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Re: CGI Collapse footage.

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Re: CGI Collapse footage.

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Re: Satellites : general discussion and musings

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Re: LaMia 2933 Flight Hoax - 28/29-11-2016

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Hello, Flabergasted. I have read a lot of your posts as well, and recall agreeing with a lot or all you have said. Can't remember seeing anything from you I didn't agree with.

Regardless of weather the Simpsons predicted anything or not, the national pride issue is quite something, and that was my point.

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Okay got it - positive results only.
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Re: Humboldt, Saskatchewan Broncos (Hockey) "crash" — April

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where do all these people go ,
assume they need bodies in the underworld and dumbs .

and the families left behind if involved are given a healthy payoff
and told that they are going to a better place and get the best of everything with tech you cant even imagine
and seems they are gathering up folk for something to further happen down the line .
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Re: Parenting In the Simulation Age

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At the risk of being advised that this is not a place to reach out for problems that require professional therapy (please be a little sympathetic, can you imagine how anyone on this forum would do in such a setting - I trust the majority of us would come out with a stack of prescriptions - but I digress?), I thought I would add my experiences to the pile which could easily be summarized in the simple statement that: homeschooling your child as a skeptic is hard. I guess if you are a skeptic that has a high degree of certainty in one form of truth or another then perhaps that lends itself to some consistent teaching, but if you are the type of person who constantly re-thinks issues not sure if you have definitively come to the "ultimate conclusion" - this rehashing does not make for some very confident parenting (in my experience, in my family). Add to this the compounding issue of one spouse thinking mainstream with the other one questioning everything and you get a child who constantly has to make a decision about veracity from two perhaps too-diametrically opposed perspectives.

Stuff's hard. Our kids are thankfully too young for most world events, which they only absorb when one of us has a nervous breakdown over something we soaked up inadvertently and that festers till it comes to the surface. Usually we disagree on the veracity of reported events, so, these rare instances are slightly more confusing, but thankfully rarely happen in front of the kids. But then there's actually a matter of what to teach them in terms of skills they will need to function and obtain a salary in the world.

Math is pretty easy. It's entirely a stand alone subject with it's own rules, from what I can tell a 100% abstraction imposed on the real world, and as such functions as it's own, un-besmirched logic game - a sort of impersonal language. Not to say it's easy to get someone to conform to practicing and expanding their knowledge of it, but, it brings up no cause for debate. Everything else? Not so easy.

Consider physics. I realized while reading a child's book on forces to my son, I could basically neither prove or disprove just about every assertion made in the book about gravity, friction, or forces in general. Everything in the book was just kind of stated as some kind of observable fact, but, it's clearly a theory imposed to explain observed phenomena, and I tried to pair this with explanations of density and buoyancy as well, and with statements of "this is what is commonly accepted as being true" but, I was unable to give anything concrete in terms of what is ABSOLUTELY true, besides "things appear to fall if lifted into the air; sometimes they appear to bounce; sometimes they go further on slick surfaces." It was hard to continue on with the book and these thoughts because all the while I'm thinking "hey, is this really the truth, or was I just taught to unquestioningly accept that when I push on something there's a force pushing back?" Thankfully my son chimed in "oh yeah, I can totally feel that!" so I guess that was encouraging.

We don't even do universal models anymore. I will, at some point, present him with every possible model with its supposed logical tenents, and he can decide for himself which makes most logical sense to him. Ultimately belief in a planetary system should not make one iota of difference in his future employability so, I'm not particularly concerned with teaching him anything out of a textbook on this note. I would, however, like to track the stars and moon across the sky and from this derive some kind of data keeping activity / measurement / direct observation / recording skills. I feel like this could be useful.

History, sadly, is something we don't even discuss. I feel so strongly that I cannot be certain of anything that I haven't directly seen or experienced, that attempts at teaching history - which by the way is marred with horrific stories of bloodshed - kind of exactly what you'd expect to be told about humanity by a terror regime - that, I just entirely avoid it all together. I am thinking of incorporating though, some history about the invention of certain "innovations" (cotton gin, steam engine) and somehow whitewashing all the people out of it. My father once said "history is written by the winners" - and, what interest is it to me to blather on about the atrocities of the past? History is (to me) uniformly depressing. I can't even stomach the Story of the World series. Since my mental health as to be preserved at all costs, I assume the poor child will have to learn the entirety of his history from our brief Classical Conversations sessions (done more for socialization and to teach him how to sit for 3 hours with others). I'm sure he might have questions - or be historically illiterate as a consequence - but how would this be different than the vast majority of Americans anyway? I would gladly teach him an alternate "real" version of history, except that I don't trust in my own ability to discern truth that has not happened in my lifespan. I suppose I am hypocritical on this because I put all my faith in the story of Christ, so, I can't even be said to be an unhypocritical skeptic - but there are some things I cannot question because otherwise whatever's left of my sanity would implode with them, and by sanity, I mean hope.

We can't use much recreational TV shows, because of the content. Since I do regard us as somewhat fundamental Christians - even though - by this I don't mean the same thing as perhaps the type of fundamentalism found in Baptist churches - but what I hope is the closest semblance I can manage to the original churches? - anyway, because of this and because of the admonishment to "keep yourselves from sorcery" - basically everything on NetFlix is out. Sometimes I cave and let them have TreeHouse Detectives and Puffin Rock, hating myself all the way. TV seems to be a one giant pacifier. However, YouTube does have some good math and science videos (not the highly animated, annoying ones, but people showing slow motion double digit addition, science experiments, things like that).

When you homeschool, you are going to suck at some subjects. I am not particularly good at music. I am even worse at teaching music. My kids therefore spend a lot of time idiotically attempting to strum on the Melody Harp, attaining no greater knowledge and creating infernal noise in the process. They absolutely refuse to learn about octaves or any other such constructs. But one has to compare this to what is probably going on in public schools - where one can see children memorizing mainstream pop song lyrics, that sometimes tend to be sexualized along with lacking any kind of educational rhythm or content.

Sometimes I despair considering how much there is to teach to render a "competitive" worker, and sometimes I snap under this pressure of basically trying to replace what should be a fleet of teachers. But in those moments I just remember about how unlikely to succeed the majority of students in public school are with everything stacked against them from vaccinations to toxic overload in food to crippled families, impoverished, sometimes illiterate and poorly motivated teachers - could I really fail worse than this doomed system? Maybe that sounds like a sadistic thought, but I need it to keep me going because of the monumental nature of the task, and the daily crushing feeling of "failing" and the associated anxiety.

I'd like to "unschool" - and by that I mean impose no educational standards on my children and let them be "free". However, I feel like that would be less loving in the end as, what if this current crushing system exists when they aspire to part-take in society on some level for the purposes of obtaining food. We do not have land so as to grow our own food, nor are we particularly fantastic farmers. Therefore, our kids will be dependent for food from the system, and for this they will need employment I am thinking - unless that model is rapidly replaced in 10 years or worse. So even if I give them freedom it's not really a loving thing to do because then their enslavement will be all the worse with limited prospects. This is not to say that I'm switching over to a public-school-politicized-curriculum, only that I am aware that whether I like it or not, I have to push them into what may be unnatural for a child to want to do - math, science, and all the STEM stuff - and at some point I will have to also add the layer of "when you talk with other people in the field of physics, it would perhaps be best from engaging them in polite debate on the following topics : x, y, z" or "when you talk to your doctor, it would perhaps be best to not mention your concerns about nutritional advice x, y, z". It pains me to have to talk with them about "acceptable" vs. "not acceptable" social thoughts - but, I don't want them to be victimized by the current system.

All this weighs on me heavily. If there were some other alternative, not requiring me to be this one-man-team competing with private schools that far excel my ability to teach in terms of staff, resources, and possibly even motivation - I think at this juncture I'd take it. But such things do not even exist in our area, nor possibly in the public domain itself - not sure.

On top of this it's a very isolating experience. If you're Christian on top of trying to shield your children from regular indoctrination, you may also face the problems of shielding them from manufactured holidays and their paraphernalia. These days Halloween and Alien themes are everywhere. I can't even take my kids to a waterpark, zoo, or museum, without getting hammered with skull and cross bones, pirate skeletons, greek Gods, tortured animals, dinosaurs, a general commercialization-over-ethics mentality, various (probably wrong) space theories and glorification of space, aliens or meditation. I think the worst thing is turning to my Christian friends and their being like "what's wrong with any of that?" as they cram their kids' face full of high fructose corn syrup, gmo soy, and other helpful food options.

Food is another thing. It is not very helpful to be the type of parent who wants to prepare everything from scratch, so as to ensure optimal nutrition and minimal (if possible) toxins. This is a massive cramp in any homeschool curriculum, unless you are one of those amazing people that can effectively cook with your children, and use the opportunity to teach about teaspoons and stuff. If you are then I am just jealous of you and you can move on. But for the rest of us it involves screaming kids slowly losing patience while you fry up the onions or whatever else you are doing, and there's no other "teacher" to take them out to recess. You have to be this crazy one man team, and that includes clean up. You will never have a clean house again at a certain child load level. I really don't think any schools or more mainstream parents face this problem as they can easily feed their kids processed hotdogs or microwavable pizzas in all kinds of toxic wrapping - complete with plastic forks and spoons to go with it, and hey! presto, lunch is served.

Recently my husband crushed my spirit by showing me that all the organic food I thought was unmodified has actually been hybridized over the last couple hundred years so that a banana no longer looks anything like the original fruit; nor does the watermelon, and who knows what else. I start to question whether the insane amount of income we spend on "organic" foods is amounting to anything. But this is another thing - you will pay for taxes and the corrupt system anyway, and be down an income.

When you go to the doctor's office, that's probably the most dangerous place to be with children. There's absolutely no room for voicing any opinions there. We actually wound up in an extensive CPS investigation when a doctor wanted to drug one of my babies with phenobarbital, and we wanted a 2nd opinion. The hospital got mad that we questioned it, and it took 60 days to close that thing. I would not have argued with them were they not prescribing a basically life-addicting, brain destroying substance to my less than half a year old infant. But this is kind of how life is "in the simulation age". The hospital composed a 700 page document in case CPS requested it stating flat out lies also adding that we were "chain smokers" when we are teetotling people with no smoking history. I lost so much weight from sheer anxiety those 60 days. The document also went on at length about us inappropriately breastfeeding during shots, and not vaccinating. So this is not something to kid around with. Sometimes, it's better to just not share thoughts with your medical practitioner, and avoidance is the best option - not that you really can, with "mandatory" visits (and yes, they are all mandatory, because your child can be taken away for you for neglect if you miss 1 visit).

I say all this not to discourage anyone. Isn't it Rudyard Kipling's poem that said something if you can keep your head when others are losing theirs, you'll really be a man? In that case I am the manliest woman out there!!

I just wanted in closing to celebrate all the people doing it better than I am and to hope that perhaps we can collaborate in the future to either establish our own hippie commune or somehow network in the future world to prevent each other from starving to death in a poverty-stricken state. Which yes, is one of my greatest anxieties.

Yahusha bless.
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Re: Parenting In the Simulation Age

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Alicekinnian - might I suggest you join a homeschooling forum on FB or some other platform to vent.
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[Note by SCS: I removed the quotation marks since it was indeed a paraphrase, as opposed to a direct quote.]

OK, Flabbergasted so basically you felt I attacked you, since you basically said the following:

Observer, I'm going to verbally characterize you as a Turd, an unemployed MacBook anarchist, because you chose me, a long-time CF member, you picked out a few of my words and phrases, you made a shallow, unidimensional caricature of me, you blew my words out of proportion and context, you repeated my words so many times [twice], and you submitted my words to a near-insane train of linear logic. Finally, you tried to make me seem evil or deluded. You need to give cannabis a break, get a hold on reality, and ease up on your stifling historical materialism, but I enjoy looking down upon and disparaging your posts with backhand compliments. (again, that's my pretty perfect paraphrase.)

Hmmm, as someone who drew caricatures for a summer with my Dad when I was 7, I guess I do see reality as it is and draw it without worrying about whether the person is going to irrationally illogically emotionally claim, "What? I don't have a button-nose!" (or a hook-nose, or wide-nostrils, or epicanthic folds, or smile lines, or whatever non-embarrassing reality their lovely face happens to be manifesting. I simply draw reality honestly with love and hope the person has honestly looked in the mirror enough to know themselves and to love themselves.







Recently, Simon made some good points, and two long-term beloveds attempted to paint his good points as wrong:
simonshack wrote: ... The US military has (for many decades now) been recruiting droves of actors that they use for deceiving their own citizens.

... The US populace is quite clearly becoming a problem in this world - since they are seemingly incapable of discerning true / honest people from paid actors.
simonshack wrote:*
... To ALL good people in the USA, let me solemnly say: please do not hate me. All I wish for your country is to bring down the mafia that is running it. Show your balls.

You have been fooled for far too many years now - it is high time to do something about it. What to do? Well, just start shedding your crippling "emotional traumas".

Undeniably, your beloved United States of America is founded on a genocide perpetrated by your European ancestors / immigrant forefathers and mothers. An entire group of people (the Native Americans) was wiped out. Yet, the USA keeps killing people still today - in order to maintain their precious "way of life". Yet, all the while, the whole world applauds their "scientific advancements" - built upon a series of pathetic lies, magick tricks and deceptions.

Do I need to remind you of the countless US military bases disseminated around this planet? What the fuck is THAT all about? Do they think that they OWN this planet ? Do I need to remind you all of the many wars that the USA has waged against hapless countries - in order to enrich the USA? It is about time that YOU (i.e. ALL American voters) unite to stop this arrogant behavior - upheld by your own, "elected" leaders. Or else, simply stop voting - and build your own local communities. You all deserve better lives (what with the atrocious obesity problem that you have). Dump your TV sets - as a first move to enhance your lives and general happiness.
nonhocapito wrote: Uhm. I am not completely following you there, Simon. But I'll let this old sketch speak for me.
simonshack wrote: ...So if you think that the Romans (and now the US of A?) have brought peace to this world, I do not completely follow you, dear nonhocapito.
nonhocapito wrote: ... what would replace in reality (not in theory) the American Empire?

... Imagine a world ruled by Saudi Arabia; by Israel; by Russia; by Italy!

... we enjoyed in Europe under this American empire the longest period of peace recorded in our history

... Bottom line, I don't see the US of A as an especially evil Empire

... I have enjoyed many benefits and advantages from being born under its umbrella.

... I have enjoyed large amounts of personal freedom

... sanitation, roads, education etc, ... computers to the Internet, from the automotive industry to communication, from medicine to industrial agriculture, a plethora of things that have been made available to us ...
simonshack wrote: The USA is not, of course, the source of all evil. Nor is the little, rainy and arrogant island of UK - and its masonry. Just as the power-maniac-zionist-psychopaths are not the source of all evil. But perhaps the three of them make up about 95% of all evil that this world is subjected to in this epoch of ours?

... As for your obvious fanship, dear nonhocapito, of scientific advancements that we are supposedly enjoying to live better lives - I'm not sure if they are all as rosy as you depict them. I simply cannot see any goodwill emanating from the official institutions who ask [force] us all to pay (taxes) for their supposed social benefits.
Flabbergasted wrote:
... a horde of homicidal and rapacious thugs and harrowing the land, raping and enslaving people.

... symphonic orchestras, national libraries, monasteries, universities, art collections and architectural wonders wouldn't be spared destruction ... against an army of marauders.

... We have forgotten what it is like not to have electricity, running water, supermarkets, hospitals
A certain vibe was posted, "You're wrong Simon, without empire states like America the world would be an apocalyptic wasteland" in the Nonhocapito and Flabbergasted posts above.

Those "Simon correcting" attempts were actually themselves in need of a little correction.

In my current opinion Simon's current vibe happens to be relatively closer to reality: empire regimes like the American Regime and the Zionist Regime (BTW, as it happens, both "my country regime" & "my tribe regime") should indeed be: finally, and permanently, discredited and abandoned.

The italics below are indeed a caricature of tax-justifying state-justifying stances in general, which claim the world has received more good than bad from the American empire and from empire states in general and that the alternative would be potential homicidal hordes, an army of marauders, no water, no sewage, no electricity.

Although the italics may be a harsh caricature, the italics quite fairly show how silly the "without empire states like America the world would be an apocalyptic wasteland" vibe of the quotes above.

Hopefully in a neutral light most readers can see, directly after those six lines of italics, that I made some good points too, namely: we humans don't benefit from govern-ments taking our TRILLIONS of tax dollars and "beneficially" throwing back a tiny percent in infrastructure, rather, we humans would indeed be better off purchasing/bartering our goods/services with each other without American govern-ment parasites forcing us to support their military world dominance:
Observer wrote:You will be robbed/enslaved/raped/killed, if you don't pay enslavingly-high "protection tribute" money
to the wealthiest enslaver/raper/killer Rulers who use your tribute to enslave/rape/kill faraway folks.

Don't even consider privately directly choosing your priorities & obtaining them at fair market prices:
support parasitic rulers/middlemen who charge 1000x market price for asphalt/sewers/"defense"/etc.

Without supporting millions of parasitic rulers & bureaucrat middlemen who actually produce nothing,
you're so dumb you'll starve or drink sewage, you're so weak you'll get robbed/enslaved/raped/killed.

I saw a video in which a man explained that his small free town refuses to be federally incorporated.
The town residents prefer to decide for themselves: they vote on what things they want to purchase.
They don't want their kids to be enslaved forever by usury-debt, so the town lives within their means.

e.g. The town chooses to not waste money on asphalt: it's unneeded and increases speed & fatalities.
They prefer to drive slow on their dirt roads and voluntarily add dirt to a few low spots when needed.
Since they're fine with dirt roads they're free from 1000s of hours of tax/usury slaving for "roads tax".

Even if they vote for asphalt tomorrow, they can do it themselves, or hire fair-quality fair-price folks.
If they suddenly prioritize roads, they can do it: without any ruler/middleman loans=bonds=enslavery.

They choose the number & quality of sewer pipes, they choose the number & quality of peace officers.
They do the same for libraries and schools, and they make these choices fine without force from rulers.
And if they decide every resident should have rifles/bazookas to stop hordes, they can buy them cheaply.

Supermarkets/restaurants are nice OPTIONS, but should rulers FORCE a supermarket/restaurant tax next?

POSSIBLE starvation/disease/robber/raper/killer FEAR has ACTUALLY enslaved us tribute-justifying slaves.

It seems some are saying, "In life there is no escape from paying tribute-money to bad guys, it's part of life."
"If we didn't pay tribute to American/British/Zionist rulers, we would have to pay tribute to other bad-guys!"
"Humans are bad-guys, Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, dog-eat-dog world, human altruism is not common/natural."
"Without forcing us to pay police thugs to beat/kill untried people, MAYBE some private bad-guys might appear!"

We humans have forgotten that being "MAYBE enslaved later" is better than being "FOR SURE enslaved right now."
Trying to feed and defend your family yourself is much better than just giving up & being a slave to "protectors".

"But, but, I'm not a slave, I'm free to choose WHICH master will let me keep 10% of the berries I pick for him."
"And I'm not a slave, I'm free to choose WHICH country rulers to pay ever-increasing 'protection-tribute' to!"

90% of our daily energy goes to company presidents, almost all of the remaining 10% goes to official-mafia.
Admit it: we were born into slavery to company presidents and official-mafia-government-rulers. We are slaves.

So when somebody reminds us, hey there is a better ideal, the correct answer is not to justify our enslavement.

Instead of replying, "Our current baddies protect us, just pay tribute or get enslaved/killed by other baddies!"
How about admitting, "Forced protection-racket tribute-demanding parasites living off our sweat, is not natural."

The natural state is when a being tries to enslave you, you defend yourself, you don't justify the enslavement.

Official mafia says "Pay us to protect you, or we'll put you in a cage where you'll work without pay and be raped/killed."
The correct answer is not, "Whew, thank goodness, I'm so glad the official mafia is protecting me from my fear of maybe hordes."
C'mon, dear Flabbergasted, nobody thinks you or Nonhocapito seem "evil or deluded", at all. :)

Long-time readers appreciate: NH's 2531 posts and FG's 747 posts almost always make good points. :)

PS - "Give cannabis a break, get a grip on reality" ~ FG - Come back to reality, give cannabis a fresh try. :)

Hopefully this little tiff is settled. The caricatures I & FG drew above were rude. Let's get back to Realism. :wub:

I'm pretty confident about the logic in my writings above and below, if there are mistakes please help improve. B)
Observer wrote:
The scientific advancements that we are supposedly enjoying to live better lives - I'm not sure if they are all as rosy as you (Scientific-Successes-fans & American-Empire-fans & Empire-State-in-general fans) depict them. I simply cannot see any goodwill emanating from the official institutions who "ask" us (using the unspoken threat of imprisonment, rape in the cage, unpaid labor in the cage, and murder during arrest or in the cage) all to pay taxes for their supposed social benefits.

Considering the high price we pay every day/week/month/year, we should be getting much more actual benefits in return for our money, and actually the supposed benefits (which the parasites whose leisure we are supporting) throw at us are usually not actually beneficial at all (for example, Free x-rays, Free chemical injections called vaccinations, Free fluoride added to drinking water, Free spraying of barium/aluminum for radar-enhancing and satellite-faking radio wave propagation, Free forced EMF radiation everywhere, Free military-produced non-private all-recorded anonymity-impossible Internet "the Net" "the Web" trap created to trap potential revolutionaries, etc. etc. etc.

Although Simon didn't use the exact non-collectivism terminology which PianoRacer righteously pointed out, Simon is making a good point here too: most of these 300 million victims (whose feelings might be hurt by Simon's slight scolding "their" "country" "collective") individually keep choosing to vote for and approve and cheer on and taking pride in their captors and abusers.

And even worse (most of) these 300 million victims individually keep choosing to vote for and approve and cheer on and taking pride in mercenary money-for-murder "thank you for your service" thugs flying around the world dropping bombs on millions of untried innocent civilians over the past centuries and especially over the past 70 years and increasing to even higher average-daily-murders since the "never forget" 9/11 hoax, so please allow Simon's possibly imperfect phrasing details to be forgiven and please allow Simon's main points in those posts to stand.

My much esteemed fellow member PianoRacer brought up good points: #1 Remember to always mention the pay-or-die FORCE involved in taxes, and #2 Remember to stop criticizing "countries" doing things, since it anthropomorphizes and blames the collectivist "states" when instead we should be criticizing specific individual biggest-criminals for their specific individual biggest-crimes.

And Simon is making good points too: #1 The rulers of (the arbitrary geographic area known as) USA are paying mercenary-residents of (the arbitrary geographic area known as) USA to murder untried innocent men women and children around/within the world and most of the 300 million residents of (the arbitrary geographic area known as) USA are cheering on the murderers, thanking the murderers for their service, electing and justifying the rotating puppets of the unseen real rulers, still believing the 9/11 '3,000 victim' actor claims, and these 300 million residents of (the arbitrary geographic area known as) USA are doing absolutely NOTHING to stop the daily REAL MURDERS which are being committed in faraway lands in the name of (the arbitrary geographic area known as) U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! (Most of these 300 million are not even stepping up to the very first step of attempting to write inspiring sentences as we do here to help encourage future actual action.)

These 300 million individuals, myself included, continue to vote with our citizenship for MORE murders to be committed in our names today and tomorrow too, meaning we still hold tightly to our American Passports no matter what, which means we don't care enough about the murders of innocents to boldly renounce our citizenship. Some of us CLAIM to really care about the baby that just got a bomb dropped on it right now as I typed this sentence, but perhaps the truth is we don't care enough to take any real action.

Thus, we 300 million individuals are indeed brainwashed into continuing to be proud American citizens no matter what murderous/enslaving crimes the rulers keep committing in our names, since according to (individuals who call themselves) Americans (and even according to individuals who call themselves Europeans) "This particular Empire, the American Empire, is the best Empire of all the available choices, utilizing the best way of doing things of all the available choices, producing the best scientific successes and consumer products marketable, benefits benefits benefits, creating "the most peaceful era ever!"

Uh, well, the folks who happen to reside safely within the USA and Europe border lines NOT getting bombs dropped from the sky might call this era peaceful, but the millions of INDIVIDUALS murdered since 9/11, through indirect starvation blockades and direct bombs which American military INDIVIDUALS have dropped and are still dropping, killing people in the faraway sandy areas daily, seem to be worth nothing in this magickal definition of now being "the most peaceful era".

It seems to me that the defenders of states/empires in general, and the defenders of the American state/empire specifically, are basically saying, "The murders-for-resources our rulers are committing (for war-industry-profits, war-gold-profits, war-oil-profits, war-loan-profits, war-fiat-control-profits, etc) by bribing poor/patriotic people to go do the dirty work of killing, every minute bombing innocents who happen to reside elsewhere, these murders are just unfortunate natural unavoidable casualties of the relatively more important innumerable wonderful happiness-bestowing benefits of the Scientific-Successes of the American-Empire."

Realize and admit we are all currently enslaved by the heads-of-state (and their bosses) the criminals who convince us through indoctrination brainwashing from birth to justify state-existence and justify state-taxes and justify state-wars.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds."

"Emancipate yourselves from statism-collectivism-slavery, none but ourselves can realize, admit, and eventually free our minds & bodies, from the mental & physical statism-collectivism-slavery which is currently a very real 'gun-in-your-face' reality."
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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

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fbenario wrote: Longest sentence ever on the forum? Knowing how much effort you put into the physical layout of your posts, I can just imagine the twinkle in your eye as you composed this.
Yes friend Fred, the twinkle is still shining brightly! And may the twinkle in all of our eyes shine on forever. :)

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Unread post by Observer »

patrix wrote: I think unprocessed milk and cream are very healthy even for adults, and my adult cat seems to agree.
Pets/zoo-animals eat whatever yummy thing is given, but do any adult mammals drink milk in nature?
Nope, as soon as they can eat the food for non-babies they do that. They don't go return to the teat.

And seriously, most people who love their parents and their childhood: love the food from that time.
Eating such food carries fond memories of parents' unconditional love, and no work during childhood.
If mother often gave spaghetti, chances are high one becomes a lifelong spaghetti lover, seriously. :)

For example, I love pasta & keep guiltily eating it, although I know wheat is unnatural and unhealthy.
Wheat is mutated, causes inflammation and sleepiness, is addictive, requires fire, and is carbs=sugar.
Tomatoes are a vegetable/fruit I admit contains poison, & cooked acidic tomato-sauce is even worse.
The unnatural-for-adults dairy-half-eaten-by-tiny-bugs which we call "cheese" is filled with opium. :blink:
Mammal mothers' breasts add opium so babies will drink the milk, and sleep, and stay close for safety.
All dairy contains opium: the addictive narcotic which causes sleepiness and cheese concentrates that.
Unarguably - the half-eaten-by-tiny-bugs which we call "cheese" has an even higher opium % than milk.
And yet, due to the addictive drug molecules in wheat & cheese, plus the fact my mom gave it to me,
I still eat totally unnatural, unhealthy, heated, addictive, narcotic, delicious, pasta with Parmesan. :wub:

I don't try to convince people pasta is good, to rationalize my weekly pasta eating. I admit: it's awful.
That's just one example, of many foods which I'm trying to quit, but which I still guiltily illogically eat.

I could build a big theory that the elite are doing a big psyop to prevent us from eating healthy pasta.
But c'mon: the elite WANT us to eat bread=pasta=wheat=carbs=sugar and dairy=disaccharides=opium.
And in my opinion the elite WANT us to eat animals too, since obviously the mainstream 80% do THAT.
Here's a conspiracy: my firefox spell-check says frugivore, fruitarian, and fruitarianism, don't exist! :ph34r:

That video said HEATED squished processed oils are bad, but: all raw food folks KNOW that already.
I think Patrix your campaign against vegetable oils is really against heated, squished, processed oils.
The extremely-strong PRESSING-machines which unnaturally squish seeds would make ANYTHING bad.

RAW seeds are not bad. Probably that lovely honest intelligent lady admits the benefits of RAW seeds.
Probably she knows eating seeds like apple seeds, apricot seeds, and cannabis seeds, are very healthy.
She is rightly against processed stuff, and she likes raw olive oil, coconut oil, and raw palm oil, right?
Actually, surprisingly her "OK" list had palm kernel oil: doesn't palm kernel oil require heating&pressing?

I'm still surprised by the "sat-fat better than unsat-fat due to sat-fat's compact-stacking flatter-shape."
How does sat-fat's "more molecules can be more densely packed together" shape create better health?
Non-processed unsat-fat molecules from RAW seeds and RAW plants have a less densely packed shape.
So, flat sat-fat molecules get more densely paked, while jagged unsat-fat molecules get more spaces.
Well, this whole molecule shape thing is silly, but isn't oxygen-filled fluffy food better than dense food?
Again, her 1st point was: flatter more-densely-packed molecules = better. Really? How does she know?
Leaving aside for a moment Sharpstuff's disbelief of molecules, wouldn't more oxygen spaces be better?

Simon wisely says we should use our intuition about PEOPLE: yes, we can SEE and hear folks' honesty.
But I think we can't "use our intuition" about food, because that actually means "let dopamine decide."
Meaning, cheese tastes yummy, I get a dopamine rush of happiness from cheese, all thanks to OPIUM.
My body intuits pasta with Parmesan (just like my mom used to make) is good, but no, it's a bad drug.
Just as your body intuits sat-fat like duck fat (just like mom used to give) is good, but it's heated=bad.
By the way, how does one separate good-animal-fat from bad-protein without processing=press=heat?

Patrix, you write "The science and support is there" but I'm still not sure, where IS the science proof?
Science is supposed to mean, "Don't trust the folks with authoritative hats: do your own experiment."
The mainstream university study "science and support" is there for whatever the elite push this year.
That 100% honest lady made Simon and all of us intuitively trust her, but what proof did she show us?
I think HonestlyNow wisely pointed out the lack of evidence, plus, Big-Meat Big-Dairy Harvard-Health.
Perhaps a case of lying-scientists were paid to falsify studies which this 100% honest-lady summarized?

So instead of doing our own experiments, we're finding honest folks who summarize "studies" we like.
But we have to leave aside the good intentions of the summarizer since the "studies" can be falsified.

So we're again forced to do the experiments ourselves. But here's a problem: who here will do that?
You're not going to try 40 years of no-meat like I have. And I'm not going to start 40 years of meat.
I guess we could just look at each other and see who looks healthier, but we both ate lots of carbs.
I keep bragging about my kg - because I think folks don't realize how slim 60kg on a 183cm frame is.
I admitted my thyroid area got bigger due to an accident, & my chest and belly is soft, but I'm 60kg.
I feel and look totally healthy, I haven't eaten meat for 40 years. And Kham looks slim & healthy too.
I see your twitter photo Patrix. I guess these kinds of "check my results" photos don't prove anything.
You could simply say, "Yes Observer, you & Kham are skinny, but just malnourished since low-sat-fat."
You could probably rightly say, "Although you are skinny, your slight 'breasts' are from... eating fruit."
To which I would honestly reply, "Yeah, I recently learned mass fruit (plant p*ssy) actually feminizes."
I specialized in fruit (plants' female reproductive organs) thus got mass estrogen-increasing chemicals.
Yep, fruit-specialization (plus no exercise, low sleep, high-carbs) are to blame for my perky pyramids.
Actually you could probably rightly add "And your lack of muscle is what makes you light. Not health."
I could say, "Your high-sat-fat has you and that nice lady slightly fat" but still, maybe you're healthier.

Please know that while I type all these cutting sentences I still like you and Simon and everyone here.
Even though I think ALL of us are emotionally holding on to habits from childhood, I still respect us all.
I still don't KNOW what the best thing to eat is, just as nobody here KNOWS, we are all just believing.
And I truly admire Simon's ability to eat pasta (and EVERYTHING else) without worrying at all about it.
I worry when I eat cooked/grains/dairy/heat-pressed/cold-pressed/even fruit, and now, low-sat-fat. :(
I know worry is majorly unhealthy. I wish I could blissfully eat anything, but I can't, I "know" too much!

By the way brother Patrix, when I mentioned more precise language, I meant you & me & ALL of us.
We ALL everyday create accidental misunderstandings/arguments through differing word definitions.
Your English is excellent. I know you (and Simon and many folks here) speak many languages fluently.
I speak Japanese fluently (as I should, having lived here 21 years) but my J-writing is far from perfect.
I even make many mistakes in English, I recently wrote breath instead of breathe, on this very thread. ;)

And one more point, about that nice joke you posted here in a goodhearted way to help us all laugh:


As it happens, I think eating GRASS (yep, plain ol' grass) is actually the most direct sun energy source.
So as it turns out, that stupid "dirt conclusion" seems like a "psyop" to me, haha, hiding GRASS TRUTH!
It seems we are all malnourished in the area of: Magnesium - which is found in green stuff like leaves.
Boring grass wouldn't provide the dopamine-kick of meat/dairy/wheat/sweets, but maybe it's healthy.
Perhaps healthy frugivore primates who are addicted to sweet fruit would be even healthier on grass?
I was considering grass to be the healthiest, but now my mind is cursed with your sat-fat-vital theory.
"Facts" from some honest folks, conflicting with "Facts" from other honest folks. I just DON'T KNOW. :wacko:

Anyway, I'll stop adding my health opinions, I look forward to more media-fakery and TYCHOS posts. :)
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Unread post by SacredCowSlayer »

Dear prospective Cluesforum Members,

Please see the updated post at the top for detailed instructions on how to register.
Simon and I look forward to greeting you.


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Re: California Bar “Shooting” 11/08/18

Unread post by Observer »

[Admin Note (SCS): I moved this post here since I didn’t want the “California” bar shooting topic to get derailed.]
Kham wrote:Having been in a bar shooting where 2 people died and 3 people were injured from gunfire...

There where exactly 3 people who needed emergency medical assistance so only 3 people stayed behind.

Since I was in a pile of people with my daughter up by the stage who hadn’t been able to escape, I was able to witness the entire event.
Wow Kham.

You witnessed a stranger shoot 2 people dead, and shoot 3 other people too?

Was your daughter one of the three people injured from gunfire?

I notice you mentioned, "Even though the first shooter stopped after he emptied his clip..." and "at the time of the shooting, as I recall, no one knew how many shooters were in the vicinity." So, does that mean you only witnessed one shooter?

Does this mean you witnessed one guy walk into a bar and empty a clip (16 rounds?) into a bunch of strangers?

Who was he trying to kill?

Was this a crime of passion, like a husband trying to kill a specific person who had slept with his wife or something, or was this a crazy person just trying kill a bunch of strangers?

Have you ever mentioned this to Simon or Hoi face to face?

Have you ever mentioned this here at CluesForum before?

Have you ever mentioned this on the CluesForum podcast?

Have you ever posted about this anywhere online before?

See, I was already in disbelief about your previous surprising report back in February of this year, when you wrote:
Kham wrote: A good friend, Nancy, says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting.

Teenage diseased victim: Luke Hoyer
Father of victim: Tom Hoyer
Facebook post from my friend Nancy who knows father of victim
I didn't want to grill you publicly, since you have a met-face-to-face relationship with Simon, so I sent Simon the following letter, in which I basically tell Simon that you (Kham) should tell us if your "good friend" who "says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting" was a met-face-to-face-and-physically-hung-out-together-many-times-over-many-years ACTUAL-good-friend, or just an online VIRTUAL-online-penpal.

(And in this letter I philosophically attempted to remind Simon that online "friend" claims prove nothing, and actually even met-face-to-face "friend" claims prove nothing either. People, especially online, and even face to face, have the ability to lie. And if one pridefully assumes "I can tell for sure, always, every time, just based on words typed, or even body/facial/voice clues, that someone is definitely telling the truth, no friend can slip a lie past me" then one is lying to oneself.)

(Words are mere words, whether typed or spoken right to one's face, and people can look you right in the eye and lie, and nobody's "lie sensor" can always catch every lie. Add to that fact the extra fact that we generously give our friends the benefit of the doubt and assume good faith and assume the friend looking us in the eye is telling the truth, because they are our friend, and the result of all this "trust" - trust being actually "the illogical suspension of critical thinking" - is: all of us at multiple times in our lives have been lied to by people we consider friends, and only some of those lies we have caught, meaning some past lies from our friends have gone uncaught even to this day, whether we want to admit that painful reality to ourselves or not.)

Anyway, here is the letter I e-mailed to Simon:

E-mail Title: Kham's "friend"
Date: 2018 February 24 at 02:19
Letter Start
"If someone had the balls to ask the female Kham,
"How many hours have you actually spent physically sitting with that character which you label 'your friend'?"
the honest answer would probably be:
"Well, zero hours physically actually, but I've exchanged typed sentences with this person for YEARS!"
So this is actually merely a virtual online-typist-character,
whom Kham incorrectly tells herself,
"This is my friend, I know her well, through the sentences she has typed, and the images she has shown me."
Women nowadays often incorrectly label such never-physically-met virtual online-typist-characters "my friend."
Meanwhile, men are too scared to even ask Kham for clarification, since we want to be nice to women.
Plus, men make the mistake of thinking, "Hanging out physically for a few weeks (e.g. Kopi) somehow magically proves that person is not on the military payroll."
The fact is, even a physical-friend-roommate could easily be a military-payroll well-trained actor/spy/mole/liar.
Typed words prove nothing.
Images and videos prove nothing.
Even meeting a person proves nothing.
Even living together for decades proves nothing.
Even a lifetime family member can not be uncritically "trusted".
What matters is: regardless of source, every sentence must be critically checked for logic.
We humans want to run away from this troublesome task of critically thinking about each claim.
Thus, we humans continually make the mistake of labeling certain sources/people "trustable from now on."
"This person has stated enough logical sentences in the past, so now I no longer need to critically check him/her."
Wrong. The troublesome task of critically thinking about and requiring proof for every claim, must continue daily.
Letter End

Now Kham, I am right now shocked to learn, that it turns out even back in February, when you casually dropped that bombshell about your "good friend" who "says she attended high school with the father of one of the victims of the Florida high school shooting" that you were still sitting on an even BIGGER story about the fact that YOU personally witnessed some person walk into a bar and shoot 2 people dead and shoot 3 others as well with you right there in the bar witnessing the guy empty his entire clip into a group of strangers?

Shouldn't you have mentioned that when you first introduced yourself to CluesForum viewtopic.php?p=2395889#p2395889 ?

You do realize, dear Kham, that CluesForum members would currently be "calling shenanigans on" (i.e. not believing) this random-shooting witness-story, which you are suddenly casually mentioning now: if it weren't for your close friendship with Simon & Hoi, right?

This is very shocking, because in general I don't believe people attempt to kill people without a reason. I don't believe in random murders. But you witnessed a random reason-less murder of multiple people?

I think THIS deserves its own thread. The FIRST actual shooting-witness report ever to be taken seriously at CluesForum. You are the first person ever whose account of witnessing a shooting we CluesForum members are going to feel pressure to suspend our disbelief about, since you have a close face-to-face relationship with Simon.

Please Kham, start a thread and tell us all the details so that we can as politely as possible (politely please, everyone, seriously) do our due-diligence of investigating the time and place and details about this no-doubt publicly-known publicly-reported-about shooting incident, right?
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Re: California Bar “Shooting” 11/08/18

Unread post by fbenario »

Observer » November 12th, 2018, 5:38 pm wrote: Please Kham, start a thread and tell us all the details so that we can as politely as possible (politely please, everyone, seriously) do our due-diligence of investigating the time and place and details about this no-doubt publicly-known publicly-reported-about shooting incident, right?
I agree wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

Kham's very first post 3 years ago struck me as questionable, and should have made the moderators suspicious. Hoi responded so enthusiastically to it, however, that I refrained from comment since she was seemingly pre-approved, and deemed trustworthy, even before making any contributions to the forum. It did not sit well with me.
Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself
Post by Kham on June 25th, 2015, 3:07 pm

Greetings Esteemed Clues Forum Members,

In order to be a valuable member of Clues Forum I will bring with me a lifetime of enjoying, observing and studying the natural world. Because of my degree in math I understand the language of science as it pertains to that natural world (without attending a university I probably would not have studied math on my own). I am a full time math teacher, married to an Arab, have 4 half-Arab children and take 911 personally. I currently do a weekly podcast called K Ham Radio at, where also there exists a collection of my writings. Considering the aforementioned reasons and spellcheck, please accept this as my request to join Clues Forum with all the rights and responsibilities because I have a responsibility.

We are being lied to and misled to believe, quite expertly, that a wholly different world exists, call it the Big Lie. Those who understand the Big Lie should tell others or at least document what they know so that others may benefit. People do not benefit from lies that scare them and turn them powerless. Instead people benefit from truth that empowers them and makes them brave. At Clues Forum, there exists one of the most truthful collections of ideas in science, history, current events, and more. It would be an honor to participate in the Clues Forum community.



Post by hoi.polloi on June 25th, 2015, 10:05 pm

Hi, Kham! Wow, so you're actually finally joining the forum! Great! It will be nice to have your research and insights documented for the world to access here. Welcome!

Too much bragging, too much effusive praise for our forum, too much gilding our lily. Seemed to be trying to convince us of something, such as her bona fides and trustworthiness.
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Unread post by Observer »

To prevent future occurrences of this difficult current situation ("Gosh, I don't want to accuse a long-term CluesForum member of fibbing, especially Simon & Hoi's trusted Podcast & Tychos partner, but... 136 trust-building posts followed by this sudden "I witnessed someone randomly murdering multiple strangers" post) from now on can we PLEASE make a new (non-retroactive, new) rule:

From now on, all potential new members who have a personal story about a terror/shooting/stabbing/bombing/murder must state that personal story in their FIRST introductory letter.

And from now on, any member who breaks that rule (excepting Kham, of course, this is non-retroactive) should automatically have all their posts (the initial trust-building-posts together with their final terror-story-reveal post) deleted to effectively take away the motivation for that action.

A personal story about a terror/shooting/stabbing/bombing/murder includes categories such as:
- "I was injured by an attack"
- "I personally saw/heard an attack"
- "Somebody I trust told me they saw/heard an attack"
- "Somebody I trust told me they were injured in an attack"
- "Somebody I trust told me someone they know was injured/killed in an attack"
- "Somebody I trusted disappeared forever supposedly due to being killed in an attack"
- "Somebody I trust told me someone they know disappeared forever due to being killed in an attack"

I've written repeatedly that this rule is needed:
Observer » June 27th, 2018, 4:10 pm wrote:
It's rude for sudden posters to expect their opinions to be read, without first reading the vicsim evidence already posted here.
It's absurd for CluesForum to waste time on supposed thinkers who won't even state in their intro: nobody was killed on 9/11.
To prove one has studied SeptemberClues and CluesForum, new members should state in their intro: nobody was killed on 9/11.

Furthermore, to avoid the problem of initial agreeable posts followed by a "one victim was real" claim, folks should even state:

- "I have never met physically-in-person, any character who later supposedly became a 'victim of a terror event'. Unmet 'online-friends' invalid."
- "My family/friends, whom I've met physically-in-person, have never met physically-in-person any such 'victims'. Unmet 'online-friends' invalid."
- "I've never witnessed any 'terror injury' and neither have my family/friends whom I've met physically-in-person. Unmet 'online-friends' invalid."

This way, people (& A.I. programs) can no longer post agreeable posts now followed by time-wasting false 'victim' claims later.
Years of semi-agreeable posts sprinkled with years of time-wasting debate could've been prevented, by strong initial vigilance.
"Hi, maybe some were killed on 9/11, my sister met Todd Reuben, my niece attended school with his daughters." Boom, banned.

All members are ipso-facto asking CluesForum's millions of readers to become emotionally invested in their idea-seeding posts.
So before CluesForum's millions of readers consider even 1 post by a potential new member, the intro post should clearly state:
"I've watched Simon's 19 videos (3h54m) I've read 9/11 and other threads here & I have ZERO 'terror event victim' stories." :)
Observer » June 27th, 2018, 11:09 pm wrote: So anyway, to avoid all future "character-creating then eventual claim-making" time-wasting "be nice to me and my unbelievable claim (which goes against everything CluesForum has painstakingly proven over the years) give me the benefit of the doubt as being an honest non-shill because we have agreed on so many various points" emotional warfare from new or medium-term or even long-term members, hopefully a stronger claim-prevention rule can be considered and implemented, which basically says "Admit in your first post if you think anyone was actually killed on 9/11 (or if you think anyone was actually killed in ANY of the 'terror' hoaxes busted here at CluesForum) and if so, automatic banning, it's 2018 and nobody here is on the fence about such a topic.

Basically, "If you're ever going to claim 'maybe there were some 9/11 victims', or 'I know someone who says they knew a victim', or anything like that, you must make that claim right up front in your intro post, not later after many trust-gaining posts, you must state your unbelievable claim ... right at the start in your intro post (which will then of course result in an automatic banning, sorry but not sorry, CluesForum has played along enough over the years with 'possibly real, possibly honest, agreeing with many things but then eventually making surprise claims' characters over the years, no more such drama is needed.

Proposed Introductory Acknowledgement Statement:
"I've watched Simon's 19 videos (3h54m) I've read 9/11 and other threads here & I have ZERO 'terror event victim' stories." :)
Observer » September 29th, 2018, 2:36 am wrote: All intros should include: admitting all "9/11-victims" & "moon-walking" & "space-walking" were faked.
It's a waste of time to allow typists in who refuse to make clear their stance on those 3 facts upfront.
Belief in "9/11 victims" or "moon-walks" or "space-walks" means one has not read CluesForum threads.

It's also a waste of time to welcome typists who, after gaining trust, will later claim "I knew a victim."
All intros should include admitting those top-3 hoaxes, AND stating upfront "I know no terror victims."
We can't waste our time & energy, nicely debating typists who hold those beliefs or make such claims.
Observer wrote: How about first (& this should be a forum rule) before typing on various subjects, admit 9/11.
Admit the "official evidence of 3,000 9/11 victims" is forged images thus nobody died on 9/11.
The "terror & space" hoaxers hire many long-con typists, so these are vital filter requirements:
:) Please admit nobody died on 9/11, nobody has played on the moon, nobody has orbited Earth.
:) And please clearly admit upfront in your intro post that you have never met any terror victims.
:) Any "terror-victim / orbit-human" claims must be made in your intro, not months or years later.
Oh, and here's a related little letter I e-mailed to Simon in 2016:

E-mail Title: Hi Simon - a little reminder for those seeking "Trustable Truth-Tellers"
Date: 2016 September 2 at 00:02
Letter Start
The goal is NEVER to "Find a rare person whose sentences I can trust..."
" I can start relaxing & stop requiring logical proof of this guy's claims."

The goal is to FOREVER demand logical proof of each sentence: Zero trust!

Even if you were to find some human with MANY past logical proven sentences.
Tomorrow that person could start lying, start making mistakes, even be replaced.
People can become demented, or bribed, or threatened, or killed then substituted.

Finding a typist to trust is illogical, as is even finding a face-to-face friend to trust.
Meeting a person face-to-face doesn't mean tomorrow's sentence deserves trust.
Living with a human 100 years doesn't mean tomorrow's sentence deserves trust.

No sentence deserves trust. Trust is: "Not demanding logical proof about a claim."
Trust means lack of mental alertness: "Not demanding logical proof about a claim."

The solution is not "seek trust" but rather "NEVER trust any being or any sentence."
Never seek "trust". Demand logical proof of each sentence, each idea, each claim!
Letter End

And of course don't "trust" me just because I have written such vital "don't trust" sentences, haha.
I might be a long-con, I might start lying, I might start making mistakes, I might even be replaced. :P

[/clyp] PS - since we're discussing lack of trust, and actions speaking louder than words, I'm going to get this off my chest right now: I wish we would all man up and send Simon some contributions for hosting fees, so that Simon can host his 19 videos HERE at, because the owner of that flat-earth site "Ab" was once caught forgetting to press his voice-changer button for a few seconds, which revealed his un-morphed voice, before he realized and turned his usual "Ab" voice-altering-software back on. Does anyone here have the link to Ab's un-explained highly-suspicious voice-change and Ab's casual "brushing the momentary voice change off like it was no big deal" reply? [st]

Edit: Oops, my mistake, it was NOT Ab who was caught using voice-altering-software, it was his "trusted" member Psyopticon/EvilEdna (who Simon rightly banned from CluesForum a long time before that.) So Ab wasn't caught doing voice-morphing, my apologies for having made an incorrect accusation. Still, Ab did lose "trust points" in my mind, for brushing off Psyopticon/EvilEdna's strange voice-morphing AND for not immediately banning Psyopticon/EvilEdna when the voice-morphing was caught.

PPS - I tried using the "strikeout" feature on my mistaken paragraph above, but it seems to be broken.
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