REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

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REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by simonshack »



New members are kindly asked to introduce themselves with some measure of detail as to who they are & where they come from, such as : their nationality, their professional expertise, their motivations for joining Cluesforum - and their previous research experience. All additional info will be appreciated by the administrators whose primary concern is to restrain the flood of totally anonymous entities with dubious agendas registering here. We are certainly not into any personal information gathering - this is only a "hand-shake" measure we have implemented in order to allow new members to show their sincerity, authenticity and good nature.

This little requirement has become necessary due to an increasing number of new members posting less than momentous/ significant contributions or only brief, personal comments and musings. It does not matter whether such behavior is or isn't willful - we just don't need it here and we will always favor quality over quantity. Our aim is to keep this forum free from the notorious tactics employed on the interwebs by the 'powers that be' : the antics of their cyber-herding army of operatives is well-known to us and they will not find fertile ground at the Cluesforum. We have already exposed some of the most sealed and guarded scams of our times perpetrated by 'the establishment' (for lack of a better term). Their only option left (however crass and worn-out) is to infiltrate our ranks with their jokers and clowns so as to deride our work and degrade our findings : it's an age-old tactic called "discredit by association".

Thanks for everyone's kind comprehension - and collaboration

The Cluesforum admins

Message to would-be debunkers of the September Clues findings:

March 2011 Update: The administrators of this forum are not funded by the CIA, the Vatican, the Mossad, Mc Donalds or any entity whatsoever, and dedicate selflessly most - if not all - of their free time to advance this 'open source' research; therefore, time-wasters are the last people we need on this forum. We firmly believe that the relentless, systematic distortion of world news and news imagery by the mainstream media (aka "TV fakery") is an undeniable fact - entirely beyond debate. Since the principal 'raison d'être' of this forum is based on our long-established findings concerning TV Fakery on 9/11, we are naturally exposed to incessant incursions by an army of naysayers and aspiring 'debunkers' (clearly funded by the CIA /or affiliated crime syndicates). This particular inconvenience sets this forum apart from most 'democratic/ open-to-allcomers' discussion boards on the internet. We have, in fact, experimented with such candid openness until recently; unfortunately, this has oft proved to attract unwelcome, time-wasting and detrimental aggravation - facilitating endless circular debates fomented by trolls and infiltrators. However, we do not wish to resemble the many 9/11 Truth sites which simply censor & ban ANY MENTION of the September Clues research. Thus, we are introducing a fair, unequivocal "admission-test" for those new members who have basic objections to our research: in the thread linked below, you will find more than 30 challenges. You will need to convincingly rebut/disprove just 3 of your choice; when you are done with that, the administrators will (in consultation with established members of the forum) appraise whether your membership on this forum might be helpful or not towards establishing the ultimate truth of 9/11.

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Unread post by nonhocapito »

Nationality: Italian (or should I say E.U. citizen).

Professional expertise: (lol) useless humanistic studies + various jobs

Previous research experience: studied what I found about the domestic terrorism of the seventies and eighties in Italy, Red brigades, Gladio, P2, the fortunes of the likes of Berlusconi, Sindona, and few books about Mafia and the Vatican. Read about Israel & Zionism.



* I reserve the right to delete the above info should this thread turn into a "hall of shame" were members are ridiculed, etc. Besides, a similar list for older members could be appreciated too. We are honestly curious about the background of most of you guys too.
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Unread post by brucethejam »

Nationality- Scottish

Professional expertise- Joiner, pretty good at art

Previous research experience- mostly basic, JFK, Bay of pigs, Titanic, Knights of the templar, 9/11, 7/7, Rex84, NWO.

I'm not on youtube, facebook etc.

What about googling people's names! That'll bring up a history too!
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Unread post by walkingwizard »

Hello everyone,
I am born in Sweden and live here with my two kids and my wife.
I work with music and travel quite a lot all over the world.
I was on the computer chatting with some american friends on 911 and people started talk about it and i turn on the tv and saw smoke from the tower then all of a sudden i saw what i thougt was a plane crash into the other building. I just could not belive what i saw and looked over and over again. It just did not feel right but it took many years before i understood it was all a big scam.I feel especially greatful for having the oppurtunity to get a lot of it sorted out by september clues. I kind of felt stupid for a while it was hard to come with terms with that there were no airplanes that day, but now i tell everyone I know to check it out and many of them are now also with us!

I am not sure what i can tribute with,
but at least i am helping spreading the word!

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Unread post by fbenario »

simonshack 4 Oct 6 2010, 09:19 AM wrote: new members posting less than momentous/significant contributions
Awesome! Very apt description. Well put.
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Unread post by lariaquit »

Location: USA Nationality: USA

Professional research experience: none

immediate family in MSM; former enlisted US Navy (helicopter mechanic trainee)

have a decent familiarity with graphics software
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Unread post by Birthday Boy »

Gender: Male
Age: 36 (11/09/1974) - [Date in Australian format]
Profession: Medical Practitioner
Status: Married, 1 son, 1 on way
Born: Melbourne, Australia
Residence: Melbourne
Research: Limited web trawling, e.g. fabricated photos on Gyulavary Facebook page
Religion: Atheist
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Avatar: DNA tattoo on my left arm
I.D. photo: cropped from recent picture at Melbourne Zoo
AFL team: Brisbane Lions
Facebook: (will divulge privately to Simon upon request)

I had been to my parents' house for my birthday dinner and when I returned home and flicked on the TV the first tower was on fire. Two suspicious thoughts I had: 1. Why is the coverage on literally every cable channel? 2. Why didn't the towers topple; shouldn't asymmetrical damage equal asymmetrical collapse? I discovered September Clues in 2007 and found solace because it answered all my questions so elegantly.

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Unread post by Maat »

Nationality: Australian, currently US Resident.
Mother of 1 adult son.

Experience & vocations:
Partner, with design engineer husband, in our own private company; dealt with legal issues (contracts, licensing agreements). Also proficient at deciphering legalese and personally confuting past attempts by various individual and corporate predators' high-powered attorneys to rip off my husband's patented inventions (in Australia & the US).

Flew gliders (sailplanes) in my late teens so personally familiar with real aerodynamics etc.

Was a volunteer moderator manager for several years on an interactive poetry writing site, with a worldwide membership of adults, teens and children.
Apart from general site management (glitches, user problems) & training mods, I investigated and dealt with harassment, trolling, scamming, spamming, plagiarism, copyright infringement and predators.
I helped develop a practical system with the site owner for monitoring and enforcing the site's rules on minors' truthful age display, for their own and the site's protection.
Became skilled in recognizing, investigating and confirming deception in online behavior.
[*Will provide site user page to Simon in PM]

Also have a little practice in computer graphics/artwork (creating border backgrounds, gif images etc. for site pages)

I only started seriously researching 9-11 a few months ago after watching some of the original TV networks' footage I'd not seen before that raised my suspicions again (had never really watched any of the programs on it since the initial broadcasts in 2001). Having recognized well over a year ago that Alex Jones and "Loose Change" Avery were bogus, I eventually discovered video analyses by killtown and then Simon's that finally made perfect sense of it all for me.

My special interest and concern is finding the most effective ways to present and communicate the video research evidence in an easily understood form to more people, especially teens (i.e. deprogram the kids = save our future)

Youtube: JehanneDeLys

Hate Facebook but still have an account page there I don't use (created originally to compare ages claimed by troublesome member kids on the site I moderated)

** To obviate any misunderstanding, I would appreciate a clarification and example of what admin considers, "posting less than momentous/significant contributions or only brief, personal comments and musings."
Also, is there a specific time period after joining that new members are required to wait before posting any thoughts/comments; or is that privilege reserved for admin, contributors &/or old members only? Thanks. :)
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." ? George Orwell
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Unread post by 911fakeday »

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Profession: 3d Design and Simulation Specialist
Status: Married with 6 girls
Born: USA Reside in UK
Research: Full understanding of how to create and use 3D worlds and implement environmental physics.
Religion: Atheist
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Websites I’m a member of:
Twitter, Facebook, (I’ll post Simon a list of them, you know some are private)

I don’t know why Simon wants all our details just to be a member of his forum; it seems to me that a good mix of members can lead places. You can see that I’ve got a great understanding of how to fake 3d worlds and I could help out here. Using a powerful network of computers you could just about render any of the complex 9/11 pictures you have seen. I see myself more of an inside man and I am trying to find out if the government did do 9/11. I’m sure it could be done; we did work on a design for a New York Simulation Model NYSM for short, some years before 9/11. It might have been used by someone higher up to create this deception. The more I think about it, the possibility to do most of the elements is available to anyone with a large bank balance. The only area where I have problems is the media. How would you get them to go along with the conspiracy? I’m not too sure if anyone wants to know about the inner working of the NSA and most of it is classified but I would like to express my knowledge that they didn’t do or partake in 9/11. Maybe they could have been vigilant and found out about the plot sooner and stopped it happening. I’ve got a feeling you might remove me now you know my background, remember that the perpetrators are many and if you remove me from your forum, there could be many people you trust who are moles. I could ask my friends to do background checks on the members of your forum for you. You see if anyone is telling untruths about themselves I will find out. We can easily trace their IP address back to them and you could have a full dossier of information emailed to you. This probably is against code of practise, but I could call in some people who owe me one. If we are lucky we might get a link into the perpetrators and then see how far it will lead. I hope this is enough information for you to make up your mind.
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Unread post by fbenario »

911fakeday 4 Oct 7 2010, 09:08 AM wrote: I’m not too sure if anyone wants to know about the inner working of the NSA and most of it is classified but I would like to express my knowledge that they didn’t do or partake in 9/11. Maybe they could have been vigilant and found out about the plot sooner and stopped it happening.
Goodness. I don't think that works here at all. None of us here trusts anyone, and we certainly don't believe anything anyone says, merely because they said it.

If you think someone should modify his views, you have to post objective evidence likely to convince a neutral reader. Implying you know something important, but you're not able to post it (because of some ludicrous 'security' concern), sounds like yet another version of the vague skepticism that just wastes everyone's time.

And your second sentence above is another silly variation on the 'knew it was coming and let it happen anyway' meme, referred to by the acronym LIHOP by the perps in the fake '9/11 Truth' movement.
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Unread post by MartinL »

The more I think about it, the possibility to do most of the elements is available to anyone with a large bank balance. The only area where I have problems is the media. How would you get them to go along with the conspiracy?

They are owned by the same people who own the big banks. They are the conspiracy.

If you are telling the truth, I for one welcome you and your buddies. Without the help of the intelligence community, military and police we are pretty much not gonna get any justice. NSA/CIA/FBI is just organizations. The people within the organization is what matters.
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Unread post by fred »

It does help that the media is bought and paid for, owned by the defense contractors, or state-run.

You're a 3-D design specialist [for the NSA?] and sure that the NSA didn't have any role in 9/11?

If you want to run traces on somebody for us, why not start with the fake "victims' relatives".

You're bound to have a boy on the 7th try. Don't give up!
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Unread post by guivre »

Hmm. I should probably post here as I've been a lurker, even though my join date is before the line.

Gender: Female
Nationality: American. Ethnic Bulgarian, daughter of a cold war political defector, which means I have a rather jaundiced eye when it comes to media and government working together.
Profession: Illustrator, sometimes librarian, I suppose. Old-fashioned research specialist.

I don't really do facebook, twitter, etc. No website of my own, though sometimes you can find my illustrations places. Add Bulgarian info over at wikipedia from time to time. Can't really think of anything else important.
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Unread post by spookfluke »

I am a Caucasian American who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years now. My previous research experience includes the John F Kennedy Jr "accidental death" and the John Lennon assassination. I don't have a facebook or a myspace account and my youtube account containing pro-atheist content was suspended months ago.

I believe 9/11 was a media hoax. I've been following the 9/11 truth movement for a couple of years now and am impressed with the movement's effective exploitation of idiots.
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Unread post by fakers911 »

Gender: Male
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 32
Occupation: I am working in the IT business.
Reasearch experience: I've been looking in to the anomalities on the events of 9/11 since 2006 or something. I always have been looking in to the wrong clues untill I bumped into Septemberclues and the vicsim page.
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