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Re: Pearl Harbor

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The Pearl Harbor hero.

Beginning with Wakipedia for some background-
Joseph Knefler Taussig Jr. (May 28, 1920 – December 14, 1999) was a United States Navy officer during and after World War II
He was the son of Vice Admiral Joseph Taussig, and the grandson of Rear Admiral Edward David Taussig (...)

Taussig was the officer of the deck of USS Nevada and senior officer in charge of her anti-aircraft batteries during the Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Taussig was severely wounded but refused to leave his station until the crew carried him away. He ended up having his leg amputated, then returned to duty three days later. He received the Navy Cross for his actions that day.
When he retired from active duty in 1954, at age 34, he was the youngest captain in the Navy.
So, this navy man and Pearl Harbor hero had some serious navy pedigree. He had his leg chopped off and decided to turn up to work anyway. We are talking tough guy material.

Now about that pedigree, the father, a very seasoned campaigner: ... -imagined/
was a vice admiral in the United States Navy. He served in the Spanish–American War, Philippine–American War, China Relief Expedition, Cuban Pacification, World War I, Second Nicaraguan Campaign, and World War II
Now relying on this source that is quoting the "Southern Jewish Weekly" ... rl-harbor/

Father Joseph knew what was going on. He reportedly warned Roosevelt about the Japanese:
In May 1940, Taussig again locked horns with now-president Franklin D. Roosevelt, (...) at Senate hearings on plans to expand the navy. Taussig advocated the building of (...) battleships and offered testimony to the aggressive, imperialistic designs of the Empire of Japan that planned to annex China, the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies. He warned of the superiority of the Japanese Merchant fleet to that of the US, and the need to replenish U.S. bases in the Pacific Ocean and prepare for defense of the Philippines, stating, “I cannot see how we can escape being forced into war based on the present trends of events."
This was reportedly an unwelcome opinion.

This theatre had a familial precedent. Rear Admiral grandpa had made a similar warning in his time!
Edward David Taussig, scion of a St. Louis Jewish family, (...) urged the immediate establishment of an “impregnable” naval base in the Philippines, the strengthening of the Navy and agreement with the English, the Dutch and the French guaranteeing the safety of the Pacific.
Now, the father is an unsung hero who got nothing but trouble for telling the truth that others were not brave enough to say.
As it is, the Jewish navy man can take credit for the fact that the defenses at Pearl Harbor are stronger than they would have been had he not testified at the committee hearing; because it was only through his efforts that more money was finally appropriated for Pearl Harbor.
For it was Admiral Taussig who predicted the Pearl Harbor attack. In the spring of 1940 he warned that the Japanese sought virtual domination of the Far East and would even go to war to attain their aim.
Well, he did not actually specifically predict the attack. But what an amazing coincidence that his son became a decorated hero of the event!

Saving the best for last, in the linked podcast old Joe (Jnr) makes a very interesting admission. ... arl-harbor
From 11:50
My family was rather intimately involved in the preliminaries to Pearl Harbor. My father had been the head of the department of strategy and tactics at the naval war college and the chief of staff at the naval war college. And in 1936 when I was 16 years old I cruised with my father, who was then commander of a battleship division, out to Pearl Harbor in the summer of 1936. And they did a war game, which was basically a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.
A war game you say? 5 years earlier?
Could it be that the very men warning about an attack were planning said attack?
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Re: Pearl Harbor

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Lestrade at Miles Mathis, recently did a series of several articles on the fake battles between Japan and the US.

To be honest before this reading, I hadn't really considered the fact that everything was fabricated with fake casualties. I hadn't me just asked the question, remaining about "it's rigged but real, they let it happen".
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Re: Pearl Harbor

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Thanks TErikson,

After my previous post I was poking about and seeing many leads regarding Pearl Harbor and other Pacific War fakery. A Pearl Harbor attack was apparently not war gamed just once, but multiple times. Everyone seems to have suspected it, but basically ignored it, that is, unless they weren't making films about it... ... or-and-why
Pearl Harbor had been an obvious target—so obvious, in fact, that John Huston was at work at the time on a movie about a fictional Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor. After the attack, Huston scurried to change the target in the film from Pearl Harbor to the Panama Canal.
This now is taking me into another rabbit hole regarding war propaganda films made by the likes of Frank Capra, John Ford et al. ... ood-at-war
Ford officially joined up earlier than the other directors—three months before Pearl Harbor—and, in the spring of 1942, he finally got the assignment he wanted. Admiral Chester Nimitz sent him to Midway, an atoll in the middle of the Pacific. The United States had a base there, and American intelligence anticipated a Japanese attack.
The Japs are about to attack! Get Ford down there ASAP!
On June 4th, as Japanese Zeroes assaulted the main island, Ford and his assistants filmed the attack from the roof of a power station. Bombs exploded nearby, and the building heaved. Ford was thrown off his feet, and he took shrapnel in his arm. Film was torn from the sprockets of his camera, which we see in the finished movie—an unprecedented bit of cinéma vérité.(...) Shooting from under the bombs as they fell, Ford showed Americans what it felt like to be vulnerable. As black smoke curls around an American flag, a narrator quietly says, “Yes. This really happened.”
This is hilarious stuff!

The Lestrade articles certainly are a good springboard to investigating the many events of the "Pacific Theatre", with the caveat that Mathis is a definite deceiver, and by extension we should regard Lestrade the same.

Example: The article Mathis did about the Port Arthur massacre has many problems (and is much too long – all that genealogy padding). But he jumps the shark when he asserts:
The main point isn't gun control, either. That is a red herring.
Nope, gun control was the main point of the Port Arthur op. No doubt. Post operation, as if it were all planned in advance, media and government went into full fever pitch in complete coordination and the result was the “here’s one we prepared earlier!” designed gun control legislation rammed through the parliament.
Everyone old enough in Australia at the time would recall the hysteria generated by the event and the swift consequences. Besides, there is plenty of material out there to confirm that gun control was the objective. For anyone interested, look into gun control activist Rebecca Peters.
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