Uncovering the Truth behind Starlink

If NASA faked the moon landings, does the agency have any credibility at all? Was the Space Shuttle program also a hoax? Is the International Space Station another one? Do not dismiss these hypotheses offhand. Check out our wider NASA research and make up your own mind about it all.
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Uncovering the Truth behind Starlink

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I think it's worth it to start a separate thread on Starlink.

Assuming that satellites are fake (discussed in thread below) let's explore the unfolding Starlink saga.

For those interested: the fake network of 5000 "satellites".

We observe "Starlink gateways" rapidly appearing across the Western world.
These gateways consist of powerful antennas. SpaceX / American intelligence are swiftly constructing antenna stations throughout the Western influence sphere.
https://starlinkmag.com/starlink-ground ... locations/
It's fascinating to see at which speed these ground antenna parks are deployed and how little resistance is given.

I think everyone is so scared for Putin, China, the flu or the flu shots, we have no mental space anymore. (If we see it as a magic trick, if this is where the magician puts our focus, where are we not supposed to look?)

When you subscribe to Starlink, you receive a very powerful phased array antenna, which according to them connects to the satellites. I think they connect to the Starlink ground stations or 5G masts which are already there. These home antennas are +1,000 times more powerful than your typical phone antennas. They use phased array antennas which are quite cool. The high performance "dish" consists of 1280 small antennas. Every one of these antennas is more powerful than your phone antenna. By using this setup a large 10meter wide radio dish can be mimicked. (imagine that on your home to get a feel for the power)

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6MfM8EFkGg

It's striking that there's minimal discussion surrounding this rapid deployment. (well actually that's logical... :D )
There is no public communication, where are these antennas are placed. Some individuals are attempting to map their locations.
https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewe ... 905437&z=4

A search for "starlink gateway stations" in news sources yields little information. While there's considerable chatter about the "satellite" network, starlink trains in the sky, the extensive presence of Starlink ground parks in the West remains largely unmentioned.

The propaganda surrounding Starlink is clear: it's portrayed as a technological marvel that will revolutionize internet access, making it accessible to everyone. Claims of global maritime coverage, though, seem to work optimally within a 100km coastal range :D not surprisingly
https://smartmaritimenetwork.com/2023/0 ... e-service/
https://www.pcmag.com/news/to-support-s ... astructure
Solution: We need to speed up so the kids in Africa can become scientists as the internet brings prosperity.

At the same time the controlled counternarrative warns of the potential for malevolent actors to exploit this technology, emphasizing the necessity for increased control.
Elon Musk Refused to Enable Ukraine Drone Attack on Russian Fleet
https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/08/worl ... rones.html
https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/n ... -starlink/
Solution: Grey haired conservative people in suits need to investigate what's going on and take measures of control.

Leaves the question what don't we talk about in propaganda? How about: Why should we accept 100s of American intelligence "black box" antenna parks everywhere without any knowledge?

I think it is likely "gateway stations" are military infrastructure, mimicking the idea to bring the internet everywhere. It is a centrally controlled network of powerful radio infrastructure, that might potentially disrupt normal networks, engage in espionage, enforce radar interference, or manipulation. It's interesting how Musk's innovative image is leveraged to promote this endeavor, and it's striking that there hasn't been significant resistance to these internationally controlled antenna parks, which are black boxes from a foreign entity established in numerous locations.

Many of these antenna stations have sprung up during the "Covid" and "Ukraine" periods, hinting at a broader power shift. It seems to strengthen international dominance, making it challenging to disconnect from the grid, nationalize, regionalize, or privatize.

It stinks from all sides: Fake satellites, a very fast expansion of these base stations across the Western hemisphere, the lack of commercial opposition, if this is real Vodafone and T-Mobile should be screaming why Starlink is getting a free monopoly on a powerful frequency range on a global scale, the value of that is huge, there is no competition, we have no clue where these dishes are produced, who designed them (this is quite a feat), it's all clouded in secrecy. Redditors, https://www.reddit.com/r/Starlink/comme ... ishes_made, gamble it's Israel or the US. We need to believe this is done by a company that shoots fireworks in the air. This is impossible. This is specialized tech and has nothing to do with fireworks. I personally think it's a military roll out, masqueraded as consumer innovation. There is way more power behind the roll out of these base stations than any independent company could achieve. And the network of the smaller antennas is also interesting, as they together can work as well, it's all owned by the same company / intelligence department.

Too many things don't line up, I'm really wondering what is hidden behind this lie of "satellites perfectly flying in orbit at perfect distance from eachother".

Curious to hear your thoughts.