized by the Jews as "art stolen from victims of the Holocaust by the
Nazis," and they want it all back now.

There's an interesting double standard here. A messy divorce in the Wildenstein family attracted
public attention last year to the Jewish family's business dealings in Paris during the war, and
another Jewish family claimed that the Wildensteins have artworks that actually should be
returned to them, because they were forced to sell them at fire-sale prices during the war. The
Wildensteins told them to buzz off: the statute of limitations for such claims expired long ago,
the Wildensteins asserted. Of course, no Gentile owner dares make such an assertion. But in fact,
there are statutes of limitations for most claims. Dormant bank accounts typically become the
property of the government after being unclaimed for 20 years or so, but when the Swiss brought
up that legality two years ago, the Jews went into their "persecuted victim" act, feigning outrage
that the Swiss should try to let a mere law stand between the Jews and what they were claiming
in reparations.

Whenever the Jews, in order to remind the world for the six-millionth time of their "victim"
status, have accused some elderly German or Pole or Ukrainian or Lithuanian of having
mistreated Jews 55 years ago during the war, there is no question of a statute of limitations. If
anyone mentions that legality, Jewish shrieking in all of their media quickly drowns him out. For
an injury, real or imaginary, done to a Jew by a Gentile there is no statute of limitations, no
matter how much time has passed. The Jews still celebrate every year in their Purim festival the
revenge their ancestors took on the ancient Persians 2,500 years ago through their control of a
corrupt king.

Yet when the Polish government asked the government of Israel a few months ago to extradite a
Jewish mass murderer, Solomon Morel, so that he could be tried in Poland for genocide, the
Jews refused. "There's a statute of limitations for extradition," the Israelis told the Poles, "and
you're too late." Morel was the Jew-communist commissar of a concentration camp in Poland
after the war, and he had tortured hundreds of Poles and Germans to death. When he saw the
possibility of retribution looming, Morel, like thousands of other Jewish criminals before him,
fled to Israel. The horrifying atrocities committed by Solomon Morel have been described in the
1993 book “An Eye for an Eye” by John Sack.

This same double standard applies to every sort of interaction between Jews and non-Jews. It is a
fact that in wars people suffer losses. Usually, within a few years after the wars are over, people
try to get on with their lives, and they consider what is past to be past. If other people behaved
the way the Jews behave, then every Englishman whose family residence got hit by a bomb
during the "blitz" of the Second World War would be clamoring now for the German
government to reimburse him for the repairs that his grandparents had to make 55 years ago —
plus interest, of course. And if it's all right to go back 55 years for claims, why not go back 135
years and let all of the Americans whose ancestors' homes and farms in Georgia were burned by
General Sherman collect damages from the U.S. government now — plus interest, of course? Or
why not go back 220 years and demand that Tony Blair's government pay reparations to all of
those Americans whose ancestors suffered property loss from the Redcoats during the First
American Revolution — plus interest, of course? I mean, if the Jews are allowed to keep score,
without regard for time, why shouldn't everyone else? Why not set up some sort of World Court
for Reparations? I imagine that there are a lot of Palestinians who would like to file claims
against the state of Israel.

The fact is that we would have international chaos if everybody behaved the way the Jews do. So
this raises two interesting questions: Why do the Jews behave the way they do? And why do we
let them get away with it?

Well, I've already given an answer of a sort to the first question: the Jews behave the way they
do because we let them behave that way; it's just like the case of the bank robber, who will keep
coming back until the bank guard stops being nice and shoots the robber. But there's really more
to it than that. No one else is even inclined to make the sort of demands on the rest of the world
that the Jews do. The Jews really are different. Their religion provides a few clues in this regard.
It is a religion which tells them that all the property of the Gentiles really should belong to Jews,
that the Jews are entitled to it. It's as blatant as anywhere in the 60th chapter of the book
attributed to their prophet Isaiah, where they are told to keep their gates open all the time, so that
all the wealth of the Gentiles can be brought to them. "Thou shalt suck the milk of the Gentiles,"
the Jews are told. And if you think that doesn't really mean what it sounds like it means, you
should look into the Talmud, where the Jewish sages, the Jewish interpreters of the Bible,
explain to the rest of the Jews what it means. The Talmud tells the Jews that only Jews are
human beings, that the Gentiles are just animals created by the Jewish tribal god Yahweh to be
used by the Jews, like other animals are used. Because Gentiles are merely animals, they can't
really own anything, and it is the duty of the Jews to make sure they don't.

Now all of this Biblical stuff and Talmudic stuff is very old and quaint and might seem irrelevant
to a lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company by the Jews today. But this old and quaint stuff is
the basis of the Jews' religion today. The religious Jews really believe it. And the non-religious
Jews, the atheist Jews, behave as if they believe it. And I think that in a certain sense they do. [...]

And of course, there's not just belief: there's also calculation. They understand that the success of
their current effort to swindle the rest of the world out of every cent they can depends on three
factors: it depends on their control of the mass media; it depends on the unprecedented degree of
political corruption which exists almost everywhere in the Western world, on the unprecedented
degree of democracy; and it depends on the confused and demoralized state of Gentiles
everywhere. […]

And I suppose it seems reasonable to the Jews that when they have so much power they should
use it to their advantage. They should go for everything they can get. The opportunity may pass.
And they are going for it, everywhere and in every way. It's interesting to note that this display
of unbridled greed and arrogance has made even some of their fellow Jews a little nervous.
Charles Krauthammer, a Jewish writer for the Washington Post, the second most powerful
Jewish newspaper in the United States, wrote a column last month which begins with the words,
"The pursuit of billions in Holocaust guilt money has gone from the unseemly to the
disgraceful." Krauthammer refers to the whole racket as a "Holocaust shakedown." It's not that
Krauthammer doesn't think the Jews should have all the money they can get from the Gentiles.
It's just that he's appalled by the reckless display of naked, unprincipled greed as more and more
Jewish shysters — that's what Krauthammer calls them — trample each other in their current
feeding frenzy. What if the Gentiles notice? What will the Gentiles think?

Now, the unfortunate fact is that no non- Jewish writer for a major newspaper would dare to write
what Krauthammer wrote — not even in the United States, where it's still legal to write such
things. They're all afraid. For two generations the Jewish media have conditioned them by
instantly and loudly accusing anyone who opens his mouth of being a "racist" or a "hater" or an
"anti-Semite." They've been conditioned to run for cover whenever they hear one of those
accusations. And that is the answer to our second question, why do we let them get away with it?

Their media control keeps the couch potatoes confused and unaware; the corrupt politicians who
have come to characterize our democracy are always ready to front for them and betray the
people whose interests they are supposed to be representing; and those among us who are
perceptive enough and independent-minded enough to understand what is happening are nearly
all too cowardly to speak out. So it is easy enough for me to predict that the Jews will keep
coming back for more — and more — and more — until they either have it all, as in Russia today,
or what Charles Krauthammer is concerned about happens, and the Gentiles notice. But really,
the former outcome is much more likely.
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Re: "Hiding in Plain Sight: Reflections on an Open Conspirac

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This is the second part of tribute to a most inspiring and courageous author who spoke out on the “Jewish question”: Dr. William Luther Pierce (1933-2002), the founder and leader of the National Alliance, a major White nationalist organization in the US.

Image offers the transcription of all his speeches at ... e_djvu.txt . It’s possible to download his audio files too.

You can find the first part, consisting of excerpts of his speech titled “The Holocaust Shakedown”, at ... n#p2398568

The texts, however abridged by myself (whenever you see […]), are pretty long, but I think it's worth reading them to try and understanding Jewish behavior and its possible causes. That’s why, if you like my excerpts, I suggest you read the full texts.

Here we go (again).
The Jewish Problem: Jews Work for Their Own Interests, Often to the Detriment of Others

I recently discussed the ongoing Jewish extortion effort against Switzerland. Jewish
organizations claimed that Swiss banks were holding onto assets deposited by wealthy Jews in
the 1930s and 1940s who later perished during the Second World War and so were never able to
retrieve their money. Jews demanded that this money be put into a special fund for so-called
"Holocaust survivors." […]

The initial response of the Swiss to the Jewish demand for money was to state that Jewish
depositors always had been treated just like all other depositors, and that Swiss bankers already
had investigated their dormant accounts and looked for the rightful owners, and that there was at
most a few million dollars in such accounts which might belong to relatives of Jews who had
died during the war. All David and Sarah Goldblatt had to do to claim Uncle Abe's money was
present evidence that it was rightfully theirs.

This, of course, wasn't what the Jews had in mind at all, and so they began applying pressure and
making threats. Switzerland's president at the time, Jean-Pascal Delamuraz, angrily accused the
Jews of "blackmail" and "extortion" in trying to pressure Switzerland to turn money over to them
without any evidence that they had a legitimate claim. But, unfortunately, Mr. Delamuraz was
leaving office at the end of 1996, and his successor was more willing to pay blackmail in order to
avoid trouble. Just to make sure that the Swiss got the message the Jews persuaded some of their
Christian collaborators to join their campaign. Willing church leaders in Switzerland organized a
public demonstration in Zurich by 15,000 churchgoers who demanded that the Swiss government
and the Swiss bankers give "God's Chosen People" whatever they wanted and stop accusing the
poor, persecuted Jews of blackmail.

The Swiss bankers and the Swiss politicians are a bit more hardheaded than these pale, soft,
hymn-singing churchgoers, however. Arguments that God's Chosen People deserve whatever
they want because the Bible says so have little effect on them. The real pressure was being
applied to them out of the public's eye. On January 10, 1997, billionaire Jewish liquor merchant
Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress, met with the Swiss ambassador to the
United States and threatened him that unless Switzerland coughed up $250 million immediately,
the upcoming Congressional hearings by the House Banking Committee would be made as
embarrassing as possible for Switzerland.

And other pressure was being applied behind the scenes. A group of New York Jews, claiming to
be "Holocaust victims," brought a class-action suit against three of Switzerland's largest banks
and petitioned the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to suspend the banking licenses of the
defendant banks pending the outcome of the lawsuit. If such a petition were granted it would
cause the banks to lose billions of dollars.

Israel got into the campaign when the Jewish Agency, headquartered in Jerusalem, hinted that it
would call for a worldwide boycott of Swiss banks if the former Swiss president didn't apologize
for characterizing the Jewish campaign as "extortion." The result of this threat was the apology
which had been demanded. And Mr. Clinton's State Department has been cooperating with the
campaign by releasing a series of World War II documents, one every week or so, purporting to
show that the Swiss were cozy with the Germans during the war. The release of these documents
at this time is clearly a ploy calculated to embarrass Switzerland and put pressure on that country
to bow to Jewish demands for more and more money.

The Swiss already have coughed up the $250 million demanded by Bronfman, and now the Jews
are indicating that that is just the first payment. They are suggesting that $7 billion may be a
reasonable total amount for Switzerland to pay the Jews. And the Jews claim that they can't
understand why so many people hate them!

It is clear in this case that the Jews will go for just as much money as they figure they can extort
from the Swiss, and not a shekel less. And it is the shekels which count with them, not how many
more people learn to hate them as a consequence of their behavior. That's the way it's always
been with them. Of course, in this case it's hard to feel sorry for the Swiss, because they chose to
capitulate to the extortion rather than to fight — which is what the Jews calculated they would do.
In this democratic era there just don't seem to be politicians or businessmen anywhere with
principles or a sense of honor.

Another interesting example of the Jews' characteristic of pushing ahead arrogantly with
whatever they believe is advantageous to them without any concern for the hatred which their
behavior generates came to my attention recently. The great fad these days, the great media-
promoted craze, is "diversity," and Jews are to be found in every nook and cranny of the
"diversity" movement. Jews produce the "diversity" propaganda, they agitate for new "diversity"
legislation, and they always are pushing to cram more "diversity" down our throats. If they see
any group of White people — the residents of an apartment building, students in a school
classroom, a sports team, a Saturday-night poker club, any all- White group — they will try to
force the group to accept three Zulus, a Chinaman, and a disabled Hispanic lesbian.

The idea, of course, is to exterminate us, to wage genocide against us, to leave us no opportunity
to be among our own kind, no opportunity to feel a sense of kinship and belonging among our
own people, no opportunity to organize and defend ourselves. They want to be the one and only
self-conscious group on this earth able to act intelligently in promoting their group interests, and
then the world will belong to them. They've been pretty successful so far in their campaign
against us. They've been successful because they've kept their motives moderately well
concealed, and they've been able to persuade large segments of our own people to collaborate
with them in their "diversity" campaign by convincing them that it's the "moral" thing to do. The
hymn-singers are an example.

But sometimes their arrogance just runs away with itself and blows their cover. They put out a
newsletter called Managing Diversity, which goes to all of the government agencies in
Washington. It tells the bureaucrats how they can increase the amount of "diversity" in their
bailiwicks and still keep things under control. It tells them how they can displace more normal,
White government workers with Hmong tribesmen, wetbacks, or AIDS -infected alternate life-
stylers and still keep the remaining Whites from rebelling.

In addition to this sort of practical advice, Managing Diversity also has a lot of "sensitivity
training" articles in its issues: articles which are supposed to be posted for the White workers to
read in order to keep them feeling guilty and cowed. An example is a front-page article in a
recent issue of Managing Diversity written by Harris Sussman, PhD. Doctor Sussman's article is
titled "What Are the Values of White People?" And then this too-clever and too-arrogant Jewish
"diversity" promoter turns and bites the very hymn-singers who have collaborated with him and
his kind most eagerly. He writes:

“It turns out that the white people we are talking about have been primarily Christians, often
acting in the name of their Christian values. ... In the name of Christian values they had the
Inquisition. They called native peoples "savages" who did not qualify as human beings. They set
up definitions of pagans, heathens, primitives, undeveloped people which left Christians superior
and dominant. They killed Jews and Gypsies in the Holocaust.”

In our post-modern vocabulary, "whites" or "the white man" is all we need to say to invoke this
history and experience of injustice and cruelty. When we say "white people," we mean the
people who value things over people, who value money over people. We know exactly what
their values are and where they lead. We have all paid a terrible price for those values.

Remember, this is a Jew telling us that we Gentiles are too interested in money. In the same
article Doctor Sussman goes on to gloat over what he and his kind already have done to White
people with their brainwashing campaign. He gloats over the psychological and spiritual damage
his "diversity" campaign already has caused. He crows:

“Many white people are uneasy with their own history. They are having a profound identity crisis.
. . . This means that many white people do not think of themselves as white people.”

He then describes the many ways in which guilt- stricken Whites are trying to escape from their
own identity and conform to what Sussman and his fellow Jews want them to be. He writes that
many confused White people are trying to "adopt the values of native peoples. Look at
ecofeminism, look at holistic health, Earth Day, the Rainbow Gathering."

Copies of Managing Diversity can be found in every government workplace in Washington.
Sussman figures that the hymn-singers will let him kick them in the teeth and then will lick his
toes and beg for another kick. And, unfortunately, that's exactly what many of them will do.
There's a sort of masochistic tendency among many of them. […]

These two examples of Jewish behavior — the brazen extortion of hundreds of millions of dollars
from the Swiss people and the arrogant gloating about the damage they have done to us with
their "diversity" campaign — these two examples lead us to a closely related subject discussed
earlier — the so-called "Holocaust." We've looked at various aspects of "Holocaust" propaganda
in the past, and we've uncovered some of their little psychological tricks, such as calling anyone
who doesn't swallow the whole myth lock, stock, and barrel a "Holocaust denier." If you
question any of their numbers about how many Jews supposedly were put into gas chambers, if
you question a single one of their overblown atrocity stories, then you're a "Holocaust denier,"
implying that you believe that the Germans took no defensive measures at all against the Jews
during the Second World War, when, in fact, you know that the Germans did try to rid
themselves of Jewish influence.

We've examined some of these tricks of theirs, and we've explored some of their specific lies
about the "Holocaust," but the question remains: Why do they do it? Why do they push the
"Holocaust" business so hard? Why, 55 years after the fact, do they keep playing the same tune?
Why do they demand that the American taxpayers provide free land for "Holocaust" museums
for them? Why do they demand that our children in the public schools be subjected to
"Holocaust" propaganda courses? They are aware that many other peoples have gone through
their own "holocausts": the Armenians, the Germans, the Ukrainians, the Russians. Why is it
only the Jews who keep pushing it, only the Jews who make it the focus of their lives, the
essential core of their identity?

We know the answer to this question now. We understand that they push the "Holocaust" for two
reasons: first, because they make lots and lots of money from it; and second, because it protects
them from criticism and enables them to get away with the most outrageous behavior, behavior
that would not be tolerated in any other people. […]

Or consider Doctor Sussman's boasting about the damage the Jews' "diversity" propaganda
already has done to the self-image of many gullible White people. Who else but a Jew would
have the brass for that? And where does that brass come from? It comes from a sure knowledge
that he can retreat into his "victim" status if anyone calls him to account. He knows that he can
invoke the "Holocaust," that he can wrap himself in the "Holocaust," and his accusers will retreat
in embarrassment. At least, the hymn-singers will retreat in embarrassment. And any harder-
headed critic of the Jews or their behavior or their influence knows that he will be regarded as a
bully by everyone who has been taken in by the "Holocaust" propaganda.

The fact is that we do have a Jewish problem in America. It is by far the biggest and most
dangerous problem we have. It is worse than our crime problem, worse than our drug problem,
worse than our political corruption problem, worse than our immigration problem, worse even
than our race problem. Our Jewish problem, in fact, lies at the root of nearly all of our other
problems. If we are to have a future we must solve it. We cannot let ourselves be buffaloed by
the "Holocaust." We must face the fact that, regardless of all the nice, inoffensive Jews you may
know as individuals, all of the Jews who mind their own business, the Jews as a whole are
destroying our society. Their policies are poison to us. And with their control of our news and
entertainment media and their corollary control of our political system, they have a death grip on
our country. We must have the courage to stand up to them and to do everything necessary to
break that death grip. We must free our media and our government from their influence. We
must make an example of the Sussmans and all of their collaborators. Otherwise they will
destroy us as surely as they have destroyed every other society in which they were given free
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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While I don't wish to be a vehicle for hate and bigotry, I can't help but find this write up sobering, regarding the liars and scam artists involved in promoting Holocaust mythology:

Holocaust Howlers
by Ken Meyercord
Recently, the heartrending tales of a 95-year-old Pennsylvanian named Joseph Hirt were revealed to be a hoax. Hirt claimed to have been kidnapped by the Nazis and confined in Auschwitz. He illustrated his talks to high school audiences with a photo of an emaciated concentration camp inmate he claimed to be himself. A knowledgeable teacher recognized the photo as one of an inmate of the Dachau concentration camp and exposed other holes in Hirt’s story. When confronted with his lies, Hirt said “I'm sick and I'm tired and I'm old and I don't need this crap." In a comical unintended evocation of the slanderous Holocaust-denier charge, Hirt’s nephew said of his uncle, “He's in complete denial.”1 The blurring of memory with delusion is not uncommon amongst Holocaust survivors, and not just nonagenarians.

Many of the outlandish tales embellishing the Holocaust story are roll-on-the-floor, side-splitting howlers. It may seem in extremely poor taste to poke fun at aspects of the Holocaust story, as I’m about to do, but if you find it so, don’t blame me. Blame those who have appended farcical chapters to what is, at heart, a truly tragic story.

We begin with the Holocaust-denial laws so popular in Europe, which make it illegal to question the orthodox storyline. Leading the inquisition is, not surprisingly, Germany, which has fined and/or imprisoned dozens, if not hundreds, of heretics. As one wag put it, “Today’s leaders of Germany want to prove they’re not the sort of Germans who lock people up for writing books by locking people up for writing books.” And what do the German authorities do with the books written by convicted Holocaust deniers? They burn them (Welcome to the Dark Ages!).2

But the Oscar for Best Comedy in Heresy Suppression goes to France, whose Holocaust denial law makes it a crime to contradict the findings of the Nuremberg tribunal. At Nuremberg it was claimed that soap was made from the fat of Jewish corpses, but Peter Black, senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum, says “It didn’t happen…. even experimentally.”3 He’d better not say that in Gay Paree or he could be accused of contradicting what Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone called a “high-grade lynching party”4 and end up in jail.

Many people find the jailhouse confessions of German prisoners proof of the veracity of the Holocaust story. But consider the confession of a German soldier, Arno Düre, who told Soviet prosecutors he had helped bury thousands of Poles executed in the Katyn Forest Massacre. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians, who blamed the massacre on the Germans at Nuremberg, admitted they were the guilty party. No German, including Herr Düre, was anywhere near.5 Many similar confessions by higher-ranking Nazis have proven equally counterfactual.6

Not content with only coerced confessions to justify hanging Nazis, the liberators of the Dachau concentration camp decided to create some physical evidence: they built a gas chamber of their own. Presented as a real gas chamber to tourists for years (and introduced into evidence as such at Nuremberg), the Dachau Museum later informed visitors no one was ever gassed there.7 Less truthfully, they didn’t go on to explain why it’s impossible for anyone to have been gassed in the showcase gas chamber.

The Dachau “gas chamber” is a room with a seven-foot-high ceiling in which are embedded fake, sheet metal showerheads. Here’s a photo of it:8

Unfortunately for the fabricators, a congressional delegation visited Dachau just two days after its liberation and they reported the room as having a ceiling ten-feet high protruding from which were real brass showerheads.9 In other words, a room like this one (which is, in fact, the shower room at Dachau at liberation):10

Looks like somebody built themselves a gas chamber, doesn’t it, only it wasn’t the Germans!

But what about the testimony of those who claim to have witnessed gassings, you ask? Well, consider that for years a man named Martin Zaidenstadt, who claimed to be a survivor of Dachau, regaled gullible tourists with tales of his having witnessed gassings at the camp.11 Keep Mr. Zaidenstadt in mind whenever you hear eyewitness accounts, such as the one about children being thrown on top once all the floor space in the gas chamber had been filled by adults (featured on the website of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum),12 or the one about the condemned being given a “nice haircut” just prior to being led into the gas chamber (featured in the acclaimed 1985 movie Shoah),13 or the one about a young girl repeatedly swallowing the family jewels hidden in the hem of her skirt whenever she feared she was about to be searched, then digging them out of her poop and sewing them back in (in the video archives of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation [“Shoah” is another term for the Holocaust]).14

Then there’s Misha Defonseca, who claimed to have run into the woods to escape the Nazis and been raised by wolves. Who would believe such nonsense? Answer: lots of people. The Romulus and Remus-inspired tale, recounted in her book Misha, received wide acclaim (including an encomium from Elie Wiesel), was translated into 18 languages, and earned her millions (“There’s no business like Shoah business”) before it was exposed as a fraud.15 The capper: Ms. Defonseca isn’t even Jewish!

Other frauds perpetrated on an unsuspecting public include Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird, a bestseller of the 1960s also lauded by Wiesel;16 Fragments, by Binjamin Wilkomirski, which won the Jewish National Book Award (not bad for a Gentile!);17 and Angel at the Fence by Herman Rosenblat, which was hailed by Oprah Winfrey as “the single greatest love story in 22 years of doing this show.”18 It all goes to show how uncritically Holocaust stories are accepted out of respect for the real victims, except by callous souls who find humor in human credulity (moi?).

Then there’s the testimony which is inexplicably absent. When Winston Churchill heard during the war that the Germans had killed 1.7 million people in gas chambers, he labelled it “the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world.”19 But in his voluminous memoir of the war years he fails to mention any gas chambers. Did “the greatest and most horrible crime” in human history slip his mind, even when the final tally was said to be four times greater than what he had heard? Or, with the liberation of the camps, did he realize the story was a myth, which he assumed would someday be exposed (silly boy!), and he didn’t want to be seen by history as having been duped. Nor does Eisenhower or De Gaulle mention gas chambers in their memoirs of the war. Even Elie Wiesel, the P.T. Barnum of Holocaust huckstering, makes no mention of gas chambers in his tone-setting Night, which chronicles his time spent in Auschwitz.

Not far from Steven Spielberg’s video trove of black comedy in Los Angeles is the Museum of Tolerance, founded by Simon Wiesenthal. Several years back a well-versed revisionist, David Cole, heard that amongst the museum’s displays was a film purportedly showing Jewish kids being herded into a gassing van by grim-faced, rifle-toting Nazis. Cole contends that no such homicidal vans existed (and, in fact, none has ever been found), so he was curious where Wiesenthal had found the contradicting footage. Through some diligent research, he found the obscure, fictional movie made in Poland from which the scene was purloined. Further research led to the Polish producer, who was incensed to learn the museum was showing his work without paying him a cent in royalties.20 I suspect the museum is no longer showing that bit of “documentary” evidence.

Some attempts at finding physical evidence to back up the Holocaust story have proven equally farcical. For instance, there’s the case of the Operation Reinhardt camps – Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec. Supposedly, hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed and buried in mass graves, later disinterred and cremated in these camps (of which nothing remained but empty fields at war’s end). Revisionists say “no way.” They contend these “death” camps were actually transit camps, in which Jews being deported to areas occupied by the Germans in eastern Europe were processed. Who’s right could be proven quite simply by taking core samples to determine if the subsoil has been disturbed, i.e., pits were dug for burying the bodies. If pits, then death camps; no pits, then transit camps. But the Jewish authorities won’t allow this simple test to resolve one of history’s great mysteries to be performed.21 They did, however, allow an archeologist to do some digging at Treblinka. She dug a pit about four feet by six feet using the best archeological methods, expecting to find bones, teeth, ashes, and the like. She got down a couple of feet without finding anything; then “Eureka!”, she struck pay dirt: a tooth!... a SHARK’S tooth.22 So much for the archeological evidence!

One consequence of the history of the Second World War being reduced to little more than a carnival House of Horrors is that even true believers get duped. An Israeli group called “March of the Living,” which takes young Jews on tours of Auschwitz - traumatizing them for life with the grimmest of fairy tales - includes in their promotional material this photo of a pile of smoldering corpses:23

The tour organizers must have assumed any pile of dead bodies from the war era must be Jews. In fact, the photo is of Germans killed in the Allied firebombing of Dresden in April 1945.24

Similarly, when Phil Donahue had two prominent revisionists on his popular talk show in 1994 (if only such could happen today on network television!), he used photos of the fake gas chamber at Dachau to counter the revisionists’ claim that there were no gas chambers. Donahue became so flustered when this was pointed out to him by one of the revisionists, he revealed he didn’t even know if the photos were of Dachau.25

I’m sick of laughing at the farcical version of the Holocaust story. It’s time that tragic event was given the honest, factual remembrance it deserves and to stop imprisoning those who seek to tell the true story. It’s time to turn this tragicomedy into a bona fide history lesson. ... owlers.php

Anyone who says people should be jailed for pointing out these simple anecdotes must be considered a rather fascist individual themselves, no? I think the sentence near the top sums up draconian laws rather well.
“Today’s leaders of Germany want to prove they’re not the sort of Germans who lock people up for writing books by locking people up for writing books.”
After some reflection on the latest episode of The Clues Chronicle, where we began to read the first page of this thread, and then after reading several articles going back and forth about whom was killing whom during World War II, I can't help but reflect that some of this story will forever remain a mystery. And yet, the truth does show up rather boldly if you just do a little surface scraping on the propaganda.

What comes out, it seems, is that even so-called "Holocaust Deniers" say that a million Jewish people might have been killed during the whole of "World War II" because the Germans were waging an ethnic nationalist war. That really doesn't seem like the symbolic crime it is made out to be by believers of the post-war myth; the Germans were certainly not saints and it's obvious that some people are like jumpy64 and perhaps would very much like to use these Holocaust facts to justify unwise racist beliefs, but the whole purpose of this forum is to explore how propaganda by psychopathic types exposes the human race to wars.

I think there is a kind of "faith-based" belief that when we can "mature" out of the need for wars, we will inherently stop believing the propaganda in the first place. This site may or may not be evidence for that or the contrary; despite people loving peace, propaganda convinces them of the need for war.

There have been some really stupid mistakes in the investigations of the so called Holocaust (like the apparently bad lab tests of so-called "death chambers" done by Fred Leuchter and the messy associated trial), in investigations of 9/11 (A&E for 911 truth, for example) and so forth. What this really shows, to me, is that the human race excels at making ourselves believe in elaborate myths, but we're really quite bad at criticizing them scientifically. We could attempt to draw some connection about how scientific folks are consistently tempted to join the ranks of the largest ruling mob, but that's not quite it either. There are plenty of scientists shunned by the gang at the top, and it could be their (or more likely, a general sort of human) meekness which explains their different behaviors when "accepted" by the mainstream and when they are denied tenure, acceptance or what have you.

The main point regarding this thread should be that if readers agree with research exposing propaganda methods are accused of "holocaust denial" it seems it is an attempt, like being called "flat earthists" or "conspiracy theorists", of discredit by association (and conversely, credit by disassociation for the book burners). And as such, by merely taking on the rather mild position of saying Jews were persecuted just as much as any other enemy in a war is persecuted, one is meant to be considered an outlandish racist extremist.

We should be quite proud of being skeptical of all forms of propaganda, as it does help us attempt as a species to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on. If we take the conservative Swiss estimate of a "mere" several hundred thousand Jews losing their lives to this war, which seems about as believable as the "about one million" number even after reading several view points on the subject, it should still far exceed our threshold for the concept of "peace". A war took place. There was war.

But what exactly war is, and how it appears in our world, is muddied by the strange conclusions of people saying the 6-million figure is some kind of undeniable fact, when it's anything but. Helping people understand the propaganda of "peace time" (maybe more accurately called imperial propaganda of a predatory State) should prove very instructive about the much more confusing and horrific situation of being faced with propaganda of "war time" (when propaganda is pitted against propaganda in a bid for the hearts and minds of the public.) It's not the same, and we should all be aware of the difference if we are to avoid being seduced into a war time.

The propagandists responsible for the Patriot Act type legislation and "anti-Holocaust denial" legislation and so on ought to be held responsible for crimes against humanity. France and Germany have some serious soul searching to do in regards to their criminally insane laws against intellect.

Free speech is a precious value that all countries should aspire to. Not just Japan, Iceland, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands — if those can be considered as free as purported. [/soapbox]
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Regarding the trial mentioned above, it should be noted that the "delousing" argument has an official argument against it, that goes something like this:
However, his report contains the assumption that lower concentrations are required for delousing than to kill humans and other warm blooded creatures; in fact, with their simpler structures and slower metabolisms, insects are more resistant to such gross metabolic poisons than mammals. Both toxicological study and practical experience demonstrate that it takes a much higher concentration of cyanide (16,000 parts per million) to kill insects than to kill humans (300 PPM), as well as an exposure time of many hours rather than only minutes. Leuchter also fails to explain his belief that Zyklon-B was used for delousing, in view of his belief that the product would present technical difficulties in ventilating and decontaminating such as to make it impractical for use in a gas chamber.
-Wickedpedia's stance on

For those studying the "death chamber" arguments, it is instructive to read the many official responses to the apparently ill-prepared Leuchter.

For example, he says there was inadequate ventilation, but a diagram apparently surfaced showing ventilation in the killing chamber. Was Leuchter a genuine researcher, or was he meant to bring up just such an argument?

It still seems unconvincing to me that pesticide would be used to exterminate people, and missing in this whole discussion is the idea that pesticide that kills people in tiny doses would be used in huge quantities to destroy its intended target. Were the Germans considered merely ignorant of their own poisons? Are we meant to believe the product was developed like radiology — the idea of devastating the body with attacks in order to kill the disease?

Or is there something deceptive in the official explanation? For example, the form of Zyklon B may have been deadly to insects in its produced state, but said to have been modified to kill people by heating it to the temperature to produce the toxic fumes. Very fishy.

And where are the signs of so called open pits of burning bodies? The whole thing seems entirely too desperate and weird to be considered much more than propaganda from the allies. Like the "nuke bomb" scare.
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Dear Hoi,

I am glad you picked up the article you cited above, I nearly uploaded it myself. In fact the whole of the Winter edition at Inconvenient History is worth reading for a number of reasons. I have been researching this 'Holocaust' for a long time now. (Note the very use of the capital 'H').

I especially liked the work of Germar Rudolf in that issue at ... ations.php

which relates to Deborah Lipstadt and her book 'Denying the Holocaust'. His views on this particular matter could related to any number of the issues we are supposed not to question.

As much as I detest the grammatically incorrect phrase 'conspiracy theory' (you can only have a theory of a conspiracy), I detest the notion that the word Semitic is being related to a person or group of persons. The word Semitic relates to a group of languages. Anti-semitic, therefore is a nonsense.
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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An enlightening and sobering read. Indeed!

I was tempted to take on jumpy64's "antisemitism means opposed to Jewish superiority" bait, but lately, I am feeling as though antisemite is a complex hate word, like terrorist, conspiracy theorist or heathen.

I agree that your assessment is a powerful understanding of the word. I will use that, if you don't mind. I mean, how was an entire language group claimed by an extremist sect and distributed/taught to the disciples and followers of this extremism as an acceptable thing to call others? "Goy" almost has the same connotation. If you are "Goy" then you are in danger of being an "Anti-Semite" so you'd better just acquiesce, convert and get it over with.


Kind of medieval, when you think about it, actually. Reminds me of "Jesus loves you unless you are [such and such], then you're going to hell for eternity."

Words are undeniably powerful, and we should pay attention when someone abuses powerful words as an attempt to compensate for, perhaps, a lack of real argument. Seems like a thing the wackier of religions love to do. From the article you posted:
2. Anti-Semitism

I hesitated to address this issue in the first place, because most people don’t want to hear or read about it. But Dr. Lipstadt uses the terms “antisemitism,” “antisemite” and “antisemitic” 182 times in her book, so on average almost on every single page of it. Lipstadt’s book is even copyrighted by “The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,” according to the imprint. Hence battling anti-Semitism is what the book is mainly about.

And where is the link? Well, on page 218 she is adamantly clear:
Holocaust denial is nothing but antisemitism.
Pretty much everybody she discusses, and every sincere dissent ever expressed about the mainstream Holocaust narrative, gets hit with the accusation of being anti-Semitic. There is therefore no way of dodging it, short of total acquiescence.
This pretty much says everything. She has already given away the whole game by operating under such a publisher.

"Study of Anti-Semitism" is almost like having an academic "Study of Those Colored People" or "Study of Creepy Weirdos". An absurd notion for a title of a study if it's a supposedly serious and contemporary university.
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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To add to my cheerful and happy reflections on this subject lately (after all, shouldn't we be happy and shouldn't we celebrate if there's a remote possibility that 5 fucking million people didn't die a violent death attributed to history? Why are we supposed to feel so bad about this possibility?) I was browsing a very curious site recently.

It is a site for apparently some kind of legal group called the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I find this a very enlightening look at modern Holocaust propaganda. There is a modern concept of something called a "holocaust denier", which apparently the laws in Europe are based on, more or less. In Germany, for instance, the legal language is something like: "someone who hates an identifiable group".

(What this leaves to the imagination about the clandestine Mason-type or Mafia-type groups we speculate about at the top, I won't explore in this post. However, it's worth thinking about this German law as a way of censoring and preventing the discovery of such evil groups.)

This site shows us the implication of something very interesting. One of the big reasons for the success of the "Holocaust Denier" argument is because of immoral lawyers who happily persecute so-called "Holocaust Deniers" because the trials may supposedly lead to success based on nothing more than the public hate of anyone labeled "antisemite" by a Jewish attack organization.

As you can see on the site's "Hate Map", they lump in "Holocaust Denial" groups with such reviled racists as:

- militant White groups and neo-Nazis
- militant Black groups who say White people were invented by an evil mad scientist
- anti-Muslim hate groups
hate-map.GIF (69.37 KiB) Viewed 5203 times
I have circled the areas where evil "Holocaust Denial" is supposedly taking place. I have researched the groups they have labeled and they don't seem to be the evil racists that they are accused of being. They are certainly not the same as Nazi thugs and gang members. Far from it!

Yet, if you read the language on this site carefully, you will note that they have had to spell it out very carefully — as lawyers have the skill set to do — in order to try to characterize these intellectual pursuits as somehow having anything to do with "hate".

The opening is almost embarrassing for stating the propaganda right up front:
Deniers of the Holocaust, the systematic murder of around 6 million Jews in World War II, either deny that such a genocide took place or minimize its extent. These groups (and individuals) often cloak themselves in the sober language of serious scholarship, call themselves “historical revisionists” instead of deniers, and accuse their critics of trying to squelch open-minded inquiries into historical truth.
Aha, so we're not actually intellectual or scholarly. We are merely cloaking ourselves in the raiment of true intellect. Well, fair enough, I guess. Minimizing the extent would be the same thing as denying it, no? Whatever. Must be fancy talk us cannit unnerstan'.
The deniers’ claims run a gamut. Some say that most Jews were the victims of disease and other privations, or died in much the same way that other casualties of a huge and horrific war did. Some say that the gas chambers did not exist, or were only used to delouse prisoners, or could not possibly have killed as many victims as mainstream historians have asserted, and many suggest that the gas chambers were built after the war as a way extracting reparations from the Germans. The main purpose of Holocaust denial has been to rehabilitate the German Nazis’ image as part of a bid to make the ideology of national socialism more acceptable.
Wow, I had no idea that I was trying to create a national palate for some kind of national socialism. I didn't even think I was a nationalist. But there it is. The main purpose of looking into the past is to cause doomed (but conversely perhaps evil) revolutions.
David Irving, a British writer who is the world’s best-known denier, sued an American scholar for calling him a denier but suffered a devastating defeat in 2000, when a British judge concluded that Irving had selectively edited the facts in his books as part of his pro-Nazi, pro-Hitler and anti-Jewish ideology.
- ... ust-denial

In conclusion, and as you can read for yourself, does the legal site have more to do with making a buck than making justice work for those in the right? It's an advertisement for a law group.

Interestingly, they have apparently worked for a more respectable social justice in helping cases against KKK and other insane racists. But the "holocaust denier" bit seems almost tacked on because ... well ... who knows?

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Re: "Hiding in Plain Sight: Reflections on an Open Conspirac

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There is also a very substantial review of the Solzhenitsyn book at ... ober-2008/
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Discussion on the Holocaust

From minor research and posts made here, I have made a list of the main sources of contention that don’t align with the official holocaust narrative. This is an attempt to identify the largest most controversial anomalies, contradictions or poorly publicized points. Starting from a knowledge base of zero, I wanted to compile them to give a launch pad, so to speak. I hoped a simple list might be of interest to anybody wanting to orientate themselves quickly.

1.) The constant revision in official figures. This quotation below agrees with David Cole in that official Auschwitz numbers of Jews killed began around 4 million. Where are they today? 1.4m! However, the number has never changed in the public conscious.

“Source: Cited on April 20, 1978 by the French daily, Le Monde. Also cited on January 23, 1995 by the German daily Die Welt. By September 1, 1989, Le Monde reduced the figure to 1,433,000”.

2.) David Coles formidable tour of Auschwitz that shows how each piece of evidence (for the deliberate killing of Jews) is easily explained with another rationale explanation. Piles of hair were removed for control of lice (supported by Dr. Piper). Shoes and clothes removed to provide a camp uniform (the stripes), gas canisters for administering zyklon B for lice prevention, pictures of the sick from typhoid, and artwork of kids shown to be in relatively good condition. An inspection of the gas chamber is clearly a bunker (reinforced and subterranean in appearance) and shows indisputable signs of having being altered at some stage from a divided room with shower and toilet facilities into a single open room. Alterations were made, post WW2 in the roof (as admitted by the official Auschwitz guide) to adopt or support or agree with the narrative that gas crystals were dropped in from above! Doors are either incompatible with administering gas (wooden and glass paned) or missing (an empty space with no fittings indicating no door existed in that spot)! The Auschwitz camp curator (Dr. Piper) is interviewed on camera to say that a) the gas chamber was used as both a gas chamber and air raid shelter! And b) the holes in the ceiling were added after WW2. This incredible revelation (on camera) is exactly what David Irving (the UK’s most notorious holocaust denier) was fined for telling the world in 1992. Turns out David Irving was correct on this issue.

3.) Zyklon B gas was routinely used to delouse Jews. This is accepted (on camera) by Dr. Piper. This seems contradictory in that the Germans made a big effort to preserve the health of people that they would then exterminate!

4.) The last taboo. The ubiquitous law against holocaust denial. The more you contemplate this, the more absurd it becomes. Why would you need a law to ban the denial of something that is so demonstrably obvious? It adds to the mystique and forcefield around the entire event. It adds to the psychological sense of guilt whenever I contemplate the discussion of its narrative. The idea of free speech is that it holds a candle up to absurd notions and that if people want to deny then they can be mocked openly. To have an open and honest debate about an issue is surely much better than pushing it underground.

5.) Dr. Ralph Hilberg (the world's preeminent scholar on the holocaust) on the stand answered in reply to the question, “how do we know Hitler gave the order”? And the reply, “Hitler gave the order verbally and so his exact wording cannot be known”! In addition to their being no written evidence of Hitler's final solution, Raul Hilberg goes on to admit that he cannot provide a reference to a scientific report that establishes gas chambers! This aligns with the much maligned Leuchter report.

6.) I’m not an antisemite! The foil of anti semitism feeds into this whole issue. You cannot argue over the internationally appalling apartheid and glacial ethnic cleansing of the palestinians. You cannot criticise the wall and you cannot discuss the controversial manner in which the state of Israel was granted to the Jews without consulting either the British, the Jews or the Palestinians! Any critique of the state of Israel or even policy invokes the ‘anti semitic’ badge of dishonour. People feel that no matter how badly they the State of Israel behave or how bad their policies are it is because they wish to protect themselves from future persecutions and pogroms.

7.) The psychological wall of tears, cannot be crossed and remains centre stage. You will not find this discussed in public because it crosses the boundaries of polite or acceptable chat. However, if you venture online you will find that people are brave using their online anonymity and there are many comments that disagree vehemently with the official narrative, which I find very interesting. Perhaps the illegality of discussion, doubt or denial has indeed pushed the whole issue underground!

8.) Image manipulation. Why is there such an incidence of fakery in the imagery related to the holocaust? Clear abuse of some of the flagship images, (inserting or changing the imagery, adding a body or a noose or adding smoke to imply incineration)! This leads us to question, ‘who made the changes?, why and when’? Or, more worryingly, ‘which is the original image’?

9.) What happens to people who question the holocaust in? Two people spring to mind. Firstly, David Irving went to prison (after being fined) and is regarded as a disgusting anti semitic disinformation spreading liar in the eyes of the world (a viewpoint disseminated via mainstream media). If you watch interviews with David Irving, he is discredited and maligned to the point that viewer is blinded completely. The BBC Hardtalk interview with David Irving (2000) is one such case. It is borderline unwatchable such is the attack and discredit from the BBC. Interesting that attack is the modus operandi if his assertions are such nonsense, why not just let them be aired and laughed at by a discerning public? Another interesting character is Professor Norman Finkelstein. His book, ‘The Holocaust Industry’ (a reflection into the Jewish suffering through the period) is fascinating. His premise is that, ‘the holocaust today is used as as’ a) a racket to extort money from Swiss banks and b) as a propaganda tool to defend policies or behaviours from the state of Israel. Despite being a renowned academic and colleague of Prof. Noam Chomsky, this did not halt his ultimate destruction as an academic. It should be made clear that he does not in anyway deny the holocaust, but decried the abuse of it as a media tool. He was denied tenure at his university, and is now fully unemployed for 10 years, such is the power of the Jewish lobby that pursued him. This is what happens if you question the holocaust. You are discredited, destroyed financially and potentially jailed. This seems a curiously aggressive reaction.

10.) The holocaust maintains a central stage in our hearts and minds, despite being dwarfed by others calamities such as the American holocaust as detailed by historian David E. Stannard (American Holocaust) with the destruction of between 90-180 million people who lived there (pre arrival of Columbus).

11.) If you google ‘Holocaust films’, despite google having a list of holocausts, you are given only films relating to the Jewish holocaust. This is interesting, as if it has achieved the ‘top spot’ in terms of importance or that no other event is labelled as a holocaust. There is even a list of the ‘50 most moving holocaust films’ and again, they seem to be all Jewish related. So, there has been a huge drive to keep this issue in our conscious. Hollywood have used the narrative extensively almost to the exclusion of other calamitous historic events.

12.) A number of reports into the holocaust have been discredited, which can mean one of two things. A) they were a complete charade or B) they got far too close to information that authorities would rather did not come out. The official report on September 2001 attacks was conducted by the renowned authority, NIST and its findings were widely accepted by all. However, NIST failed to mention building 7. This is how indescribably shaky the notion of ‘credible’ is. A report can be credible if it supports the desired official narrative. Similarly, the Leuchter report (very interesting piece of material based on the lack of Prussian blue found in the walls of the gas chambers indicating a lack of Xyclon B gas) was discredited because the author was not an engineer, nor a chemist nor a toxicologist and has not worked with the substance. It is described as a, “pseudo-scientific document”. The judge in this case ruled somewhat amusingly that the report was, "no greater value than that of an ordinary tourist". Interestingly, the follow up report aimed at discrediting the Leuchter report produced the same results! The tool of discredit is an ultimate foil as it basically means you become a societal leper. Two notables who come to mind who have had a taste of this are, George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn for very different reasons, I hasten to add.

13.) The Leuchter report author (Fred A Leuchter), which concluded 'it is ridiculous to believe that these facilities could have been used as gassing chambers'. The reply to this comes from a newsman who sweeps away the statement saying, 'but we all know that there are many survivors who corroborate and whose accounts.... This is a lovely little waft away of anything other than the official narrative.

14.) A follow up report, attempted to refute the Leuchter report (above). In 1990, the Institute of Forensic research (Krakow) decided to conduct their own forensic tests to see if they could discredit Leuchter with Dr. Pipers help. The results were the same as Fred Leuchter! Incredibly Dr. Piper explains this away by saying that there was no residue of Zyklon blue because, ‘the gassings of people only took between 20-30 minutes per day’. Moreover, Dr. Piper contradicts himself shortly after and says that multiple gassings occurred each day. So it seems, not only are the official numbers changing, but so is the official narrative coming out of the mouth of the Auschwitz camp curator!

15.) The numbers. How could Nazi Germany have located and routed 6 million Jews from Europe at a time? Let’s sidestep the issue of how many Jews lived in Europe at that time as we are never likely to find a number agreed upon. The question is….in the 1940’s, was the identification, transport and logistics in place to locate, identify and transport this raw number of people in the middle of a war?

16.) Practical considerations following on from above, where are the bodies? Where are the remains? Where are the ashes? How many have been exhumed? Francis Connolly notes some surprising elements (observable in Auschwitz) such as a swimming pool with diving blocks for racing, a theatre, football pitch and the existence of musical groups. Connolly posits the idea that Jewish bodies were burnt after dying of labour, disease or hunger! He also notes (as mentioned earlier) that instead of the Jews working and becoming a practical tool (of labour) they actually became ‘work’ in themselves and detracted from the German war effort, by requiring resources (time, organization, German manpower, transport, trains, planners, Zyklon B, record keeping, fuel, trench digging and so the list goes on. These gruesome practical elements to ‘dispose’ of 6 millions bodies will have attenuated the war effort to a measurable degree, surely. And yet it proceeded during all out, total war! Arno Mayer (Professor of History, Emeritus, at Princeton University) agrees with this ‘work camp’ narrative (posited by Connolly) in his book, ‘Why did the heavens not darken’? He says,

“Sources for the studies of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable”

He also went on to posit (agreeing with Connoly) that more Jews died of natural causes than gassings and shootings!

17.) The 6m figure cropped up in a number of newspaper articles in the years and decades before WW2. Why?

18.) Well documented named individuals lying about fantastical or romantic stories that solidify the official holocaust narrative or profit or both. Wider official, often repeated stories such as, creating a soap or lampshades out of the skin of Jews were constructed. These were official claims and narratives. Alleged shrunken heads were also exhibited at the Nuremberg trials and highly publicized, again fabricated and fanciful. Why would one need to enhance or ‘sex up’ an event that was so abhorrent? Surely the horror would be apparent without artistic additions? In fact, the more minor lies and fabrications that are added the more it serves to discredit the narrative. Notable embellishments were made by (but not limited to) the following people, (Fred Schiefler, Moshe Peer, William J Lowenberg, Arnold Friedman, Rabbi per Josef Hertz).

19.) On the stand, witness (56 year old, Arnold Friedman) had to admit that whilst he had seen people going to be cremated, he had seen them going somewhere, but only "guessed" or imagined why they were going! This is a stop and think point for the use of witness testimony or many witness testimonies.

20.) The events of WW2 was hidden behind a screen of total control militarily and famous propaganda of the era. The public believe that propaganda was used exclusively on the enemy, whilst those more informed understand that propaganda has been omnipresent since time immemorial and used against civilian populations. There should be no expectation of truth whatsoever when war or military is concerned or the news emanates from the military, intelligence or Governmental sources.

21.) The Book, ‘The Fourth Reich’ by Ladislas Farago shows that a number of top Nazis managed to flee Germany at the end of WW2. Moreover, an ongoing theatre was played out that the Allies were desperately hunting these top level Hitler aides. Fargo shows that the whereabouts of certain top level HItler aides such as Martin Bormann was well known and documented by the Intelligence services of his new host countries. Why was this diplomatic game played out in the media?Is this is clue to how Western intelligence genuinely felt about Boorman et al culpability in relation to the holocaust?


The Canadian writer and historian James Bacque caught my eye with his book, ‘Other Losses’ (which relates to the holocaust indirectly) for two main reasons. Firstly, he was a best selling author, now discredited, persona non-grata directly because of Other Losses and the research and direction it takes the reader. Secondly, his main thrust suggests another holocaust (of sorts) which has never been mentioned!

From Wikipedia: James Bacque (born 19 May 1929) is a Canadian novelist, publisher, and book editor. He was born in Toronto, Ontario.Bacque was a mainstream fiction writer and essayist before turning his attention, in 1989, to the fate of German soldiers held as POWs by the Allies after World War II.

A quick summary of his controversial thesis from his book, ‘Other Losses’

In Other Losses (1989), Bacque claimed that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower's policies caused the death of 790,000 German captives in internment camps through disease, starvation and cold from 1944 to 1949. In similar French camps some 250,000 more are said to have perished. The International Committee of the Red Cross was refused entry to the camps, Switzerland was deprived of its status as "protecting power" and POWs were reclassified as "Disarmed Enemy Forces" in order to avoid recognition under the Geneva Convention. Bacque argued that this alleged mass murder was a direct result of the policies of the western Allies

One wonders whether the holocaust narrative was brought centre stage and remained for so long was in part the obscuring that which James Bacque had finally found.
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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thisisunreal » March 24th, 2018, 3:18 pm wrote: 1.) The constant revision in official figures. This quotation below agrees with David Cole in that official Auschwitz numbers of Jews killed began around 4 million. Where are they today? 1.4m! However, the number has never changed in the public conscious.

“Source: Cited on April 20, 1978 by the French daily, Le Monde. Also cited on January 23, 1995 by the German daily Die Welt. By September 1, 1989, Le Monde reduced the figure to 1,433,000”.
Quoting myself from a July 10, 2012 post:
In 1976 the Int'l Red Cross in Switzerland counted 376,000 dead bodies of Jews in the holo-hoax. Certainly 6 million is a ludicrous number.
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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Reminds me of an article I read many years ago on Rense's website called Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
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Re: The Holocaust: propaganda, censorship and media fakery

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anonjedi2 » March 26th, 2018, 4:22 am wrote:Reminds me of an article I read many years ago on Rense's website called Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
Which in turn reminds me of this article I came across whilst carrying out continued research on Hoi's thread - The PR of Secret Societies Thread.

11-1-1974 Operation Keelhaul—Exposed
San Jose State University ... t=econ_pub


To libertarians, Operation Keelhaul is significant for two reasons. First, it represents an instructive case study of the fantastic power that even
a supposedly democratic state can ruthlessly wield during wartime. Not only were the Allied governments able to perpetrate the crime, but afterwards, they were able to impose what Harry Elmer Barnes has appropriately called an "historical blackout" so effective that it lasted for
nearly '30 years.

Secondly, it is a chilling comment on the motives of those who ran the U:S Government at the time and, by implication, on those who run it
now. It is fashionable, even among libertarians, to laugh off explanations which ascribe evil and deceitful as opposed to well-meaning but
misguided motives to our political masters in Washington as "conspiracy theory."

However, no one has yet produced a satisfactory explanation of how Operation Keelhaul resulted from misguided idealism or liberal blindness, It seems, at least to me, that any explanation that falls short of including clandestine Soviet-American collusion at some level is obviously